9781847444967 Sam Lopez The Negotiator Little, Brown
An extraordinary and unique memoir from an international hostage negotiator.
9780521173025 Edited by Craig Niederberger; University of Illino An Introduction to Male Reproductive Medicine Cambridge Academ
An Introduction to Male Reproductive Medicine is written specifically for readers seeking entry into this fast-moving, complex specialty with a solid understanding of the subject. The first chapters cover the anatomy and physiology, clinical evaluation, surgery, medicine, genetics and laboratory testing involved in the current evaluation and treatment of the infertile male, and the final chapter describes the interaction of the field with female reproductive medicine. Throughout the book, references are directly made to the fourth edition of the major text in the specialty, Infertility in the Male, edited by Larry Lipshultz, Stuart Howards and Craig Niederberger, allowing readers to expand their understanding of specific areas where desired. Each chapter is written by a well-renowned expert in an easy to follow, informal style, making the text ideal for students, residents and general physicians who are seeking to increase their general knowledge of the field.
9788877150134 Angelo Chiuchiu, Fausto Minciarelli In Italiano - Volume unico
9781841623887 Phillips Adrian Budapest Bradt
Budapest has it all: spectacular architecture, award-winning cultural festivals, Michelin-starred restaurants, historic thermal baths and business-friendly hotels. The authors are winners of the British Guild of Travel Writers Best Guidebook Award and share their enthusiasm for the city in an engaging and witty style. Thoroughly updated, the third edition of Budapest is packed with up-to-the-minute information on hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as new walks. It provides travellers with all they need on where to stay, eat and drink, and what to see and do.
9781451149470 Rimmerman Electrocardiography Review Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
In Electrocardiography Review, Dr. Rimmerman provides 150 carefully selected electrocardiogram case studies derived from his files at the Cleveland Clinic. The electrocardiograms have been chosen to help maximize learning and ABIM Cert
9780300170481 Waiboer Gabriel Metsu - Life and Work - Catalogue Raisonne Yale University Press
Despite his untimely death in 1667 at the age of thirty-seven, Gabriel Metsu left a substantial oeuvre of history paintings, portraits, still lifes, and a large number of exquisite genre scenes. This book presents the information for Metsu`s life and his network of connections, and details the complete range of his work.
9780194013840 Tactics for Listening: Basic: Student Book Oxford University Press
A classroom-proven, American English listening skills course for upper secondary, college and university students.
9780194023016 McCarter, Sam Oxford English for Careers: Medicine 1: Teacher's Resource Book Oxford University Press
9781608319121 Brant Brant Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology, in four volumes, 4/e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This fully revised edition of Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology conveys the essential knowledge needed to understand the clinical application of imaging technologies. An ideal tool for all radiology residents and students, it covers all subspecialty ar
9781617798504 Michos Kidney Development Springer
Over the last decade the development of new molecular biology tools, advanced microscopy, live imaging and systems biology approaches have revolutionized our conception of how embryonic development proceeds. One fundamental aspect of development biology is the concept of morphogenesis: understanding how a group of multipotent cells organize and differentiate into a complex organ. In Kidney Development: Methods and Protocols, expert researchers in the field detail different approaches to tackle kidney development. These approaches include culture and live imaging aspects of kidney development, analyzing the 3-dimensional aspects of branching morphogenesis as well as nephrogenesis, manipulation of the gene/protein expression during kidney development as well as in the adult kidney, and how to assess kidney malformation and disease. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and key tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.Authoritative and practical, Kidney Development: Methods and Protocols seeks to aid scientists in the further study of the process of morphogenesis which is fundamental important not only for studying developmental biology but also for regenerative medicine.
9783642276057 Lodn Treatment of Dry Skin Syndrome Springer
Development of moisturizers is a scientific and artistic discipline, where consumer insights are also needed. This new book bridges the gap between the moisturizers and the skin by covering all the essential information required to tailor the use of moisturizers to particular disorders and patients. Important aspects of skin biochemistry and barrier function are explained, and the ingredients and treatment effects of moisturizers are explored in depth. Careful attention is paid to controversies, including the role of certain moisturizers in inducing dryness/eczema, asthma, and comedones. The information provided in this unique book will enable the reader to go beyond the traditional thinking regarding skin care. The novel insights offered will suggest the properties required for a new generation of moisturizing treatments that more effectively improve the quality of life.
9781408259566 Wilson, J.; Clare, A. Speakout Advanced Workbook +key + CD Pack Pearson Education
9781419702785 Shah, Anup Serengeti Spy Abrams
9780983270270 See The World Beautiful ACC-distribution titles
Texts By Luminaries Such As Peter Beard, Paul Johnson And Paul Smith Explain Where Fashion Meets Culture In Ethnic Populations In Latin America, Europe, Asia And The North America, And More.
9781857597493 The British As Art Collectors ACC-distribution titles
To see the great art galleries, stately homes and museums up and down Britain today is to witness the rich story of the British as art collectors, a narrative that mirrors the history of the country. In this remarkable new book, James Stourton and Charles Sebag-Montefiore present a comprehensive survey of British art collectors down the centuries.
9781864704532 Masterpieces: Iconic Houses Images
With an intrinsic ability to see the big picture, todays master architects are creating inclusive, responsive residential designs that embrace building, site and interiors with subtlety and style. Their talent, ambition, attention to detail, and flair for fusing art and architecture combine to produce houses of unparalleled style and comfort. This compendium of truly spectacular houses features the work of architectures brightest contemporary stars including Lord Norman Foster, Allan Greenberg, Glenn Murcutt, Eric Owen Moss, Mario Botta, Helmut Jahn, Steven Ehrlich, and Ken Yeang. The stunning photography is complemented by informative plans and project summaries containing unique insights into the personal design philosophies of these master architects. Project locations range from the USA to France, Italy to Dubai, the UK to Australia, and from Hong Kong to Spain. Masterpiece is an up-to-the-minute collection of residential work from the worlds top contemporary practitioners, who consistently prove that architecture can always be re-imagined.
9781864704648 New 100 Houses X 100 Architects, The Images
9781864704907 Beth Browne Radical Renovations Images
Radical Renovations presents a range of beautifully transformed homes from around the world with full-color 'before and after' photography, and detailed 'before and after' plans The book showcases architectural transformations from around the world, including a variety of design styles, building types, briefs and budgets. Radical Renovations presents more than fifty outstanding examples of adaptive reuse in residential and commercial architecture, wherein existing buildings have been dramatically transformed with truly stunning results. For many of these remarkable remodels the architects have utilized the principles of environmentally sustainable development, highlighting the importance of making conscientious and creative use of available resources to minimize demolition and waste, while delivering cost savings, style, and sustainability. In locations as diverse as Japan, the UK, Spain, Australia, the USA and Italy, each radical renovation project breathes new life and function into an existing structure - often in astonishingly innovative ways. In almost five years at The Images Publishing Group, Beth Browne has edited more than 40 books on architecture, art, design, gardens and landscaping, craft, cooking and automobiles. She has also compiled of a number of IMAGES' best-selling titles including 100 Country Houses: New Rural Architecture, 21st Century Interiors and 21st Century Architecture: Apartment Living.
9781864704822 Racing Bicycles: 100 Years Of Steel Images
'Racing Bicycles: 100 Years of Steel' features racing bikes from the last 100 years. Spectacular photography of racing machines from the Tour de France, the Olympics and World Championships, as well as bikes for everyday use. This breathtaking new compilation gathers a hand-picked selection of bicycles from Europe and Australia, and documents developments in technology and style over the past century. Racing bikes integrate form and function and the results are often surprisingly elegant, as well as practical, whether for cycling in competition or for pleasure. The racing bikes contained in this book range from unused models to well-ridden but lovingly restored machines - from early- 20th century models featuring wooden wheel rims, to the latest in carbon-fibre and titanium technology.
9780393733488 Laseau Paul Watercolor Sketching: An Introduction Wiley
9780194646284 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 1: At the Beach Oxford University Press
9780192733078 Lindgren, Astrid; Ross, Tony Pippi Goes Aboard Oxford University Press
9782706114618 Abbadie,Christian; Chovelon,Bernadette L'expression francaise ecrite et orale
9780194598637 English File third edition: Pre-Intermediate: Class DVD Oxford University Press
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! A new edition of the best-selling English File the best way to get your students talking.
9781405184403 Wertheim, Heiman Horby, Peter Woodall, John P. Atlas of human infectious diseases Wiley
The Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases provides a much needed practical and visual overview of the current distribution and determinants of major infectious diseases of humans. The comprehensive full-color maps show at a glance the areas with reported
9789814317870 Deepa H Chand CLINICIAN'S MANUAL OF PEDIATRIC NEPHROLOGY World Scientific Publishing
9789814313469 William Oh EVIDENCE-BASED HANDBOOK OF NEONATOLOGY World Scientific Publishing
9781439836774 Sampo Lahtinen Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiological and Functional Aspects, Fourth Edition Taylor&Francis
9780691026473 Colarusso Nart Sagas from the Caucasus Wiley
9788483462058 Marquez G.G. Vivir para contarla Debolsillo
9781861892232 Lupton, Catherine Chris marker
Chris Marker is one of the most extraordinary and influential film-makers. This title traces the development and transformation of Marker`s work from the late 1940s, when he began to work as a poet, novelist and critic for the French journal "Esprit", through to the 1990s, and the release of his most recent works.
9782266207041 Chattam M. Leviatemps Pocket
9781408249840 Yazoo Global 3 PB +D Pk Pearson Education
9781447124061 Suvarna Cardiac Pathology Springer
Cardiac disorders are an exciting area of classic pathology and recently defined disease. Cardiac Pathology: A Guide to Current Practice discusses the various disorders and also provides a backdrop of developmental embryology, diagnostic imaging and current therapeutics. Cardiac Pathology: A Guide to Current Practice aims to deliver in bench-book format a comprehensive overview of cardiac pathology that is relevant to those practicing in surgical pathology and autopsy arenas. Clear illustrations of the common styles of dissection are provided along with the normal anatomy and histology. Chapters cover the approach to the autopsy heart, ischemic heart disease, myocarditis, sudden death, valvular disease, transplant pathology, cardiomyopathy, cardiac neoplasia and congenital heart disease with a clear analysis of diagnostic criteria (macroscopic, microscopic and genetic) for both common cardiac diseases and those of rare format. The text is accompanied by high-quality macroscopic and microscopic images and references to other in-depth specialty data sources. Although aimed in particular at pathologists, Cardiac Pathology: A Guide to Current Practice should also be of value to cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and other professions allied to medicine.
9780385742399 Cooney Caroline B. Whatever Happened to Janie?
9783642284144 Tosti Management of Complications of Cosmetic Procedures Springer
The demand for cosmetic procedures is increasing worldwide. This book presents all the potential side-effects and complications of the most frequently used procedures in aesthetic dermatology and provides sound practical advice on their management. It will be helpful not only to beginners but also to experienced dermatologists who want to start performing new procedures. The text is fully illustrated and very simple to consult. For each procedure, the book discusses both common and uncommon side-effects and complications, provides tips on how to avoid them, and explains clearly how they are best treated.
9780385742382 Cooney Caroline B. The Face on the Milk Carton
9781401234713 Lemire Jeff Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Vol. 1: War of the Monsters (the New 52) Random House (USA)
As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics--The New 52 event of September 2011, it's Frankenstein as you've never seen him before, in a dark new series from acclaimed writer Jeff Lemire and artist Alberto Ponticelli

Frankenstein is part of a network of strange beings who work for an even stranger government organization: The Super Human Advanced Defense Executive, also known as S.H.A.D.E. Leading his new field team, The Creature Commandos, Frankenstein and company must fight against supernatural threats even more strange and dangerous than themselves.

This volume collects issues 1-6 of "Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.," part of the DC Comics--The New 52 event.

9781408288733 Parker, Helen Penguin Kids WALL-E Level 5 Reader Pearson Education
9781848584549 White, Ethel Lina Some Must Watch Arcturus
9781441917829 Seli, Emre; Agarwal, Ashok (Eds.) Fertility Preservation: Emerging Technologies and Clinical Applications Springer
A growing majority of women in the western hemisphere have been delaying initiation of childbearing to later in life. Consequently, more women in their late 30s to early 40s are attempting to get pregnant for the first time than ever before. Since the incidence of most cancers increases with age, delayed childbearing results in more female cancer survivors interested in fertility preservation. In this book, the editors provide strategies for fertility preservation in women and men who require gonadotoxic treatment. In addition, epidemiologic, ethical, medico-legal, psychologic, and social aspects of fertility preservation are discussed. Using a format that combines concise scientific background with practical methodological information and easy-to-grasp algorithms, the chapters all conform to a uniform structure, including a brief abstract, keyword glossary, step by step protocol of laboratory procedures, key issues in commentary and a list of references. The result is a unique, practical reference guide for reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, embryologists, reproductive scientists, and oncologists.
9780385536073 Grisham John Calico Joe HB Random House (USA)
At long last, America's favorite storyteller takes on America's favorite pastime.
In this surprising and moving novel, the careers of a golden-boy rookie hitter for the Cubs and a hard-hitting Mets pitcher take very different paths. The baseball is thrilling, but it's what happens off the field that makes Calico Joe a classic.
9780470610121 Ash Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions, 2nd Edition Wiley
A fully updated guide to making your landing pages profitable Effective Internet marketing requires that you test and optimize your landing pages to maximize exposure and conversion rate. This second edition of a bestselling guide to landing page optimization includes case studies with before-and-after results as well as new information on Web site usability. It covers how to prepare all types of content for testing, how to interpret results, seven common design mistakes, and much more. Included is a $25 gift card for Google AdWords. Landing page optimization is essential for profitable online marketing; this bestselling guide is fully updated with the latest information and case studies Shows how to use Googles Website Optimizer tool, what to test and how to prepare your site for testing, the pros and cons of different test strategies, how to interpret results, and common site design mistakes Provides a step-by-step implementation plan and advice on getting support and resources Includes a $25 Google AdWords gift card Landing Page Optimization, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to increasing conversions and improving profits.
9781118007457 Perkins Building Type Basics for Senior Living, 2nd Edition Wiley
An essential guide to the architectural and interior design of senior living homes, including independent apartments, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. This second edition is updated with new examples of projects completed in recent years, and new or updated coverage of a number of topics, including design for the upcoming retiring Baby Boomers,sustainable design, renovations, international opportunities, operations,and projectfinancing.
9781452109718 Lee J. H. Boo: Little Dog in the Big City Abrams
Everyone's favorite dog is back and cuter than ever Following up on the internationally bestselling Boo: The Life of the World's Cutest Dog, this latest volume features Boo's adventures in the big city. Get ready for tons of all-new irresistible photos of Boo going shopping, hitting the beach, making doggy friends, and just generally being adorable.
9781107014046 Grand Practical Body MRI Cambridge Academ
Practical Body MRI: Protocols, Applications and Image Interpretation demystifies MRI examinations of the abdomen and pelvis, giving the essential knowledge required by radiologists in order to develop and select appropriate protocols, assess scan quality and interpret imaging studies. Each chapter describes why each sequence is performed, what to look for, and how the important findings from each sequence lead to a unique diagnosis. Numerous protocols are included, from the more common, such as liver and renal MRI, to more tailored examinations such as rectal and placental MRI. All protocols are richly illustrated with images of body MR pathology. A separate chapter discusses MRA/MRV and an introductory chapter gives a brief, practical introduction to MRI physics and receiver coils. The authors' expertise and practical, concise explanations of both protocols and image interpretation makes this an essential resource for residents, fellows and experienced radiologists using body MRI for the first time.
9781406242645 Harbo Christopher Easy Animal Origami
9781408170847 Don'ts for Weddings
9781441198310 Leigh Jacob Cinema of Eric Rohmer Bloomsbury
9781409539704 Holiday Activity Book Usborne
9781609787073 Kaplan Kaplan SAT 2400
9780071316132 Nester Eugene W Microbiology: A Human Perspective McGraw-Hill
9780521763721 Whitman Digital Mammography Cambridge Academ
Digital mammography has many advantages over film-screen mammography, including faster acquisition, easier storage and easier retrieval of images. Written by expert radiologists and physicists, Digital Mammography: A Practical Approach compares digital mammography to conventional film-screen mammography, reviews clinical cases and explores newer modalities. Key topics include: Digital detectors Monitors Image acquisition Image storage, retrieval and transfer Image interpretation and efficacy Artifacts A comparison of commercially available systems Mobile digital mammography. An image atlas and sections on digital tomosynthesis and computed tomography of the breast enhance the text. Digital Mammography: A Practical Approach melds the worlds of clinical radiology and physics in an easy-to-understand, practical resource. A valuable addition to the shelf of radiologists, radiologic technicians, practising medical physicists and mammography technologists; and any practitioners developing and expanding digital mammography programs.
9781455746019 Wesley S. Moore Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Elsevier Science
9781437727920 Charles J. Cote A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children, Elsevier Science
9781840226829 Tressell Robert Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Wordsworth
9781780381565 Bouhis Herve Beatles Graphic Omnibus Press
Herve Bourhis, creator of The Little Book of Rock, turns his unique graphic talents to the legend of The Beatles, told from the very beginning. Bourhis visual imagination illuminates the individual lives of each band member from their pre-Beatles youth to what would become a rock band of phenomenal worldwide fame. All of the epic details of their story are vividly evoked: the triumphs, the quarrels, the supreme musical creativity and of course the inevitable break-up. The story then goes on to follow the personal destinies of John, Paul, George and Ringo, four Liverpool lads who were by turns ambitious, clever, facetious, arrogant, down-to-earth and supremely talented. Theirs was the ultimate rock band story and Herve Bourhis has done it and them full justice in this superb and exuberant graphic biography.
9780194331357 Oxford Student's Dictionary with CD-ROM, Third Edition Oxford University Press
9788853012258 Quiles Margarita Barbera El secreto de romina+cd new ed CIDEB
9781408246726 Cosmic Level B2 Use English Pearson Education
9781408246733 Cosmic Level B2 Use English TG Pearson Education
4607167316140 KET for Schools Trainer Audio CDs (2) Cambridge University Press
9781405909341 Caro Ramsay Absolution Penguin Books Ltd
9781408246719 Cosmic Level B2 Test Book TG Pearson Education
9783423132701 Schiller Friedrich Und das Schoene blueht nur im Gesang DtV
9781447925798 Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet Bk/MP3 Pk Pearson Education
4607167316003 Eng Unlimited Adv Class Audio CDs (3) Cambridge University Press
9788853613400 Das Zauerbuch 1 Student'S Book ELI
9788853613417 Das Zauerbuch 1 Activity Book ELI
9781455710577 Chang Plastic Surgery, Volume 6: Hand and Upper Limb (Expert Consult - Online and Print), 3rd Edition Elsevier Science
9780751542974 Sparks Nicholas Best of Me Little, Brown
9783791347509 Duchting Hajo Paul Klee: Painting Music Prestel Publishing Limited
9780091814892 Gray, John Mars And Venus Together Forever Random House
A revised and repackaged edition of "What Your Mother Couldn`t Tell You and Your Father Didn`t Know". In this book, the author explains how it is possible to have an exciting, happy and lasting relationship.
9781583334416 Brown Jenny The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight on Behalf of Farmed Animals
9781861543356 Pritchard Jane Anna Pavlova Prestel Publishing Limited
Anna Pavlova is a legendary ballerina. Originally from the Imperial Russian Ballet, she performed to great acclaim in Europe for various impresarios at the beginning of the 20th century including Sergei Diaghalev creator of the famous Ballets Russes. Anna Pavlova formed her own dance company in 1912 and based herself in London at Ivy House, Hampstead This book celebrates the centenary of Anna Pavlova's residency at Ivy House, Hampstead, which became her home base from 1912 until her death in 1931. The book presents a lively outline of her career, focusing on her contribution to the ballet scene in Britain.
9780500516393 Van Damme Marie France RSVP: Simple Sophistication, Effortless Entertaining Thames & Hudson
Fusing understated elegance and relaxed chic, fashion designer Marie France van Damme reveals the secrets of successful, sophisticated and stress-free entertainment on a budget. Five chapters Flowers, Candles, The Table, Food and Art explore how to create a sense of occasion, a relaxed mood, simple pleasures and food without worry. Each chapter finishes with actual events: a winter birthday at home, with plain black plates, flowers in a single colour, and sushi from a local Japanese restaurant; a Belgian celebration in a greenhouse with a wood-burning stove, transformed in two hours at minimal cost into what looks like a page from an event at Versailles; and a stylish working lunch with takeaway curry. Perfectly attuned to the desires and realities of todays living, this book will be welcome anywhere on the planet.
9788853611680 Preguntas Y Respuestas ELI
9780199695980 Winfield Alan Robotics: A Very Short Introduction Oxford Academ
9780007476046 Berry John A Level Maths HarperCollins UK
9780982761014 Modernist Cuisine at Home Phaidon Press Ltd.
9788881487028 Plaisir De Lire Verte - Le Livre De La Jungle - Book + Audio Cd ELI
9788881487035 Plaisir De Lire Verte - Cendrillon - Book + Audio Cd ELI
9780712679060 Hancock, Graham Fingerprints Of The Gods Random House
Exploring the past with hi-tech tools of modern archaeology, geology and astronomy, Hancock exposes an eerie network of connections between Egyptian pyramids, Andean temples, spherical geometry, and astro-navigation. He makes claim for a lost civilization that flourished during the last ice age.
9782090353631 Communication Progressive Du Francais DES Affaires
9780007460601 Collins Skills for the TOEFL IBT Test HarperCollins UK
9782090334494 Dominique, P. Le Nouveau Sans Frontieres : Livre De L'Eleve 1 Cle International
9782090353594 Grammaire Progressive Du Francais : Livre Perfectionnement Cle International
9782090380354 Francais.Com Nouvelle Edition : Livre De L'Eleve 1 & DVD-Rom Cle International
9782090380361 Francais.Com : Cahier D'Exercices 1 Cle International
9781441104434 Heidegger and Nietzsche Continuum
9780738735078 Lo Scarabeo, Moore Barbara The Book of Shadows Tarot Kit
9781405912372 Sylvia Day Pride and Pleasure Penguin Books Ltd
In 1818 London, a man by the name of Jasper Bond works as a thief-taker; a man who offers security to people who need it and does everything within his power to find what is lost, as well as uncover the secrets that are hidden by others.
9781405912419 Sylvain Reynard Gabriel's Inferno Penguin Books Ltd
9783836526401 Ireland Barbara New York Times, 36 Hours: Europe Taschen
9780500516690 O'Keeffe Stripes: Design Between the Lines Thames & Hudson
9780718197193 Peppa Pig: Peppa's Christmas Wish Penguin Books Ltd
9781781590805 Richards Brook Secret Flotillas
9788800208512 Trifone; Filippone; Sgaglione Affresco italiano C2 Libro
9780132477963 Broukal, Milada What a World Reading 2 SB Pearson Education
9780132626521 Broukal, Milada What a World Listening 3 SB+CD Audio Pearson Education
9783941323155 Buscha,Anne; Szita,Szilvia Begegnungen A2 Lehrerhandbuch. 2. Aufl
9780062074805 Grogan, John Marley: The Dog Who Ate My Homework HarperCollins USA
9781847491992 C?line, Louis-Ferdinand Guignol's Band Alma
9788855702935 Universita per Stranieri di Siena Quaderni CILS - Livello QUATTRO-C2 2006-2007 - testo + Cd-rom
9780199692637 Oxford Mini Dictionary and Thesaurus Oxford Academ
9780751541182 Mitch Albom The Time Keeper Little, Brown
9780552159951 Jungstedt Mari Dead of Summer Random House
9780552164139 Watson S J Before I Go to Sleep Random House
9781402246432 Woolley Persia Guinevere, the Legend in Autumn: Book Three of the Guinevere Trilogy
9781780760483 Strachey, Lytton Queen Victoria I B Tauris
9782090354966 Amis et compagnie 3 livre Cle Rel
9780141019345 Jesse J. Prinz Beyond Human Nature Penguin Books Ltd
9780141029191 Susan Cain Quiet Penguin Books Ltd
9789382076032 Gady Har-El Head & Neck Surgery Thieme Verlagsgruppe

This six-volume series has been compiled to introduce current, up-to-date concepts concerning the diagnosis, evaluation, and management rationale of the various conditions that otorhinolaryngologists encounter in their clinics, hospitals, and operating rooms. It has been our goal to keep this information complete yet concise. -- Milind V. Kirtane and Chris E. de Souza, Series Editors

Head and Neck Surgery is a comprehensive textbook that provides detailed information on the latest epidemiology, diagnostics, nutritional support, and emerging technology and therapeutics used to treat head and neck cancer. It will serve as a reference guide for physicians and non-physicians who diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate patients with head and neck tumors.
Key Features:

  • Multidisciplinary care of patients with tumors of the head and neck region
  • Intraoperative navigation and robotic surgery for head and neck neoplasms
  • Endoscopic approaches to the anterior skull base
  • Image guidance for sinus tumors
  • Minimally invasive techniques in head and neck surgery

The contributors to this volume are internationally recognized experts in head and neck surgery, plastic surgery, and oral and maxillofacial surgery, informing the book with a wealth of knowledge in these disciplines.

9781595829818 Arcudi John B.P.R.D Hell on Earth Random House (USA)
Agent Johann, the ectoplasmic man, leads a special task force through the monster-filled Northwest woods in order to hunt down and kill the man he blames for leaving him a disembodied spirit. In the Southwest, agent Devon and the psychic crust punk Fenix form an uneasy alliance in order to escape a horde of giant bat-faced monsters.
9781405912273 Sylvia Day Scandalous Liaisons Penguin Books Ltd
9781616890834 Levine Faythe, Macon Sam Sign Painters Abrams
9781934030998 Fitzgerald Matt Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
9781862232624 Mantz Gabriel Complete World Cup 1930-1974
9780300174380 Just Bryan R Dancing into Dreams Yale University Press
"Dancing into Dreams" explores 8th-century Maya vase painting of the Ik' kingdom, located in the tropical lowlands of present day Guatemala. Ik' vases are acclaimed for their naturalistic colour, veristic portraiture, and calligraphic line. Their painted surfaces depict historical subject matter and often include the names of the artists and patrons, as well as hieroglyphic explanations of the portrayed events and vessel production. Collectively, such self-consciously historical works offer a precision and nuance, unparalleled in the ancient Americas, to the study of the role of art in elite society. Authoritative and accessible, this handsomely illustrated volume presents a history of Ik' vase painting and describes the dramatic scenes represented on the vases with compelling and historically accurate vignettes.
9781444177244 Kattan Ibarra Juan Complete Spanish: Teach Yourself Hodder
9782866429034 Ethan and Joel Coen (Masters of Cinema) Phaidon Press Ltd.
Ethan Coen (b. 1957) and Joel Coen (b. 1954), known as the Coen brothers, are among the most creative of contemporary American directors. From their very first feature, Blood Simple (1984), to their most recent film, True Grit (2010), they have written, directed and produced their films jointly. Their style is unique, somewhere between film noir (Fargo, 1996; No Country for Old Men, 2007) and mordant comedy (The Big Lebowski, 1998; A Serious Man, 2009). No matter what genre they tackle, their films deal with recurrent themes: American ethnicity, religion and Judaism, brotherhood and the family unit. They have received numerous awards, including a Palme d'Or for Barton Fink (1991) and four Oscars - including best Picture - for No Country for Old Men (2007).
9780007500956 Saloman Gene Confessions of a New York Taxi Driver HarperCollins UK
Driving a cab for more than 30 years Gene Salomon has collected a remarkable selection of stories. He shares the very best in this unforgettable memoir. Gene has had everyone in the back of his cab...Lauren Bacall, Leonardo di Caprio, John McEnroe, Sean Penn and Dennis Hopper, Simon and Garfunkel, Tony Bennett, Robin Williams, Norman Mailer, Suzanne Vega, Kevin Kline, Dan Ackroyd, Diane Keaton and, yes, even Kevin Bacon. He has taken all sorts of people for a ride...mafiosi, hookers, the rich and famous, down and outs, young lovers, old lovers, passengers from every corner of the globe, fare dodgers, a variety of animals, tourists, lifetime New Yorkers, people in a rush and others with no particular place to go. In well over 30 years driving a cab he has collected a remarkable selection of stories and share the very best in this unforgettable memoir. So sit back and enjoy the ride...the meter's running.
9781405912334 Sylvia Day Passion for the Game Penguin Books Ltd
9781780043166 Berlitz: Tallinn Pocket Guide Penguin Books Ltd
9781107685796 Alex Tilbury, Theresa Clementson, Leslie Anne Hend English Unlimited Pre-intermediate Coursebook with e-Portfolio and Online Workbook Pack Cambridge University Press
9780500290804 Jacky Klein Grayson Perry Thames & Hudson
In this first major monograph on Grayson Perry, now updated and expanded, writer and art historian Jacky Klein explores the artists work through a discussion of his major themes and subjects. Kleins text is complemented by intimate and insightful commentaries on individual pieces by the artist himself, giving unique access to his imaginative world and creative processes. Over 175 of Perrys works are illustrated, as well as a rich selection of the visual material that has inspired him, from Afghan war rugs, Sumatran batiks and medieval altarpieces to the paintings of Pieter Bruegel and the American Outsider artist Henry Darger. With a fully up-to-date biography, bibliography and exhibition history, this continues to be the definitive book on one of the most popular and important artists of our time.
9781781570302 Sonia Leong 101 Top Tips from Professional Manga Artists Thames & Hudson
A generation of young people influenced by this ever-popular and perennial art form are eager to pick up a pencil to create their own manga. Top Tips from Professional Manga Artists reveals the latest techniques for creating digital and traditional manga illustrations. Written by an award-winning manga artist with contributions from a select band of fellow professionals, Top Tips from Professional Manga Artists offers a multitude of eye-opening hints and techniques for the budding creator. From basic drawing tips to designing characters, painting vivid illustrations and creating captivating comics, the book collects the wealth of knowledge and experience of these manga professionals. Covering fundamentals of art alongside tips on becoming a professional, this is the ultimate resource for beginners and more experienced artists alike.
9781609130275 Pansky, Ben Lippincott's Concise Illustrated Anatomy: Head & Neck Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Lippincott CONCISE ILLUSTRATED ANATOMY series presents human gross anatomy in an efficient, easy-to-use format by combining core, need-to-know content with detailed atlas-style illustrations. This volume focuses on anatomical structures and functions of t
9781107664449 Rawdon Wyatt Complete IELTS Bands 6.5-7.5 Workbook without answers with Audio CD Cambridge University Press
9789604438259 Smart Junior Level 3 Work Book + Audio CD MM Publications
9781842163900 Jules Verne,retold by Elizabeth Gray Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Reader. (New). Express Publishing
9781842167861 Robert Louis Stevenson,retold by Elizabeth Gray Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Reader. Express Publishing
9781409366249 Chunky Baby First Words! Dorling Kindersley
9781609137939 Chew, Felix Musculoskeletal Imaging, 3/e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Musculoskeletal Imaging, Third Edition, features almost 400 cases drawn from the teaching files of leading medical centers. These practical cases encompass all imaging modalities--including radiography, CT, MR, nuclear medicine, and sonography--as well as
9781780670577 Gianni Caffiero Light, Water and Sky: The Paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky Thames & Hudson
9781420085099 Olch Pediatric Radiotherapy Planning and Treatment Taylor&Francis
A practical guide to the design of radiation therapy treatment for children, this book covers every common diagnosis and disease site for infants through to teenagers. It presents clinical background information on pediatric cancers with brief clinical descriptions and a detailed discussion of treatment planning guidelines and methods. The author provides an overview of pediatric cancer and the specific issues that make treating children a challenge. He also covers advanced technologies, such as protons and immobilization, and describes clinical trial guidelines. The book includes examples, CT scans, MRI images, tables, and figures.
9780349139135 Banks Iain Complicity
9780723271680 Peppa Pig: Happy Holiday Sticker Activity Book Penguin Books Ltd
9781780043760 Berlitz Language: Romanian Phrase Book & Dictionary
9780723271697 Peppa Pig: Peppa's Busy Day Penguin Books Ltd
9781107695108 Cambridge English Language Assessment Cambridge English Young Learners 8 Flyers Answer Booklet Cambridge University Press
9780099579793 Michael Ennis The Malice of Fortune Random House
9780851707433 Tom Gunning The Films of Fritz Lang: Allegories of Vision and Modernity Palgrave
This study examines the early work of Fritz Lang, proposing readings of the entire output of one of cinema's foremost directors. It emphasizes Lang's reflection on modernity, and hones in on the problem of identity and subjectivity in a progressively more automated, impersonal world.
9781107645622 Cambridge English Language Assessment Cambridge IELTS 9 Self-study Pack (Student's Book with answers and Audio CDs (2)) Cambridge University Press
9781933477169 Non-Neoplastic Diseases of Bones and Joints ARP Press
9780440208938 How to Make Love All the Time: Make Love Last a Lifetime Random House (USA)
9780440505389 Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know Random House (USA)
9780714865379 McCurry Steve Portraits Phaidon Press Ltd.
9781843919278 Barber Michael Evelyn Waugh
9780230443822 Corbett Jeanette Macmillan English Quest 2 Pupil's Book Pack Macmillan ELT
9781409549895 Cullis Megan Big Book of Big Trains Usborne
9780978588175 Kelly, Rob Roy American wood type
The first and most authoritative history of wood type in the United States is now reissued in paperback. This book tells the complete story of wood type, beginning with the history of wood as a printing material, the development of decorated letters and large letters, and the invention of machinery for mass-producing wood letters. The 19th-century heyday of wood type is explored in great detail, including all aspects of design, manufacture, and marketing, and the evolution of styles. Many related trades interacted with wood type production; the book examines the influence of lithography, letterpress, metal-plate and wood engraving, sign painting and calligraphy, poster printing, and type-founding. Long out of print, the book is still regarded by scholars and designers as an invaluable resource for a rich legacy of typographic art. More than 600 specimens of wood type are classified and annotated, as are more than 100 specimens of complete fonts. This reissue includes a new foreword by David Shields, Design Curator of the Rob Roy Kelly Wood Type Collection at the University of Texas at Austin, discussing the renewed interest in the subject since the mid-1990s as well as ongoing research into the history of wood type.
9780132114431 Schoenberg, Irene; Mauer, Jay Focus on Grammar: 4Ed 2 SB+MyLab Pearson Education
9788467830521 Robles Avila, S. Metodo de espanol 2 - Cuaderno de ejercicios+ CD Anaya ELE
9780755377510 Tremayne Peter Seventh Trumpet Hodder
9781409137276 Mina Denise Gods and Beasts Orion Publishers
9783110311976 Goethes Liebeslyrik Walter de Gruyter
9780711233393 Aslet Clive The Edwardian Country House: A Social and Architectural History Frances Lincoln
The magnificent country houses built in Britain between 1890 and 1939 were the last monuments to a vanishing age. Many of these great mammoths of domestic architecture were unsuited to the changes in economic and social priorities that followed the two world wars, and rapidly became extinct. Those that survive, however, provide tangible evidence of the life and death of an extraordinarily prosperous age. Originally published in 1980, long out of print and now thoroughly revised and reillustrated, this book recounts the architectural and social history of the era, describing the clients, the architects, the styles and accoutrements of the country houses. The people who could afford them - the Carnegies, the Astors, the Leverhulmes - had grown rich by exploiting the new economic opportunities of the age, and the houses they built in the years before the First World War reflect the desire for two contrasting ways of life. The social country house was the setting for the opulent world associated with Edward VII. The romantic country house was simpler, more genuinely rural, for those who wanted to be in closer contact with the countryside and the vanishing rural crafts, or who wanted an idyll of the past that did not suggest the world of the motor car. These traditions lost coherence after the war, and the period ended with a number of spectacular, and often eccentric, houses. Some of the most remarkable were those that not only replicated the look of old buildings, but used genuinely old materials and even incorporated whole Tudor buildings moved from other places. Clive Aslet writes of the immense changes in the way country houses of this period were lived in and used. The shortage of servants, aggravated by the First World War, spurred numerous developments in the technology of the country house - vacuum cleaners, washing machines, telephones and central heating were called upon to replace the army of servants who never returned from the trenches or the factories. Interior decorators, becoming increasingly in vogue, developed the style Louis Seize into the last word in Edwardian chic. Gardens came to be seen as integral to the concept of the country house and reconciled formal planning with informal planting. This fascinating world, so popularly depicted in Downton Abbey, can now be viewed from a new perspective. The Edwardian Country House will enlighten and entertain all those interested in glimpsing the lost life style of another age.
9781568813387 Kremers, Rudolf Level Design: Concept, Theory, and Practice
9781107611160 Annette Capel, Wendy Sharp Objective Proficiency Second edition Student's Book without answers with Downloadable Software Cambridge University Press
9781409545590 Midsummer Night's Dream Usborne
9781596685994 Takahashi Ayumi Patchwork, Please!: Colorful Zakka Projects to Stitch and Give
9783836536332 Thornton Robert John Temple of Flora Taschen
9781401235420 Snyder Scott Batman: The Court of Owls Vol.1 Random House (USA)
9780252065668 Muster, Nori J Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life Behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement
9781590176306 Vvedensky Alexander Alexander Vvedensky: An Invitation for Me to Think Random House (USA)
9780062254382 Groening Matt Simpsons Comics Supernova HarperCollins USA
Not even the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns can hold a candle to Simpsons Comics Supernova, the new comic collection from Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, Futurama, and the comic strip Life in Hell. Illustrated in full color, Simpsons Comics Supernova features many of the regular characters from the longest-running sitcom in television history. Explore the intimate relationship of a man and his sofa, when Homer refuses to be parted from his beloved love seat for a whole year. Then something is Huey, Dewey, Louie, and screwy when Mr. Burns takes the Simpsons on a South Seas adventure in search of lost treasure.
9780230453807 Heyderman Emma Motivate 2 Student's Book Pack Macmillan ELT
9781409550075 Cullis Megan Famous Paintings Sticker Book Usborne
9780062223869 Oliver, Lauren Pandemonium (Exp.) HarperCollins USA
9781780192376 Mikolajski Andrew Fuchsias
9782701140872 Kovalenko, V., Jouan-Lafont, V. Reportage Russe 1 Livre
9788466724753 Claudin, Fernando La banda de Pepo Anaya ELE
9780007499700 Collins Practice Tests for the TOEFL Test HarperCollins UK
Improve your score by working through realistic practice tests written by TOEFL experts Feel completely confident about how the TOEFL Test works The Collins Practice Tests for the TOEFL Test Pack contains all the advice and practice you need to succeed in the TOEFL Test. It includes: access to four online practice tests that replicate the real test experience. Find out your score and practise to target your weak spots through tutorials and practice exercises a book containing two complete TOEFL tests (as featured online) with a key, audio scripts and model answers. Includes a mini-dictionary with COBUILD definitions of difficult words from the tests a booklet with a detailed guide to every section of the test, with useful tips and strategies on how to get the best result an MP3 CD with audio for the tests in the book Also available for TOEFL Test preparation from Collins
9788420775562 Lopez Narvaez, Concha El gran amor de una gallina Anaya ELE
9781409120834 Mosse, Kate Citadel Orion Publishers
9780133248005 Phillips, Deborah L Preparation Course TOEFL Test : ibT SB +key +iR Pearson Education
9781608871223 Cameron James Exploring the Deep
9781782062424 Kauffmann Jean Paul Journey to Nowhere Quercusbooks
9781843914655 Arlt Roberto Mad Toy
9780194646437 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 1: Young Animals Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about young animals ... What color are baby zebras? Where do young bears live?
9780194646840 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Camouflage Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about camouflage ... Where do lions hide? What animals hide in trees?
9780194646949 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Camouflage Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about camouflage ... Where do lions hide? What animals hide in trees?
9780194646857 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Electricity Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about electricity ... What machines use electricity? What is a battery?
9780194771115 New Headway: Beginner Fourth Edition: Teacher's Book + Teacher's Resource Disc Oxford University Press
A completely new Beginner level of the world's most trusted English course, with brand new digital resources bringing you a completely up-to-date blended Headway course.
9780194771078 New Headway: Beginner Fourth Edition: Workbook + iChecker without Key Oxford University Press
A completely new Beginner level of the world's most trusted English course, with brand new digital resources bringing you a completely up-to-date blended Headway course.
9780194646888 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Plastic Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about plastic ... How do we make plastic? Can we recycle plastic?
9780194646987 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Plastic Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about plastic ... How do we make plastic? Can we recycle plastic?
9780733983887 Alan McSeveny International Mathematics 2 for the Middle Years Pearson Education
9781408298992 Kenny, Nick Proficiency Expert Active Teach # .30.06.13# Pearson Education
9782011559654 Launay, M.; Marty, R. DELF PRIM A1.1+CD Hachette Book Group
9780194646956 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Electricity Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about electricity ... What machines use electricity? What is a battery?
9780194646963 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Jobs Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about jobs ... Where do people work in cities? What does a vet do?
9780552565202 Ireland Stone Tamara Time Between Us Random House
9781843913979 Haggard H Rider Ayesha: The Return of She
9781444913507 Blyton, E. Secret Seven. 8. Three Cheers, Secret Seven Hodder
9780751550900 Lewis Kristyn Through It All Little, Brown
Waverly Brown is the anchor that keeps her tight circle of friends together. Loyal and generous with her time, she would do anything for Kate and Amy but she can't bring herself to tell even her best friends the truth about her bakery and her increasing debt. She's so consumed with her own worries that she almost misses what is right in front of her; something is wrong with Amy, terribly wrong. Try as they might to reach out, Waverly and Kate can't make Amy open up to them. She refuses to admit there's anything wrong but Waverly is convinced Amy is in trouble and she's terrified. Can Waverly convince her friend to save herself before it's too late? Heartbreaking, honest and compelling, Through It All is a masterful novel about the power of friendship and the strength we find in those around us.
9789881574381 Ying Peng Adorn Your Life ACC-distribution titles
A Compilation Of The Newest Home Decoration Design From Excellent Interior Design Projects All Over The World.
9781843916192 Wroth Joseph On the End of the World
9781620400975 Worsley Kate She Rises
9781438002217 Geer Philip Ed. Essential Words for the GRE Barron`s educational series, inc
An extensive working vocabulary is a prerequisite for success on the Graduate Record Exam. This popular manual presents 800 college-graduate-level words with definitions that frequently appear on the exam. The book begins with a pre-test to help readers assess strenghts and weaknesses. Additional features include:An overview of the Verbal Reasoning question types found on the GRE Matching and sentence completion exercises for all word lists An analysis of essential word roots Suggested study plans, and much more...The book concludes with a post-test to assess progress. Answers are provided for all exercises and for all questions in the pre- and post-test
9780062003263 Anderson Jodi Lynn Tiger Lily HarperCollins USA
9781259095375 Davey Deja Review Pediatrics McGraw-Hill
9780124160194 Ira J. Kalet, PhD Principles of Biomedical Informatics, 2 ed. Elsevier Science
9781430239390 Anderson Rick Pro Arduino
9780124166738 Gerald Litwack Hormones and Breast Cancer, Elsevier Science
9781585624102 Glen O. Gabbard Textbook of Psychoanalysis American Psychiatric Publishing
9781444913545 Blyton, E. Secret Seven. 12. Good Old Secret Seven Hodder
9781935011057 D`amato, Mario Distinguishing the middle from the extremes
9780702044717 Therese C. O'Connor Atlas of Pain Injection Techniques, Elsevier Science
9780340821794 Clayton, Tim Diana: Story of a Princess Hodder Arnold
9780194771047 New Headway: Beginner Fourth Edition: Student's Book and iTutor Pack Oxford University Press
A completely new Beginner level of the world's most trusted English course, with brand new digital resources bringing you a completely up-to-date blended Headway course.
9780132862004 Walsh, Laura Focus on Writing 5 SB +ProofWriter Pearson Education
9780230404533 Leighton, J et al Hello Jack Teacher's Notes Macmillan ELT
9780192736048 Heapy Teresa Oxford Reading Tree: Traditional Tales Story Games Flashcard Oxford Academ
9780241951989 Niamh Greene Coco's Secret Penguin Books Ltd
9780791469859 Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola Censoreship files NBN International
9781780043944 Berlitz Language: 601 Spanish Verbs Penguin Books Ltd
9781742200118 Vidgen Lucas Guatemala 5 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Guatemala is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Explore the street markets of Chichicastenango, climb the radiant Maya ruins of Tikal or dip your toes in the ethereal Lago de Atitlan; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Guatemala and begin your journey now!
9780230440029 Norris Roy Ready for FCE 3ed Student's Book & MPO With Key Macmillan ELT
9781859571583 Lee, T.C.P. Properties and Applications of Elastomeric Polysulfides
9781607067733 Jordan Justin Legend of Luther Strode Volume 2 TP
For five years, Luther Strode has been a legend terrifying criminals. But now the criminals have struck back, and the hunt for Luther Strode is on! Can Luther survive old enemies working with new friends? Collects The Legend of Luther Strode #1-6.
9781452112541 House Industries Postcard Box Abrams
From world-renowned type foundry HOUSE INDUSTRIES, this handsome postcard collection features an impressive range of letters, numbers, symbols, and patterns from their collection of typographic treasures. Bright, bold colours and accents of silver metallic ink enliven the fabulous fonts included in two full alphabets and much more.
9781780974286 Cox Caroline Vintage Jewellery Sourcebook Carlton Books
9781250021465 Kelley Kitty Let Freedom Ring
9780133046861 Lane, Linda Focus on Pronunciation 3Ed 1 SB +D +R Pearson Education
9780133046830 Lane, Linda Focus on Pronunciation 3Ed 2 SB +D +R Pearson Education
9780714544441 Stravinsky, Igor Oedipus rex
9781780974330 Glancey Jonathan Car a History of the Automobile Carlton Books
Once viewed as a plaything of the wealthy and eccentric, cars are now an integral part of modern life. The Car provides a snapshot history of the automobile, not just the makes and models, but its role in many spheres of life: politics, family life, war, advertising, architecture, film and art to name but a few. Jonathan Glancey also covers the development of the car, from the early "horseless carriages', through people's cars from the VW Beetle to the Ford Galaxy, and the speed machines and dream cars of various eras. Combining the author's illuminating text with fascinating photographs, The Car is much more than another encyclopedia, it reveals why we love, loathe and depend on one of the greatest modern inventions, and how the car really has shaped the way we live now. In the same impressive format as Space and Flight, this latest photographic collection will include rare and unusual images from around the world as well as classic shots of some of the greatest cars ever made.
9781842657737 Harish Kumar Chopra; Anupama Parmar; P S Panesar. Bio-organic Chemistry Alpha Science
9781842657546 Ignacimuthu Biotechnology Alpha Science
9781292021317 Linda Fidell Barbara Tabachnick & Using Multivariate Statistics Pearson Education
9781623360948 Ha Christine Recipes from My Home Kitchen: Comfort Food from a Vietnamese-American Cook
9781107690585 Tims Nicholas Face2face Advanced Workbook with Key Cambridge University Press
9783125570122 Wagner Abenteuer im Schnee 1, Buch + Online Klett
9780847840878 Jacobs Marc Louis Vuitton Rizzoli
9781447907282 Annabell, Clementine Gold NEd Pre-First Teacher's Book Pearson Education
9780143123231 Harrison A. S. a. The Silent Wife Random House (USA)
9781847442260 Mitch Albom The First Phonecall From Heaven Little, Brown
9789810713638 Learning Express: Phonics and Reading Skills (level 2) Scholastic
9781592538850 Kuo Julia 20 Ways to Draw a Dress and 44 Other Fabulous Fashions and A Rockport/Rotovision
9781781620021 Alison Jameson Little Beauty Random House
9781409334828 Halo 4 The Essential Visual Guide Dorling Kindersley
9781842657669 Nidhi Goel Pharmaceutical Microbiology Alpha Science
9781842653463 Screening Methods in Pharmacology Alpha Science
9788184871593 Nanotechnology Alpha Science
9781846883101 Morais, Richard C. Buddhaland Brooklyn Alma
9780099559979 Katsu, Alma Descent, The Random House
9780099590934 Patterson, James Private Down Under Random House
9780099575030 Zan, Koethi Never List, The Random House
9781409545712 Phantom of the Opera Usborne
9780230443433 Skillful Foundation Listening&Speaking Student's Book & Digibook Macmillan ELT
9780230443440 Skillful Foundation Reading&Writting Student's Book & Digibook Macmillan ELT
9781844089277 Barbara Comyns Our Spoons Came From Woolworths Little, Brown
Pretty, unworldly Sophia is twenty-one years old and hastily married to a young painter called Charles. An artist's model with an eccentric collection of pets, she is ill-equipped to cope with the bohemian London of the 1930s, where poverty, babies (however much loved) and husband conspire to torment her. Hoping to add some spice to her life, Sophia takes up with Peregrine, a dismal, ageing critic, and comes to regret her marriage - and her affair. But in this case virtue is more than its own reward, for repentance brings an abrupt end to the cycle of unsold pictures, unpaid bills and unwashed dishes . . . Show More Show Less
9781864705676 California Cool: Residential Modernism Reborn ACC-distribution titles
With Silicon Valley in the north and Hollywood in the south, California has become a magnet for creative and entrepreneurial types from within the United States and around the world. Architects have not been immune to the Golden State's aesthetic and cultural draw. Here, in the melting pot of world cultures and native talent, modern residential architecture has been reborn. From the seaside towns of Los Angeles to the rolling hills of San Francisco and the wine country of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, California's adventurous architects have reached back to the cultural and economic optimism of the 1950s to give modern architectural design a new look. With its mild climate and sun-filled days, California has always been a natural fit for modernism's tenets of open plans, indoor-outdoor living, and expansive window walls. There modernist design concepts have adapted easily to the 21st Century's demand for green architecture and energy conservation. Many of the houses in California Cool are energy independent and built using either recycled or sustainable materials. California Cool includes contemporary work from some of modern architecture's progenitor's from the mid 20th century along with designs from the young practitioners of the 21st century, who can be found working out of converted warehouses and lofts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Berkeley. From north to south, this beautifully illustrated book captures the rich, creative vibrancy of California's modern architectural presence.
9789886824351 Tingli, Mo Tropical Experience ACC-distribution titles
'Tropical Experience' brings together a breathtaking collection of ecological architectural designs across Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Bali, from children's educational centres to resorts, cafes and private villas, all are centred in the natural environment; designs that integrate quietly and unobtrusively with the land that surrounds them. Using natural materials, these designs become a fluid extension of the forest floor; bamboo walls that allow the elements to flood through bringing light and balance and the breeze from the trees, the sounds of the leaves. Cool stone floors are created for barefoot living; wood is curved and shaped to form floor to ceiling windows and screens, natural textiles in warm earth tones, vibrant rugs and knotted hammocks create sumptuous yet simple interiors. Infinity edge pools reflect the sky creating a deeper sense of tranquillity; these inspiring spaces indulge the senses and calm the mind. Within this innovative collection are architectural blueprints and designs to inspire anyone who is interested in creating environmentally sensitive buildings; encouraging the use of green technology and structures that integrate fully with the natural world while maintaining a sense of luxury and real escapism.
9780847831593 Tadao Ando: Houses Rizzoli
The most complete and comprehensive collection of residential projects from the worlds most internationally recognized and renowned architect. Though prolific in civic and commercial work, Tadao Ando first gained recognition for his residential projects, which were constructed solidly of concrete but ingeniously imbued with light and air. This exhaustive study is a complete catalog of all his residential work to date, including two new homes just finished in 2013. This volume features unseen and unpublished works presented through lavish and striking color photographs as well as detailed architectural drawings and plans of over thirty years of Andos residential work, from the Sumiyoshi Row House in 1975 to the current houses for global design connoisseurs and art collectors.
9780007523122 First English Words Activity Book 2 HarperCollins UK
9783775737104 Alexander Calder: Baume Naming Abstraction Hatje Cantz
Alexander Calder (18981976) transposed modernist visual abstraction to space, naming his works allusively for the aspects of motion or balance they portrayed. Leaving Paris for his native United States in 1933, he settled in an old farmhouse in Roxbury, Connecticut, where nature became a new source of inspiration for his creativity. The monumental standing mobile The Tree (1966) demonstrates the relationship between abstraction and realization. In a combination of mobile and stabile, the artist questions the development of the abstract image that can be traced back to the figurative motif of the tree. This work is the focus of Calder Gallery II at the Fondation Beyeler. Centered on the Calders outdoor sculpture and his development of large-scale works, the presentation includes original and related maquettes that anticipate The Tree and a striking group of rarely seen sculptures from the 1930s to 1950s.
9780007523139 First English Words Activity book 1 HarperCollins UK
9781780672908 Melhuish Clare Luis Vidal + Architects Thames & Hudson
9781406352504 Egyptian diary Walker Books
9781937994280 Gleason Katherine Anatomy of Steampunk Littlehampton
9781847493422 Fitzgerald, Scott F. Basil and Josephine Alma
9781849760560 Gravett Paul Comics Art
9781447925545 Shakespeare, William Hamlet & MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9781864705171 House for All Regions: CRAN Residential Collection ACC-distribution titles
'House for All Regions: CRAN Residential Collection' is the first in a series on international residential architecture produced by IMAGES Publishing in partnership with the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The projects are divided into four climate zones: Arid & Semi-arid, Temperate, Arctic and Sub-tropical & Tropical, and each illustrates how architects adapt their designs to accommodate the challenges posed by the local topography and variations in climate. Containing cutting-edge residential designs by leading architects from across the world, including North America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe, and featuring rarely seen images, this collection underlines the sensitivity of today's architects to the natural environment, as well as the care and attention paid to interior design and everyday living.
9789460581168 Brussels Type ACC-distribution titles
Through stunning photographs, 'Brussels Type' presents one man's obsession with street typography highlighting the significant value of the lettering on street facadesFor as long as he can remember, designer Stan Van Steendam has been interested in lettering on street facades. In the meantime, his fascination for typography, and for street typography in particular, has become something of an obsession. Street typography rarely gets a lot of attention and old lettering usually disappears when new developments take place. Nevertheless, it is still of significant value: facade lettering is part of the atmosphere and feeling of the neighbourhood, representing its history and the expansion of the city. It tells a unique and captivating story: a story which Stan Van Steendam has managed to capture in a series of over 80 photos. See Brussels through his eyes and discover hidden gems you might otherwise have passed by without a glance. These snapshots represent a captured moment, showing the transience of what was once carefully painted, set or carved. The photo aesthetics and the careful design are what make this book an ode to typography and a declaration of love to the city of Brussels.
9781844089147 Maya Angelou Mom and Me and Mom HB Little, Brown
9780007925339 Anthony Hope The Prisoner of Zenda HarperCollins UK
9780007925315 Thomas Hughes Tom Browns School Days HarperCollins UK
9780007264834 Raymond E. Feist A Crown Imperilled HarperCollins UK
9780007499625 Collins Work on your Grammar Intermediate (B1) HarperCollins UK
9780007499649 Collins Work on your Vocabulary Intermediate (B1) HarperCollins UK
9781409376415 The Economics Book Dorling Kindersley
9781409384052 Little Hide and Seek Animals Dorling Kindersley
9781408267196 New Total English Pre-Intermediate Students' Book with Active Book and MyLab Pack Pearson Education
9788477116431 Quiero Ser Una Gallina! Edelsa
9780132415453 Azar, Betty Schrampfer Azar Understanding And Using English Grammar Wb B With Answe Pearson Education
9783197118512 Schritte international 1, Digitales Unterrichtspaket Hueber
9789607706768 Ryder, Rory I verbi italiani per tutti Edizioni EdiLingua
9781851776542 Brown Susanna Queen Elizabeth II Abrams
9781849051446 Gralton Ernest Forensic Issues in Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities
9781741794625 Jamaica 6 Lonely Planet
9781107400450 Edited by Richard D. Urman Moderate and Deep Sedation in Clinical Practice Cambridge Academ
Millions of procedures requiring sedation are performed each year; many occur outside of the operating room in both inpatient and outpatient settings. This tremendous growth has resulted in sedation being administered by a wide range of healthcare providers, including non-anesthesiologist physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. Moderate and Deep Sedation in Clinical Practice is a concise, practical handbook for all medical and surgical professionals who sedate patients. This up-to-date, evidence based, 'how to' manual will: Tell you how to evaluate patients Update you on relevant pharmacology Advise you on sedation for specific populations: elderly, pediatric, ICU, emergency room, endoscopy and reproductive technologies Guide you on legal and quality assurance issues Written and edited by experts in procedural sedation and sedation education, this book will help users develop safer techniques, policies and procedures. Essential reading for any healthcare provider administering moderate or deep sedation.
9780521766272 Edited by Jeffrey A. Cohen Multiple Sclerosis Therapeutics Cambridge Academ
This book comprehensively reviews the current state of clinical trial methods in multiple sclerosis treatment, providing investigators, sponsors and specialists with current knowledge of outcome measures and study designs for disease and symptom management. The status of the rapidly evolving field of disease-modifying drugs is presented, with emphasis on the most promising therapies currently being tested. Experts discuss disease and symptom management for MS subtypes, including neuromyelitis optica and pediatric MS. In addition, key scientific advances in MS pathology, genetics, immunology and epidemiology are presented. The fourth edition has been extensively revised, featuring more than 50% new material. All chapters have been substantially updated to provide current information on rapidly evolving topics and this volume contains 15 new chapters, reflecting the growth of the field in recent years. This book is an essential reference for practitioners caring for MS patients, investigators planning or conducting clinical trials, and clinical trial sponsors.
9780751547634 Sanderson, Jane Netherwood Little, Brown
9780752883908 Sisman, Robyn Perfect couple Orion Publishers
9781409136460 Preston, Douglas Child, Lincoln Wheel of darkness Orion Publishers
9780486991740 Weller Alan Fairies and elves vector motifs + CD Dover
9780194790833 De Bernieres, Louis Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 2: Red Dog Oxford University Press
Red Dog was a Red Cloud kelpie, an Australian sheepdog. His life was full of excitement and adventure. He travelled all over Western Australia, and never really had an owner. But he had many, many friends, and he always knew where to go for a good meal. Louis de Bernires collected these stories about the life of a real dog in Western Australia. They are all true stories - some are funny, some are sad, but all are unforgettable. Everybody should have a friend like Red Dog.
9780194247795 Collins, Wilkie Dominoes: Three: The Moonstone Pack Oxford University Press
The Moonstone is a beautiful yellow diamond that was stolen from the statue of a Moon god in India. When Franklin Blake brings it to Rachel Verinder's house in Yorkshire for her birthday, it brings bad luck with it. How many people will the Moonstone hurt? How many must die before the diamond's revenge is complete?
9780194247719 Dominoes: One: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Oxford University Press
When ship after ship goes down in the Atlantic, Dr Pierre Aronnax and his servant, Conseil, journey from Paris to learn more. What - or who - is attacking these ships? Aronnax, Conseil, and the Canadian, Ned Land, find the answer to this question when they meet the strange Captain Nemo. After a long journey under the sea in Nemo's submarine, the Nautilus, the doctor and his friends plan to leave for the surface. But how can they escape?
9781405060226 Munton, Gill Explorers 5 Secret Garden,The Reader Macmillan ELT
9780847835737 Bilhuber Jeffrey The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty Rizzoli
Jeffrey Bilhuber offers a look into intimate rooms fitting for today. Jeffrey Bilhuber, the decorator of choice for the creative elite-including fashion editors, designers, and musicians-presents his most recent projects, all of which exemplify the hallmarks of his inimitable style: flashpoints of inspiration from the past that embrace tradition while being rooted in the way we live today. Perhaps like no other contemporary decorator, Bilhuber has been a barometer of change, and this book marks a new, more relaxed evolution of his style. In this beautifully photographed book, Bilhuber shows that high style can (and should) encompass effortless comfort-interiors where families big or small can take pleasure in easy spaces that are brilliant amalgams of new and old. Every house tells a charming story of the family that inhabits it, and each room expertly showcases Bilhubers signature touches-a novel use of color (from vibrant palettes to more muted ones) and consummate attention to detail, with every element of a room attended to. Featuring projects from around the country-from urban townhouses and lofts to oceanfront cottages and country estates-Bilhubers work appeals to a wide range of tastes as he encourages every reader to embrace their unique vision to create cozy spaces as deeply personal as they are practical.
9780062110541 Cox Brian Wonders of the Universe HarperCollins USA
9781606776919 2012 Pin Up Wall Calendar
9781554841998 Bruce Lee 2012 wall calendar
9781907360428 Austen Jane Jane Austen Collectors Library
9780415666664 Cissik John Strength and Conditioning Taylor&Francis
9781406338836 Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Colouring Book Walker Books
Ready-to-wear, ready to colour! A unique colouring book of previously unpublished sketches from Yves Saint Laurent`s Rive Gauche collections.
9783464207673 Funk; Kuhn; Demme Studio d A2 Kurs- und Uebungsbuch Teilb. 1 (1-6) +D Cornelsen
9783190116577 Ubungsgrammatik fur die Mittelstufe DaF Hueber
9783190316243 Lagune 1 Lehrerhandbuch Hueber
9780230032156 English World 2 Dictionary Macmillan ELT
9781408274378 Grisham John Chamber, The & MP3 Pk ELT Pearson Education
9780582828445 Wonderland Pre-Junior Class CD Pearson Education
9781405057189 Read et el MCR2 Doms Dragon Macmillan ELT
9780582053199 Harris, Michael World Class 2 Sts Bk Pearson Education
A three-stage course for young teenagers who have already studied at least two years of primary English and containing theme-based modules. This student`s book at level 1 includes a list of words from the listening and reading texts.
9782278064489 Reussir Le DELF A2 Livre +D Didier
9781405061070 Explorers 6 Danger On Misty Mountain Work Book Macmillan ELT
9781408217184 Freebairn/Bygrave Upbeat Intermediate Student Book and Student Multi-ROM Pack Pearson Education
9788497785303 Moreno, Concha et al. Nuevo Avance 2 Libro del alumno +D SGEL
9780582838031 Trappe New Insights into Business Workbook (TOEIC) (US English) Pearson Education
9782011552822 Dumas Le Comte de Monte Cristo, t. 2 (Dumas) Hachette Book Group
9788495986030 Metodo de espanol para extranjeros. Prisma comienza Edinumen
9783442004126 Grimm, Brueder Maerchen der Brueder Grimm
9782011555144 Dollez Alter Ego 3 Guide pedagogique Hachette Book Group
9783191816162 Tangram 4bdg. 2B, Ubungsheft Hueber
9780062006264 Jones Allan Frewin The Six Crowns: Fair Wind to Widdershins HarperCollins USA
9788496942905 Lleo, Elena Verdia et al. En Accion 1 - Libro del alumno 1 + CD (A1-A2) En Clave-Ele
9783442465866 Glattauer D. Gut gegen Nordwind RH Germany
9781444724288 Andrew Miller Pure Hodder
On the surface, Pure seems like a straightforward historical fiction. Set in Paris in the year 1785, in the years just preceding the French Revolution, there is however evidently something more significant going on beneath the surface.
9780751542936 Paul Trynka Starman: David Bowie, a biography Little, Brown
Has there ever been a more charismatic and intriguing rock star than David Bowie? In Starman, Paul Trynka has painted the definitive portrait of a great artist. From Bowie's early years in post-war, bombed-out Brixton to the decadent glamour of Ziggy Stardust to the controversial but vital Berlin period, this essential biography is a celebration of Bowie's brilliance and a timely reminder of how great music is made - now with an update on the making and release of The Next Day.
9780751545050 Peter Lovesey Stagestruck Little, Brown
9781409313014 Read It Yourself: Level 4 Activity Book Penguin Books Ltd
9781608870332 Regan Ken All Access
9780963009630 Shulgin, Alexander The Shulgin Index, Volume One: Psychedelic Phenethylamines and Related Compounds
9780736084130 Haff Gregory Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology w/Web Resource Humankinetics
9780230028517 Science 4 Work Book Macmillan ELT
9780194531979 O'Driscoll, Nina; Scott-Barrett, Fiona BEC Vantage Masterclass: Course Book Oxford University Press
A new addition to the Masterclass series providing preparation for the revised Cambridge English: Business Vantage (BEC) examination.
9780194800228 Quintana, Jenny Build Up to Countdown: Grammar Book with key Oxford University Press
9780194338196 Forsyth, Will Clockwise: Intermediate: Class Audio CDs Oxford University Press
Clockwise is an intensive refresher course in general English for adults, with an emphasis on improving the quality of students' language performance. It is designed for university students and adults in the working world with limited time and money, who want confidence in general English quickly and effectively, for social interaction and travel or functional purposes. Its image is adult, clear, simple, spacious, accessible, and businesslike.
9780007221943 Awar Jarrar, Nada Somewhere, Home HarperCollins UK
This remarkable novel, winner of the Commonwealth Writers` Prize, tells the story of three women, each of them far from where they came, all of whom are still searching for somewhere that can be called home.
9780194402095 Dolphin Readers: Level 2: Double Trouble & Super Sam Audio CD Oxford University Press
9780194401524 Wright, Craig Dolphin Readers Level 2: Double Trouble Activity Book Oxford University Press
9780194400978 Taylor, Di Dolphin Readers Level 2: Matt's Mistake Oxford University Press
9780194400985 Northcott, Richard Dolphin Readers Level 2: Numbers, Numbers Everywhere Oxford University Press
9780194401067 Kenshole, Fiona Dolphin Readers Level 3: Let's Go to the Rainforest Oxford University Press
9780194432009 First Friends 1: Audio Class CD Oxford University Press
9780194432078 Iannuzzi, Susan First Friends 1: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
9780194321501 Ashworth, Julie; Clark, John I-Spy: 4: Activity Book Oxford University Press
A four-level course for children starting English at the age of eight, from the best-selling authors of Stepping Stones.
9780194321495 Lawday, Cathy I-Spy: 4: Course Book Oxford University Press
A four-level course for children starting English at the age of eight, from the best-selling authors of Stepping Stones.
9780194386067 Graham, Carolyn Jazz Chant® Fairy Tales: Audio CDs (2) Oxford University Press
9780194386074 Graham, Carolyn Jazz Chants for Children®: Audio CD Oxford University Press
9781409117339 Buckley, Carla Things that keep us here Orion Publishers
9781409120223 Carlton, H.c. Heaven, hell and mademoiselle Orion Publishers
9780123749796 John Enderle Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, Elsevier Science
9780007374717 COBUILD Collins Easy Learning English Vocabulary HarperCollins UK
9780194573856 Glendinning, Eric; McEwan, John Oxford English for Electronics: Answer Book with Teaching Notes Oxford University Press
9781582558707 Waters Pediatric hand & upper limb surgery cb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This will be the definitive book on pediatric Hand and Upper Limb Surgery. The focus wil be on practical steps to guide the surgeon through complicated surgery. The contributors are all either stars or rising stars in orthopaedics. The book should appeal to Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeons and Hand Surgeons.
9781605479651 Newfield Handbook of neuroanesthesia 5e pb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Handbook of Neuroanesthesia is a concise and easily accessible compendium of neuroanesthetic and neurosurgical critical care. A convenient reference in both the OR and the ICU, the book also provides trainees with vital background information and selected key references. Most chapters focus on specific clinical disorders or challenges for the anesthesiologist.
9780143106524 Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) Penguin Books Ltd
9780007420773 Hughes Dr A J Collins Easy Learning Irish Verbs HarperCollins UK
Designed to accompany and complement the Easy Learning Irish Grammar in the widely acclaimed Collins Easy Learning range, Collins Easy Learning Irish Verbs offers beginners a clear and easy-to-understand guide to Irish verbs.
9781849388689 Grace Delilah Pixie Lott
9780857381606 Watson Fiona Macbeth Quercusbooks
9781408232125 Christie Agatha Penguin Readers New Edition Level 5 A Murder is Announced, Book/mp3 Pack Pearson Education
9780198486640 Oxford Reading Tree Read with Biff, Chip, and Kipper Flashca Oxford Academ
9780194552103 Falla, Tim; Davies, Paul A Solutions Advanced: Student's Book with MultiROM Pack Oxford University Press
9780194552158 Falla, Tim; Davies, Paul A Solutions Advanced: Workbook Oxford University Press
9780194552233 Falla, Tim; Davies, Paul A Solutions Advanced: Class Audio CDs (2) Oxford University Press
9780194569651 Oxford English for Careers: Oil and Gas 1: Student Book Oxford University Press
An elementary course for students studying for a career in the oil and gas industries, who will need English to communicate at work.
9780194569699 Oxford English for Careers: Oil and Gas 2: Teachers Resource Book Oxford University Press
A pre-intermediate course for students studying for a career in the oil and gas industries, who will need English to communicate at work.
9780194569705 Oxford English for Careers: Oil and Gas 2: Class Audio CD Oxford University Press
A pre-intermediate course for students studying for a career in the oil and gas industries, who will need English to communicate at work.
9780194704519 Soars, Liz; Soars, John; Maris, Amanda American Headway, Second Edition Level 1: Teacher's Pack Oxford University Press
9780194766142 Gude, Kathy; Wildman, Jane; Duckworth, Michael New Matrix: Intermediate: Student's Book Oxford University Press
The new and improved edition of the challenging secondary course that prepares students for school-leaving exams.
9780194766159 Gude, Kathy; Wildman, Jane; Duckworth, Michael New Matrix: Intermediate: Workbook Oxford University Press
9780199594009 A Dictionary of Forensic Science Oxford Academ
This new dictionary covers a wide range of terms used in the field of forensic science, touching on related disciplines such as chemistry, biology, and anthropology. Case examples, figures, and photographs make it the ideal reference for students and practitioners of forensic science, as well as those with an interest in forensic science.
9780199584079 Bloom, Stuart; Webster, George; Marks, Daniel Oxford handbook of gastroenterology and hepatology 2/e Oxford Academ
Written by experts within their fields, the OHG&H provides up-to-date, practical advice on the management of common conditions for trainees and specialists in gastroenterology and hepatology. It covers approaches to clinical problems, including infectious disease and gastrointestinal problems in developing countries. Further sections include a unique A-Z compendium of gastroenterology, emergencies, and commonly used drugs, with emphasis on practice tips and common complications.
9780099553151 Price Katie Angel Random House
9781903128794 Enterprise: Grammar Level 4 SB Express Publishing
9781444707847 King Stephen Dreamcatcher Hodder
In an author's note to this novel, the first he's written since his near-fatal accident, King allows that he wrote the first draft of the book by hand. So much for the theory that it's word-processing alone that leads to logorrhea. Yet despite its excessive length, the novel one of the most complex thematically and structurally in King's vast output dazzles and grips, if fitfully. In its suspenseful depiction of an alien invasion, it superficially harkens back to King's early work (e.g., the 1980 novella "The Mist"), but it also features the psychological penetration, word-magic and ripe imagination of his recent stuff (particularly Bag of Bones). The action shuttles between present and past, following primarily the tribulations of a band of five males four regular guys from Derry, Maine (setting of King's It and Insomnia), and their special friend, Duddits, a Down's child (then man) with telepathic abilities. The first chunk of the text offers a tour de force of terror bound in darkest humor, depicting the arrival at the four guys' remote hunting cabin of a man who's fatally ill because he harbors in his bowels an alien invader. Yet the ferocious needle-toothed "shit-weasel" that escapes from him is only one of three varieties of invader the protagonists, and eventually a black-ops containment force, face: the others are Grays, classic humanoid aliens, and byrus, a parasitical growth that threatens to overtake life on Earth. The presence of the aliens makes humans telepathic, which leads to various inspired plot complications, but also to an occasional, perhaps necessary, vagueness of narration is there anything more difficult to dramatize than mind-to-mind communication? Numerous flashbacks reveal the roots of the connections among the four guys (one of whom is hit by a car and nearly dies), Duddits and even the aliens, while the last part of the book details a race/chase to save the world a chase that goes on and on and that's further marred by the cartoonlike presence of the head of the black ops force, who's as close to a caricature as King has strayed in several novels. The book has flaws, then, and each of them cries "runaway author." Is anyone editing King these days? But, then, who edited, say, Mahler at his most excessive? The genius shines through in any case, in the images and conceits that blind with brilliance, in the magnificent architecture, in the wide swaths of flat-out riveting reading and, most of all, in the wellsprings of emotions King taps as he plumbs the ties that bind his characters and, by extension, all of us to one another. (One-day laydown, Mar. 20) Forecast: As King's first book-length fiction since the accident, this novel originally titled Cancer will generate particular interest commercially and critically. It may be nominated for awards; it certainly will top the charts. Film rights optioned by Castle Rock.
9780099554226 Lodge David British Museum is Falling Down Random House
9780230729841 Scrivener J Learning Teaching 3Ed Books for Teachers + DVD Macmillan ELT
9780340918920 Seymour Gerald Dealer and the Dead
9789814343978 Gorbunov Dmitry S Introduction to the Theory of the Early Universe World Scientific Publishing
9780194340823 Naunton, Jon Clockwise: Upper-Intermediate: Classbook Oxford University Press
Clockwise is an intensive refresher course in general English for adults, with an emphasis on improving the quality of students' language performance. It is designed for university students and adults in the working world with limited time and money, who want confidence in general English quickly and effectively, for social interaction and travel or functional purposes. Its image is adult, clear, simple, spacious, accessible, and businesslike.
9780194379632 Date, Olivia; Haines, Simon; Sayer, Mike Landmark Advanced: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
9782090337211 Vocabulaire explique du francais / intermediaire-avance exercices Cle International
9780194330176 Bourke, Kenna The Grammar Lab:: Book Three Oxford University Press
"The Grammar Lab" is for children aged 9-12. There are books at three levels of difficulty from beginner to intermediate, suitable for use on their own or in support of a general coursebook. Within each chapter, grammar rules are taught in stages. Exercises follow each stage to check understanding.
9780194793650 Oxford Bookworms Library: Starter: Dead Man's Money Oxford University Press
When Cal Dexter rents one of the Blue Lake Cabins, he finds $3000 - under the floor! He doesn't know it, but it is the money from a bank robbery. A dead man's money. 'Do I take it to the police?' he thinks. But three more people want the money, and two of them are dangerous. Can Cal stop them?
9780194386050 Graham, Carolyn Jazz Chants®: Audio CD Oxford University Press
9780194383868 Gairns, Ruth; Redman, Stuart natural English Upper-Intermediate: Student's Audio CD Oxford University Press
Features a syllabus strand, which enables students to integrate frequent, natural language into their language framework. This title helps students learn to use real language naturally, through thinking and rehearsal time, confidence-building practice, and task-centred speaking. The listening syllabus teaches students how to listen.
9780194570893 Comfort, Jeremy Effective Presentations: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
An integrated video-and-book course to deal thoroughly with both the language and the wider skills needed to give an effective presentation. * Teaches by example, demonstrating both bad and good ways of givivng a presentation * Classwork (to develop skills and language) provided in the Student's Book * Presentations are analysed stage by stage * Course may also be used a self-study material
9781408216972 Speakout Upper Intermediate Level Active Teach Pearson Education
9781408248126 Fly High Level 3 Active Teach Pearson Education
9781741795813 Estonia Latvia & Lithuania 6 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Explore the markets of Tallinn's fairy-tale Old Town, experience the pagan rituals of midsummer's eve, or feel the sea breezes at Curonian Spit; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and begin your journey now!
9781741795820 Finland 7 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Finland is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Hike the striking terrain of Karhunkierros, browse various design shops in Helsinki, or glide down the slopes in a sled pulled by huskies; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Finland and begin your journey now!
9781741797169 Lonely Planet Pocket Barcelona 3 Lonely Planet
9781741797138 Lonely Planet Pocket London 3 Lonely Planet
9781741796919 Lonely Planet Pocket Paris 3 Lonely Planet
9781424078943 Crawford M. World Wonders 3 Student's Book [with Audio CD(x1)] National Geographic ELT
9789604031009 Finnie R. Grammar Booster 2 Student's Book New Editions
Part of "The Grammar Booster" series, this work includes grammar points which students can cope with. It includes a communication activity and a writing task at the end of every unit which consolidate the grammar points covered in each unit. It includes five review sections which ensure that students have an understanding of the grammar points.
9781437726039 Josef Neu Gastroenterology and Nutrition: Neonatology Questions and Controversies, 2nd Edition Gastroenterology and Nutrition: Neonatology Questions and Controversies, 2nd Edition Elsevier Science
9780194575874 Tulip, Mark ProFile 1: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
9780194575904 Naunton, Jon ProFile 1: Class Audio CD Oxford University Press
9788847608375 . Bonechi
9780194352246 Howard, Lori Read All About It 2: Book Oxford University Press
Read All About It 1 and 2 are American English readers which offer high-interest selections drawn from authentic materials on a wide range of topics. These readers correspond with themes in the Oxford Picture Dictionary and can be used either with the support of the Dictionary or independently.
9788847615885 . Bonechi
9782070321025 Modiano P. Un pedigree Gallimard-Folio
9780194332606 May, Peter Towards Proficiency: CPE Workbook with Cassette Pack (with Key) Oxford University Press
9780194332613 May, Peter Towards Proficiency: CPE Workbook with Cassette Pack (without Key) Oxford University Press
9780194355049 MH: Literature Upper-.............. Oxford University Press
9780194239301 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 3: Little Red Riding Hood Oxford University Press
Follow the adventures of the little girl who met a wolf in the forest
9780194239509 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 5: Pinocchio Oxford University Press
Follow the adventures of the wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy ...
9780194239547 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 4: Sleeping Beauty Oxford University Press
Enjoy the tale of the princess who slept for a hundred years ...
9788467541335 Torrego, Leonardo Gomez Analisis morfologico. Teoria y practica SM Spain
9789810713805 Ross Linda B. Reading Skills Builder, Level 2
9781608319114 Brant Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology, 4/e, One Volume Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This fully revised edition of Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology conveys the essential knowledge needed to understand the clinical application of imaging technologies. An ideal tool for all radiology residents and students, it covers all subspecialty ar
9781408278055 O.Wilde Importance of Being Earnest Book & MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9781408276549 Penguin Readers New Edition Level 5 Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Book/mp3 Pack Pearson Education
9782090385748 Echo 1 niveau B1.1 guide Cle International
9782070425471 Apollinaire, Guillaume Exploits d'un jeune Don Juan Gallimard-Folio
9780199599417 Stevens, Michael C. G.; Caron, Hubert N.; Biondi, Cancer in Children Clinical Management Sixth Edition Oxford Academ
Cancer in Children is an established and highly regarded introduction to paediatric oncology. In a clear and concise way, it covers the aetiology, symptoms, and treatment of cancer in children, the complications that can arise during treatment, and the various outcomes of the illness. This new edition brings together an international group of highly respected editors and contributors to provide evidence-based information on how to investigate and treat the common cancers in childhood. State-of-the-art descriptions of what is basic and essential for management is included; there are new chapters on clinical trials, evidence based practice, the treatment of cancer in less well-resourced countries, stem cell and immunotherapy, other malignant / borderline haematological conditions (myelodysplasia and myeloproliferative disorders), and on imaging. These all reflect important changes in the focus of the speciality in recent years. Aimed at paediatric oncologists, and trainees in on
9781844665716 Upstream Beginner A1+ Student's Book Express Publishing
9782090354720 Vitamine 2 eleve Cle International
9782090353273 Festival 3 exerc.+ CD Cle International
9781937007607 Harris, Charlaine Dead as a Doornail (TV Tie-In) Random House (USA)
9782090331370 Vocabulaire expliquee du francais / debutant exercices Cle International
9781409376002 Baby Touch and Feel Beep! Beep! Dorling Kindersley
9782090352580 Nouveau DELF junior scolaire B2 - 200 activites livre+cor+trans+CD Cle International
9781405368872 DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Dordogne, Bordeaux & the Southwest Coast Dorling Kindersley
9781405386500 The Rough Guide to South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland Dorling Kindersley
9780141038179 Katherine Howe The House of Velvet and Glass Penguin Books Ltd
9780141389431 Collins, W. The Woman in White Penguin Books Ltd
9780099547495 Mavis Cheek The Lovers of Pound Hill Random House
9782090313963 A la recherche de Mariana, niv.1 livre Cle International
9783126753173 Klipp und Klar Uebungsgrammatik B2-C1 Klett
9781844087471 Jenkins Elizabeth Tortoise and the Hare
9782070344628 Triolet, Elsa Amants d'Avignon, Les Gallimard-Folio
9780135126127 Molinsky Side by Side Level 3 Teachers Guide Pearson Education
9780230423053 Straightforward 2Ed Elementary Student's Book Macmillan ELT
9780440215622 Gabaldon, Diana Dragonfly in Amber Random House (USA)
9780099550259 Johnson Paul Brief lives Random House
9783411055074 Duden Deutsches Universalwrterbuch 7.Ed Duden
9781862059443 Jack Vettriano: A Life Anova
Jack Vettriano's powerful canvases of an alluring yet sinister world are beautifully captured in this new edition This edition of Jack Vettriano includes 15 more recent images, from exhibitions between 2006 and 2010 Jack Vettriano has become Scotland's most successful and controversial contemporary artist, his painting The Singing Butler selling for close to ?750,000 Emerging from the unlikely background of the Scottish coalfields, unknown and untutored, Jack Vettriano has become Scotland's most successful and controversial contemporary artist. Appearing on posters and cards, mugs and umbrellas, prints of his work outsell van Gogh, Dali and Monet and his paintings have been acquired by celebrities around the world. Vettriano's images are a gateway to an alluring yet sinister world; a timeless place where past and present intertwine. Daylight scenes of heady optimism, painted against backdrops of beaches and racetracks, are counterbalanced by more disquieting canvases of complex night-time liaisons in bars, clubs, bedrooms and ballrooms. His powerful canvases are beautifully captured in this new edition of Jack Vettriano, which includes 15 more recent images, from exhibitions between 2006 and 2010
9780714862552 Emison Patricia Leonardo Phaidon Press Ltd.
9781439877999 Gonen, Turan Electrical machines with matlab Taylor&Francis
9780857298195 Giannoudis, Peter V. (Ed.) Giannoudis, Peter V. ( Practical procedures in elective orthopedic surgery upper extremity and spine Springer
With the time available to surgeons-in-training ever dwindling, there is great emphasis placed on practical learning tools. Mirroring his earlier book on practical procedures in trauma surgery, Prof Giannoudis has produced a reference in more elective techniques. In most medical schools, most emphasis is placed on orthopaedic trauma surgery, with elective techniques often delayed until much later in a surgeons training.
9781840226706 Verne J. From the Earth to the Moon & Around the Moon Wordsworth
Jules Verne (1828-1905) was internationally famous as the author of novels based on extraordinary voyages. His visionary use of new travel technologies inspired his readers to look to the industrial future rather than the remote past for their dreams of adventure. The popularity of his novels led directly to modern science fiction. In From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon, Jules Verne turned the ancient fantasy of space flight into a believable technological possibility an engineering dream for the industrial age. Directly inspired by Vernes story, enthusiasts worked successfully at overcoming the practical difficulties, and within a century, human beings did indeed fly to the Moon. Curiously, however, Verne is unlikely to have thought it possible that a manned projectile could actually be fired out of a giant cannon, rising higher than the Moon, swinging around it, and then landing safely back on Earth. He had used the science of the day to construct a literary conjuring trick, a hoax, one of the most successful in all history. By skilful misdirection he drew the attention of readers away from weaknesses in the project. Read the book and you, too, will be fooled into accepting the realistic possibility in Vernes time of that dream of flying to the Moon.
9789810212773 Network optimization problems : algorithms, applications and complexity World Scientific Publishing
9783190074556 deutsch uben Schwierige Worter Hueber
9789607706447 Ascolto Avanzato Libro dello studente + CD Audio Edizioni EdiLingua
9780521189088 Raymond Murphy English Grammar in Use Fourth edition Book without answers Cambridge University Press
9781408294222 Orwell, G. 1984 & MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9788883390845 Redaelli, Adriana; Invernizzi, Daniela Eye Witness Culture in a Changing World Tbk+AudioCD Pearson Education
9780521184571 Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks, Peter Lewis-Jones English in Mind Second edition Level 5 Workbook Cambridge University Press
9780521184618 Sarah Ackroyd English in Mind Second edition Level 5 Testmaker CD-ROM and Audio CD Cambridge University Press
9780521185141 Mark Hancock English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate Second edition Book with answers and Audio CDs (4) Cambridge University Press
9781107601970 Kathryn O'Dell, Phyllis Lim Grammar and Beyond Level 3 Workbook Cambridge University Press
9781107640139 Susannah Reed Super Minds Starter Teacher's Resource Book Cambridge University Press
9783126761482 Douvitsas-Gamst, J. Xanthos-Kretzschmer, Neue Deutschmobil 3, Testheft Klett
9781424017478 Folse K. Top 10: Great Grammar For Great Writing ISE Heinle ELT
9783852720289 Gerngross G. The African Mask + CD (Level 2) by G?nter Gerngross Helbling Languages
9783852720296 Holzmann Ch. The Lost Smile + CD (Level 3) by Christian Holzmann Helbling Languages
9780729539692 Sandra Grace Textbook of Remedial Massage, Elsevier Science
9781437705874 Edward C. Benzel Spine Surgery, 2-Volume Set, Elsevier Science
9780462007762 Harmer J. Just Vocabulary Pre-Intermediate Student's Book [with Audio CD(x1)] Macmillan ELT
9780462098920 Harmer J. Just Right Advanced Workbook (With Key) Marshall Cavendish ELT
9780575100749 Mcauley, Paul J In The Mouth Of The Whale Orion Publishers
9781447208822 The Language of Flowers Pan Macmillan
9780330521727 Unsuitable Men Pan Macmillan
9780755372041 Imogen Robertson Island of Bones Hodder
9780451194763 Fletcher Murder at the Powderhorn Ranch Random House (USA)
9780194238571 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 1: Mansour and the Donkey e-Book & Audio Pack Oxford University Press
Enjoy this tale from Morocco, and find out how the hungry old donkey helps Mansour.
9780194239516 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 5: Pinocchio Activity Book & Play Oxford University Press
9781905085644 Brown R, Richards L IELTS Advantage - Speaking & Listening Skills Delta
9781133316558 Wood I. PASS Cambridge BEC Vantage Workbook with Key Summertown
9781133315575 Wood I. PASS Cambridge BEC Vantage Student's Book Summertown
9780575099159 Carson, Rae Fire and Thorns Orion Publishers
9780199772612 Rosenberg, Douglas Screendance: Inscribing the Ephemeral Image Oxford Academ
The practice of dance and the technologies of representation has excited artists since the advent of film. Screendance: Inscribing the Ephemeral Image weaves together theory from art and dance as well as appropriate historical reference material to propose a new theory of screendance, one that frames it within the discourse of post-modern art practice.
9780194557139 Oxford Living Grammar: Pre-Intermediate: Student's Book Pack Oxford University Press
Pre-Intermediate helps students use grammar with confidence and shows how to use it in real-life situations
9780194705271 IELTS Masterclass: Student's Book with Online Skills Practice Pack Oxford University Press
Get your students thinking and talking, with focused activities to stretch their academic skills and language strategies. Includes online IELTS practice test.
9780194646918 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Your Body Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
9780194646819 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Your Body Oxford University Press
9780195399066 Beck, J. Gayle; Sloan, Denise M. The Oxford Handbook of Stress Traumatic Disorders Oxford Academ
The Oxford Handbook of Traumatic Stress Disorders covers the current landscape of research and clinical knowledge surrounding traumatic stress disorders. Topics include classification and phenomenology, contributions from theory, assessment and treatment of traumatic stress disorders, prevention, and early intervention following trauma.
9780194598705 English File third edition: Elementary: Workbook without key and iChecker Oxford University Press
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! A new edition of the best-selling English File the best way to get your students talking.
9780755356812 Sarah Challis The Lonely Desert Hodder
9780755356973 Quintin Jardine Funeral Note Hodder
9780470658338 Hayes Cardiac Pacing, Defibrillation and Resynchronization, 3rd Edition Wiley
As our population ages and multiple factors contribute to an increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease, more patients than ever before will be candidates for implantable devices as part of their treatment for heart rhythm abnormalities. Clinicians ha
9781451176285 Malawer Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgical Oncology Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgical Oncology provides full-color, step-by-step explanations of all operative procedures in orthopaedic oncology.  This text contains the chapters from the oncology section in Sam W. Wiesel's Operative Techniqu
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