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Catheter-Based Cardiovascular Interventions, Lanzer

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Автор: Lanzer
Название:  Catheter-Based Cardiovascular Interventions   (Лэнцер: Катетерные кардиоваскулярные интервенции)
Издательство: Springer
ISBN: 364227675X
ISBN-13(EAN): 9783642276750
Обложка/Формат: Hardback
Страницы: 1070
Вес: 2.184 кг.
Дата издания: 01.08.2012
Язык: English
Иллюстрации: 256 black & white illustrations, 186 colour illustrations, 100 black & white tables, biography
Размер: 254 x 178 x 48
Читательская аудитория: Professional & vocational
Поставляется из: Германии
Описание: Operator skills, and in particular decision-making and strategic skills, are the most critical factor for the outcome of catheter-based cardiovascular interventions. Currently, such skills are commonly developed by the empirical trial and error method only. In this textbook, for the first time, an explicit teaching, training, and learning approach is set out that will enable interventional operators, whether cardiologists, vascular surgeons, vascular specialists, or radiologists, to learn about and to develop the cognitive skills required in order to achieve consistent expert-level catheter-based interventions. It is anticipated that adoption of this approach will allow catheter-based interventions to become a domain of excellence, with rapid transfer of knowledge, steep learning curves, and highly efficient acquisition of complex skills by individual operators — all of which are essential to meet successfully the challenges of modern cardiovascular care.
Дополнительное описание:

Practical Guide to Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation

Автор: Jonathan Steinberg,Pierre Jais,Hugh Calkins
Название: Practical Guide to Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation
ISBN: 1118658507 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781118658505
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 134410 T
Наличие на складе: Есть
Описание: Now in its second edition, this practical guide offers clear–headed guidance to the successful application of catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation. Edited by three globally–recognized clinician–educators and written by practitioners with vast experience using ablation to treat atrial fibrillation, the book concentrates on clinically–relevant information that providers can put to immediate use caring for patients. Providing a practical approach to this technically challenging and rapidly evolving field, this 28 chapter manual is designed to educate practitioners about the process of performing a successful ablation for atrial fibrillation. The authors emphasize how to details while providing detailed descriptions of specific tasks related to the ablation procedure. They supplement their explanations with multiple diagrams, photographs and figures. In addition to thorough coverage of the procedure, mapping systems and interpretation of electrogram recordings, the book also covers staffing, training and equipment requirements; peri–procedural care; complications and how to manage a suboptimal result; and includes commentary on controversial issues such as differing energy sources and how to manage persistent AF. Hot topics such as new noninvasive imaging techniques, the treatment of challenging left atrial flutters, options for persistent atrial fibrillation and when a redo ablation is needed; and novel application of ablation targeting the autonomic nervous system are also discussed. This Second Edition:  Takes a clear–headed practical approach to ablation of atrial fibrillation long on actionable, clinically–relevant guidance, succinct and to–the–point on the theory behind the procedure Edited by three leading, internationally–known electrophysiologists with extensive experience in ablation for atrial fibrillation Written by international team of experts reflecting global best practices from centres with considerable experience in the use of catheter ablation In a user friendly format designed to serve the needs of new and experienced electrophysiologists, electrophysiology fellows, electrophysiology nurses and lab staff one concise reference provides everything the clinician needs to know about this complex procedure.

A Practical Approach to Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation

Автор: Calkins
Название: A Practical Approach to Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation
ISBN: 0781775590 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780781775595
Издательство: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Цена: 115500 T
Наличие на складе: Есть
Описание: A guide to the most successful techniques for catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation. It includes chapters that explain how to establish programs and laboratories for treating atrial fibrillation; use complex imaging modalities and guidance systems; and implement a variety of catheter-based ablation strategies, either isolated or in tandem.

Catheter-Based Devices for the treatment of Non-Coronary Card.

Автор: Rao
Название: Catheter-Based Devices for the treatment of Non-Coronary Card.
ISBN: 0781742307 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780781742306
Издательство: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Цена: 149880 T
Наличие на складе: Невозможна поставка.
Описание: This volume provides state-of-the-art information on the wide array of transcatheter implantable devices used to treat non-coronary cardiovascular disease in adults and children. The book describes each device, discusses indications for implantation and results, and presents alternative management strategies where applicable. The contributing authors are international experts in interventional cardiology, and many are inventors of particular devices or methods. Major sections cover occlusion of atrial septal defects; closure of patent ductus arteriosus; closure of congenital and post-myocardial infarction ventricular septal defects; and use of intravascular stents for congenital and acquired stenotic vascular obstructive lesions. Coverage also includes the role of echocardiography.

Catheter Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia in Patients with Structural Heart Disease

Автор: Borggrefe Martin, Calne Roy, Wichter Thomas, Watso
Название: Catheter Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia in Patients with Structural Heart Disease
ISBN: 0879934654 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780879934651
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 50190 T
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.
Описание: An in-depth review of a still-expanding subject, presenting both updated information from the current literature and the personal experiences of the authors. The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive description of radiofrequency catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia.

Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Автор: Shoei Huang
Название: Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias
ISBN: 1416003126 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781416003120
Издательство: Elsevier Science
Цена: 153620 T
Наличие на складе: Невозможна поставка.
Описание: The breadth and range of the topics covered, and the consistent organization of each chapter, give you simple but detailed access to information on anatomy, diagnostic criteria, differential diagnosis, mapping, and ablation. This book includes a unique section on troubleshooting difficult cases for each arrhythmia, and the use of tables, illustrations, and high-quality figures is unmatched among publications in the field.

Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation

Автор: Aliot
Название: Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation
ISBN: 1405163496 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781405163491
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 190090 T
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.
Описание: Explores and explains the advances in basic and clinical electrophysiology that have had the greatest impact on catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation (AF). This book covers the fundamental concepts of AF, origin of signals, computer simulation, and reviews of ablation tools.

Progress in Catheter Ablation / Clinical Application of New Mapping and Ablation Technology

Автор: Liong Bing Liem, Downar Eugene
Название: Progress in Catheter Ablation / Clinical Application of New Mapping and Ablation Technology
ISBN: 1402001479 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781402001475
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 368450 T
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.
Описание: Enthusiasm from the past notable successes with RF ablation and the demand for better therapy for the complex but common arrhythmias has carried forward the progress of catheter ablation technology. In the past few years, there has been significant progress in the development of better mapping and ablative techniques. Such progress has resulted in a steady improvement in the success of ablation of more complex atrial and ventricular tachyarrhythmias as well as our knowledge of their anatomy and pathophysiology. However, enthusiasm for finding the ideal tools for the cure of complex arrhythmias has also resulted in a proliferation of changes in catheter designs, mapping apparatus, and heat energy sources. The clinician nowadays is faced with a wide and often confusing choice of new instruments and methods of ablation. There are few, if any, comparative studies involving the various new tools, nor is there any compilation of data on any specific new discovery. It is timely to provide ourselves with a review of available data on the progress of new technology in order to enhance our knowledge and to concentrate our efforts into the development of an ultimate practical and yet effective methodology. The purpose of this publication is to provide a forum in which the authors can present their experience, even if only in its preliminary stages, in the respective field or technology. Various technological advancements in mapping and ablation as well as the improved understanding of the pathophysiology of the various arrhythmias are presented. The authors are selected for their interest and expertise on the subject. Each topic is presented in a concise form and with relevance to the development of new technology. The authors are encouraged to provide their opinion on the issues to stimulate further discussion and investigation. We hope that this publication will also stimulate further growth in this exciting field of cardiac electrophysiology.

Catheter Ablation of Arrhythmias

Автор: Zipes P Douglas, Reeve Hl Helen, Ha?ssaguerre M Mi
Название: Catheter Ablation of Arrhythmias
ISBN: 0879934980 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780879934989
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 109990 T
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.

Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Автор: Scheinman
Название: Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias
ISBN: 0898389674 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780898389678
Издательство: Springer
Цена: 264500 T
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.
Описание: The field of catheter ablation has grown In a rather helter-skelter fashion. Ablative techniques were applied in patients before basic bioelectric and cellular electrophysiologic effects were fully defined. Since the introduction of this technique into clinical medicine in 1982, happily, a wealth of basic information has become available, and it was thought prudent to summarize existing data in the form of a text. The purpose of this text is to provide for a concise summary of both the basic and clinical experiences to date. It was simply not possible to include chapters from many workers who have made outstanding contributions in this area. For this, I offer my profound apolo- gies. I do wish, however, to acknowledge the outstanding work of Drs. Bharati and Lev who provided us with a sound understanding of the histolo- gic effects of various energy delivery systems. Their seminal observations allowed us to bring this technique to clinical fruition.

Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Автор: Wilber, David
Название: Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias
ISBN: 1405131179 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781405131179
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 170160 T
Наличие на складе: Невозможна поставка.
Описание: Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias has been so extensively updated for its third edition that the book now features a new title: Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias: Basic Concepts and Clinical Applications . The editors bring

The Cardiac Catheter Book: Diagnostic and Interventional Techniques

Автор: Harald Lapp
Название: The Cardiac Catheter Book: Diagnostic and Interventional Techniques
ISBN: 3131672714 ISBN-13(EAN): 9783131672711
Издательство: Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Цена: 190560 T
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.
Описание: Now reaching a larger audience, [this book] serves as an excellent overall contribution to the rapidly evolving field of interventional cardiology. -- Doody Enterprises, Inc. Loaded with tips, tricks, and expert solutions to everyday clinical problems, this book is a must for all specialists and trainees performing cardiac catheterizations. It covers basic principles, diagnostic strategies for specific diseases, and the newest interventional techniques, giving readers the tools to successfully manage all types of valvular and structural heart disease. Special Features: Concisely reviews the basics of cardiac catheterization, with sections on indications, risks and complications, patient preparation, equipment and laboratory setup, contrast media, and interpretation of findings Covers the full range of interventional catheter techniques, including percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), coronary stent implantation, rotational athetectomy, cutting balloon angioplasty, shunt closure, and much more Examines current, evidence-based diagnostic approaches to such commonly seen conditions as valvular disease, cardiomyopathies, coronary artery disease, congenital heart disorders, pericardial disease, aortic dissection, and more Describes key new interventions for structural heart disease, including transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), interventions for mitral regurgitation (Mitraclip), occlusion of the left atrial appendage (LAA-Occlusion), and renal nerve ablation for resistant arterial hypertension Provides hundreds of illustrations, coronary angiograms, and radiographic images that clarify every concept Demonstrates step-by-step approaches, case studies, and detailed angiographic sequences in nearly 4 helpful videos From the fundamentals to the newest therapeutic advances, this book provides the core information needed by every practice performing diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterizations. It is essential for interventional cardiologists, cardiology fellows, and interventional radiologists who want to quickly increase their knowledge and skills and offer optimal care to their patients.

Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation of Cardiac ARRHYTHMIAS. 2ED.2002

Автор: Huang
Название: Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation of Cardiac ARRHYTHMIAS. 2ED.2002
ISBN: 0879934387 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780879934385
Издательство: Wiley
Цена: 250250 T
Наличие на складе: Поставка под заказ.
Описание: This text provides a comprehensive description of radiofrequency catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias from basic concepts of biophysics and pathophysiology of radiofrequency lesion formation to clinical application of the technique in every aspect of arrhythmia ablation.

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