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The True Lives of My Chemical Romance, Tom Bryant

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Автор: Tom Bryant
Название:  The True Lives of My Chemical Romance   (Том Брайант: Подлинная история My Chemical Romance)
Издательство: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447253574
ISBN-13(EAN): 9781447253570
Обложка/Формат: Paperback
Страницы: 288
Вес: 0.568 кг.
Дата издания: 05.06.2014
Язык: English
Издание: Main market ed
Размер: 234 x 154 x 26
Читательская аудитория: General (us: trade)
Поставляется из: Англии
Описание: A comprehensive and insightful biography of My Chemical Romance, based on original interview material.
Дополнительное описание:

Southern Sunrises

Автор: Bryant Tom
Название: Southern Sunrises
ISBN: 0999131702 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780999131701
Издательство: Неизвестно
Цена: 13320 T
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.

Tom has walked the woods for game and for the nuorishment of his soul since he was a boy. In this collection of columns Bryant reflects on his lifetime of time in the outdoors to share the lessons one learns on the way to mature adulthood including:

-Concentration of the mind- from the weight of a 100 pound canoe dropped six inches and pinning you fingers on the car boat rack in 15 degree temperature.

-Planning ahead- from the exhilaration and terror of you and some other lost soul stumbling down a 70 degree incline you have never seen before in the dead of night with a conoe on your shoulders towards, and hopefully not into, the Haw River- to go duck hunting.

-Long Range Planning- from meticulous construction of the ultimate duck blind on the downstream end of a long narrow island in the Haw completed a week before a storm surge leave no trace of it.

Athena voltaire pulp tales volume 1

Автор: Bryant, Steve King, Tom Bechko, Corinna Sara Hardman, Gabriel Manning, Dirk Pearson, Genevieve Trautmann, Eric Mason, Marc May, Michael Monroe, Caleb
Название: Athena voltaire pulp tales volume 1
ISBN: 1632293110 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781632293114
Издательство: Diamond Books
Цена: 10580 T
Наличие на складе: Невозможна поставка.
Описание: Authors Tom King, Corinna Bechko, Genevieve Pearson, Will Pfeifer, and a dozen more tell the swashbuckling tales of globetrotting aviatrix Athena Voltaire With illustrations by Steve Bryant, this collection of short stories in the spirit of the pulps which inspired the character sees Athena battling adversaries old and new, dodging lethal traps, fighting creatures natural and supernatural, and meeting some of history's most influential figures.

Not the Life It Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance

Автор: Bryant Tom
Название: Not the Life It Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance
ISBN: 0306823497 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780306823497
Издательство: Неизвестно
Цена: 18390 T
Наличие на складе: Есть у поставщика Поставка под заказ.
Описание: The definitive biography of emo rock band My Chemical Romance, based on hours of exclusive, unpublished interviews by the journalist who knows them best

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