9780443069345 Krysia Dziedzic Rheumatology Elsevier Science
9781416032786 Donald Lee Operative Techniques: Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Elsevier Science
Covers key procedures in orthopaedic surgery in both atlas and online video formats. This title lets you see how to perform each procedure step by step, from positioning, exposures, instrumentation, and implants through to post-operative care, expected outcomes, and potential complications.
9781408209363 Discover English Level 2 Activity Book +CDRom Pk Pearson Education
9783190116546 Pingpong Neu 1 Arbeitsbuch Hueber
9781408248119 Perrett, Jeanne Fly High Level 2 Active Teach Pearson Education
9781405843447 Market Leader Intermediate Teachers Resource Book with Test Master Multi-ROM Pearson Education
9781405072946 King Stephen Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Macmillan ELT
9781607055488 Hartman Elizabeth Modern Patchwork: 12 Quilts to Take You Beyond the Basics
9781447205722 Amanda Hocking Wake Pan Macmillan
9781441968357 Gershwin Bronchial Asthma Springer
Hailed by professional journals and esteemed by primary care physicians, Bronchial Asthma: A Guide for Practical Understanding and Treatment, Sixth Edition, has been fully updated to help physicians face the challenge of diagnosis and management in every variety of patient subpopulation.
9781908614414 McCormack,Joan; Watkins,Sebastian EAS Speaking Course Book (2012 edition) Garnet Education
9781447208891 Archer Jeffrey The Sins of the Father Pan Macmillan
Once again Jeffrey Archer has delivered a real page-turner. There's the usual plot twists that the regular Archer readers will see coming, but from the first page to the last I was hungry for more. Without giving anything away, the ending sets up the third book in the series nicely.
9781447209515 Dean A M The Lost Library Pan Macmillan
9780552166584 Susan Sallis The Kissing Gate Random House
9781447207665 Auslander Shalom Hope: A Tragedy Pan Macmillan
9780349121468 Beryl Bainbridge The Girl In The Polka Dot Dress Little, Brown
9782090343465 Gramatica PractIca Del Espanol Basico En Clave-Ele
9781439836774 Sampo Lahtinen Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiological and Functional Aspects, Fourth Edition Taylor&Francis
9781451105377 Griffin Cleveland Clinic Cardiology Board Review , 2e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
The Cleveland Clinic Cardiology Board Review, 2nd Edition continues to offer thorough preparation for board certification and recertification exams in cardiology. It is written by distinguished clinicians from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation's D
9781447925453 Penguin Readers New Edition Level 3 David Copperfield, Bk/MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9781408288559 Harper, Kathryn Penguin Kids Snow White Level 2 Reader Pearson Education
9788853012135 Guilmault Anemone et les poissons-clowns CIDEB
9781780970875 Laget Serge Official Treasures of Le Tour De France Carlton Books
9781416041092 Vijay P. Khatri Atlas of Advanced Operative Surgery, Elsevier Science
9780007476473 Kathryn Harrison Enchantments HarperCollins UK
9780132408769 Future Introductory Level Student Book w/ Practice Plus CD-ROM Pearson Education
9781907773174 Moore Alison Lighthouse
9781409532385 Whatmore Candice Sticker Christmas Cards Usborne
9781409539704 Holiday Activity Book Usborne
9781408249840 Yazoo Global 3 PB +D Pk Pearson Education
9780099553267 Harris Robert Fear Index Random House
9781107020832 Chmutov Introduction to Vassiliev Knot Invariants Cambridge Academ
9780192756855 Oxford Junior Illustrated Thesaurus Oxford Academ
9788853604385 Easy English With Games And Activities 1 + Cd ELI
9788853604415 Easy English With Games And Activities 4 + Cd ELI
9788853604422 Easy English With Games And Activities 5 + Cd ELI
9788853604361 Merry English Book 1 + Dvd ELI
9788853604378 Merry English Book 2+DVD (Stories, songs & fun activities) ELI
9788881482382 Ready To Read Green Pinocchio - Book + Audio Cd ELI
9781408517178 Bond Non-verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers 7-8 Years
9788853610294 Hands On Languages - Green English Student'S Book B ELI
9781408830628 MacIntyre Ben Double Cross
9780007458653 Parsons Tony Departures HarperCollins UK
9788853610317 Hands On Languages - Cook For Fun Student'S Book A ELI
9788853610324 Hands On Languages - Cook For Fun Student'S Book B ELI
9783791347233 Langenberg Ruth Art Flexi: Angels: From Rossetti to Klee Prestel Publishing Limited
For centuries, artists have incorporated angels into their works. In the Symbolist movement of the late nineteenth century, these heavenly figures embodied a defiant stance against the materialism and scientific rationalism of that era. The Pre-Raphaelites and Art Nouveau artists especially embraced the angel as a romantic symbol of beauty, grace, and imagination. The masterpieces included in this volume feature angels in varying styles from an international spectrum of artists and movements. Starting with pre-Symbolist artists such as Delacroix, Blake, and Turner and featuring works by Gauguin, Burne-Jones, Kandinsky, and Chagall, the book traces the evolution of angelic depictions through the early twentieth century. Evocative texts and poems celebrating the angel in all its forms are scattered throughout this elegant and inspirational collection.
9780956779434 Caroline Saulnier
9781409549789 Christmas Carols Sticker Book Usborne
9783190218257 Ideen 3, LHB Hueber
9780714864891 Tullet Herve Game of Sculpture Phaidon Press Ltd.
9781844087037 Mi Ai Under the Hawthorn Tree Little, Brown
9788881486960 Ready To Read Green Jungle Book - Book + Audio Cd ELI
9780552778343 Kinsella Sophie Shopaholic & Sister Transworld Publishers
9783943105094 Murata, Kenichi Upskirt Voyeur
9780521825207 Anderson, jr. Roman Architecture in Provence Cambridge Academ
This book provides a survey of the architecture and urbanism of Provence during the Roman era. Provence, or 'Gallia Narbonensis' as the Romans called it, was one of the earliest Roman colonies in Western Europe. In this book, James C. Anderson, jr. examines the layout and planning of towns in the region, both those founded by the Romans and those redeveloped from native settlements. He provides an in-depth study of the chronology, dating and remains of every type of Roman building for which there is evidence in Provence. The stamp of Roman civilization is apparent today in such cities as Orange, Nimes and Arles, where spectacular remains of bridges, theaters, fora and temples attest to the sophisticated civilization that existed in this area during the imperial period and late antiquity. This book focuses on the remains of buildings that can still be seen, exploring decorative elements and their influence from Rome and local traditions, as well as their functions within the urban environment.
9780062065247 Erdrich Louise The Round House HB HarperCollins USA
9788853610300 Hands On Languages - Green English Teacher'S Guide + 2 Audio Cd ELI
9781429283427 Krugman Paul Microeconomics 3 ed. Macmillan ELT
9788853610614 New Step Ahead Student'S Book 1+ Cd Rom ELI
9780141019345 Jesse J. Prinz Beyond Human Nature Penguin Books Ltd
9780751550870 Pudsey: My Autobidography Little, Brown
9781409551430 Taplin Sam Noisy Bottoms Usborne
9780141029191 Susan Cain Quiet Penguin Books Ltd
9780007477067 Norman Philip The Stones: The Acclaimed Biography HarperCollins UK
9781107422018 Chris Redston, Gillie Cunningham face2face Second edition Upper Intermediate Student's Book with DVD-ROM Cambridge University Press
9781401237097 Various All-Star Western Volume 1: Guns and Gotham TP Random House (USA)
9780099282242 Narayan, R K Bachelor Of Arts Random House
Chandran is newly graduated, he is unsure how he wants to spend his future. And then, one evening, walking by the river, he sees Malathi, but the course of love does not run smoothly. Not all is well in Chandran`s horoscope and while some customs can be forgotten, others must be strictly observed.
9781409545590 Midsummer Night's Dream Usborne
9781848545847 Andrew Williams The Poison Tide Hodder
9781444730241 Ros Barber The Marlowe Papers Hodder
9781444737851 Jess Richards Snake Ropes Hodder
9780349138589 Roma Tearne The Road to Urbino Little, Brown
A story of obsession, love and art set in Tuscany, Sri Lanka and London. Ras, a Sri Lankan who fled his country as a child following the violent death of his mother and his father's disappearance, has committed a crime. Dogged by his past and unable to come to terms with the killing of his mother, he struggles to make a new life for himself in the UK. Alex has loved Dee since he was 19 but failed to realise that it was a love he wouldn't find again. After Dee's marriage, he too struggles to build a meaningful life for himself. But when Ras' and Alex's lives connect, each man takes a new path culminating for Ras in the theft of a della Franceso painting, while Alex comes ever closer to Dee through tragedy in her life. Beautifully written, with a strong narrative, The Road to Urbino is the story of two very different men and their love for the women in their lives, set against the backdrop of the heartbreaking horrors of the long-running conflict in Sri Lanka.
9780751550153 Alex Kava Fireproof Little, Brown
9780007302321 Barbara Erskine River of Destiny HarperCollins UK
9780007462797 Anjali Joseph Another Country HarperCollins UK
9780760342626 Kahn Ashley Miles Davis Rockport/Rotovision
9781934030998 Fitzgerald Matt Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
9781409554615 Brocklehurst Ruth Illustrated Grimm's Fairy Tales Usborne
9781451658910 King Stephen The Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel Simon & Schuster
In a storytelling tour de force, Stephen King explores an uncharted corner of the Dark Tower universeand the early days of the gunslinger Rolandwith the twice-told tale of a murderous shape-shifter, a skin-man, who inspires fear and wonder, fantasies and bedtime stories, and one boys savagely real nightmares.
9780007371082 Walliams, D. Mega Box Set. Billionaire Boy HarperCollins UK
9782866429034 Ethan and Joel Coen (Masters of Cinema) Phaidon Press Ltd.
Ethan Coen (b. 1957) and Joel Coen (b. 1954), known as the Coen brothers, are among the most creative of contemporary American directors. From their very first feature, Blood Simple (1984), to their most recent film, True Grit (2010), they have written, directed and produced their films jointly. Their style is unique, somewhere between film noir (Fargo, 1996; No Country for Old Men, 2007) and mordant comedy (The Big Lebowski, 1998; A Serious Man, 2009). No matter what genre they tackle, their films deal with recurrent themes: American ethnicity, religion and Judaism, brotherhood and the family unit. They have received numerous awards, including a Palme d'Or for Barton Fink (1991) and four Oscars - including best Picture - for No Country for Old Men (2007).
9780486497488 Noble, Marty Creative Heaven: Mosaic Masterpieces Dover
9781107604018 Barbara Thomas, Laura Matthews Compact First for Schools Student's Pack (Student's Book without answers with CD-ROM, Workbook without answers with Audio CD) Cambridge University Press
9783468988271 Krulak-Kempisty Der gruene Max 1 NEU Lehrerhandreichungen Langenscheidt
9781568813387 Kremers, Rudolf Level Design: Concept, Theory, and Practice
9780062006332 Jones Allan The Six Crowns: The Ice Gate of Spyre HarperCollins USA
9781907655029 Shevell Michael Acquired Brain Injury in the Fetus and Newborn Wiley
International Reviews of Child Neurology Series No. 13 Given the tremendous advances in the last five years in the understanding of acquired neonatal brain injury and in the care of affected newborn infants, this book provides a timely review for the pr
9781107685796 Alex Tilbury, Theresa Clementson, Leslie Anne Hend English Unlimited Pre-intermediate Coursebook with e-Portfolio and Online Workbook Pack Cambridge University Press
9789604432462 Smart Level 2 (a) Grammar & Vocabulary, Students Book MM Publications
9789604432509 Smart Level 4 Grammar & Vocabulary, Students Book MM Publications
9789604434947 Smart Level 5 Grammar & Vocabulary, Students Book MM Publications
9789604434978 Smart Level 6 Grammar & Vocabulary, Students Book MM Publications
9789604436248 Mitchell, H.Q. TRAVELLER ADVANCED C1. WORKBOOK MM Publications
9789604785933 Grammar & Vocabulary Practice Intermediate Teachers Book MM Publications
9789605091989 Grammar & Vocabulary Practice NE Upper-Intermediate Teachers Book MM Publications
9781843913757 Leggatt Tim Connecting with E.M. Forster: A Memoir
9781580933414 O'Keeffe Linda Stripes: Design Between the Lines
The simplest and most ancient of decorative markings, stripes continue to fascinate. Over 200 color images explore the most creative uses of stripes today and their varied and colorful appearances throughout history, from aboriginal body painting to pop culture--think Elvis performing "Jailhouse Rock"--to the works of modern artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, in the fashions of Missoni, on uniforms and national flags, as attention-getting markings on street signs and lighthouses, and of course in interior design and architecture, including their iconic use in canvas fabrics, and on wallpapers and interiors by Todd Oldham, Muriel Brandolini, Jamie Drake, and many more.
Linda O'Keeffe reveals stripes as they crop up in many forms: in nature, art, and haute couture, on uniforms and identifying clothing, as informational aides, and in interior design. These are loosely grouped into eight thematic chapters entitled Jovial, Paradoxical, Tribal, Directional, Optical, Vertical, Horizontal, and Structural.
9781439849804 Kamath Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Signal Analysis Taylor&Francis
This cutting-edge reference examines how beat-to-beat variations in heart rate and blood pressure provide a window into the health of the autonomic nervous system. The book consists of a how-to section, detailing the classical and recent techniques that have been developed for analyzing heart-rate and blood pressure variability, and a practical applications section that discusses the utility of heart rate variability for various clinical situations, including patient monitoring in obstetrics, surgery, and intensive care units, and assessment of disease severity in chronic disorders such as stroke, depression, and Parkinson?s disease.
9781439880029 Orrenius Mitochondrial Signaling in Health and Disease Taylor&Francis
Mitochondrial dysfunction is a factor in a myriad of pathophysiological conditions, including age-related neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease. This volume examines themes essential for the maintenance of the mitochondrial redox (reduction-oxidation) energy axis. Topics include electron transport and energy production, mitochondrial biogenesis and dynamics, mitochondrial signaling, and apoptosis and autophagy. The book also explores pharmacology signaling and epigenetic signaling, with discussions on mitochondrial methylation and acetylation reactions. The information in this volume is critical to those developing mitochondrion-targeted therapies aimed at assuaging mitochondrial dysfunction or the specific factors contributing to its dysfunction.?
9781844667437 Jenny Dooley,Virginia Evans Set Sail 3. DVD Video. PAL. Beginner. DVD Express Publishing
9781409366249 Chunky Baby First Words! Dorling Kindersley
9780099555940 Toni Morrison Home Random House
9789241548502 Recommendations for the Prevention and Treatment of Postpartum Haemorrhage WHO Press
9781447231127 James Peter Dead Man's Time Pan Macmillan
9781139566537 Chris Redston, Gillie Cunningham face2face Second edition Elementary Student's Book with DVD-ROM and Online Workbook Pack Cambridge University Press
9788497786706 Harrador; Moreno; Zurita Nuevo Avance 2 - Cuaderno de Ejercicios + D SGEL
9780785166979 Esad Ribic Jason Aaron & Thor: God of Thunder
9780307352156 Susan Cain Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking Random House (USA)
9780448479170 Holub Joan What Is the Statue of Liberty? Random House (USA)
9789605092115 Graded Readers Original Stories Pre-Int Save the Forest TB (SB, AB, TN) NE MM Publications
9789604432448 Smart Level 1 Grammar & Vocabulary, Students Book MM Publications
9780349122359 Tom Holland In the Shadow of the Sword Little, Brown
9781844086702 Joan Bakewell She's Leaving Home Little, Brown
9780789327260 Jones Will How to Read Houses: A Crash Course in Domestic Architecture Rizzoli
9780847839001 Mark Rothko: The Decisive Decade: 1940-1950 Rizzoli
The first publication dedicated exclusively to Mark Rothko's art during the critical formative period of the 1940s. Examining the development and artistic exploration of one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century, this unprecedented volume presents the works of American artist Mark Rothko from the 1940s, a time when his most essential development as a painter occurred, dramatically and in a very compact space of time. During this period, Rothko moved from expressive figurative and surrealist canvases to more abstract multiform subjects and finally to his signature abstractions--luminous rectangles of color suspended in space. Richly illustrated with works by Rothko and his contemporaries, and with essays by prominent Rothko scholars, this important new book deepens our understanding of Rothko's art during this vital period, and that of the mature works that emerged from it.
9780230716636 MRint Hamlet Reader Macmillan ELT
9781447229742 N. Wood Mrs Hemingway Pan Macmillan
9780062218803 Barclay Robert Widow's Walk HarperCollins USA
9780751554922 Edited by David Baldacci Face Off Little, Brown
9780749471088 Leboff Grant Stickier Marketing Kogan Page
9781107656475 Wieczorek Primary i-Dictionary 1 Starters WB +DVD Pk Cambridge University Press
9781409570424 Dickins Rosie Introduction to Modern Art Usborne
9781419710957 The Andy Warhol Museum, Frowick Lesley, Huxley Ger Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede Abrams
Famous for his effortlessly chic Ultrasuede shirtdress and other modern classics, Halston was the defining American fashion designer of the 1970s. Just as his friend Andy Warhol challenged the canon of high art, Halston democratized fashion with elegant and urbane ready-to-wear clothes. "Halston and Warhol" complements a groundbreaking exhibition of clothes and accessories by Halston, art by Warhol, and photographs and ephemera that document the connections between the two men against the social backdrop of 1970s New York. Included are essays, interviews, and biographical timelines that cover topics such as Halston s importance in the canon of American couture, Warhol s Fashion TV, the similarities in their lives and careers, and the role of celebrity in art and fashion."
9781781680971 Sitrin Marina, Azzellini Dario They Can't Represent Us!: Reinventing Democracy from Greece to Occupy
9781780766904 Partridge Frances Love in Bloomsbury I B Tauris
9781407145105 Liz Pichon Extra Special Treats (Not) Scholastic UK
9780393347777 Wheelan Charles Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data Wiley
9781781681602 Lordon Frederic Willing Slaves of Capital: Spinoza and Marx on Desire
9781442645165 Aldouby Hava Federico Fellini NBN International
9783131746214 Marc Garcia-Elias Articular Injury of the Wrist: FESSH 2014 Instructional Course Book Thieme Verlagsgruppe

Hand and wrist injuries account for millions of emergency room visits each year. Although the most frequent type of articular wrist injury involves the distal radius, there are many other fractures that require skillful intervention to obtain maximum, long-term function. This book focuses on those complex intra-articular wrist injuries that have not been extensively covered in the past, providing a complete picture of their clinical, radiographic and therapeutic features. It is essential for all specialists who are regularly confronted with these challenging injuries.

Special Features:

  • Each chapter written by a renowned international specialist who has pioneered significant advances in the field in the last five years
  • Presents a detailed review of surgical approaches to acute intra-articular wrist injuries, ranging from partial ligament tears to the most complicated dislocations
  • Provides an overview of basic wrist anatomy, biomechanics, injury classification, clinical presentation, assessment and diagnosis, and treatment recommendations
  • Includes discussions of the most promising minimally invasive treatments, especially arthroscopically guided fracture reduction
  • Highlights all concepts in nearly 500 instructive, beautifully drawn surgical diagrams, radiographs and intraoperative photographs

Packed with practical treatment guidelines, Articular Injury of the Wrist is invaluable for all hand surgeons as well as for orthopedic and plastic surgeons and fellows.It will quickly increase their knowledge of those difficult wrist injuries that have not been well documented previously, but are no less devastating in terms of early joint degeneration and dysfunction if not treated properly.

9780786473748 Bernardoni James George Cukor Eurospan
9781592538973 McMorrough Julia Drawing for Architects: How to Explore Concepts, Define Elements, and Create Effective Built Design Through Illustration Rockport/Rotovision
Immediate and constructive, the physicality of hand drawing, upon which representation formats are based, is a necessary skill needed to communicate ideas in the field of architectural design. Drawing for Architects provides what practicing architects and architectural students need - a technique-based, progression of drawing types and instructions teaching core drawing principles needed to connect drawing with architectural design. Respected architect and author Julia McMorrough outlines issues around each of the types of drawing, showing that the conversations of plan, section, elevation, axonometric, and perspective each have a relation to the kind of design information that drawing makes possible to express. Drawing for Architects explains both the technical and disciplinary importance of drawing and how to enable design creativity and application through its practiced use
9788497783743 Castro, F. et al. Nuevo Espanol en marcha 1 cuaderno + CD SGEL
9789606930027 Cernigliaro, M.A. L'Italia e' cultura / fascicolo Musica, Cinema e Teatro Edizioni EdiLingua
9783037681701 Kramer, Sibylle Exhibition Design Thames & Hudson
Successful exhibition design is more than the presentation of products, objects and ideas, going beyond the mere conveyance of information related to them. A functioning concept must contribute to a deeper understanding. It must also tell a story. The basic and defining concept is to not only allow but to actually initiate communication and interaction between the exhibit and the observer. The interdisciplinary fusion of architecture, graphic design, digital media, and interior design, occasionally even including scenographic elements gives creativity a very large space to bloom. The permanent and contemporary projects presented in this volume include museums and art exhibitions, installations, as well as the presentation of products at fair booths and in show rooms.
9781447265580 Andrew Lane Young Sherlock Holmes 1: Death Cloud Pan Macmillan
9780500517659 Helburn, William William Helburn Thames & Hudson
William Helburn was the go-to photographer for many of the top advertising agencies in New York in the 1950s and 1960s. Shock value and an unrelenting hunger for success helped Helburn to a pioneers share in the revolutionary era of advertising and his work would also appear on the editorial pages and covers of major magazines. As well as cars and cosmetics, Helburn shot Coca-Cola, Canada Dry, whiskies, clothing lines, airlines, jewelry, cigars and cigarettes. He worked with the top models of the day, from Dovima and Dorian Leigh to Jean Patchett and Barbara Mullen, to Jean Shrimpton and Lauren Hutton. William Helburn: Seventh and Madison is the first book to survey Helburns work. It gives readers a delicious taste of the vivid reality that the television series Mad Men seeks to evoke. Most of these images have not been seen since they were first published decades ago. In addition to the photographs, Robert Lilly contributes a biographical account of Helburns life and work, and former colleagues Jerry Schatzberg, George Lois, Sunny Griffin and Ali McGraw offer insights into the lusty, creative spirit of William Helburn.
9781857095791 Wieseman Marjorie E. Dutch Painting: Revised Edition Yale University Press
The National Gallery, London, is home to a world-renowned collection of Dutch paintings that includes masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, Cuyp, and Ruisdael, among many others. Still lifes painted with painstaking attention to detail, sublime landscapes, vividly human portraits, and intimate interiors: these beloved paintings tell the story of the Dutch Golden Age, when art, science, and trade thrived. Now the National Gallery's popular 2007 guide to the collection has been revised, featuring an elegant new design and an extended introduction that examines why painting flourished in the 17th-century Dutch Republic, and why it is so enduringly popular today. Striking image details enhance the book and updated, informative texts accompany each work of art. Accessible and illuminating, this guide is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Dutch painting
9780545661621 Harrison, Paula Rescue Princesses #9: The Silver Locket Scholastic
9783836542104 Sabine Arque American Odyssey box Taschen
9781409577638 London Activity Pack Usborne
9781781681374 Silverstein Ken The Secret World of Oil Marston Book Services
9781447239000 Cammie Mcgovern Amy and Matthew Pan Macmillan
9781447270317 Jeffrey Archer Be Careful What You Wish For Pan Macmillan
Be Careful What You Wish For opens with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rushing to hospital to learn the fate of their son Sebastian, who has been involved in a fatal car accident. But who died, Sebastian or his best friend Bruno? When Ross Buchanan is forced to resign as chairman of the Barrington Shipping Company, Emma Clifton wants to replace him. But Don Pedro Martinez intends to install his puppet, the egregious Major Alex Fisher, in order to destroy the Barrington family firm just as the company plans to build its new luxury liner, the MV Buckingham. Back in London, Harry and Emma's adopted daughter wins a scholarship to the Slade Academy of Art where she falls in love with a fellow student, Clive Bingham, who asks her to marry him. Both families are delighted until Priscilla Bingham, Jessica's future mother-in-law, has a visit from an old friend, Lady Virginia Fenwick, who drops her particular brand of poison into the wedding chalice. Then, without warning, Cedric Hardcastle, a bluff Yorkshireman who no one has come across before, takes his place on the board of Barringtons. This causes an upheaval that none of them could have anticipated, and will change the lives of every member of the Clifton and Barrington families. Hardcastle's first decision is who to support to become the next chairman of the board: Emma Clifton or Major Alex Fisher? And with that decision, the story takes yet another twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
9781742204437 Jamaica 7 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Jamaica is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Groove to the riddims of reggae, release your inner Errol Flynn rafting the Rio Grande and sample Blue Mountains coffee straight from the source; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Jamaica and begin your journey now!
9780718179205 Cupcake Jemma Jamie's Food Tube: The Cake Book Penguin Books Ltd
Jamie Oliver's Food Tube presents The Cake Book, a collection of 50 deliciously inventive and exciting cake and cupcake recipes from Food Tube's own Cupcake Jemma. 'Split up seasonally, you'll have a wonderfully naughty treat to choose from, whatever the time of year - this book might be small in size, but it's crammed full of brilliant recipes' - Jamie Oliver As owner of Crumbs & Doilies, one of London's most creative cake and cupcake bakeries, Jemma shows you the easiest everyday classics alongside four chapters of super-cool seasonal cake recipes. With step-by-step instructions alongside handy hints and tips The Cake Book is a beautifully presented collection of recipes you'll want to bake time and again, including epic layer cakes such as Raspberry Ripple, Super Lemon Meringue and Ridiculous Chocolate as well as amazing cupcakes like Blueberry Cheesecake, Buttered Popcorn, Cookies & Cream, Eton Mess and more. Jemma Wilson began baking professionally at the esteemed Rose Bakery before starting her own business in 2006. Crumbs & Doilies has since become one of the most respected and exciting makers of cakes and cupcakes in London, with an emphasis on top quality ingredients, imaginative flavours, beautiful presentation and attention to detail that Jemma carries through to all her recipes.
9780230024809 English World 4 Work Book Macmillan ELT
9781419708985 VanderMeer Jeff, Boskovich Desirina The Steampunk User's Manual: An Illustrated Practical and Whimsical Guide to Creating Retro-Futurist Dreams Abrams
The Steampunk User's Manual features beautiful images and entertaining text about the incredibly popular Science Fiction subgenre that imagines future technology and fashion via a 19th century perspective and toolbox. The Steampunk User's Manual provides a conceptual how-to guide across all aspects of Steampunk that motivates and awes both the armchair enthusiast and the committed creator. The idea here is to give readers points of reference that are both refreshingly down-to-earth and completely over-the-top--that utterly doable jewellery project juxtaposed with that stunningly crazy and jaw-dropping art installation. The book features sections on fashion, art, crafts, music, large-scale installations, fiction, filmmaking, etc. By combining the functional and the delightfully out-there, The Steampunk User's Manual not only satisfies readers--it also entertains and inspires them at a very high level and provides an updated look at the world of Steampunk, which has already changed since the publication of The Steampunk Bible.
9780711235526 Heslewood Juliet Myself: Portraits by 40 Great Artists Frances Lincoln
Self-portraits have been created by man from ancient times through to the Middle Ages and beyond, for many different reasons and in many different forms. Juliet Heslewood, art historian and author of Mother, Lover and Child, brings together a compelling collection of artists self-portraits, and tells the stories behind each of the artworks featured. Looking at each work, considering its individual history and examining the motivations behind its creation can reveal much about the artist, and about the time and place in which it was made. The images are shown chronologically, and the changing nature of the subject can be seen as time rolls forward over centuries to the present day. From Durer, Da Vinci and Rembrandt, to Van Gogh, Matisse and Kahlo, the book features over forty self-portraits and provides a fascinating combination of biographical anecdote and art history.
9781743215555 Paris 10 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Paris is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Grab a cafe creme at a Parisian sidewalk cafe, explore the grand Champs-Elysees, shop for haute couture in the city's vintage flea markets or take in the riches of one of the great art repositories of the world; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Paris and begin your journey now!
9780141353500 Potter, Beatrix A Peter Rabbit Christmas Collection Penguin Books Ltd
A treasure trove of Christmas delights, this collection includes some of Beatrix Potter's best-known works, such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. Hidden among these favourites are some of her previously-unpublished Christmas-card illustrations. This beautiful treasury has something for everyone. Beatrix Potter is regarded as one of the world's best-loved children's authors of all time. From her first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, published by Frederick Warne in 1902, she went on to create a series of stories based around animal characters including Mrs. Tiggy-winkle, Benjamin Bunny, Jemima Puddle-duck, Mr. Jeremy Fisher and Tom Kitten. Her humorous, lively tales and beautiful illustrations have become a natural part of childhood. Look out for The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit by Emma Thompson, too!
9781780893198 Howey, Hugh Sand Random House
9780091958886 Coelho, Paulo Adultery Random House
This is the thought-provoking new novel from the international bestselling author whose words change lives. Linda knows she's lucky. Yet every morning when she opens her eyes to a so-called new day, she feels like closing them again. Her friends recommend medication. But Linda wants to feel more, not less. And so she embarks on an adventure as unexpected as it is daring, and which reawakens a side of her that she - respectable wife, loving mother, ambitious journalist - thought had disappeared. Even she can't predict what will happen next...
9780062356802 Paddington Movie Tie-In Junior Novel HarperCollins USA
9781406357998 Ness,P The Ask and the Answer Walker Books
9781451176711 Leslie Cho,Brian P. Griffin Cardiology Intensive Board Review Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Ace your cardiovascular medicine certification or recertification exam with The Cardiology Intensive Board Review Question Book – the bestselling exam prep resource from the Cleveland Clinic! Hundreds of case-based review questions, written in the same format as the ABIM cardiovascular medicine boards, challenge your knowledge of the full range of topics you’ll face on the exam.FeaturesEnsure highly targeted, high-yield preparation with content areas covered in the same proportion as those on the actual exam.Supplement gaps in your knowledge by exploring complete discussions of why each answer is correct or incorrect, with references to the literature for further study.Assess your mastery of the latest topics with abundant new questions on cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, congenital heart disease, hypertension, and much more.Prepare efficiently and effectively thanks to a user-friendly full-color design, filled with images and tables comparable to those used on the boards.Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, offering tablet, smartphone, or online access to:Complete content with enhanced navigationA powerful search that pulls results from content in the book, your notes, and even the webCross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigationHighlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the textAbility to take and share notes with friends and colleaguesQuick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use
9780007443512 Edwards Janet Earth Flight HarperCollins UK
9789963721047 Craven, Miriam Hot Shots 1 SB
9780007467792 Kepler Lars Sandman HarperCollins UK
9789963721061 Craven, Miriam Hot Shots 1 WB
9789963721108 Craven, Miriam Hot Shots 1 Tests
9780007580972 Mantel Hilary Assassination of Margaret Thatcher HarperCollins UK
9781611476903 Andrews Eleanor Place, Setting, Perspective: Narrative Space in the Films of Nanni Moretti NBN International
9780099593850 Morgenstern, Erin The Night Circus (Vintage Magic) Random House
9789963721344 Stafford, Francesca Hot Shots 2 Tests
9780500241462 Heller, Steven Stencil Type Thames & Hudson
9781472119209 Rabih Alameddin An Unnecessary Woman Little, Brown
9780956247391 Doherty Pete From Albion to Shangri-La
9780374261177 VanderMeer Jeff Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation; Authority; Acceptance Holtzbrink(MPS)
9781592912339 Martin George R. R., Abraham Daniel George R.R. Martin's Skin Trade Tp
9781581109184 Bradley John, Nelson John D. 2015 Nelson's Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy, 21st Edition Eurospan
9780323313377 Keith L. Moore Before We Are Born, Elsevier Science
9780711234741 Wood Martin Liberty Style Frances Lincoln
9783836556422 P. H. d'Hancarville. Complete Collection of Antiquities (Bibliotheca Universalis) Taschen
9780133454840 Eric Roberts Programming Abstractions in C++ Pearson Education
9780062390691 Crawford, Susan Pocket Wife, The HarperCollins USA
9781408278239 Abacus Year 1 Workbook 1
9783836556316 Modern Architecture A-Z (Bibliotheca Universalis) Taschen
Space shapers An encyclopedia of modern architecture With more than 280 entries, this architectural A Z, now part of our Bibliotheca Universalis series, offers an indispensable overview of the key players in the creation of modern space. From the period spanning the 19th to the 21st century, pioneering architects are featured with a portrait, concise biography, as well as a description of her or his important work. Like a bespoke global architecture tour, you ll travel from Manhattan skyscrapers to a Japanese concert hall, from Gaudi s Palau Guell in Barcelona to Lina Bo Bardi s sports and leisure center in a former factory site in Sao Paulo. You ll take in Gio Ponti s colored geometries, Zaha Hadid s free-flowing futurism, the luminous interiors of SANAA, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh s unique blend of Scottish tradition and elegant japonisme. The book s A to Z entries also cover groups, movements, and styles to position these leading individual architects within broader building trends across time and geography, including International Style, Bauhaus, De Stijl, and much more. With illustrations including some of the best architectural photography of the modern era, this is a comprehensive resource for any architecture professional, student, or devotee.
9780718177010 : Penguin Books Ltd
Lou Clark has lots of questions. Like how it is she's ended up working in an airport bar, spending every shift watching other people jet off to new places. Or why the flat she's owned for a year still doesn't feel like home. Whether her close-knit family can forgive her for what she did eighteen months ago. And will she ever get over the love of her life. What Lou does know for certain is that something has to change. Then, one night, it does. But does the stranger on her doorstep hold the answers Lou is searching for - or just more questions? Close the door and life continues: simple, ordered, safe. Open it and she risks everything. But Lou once made a promise to live. And if she's going to keep it, she has to invite them in ...A tender, funny and hopeful look at love, grief and life. Bumper box of tissues required' Stylist.
9780007552290 Daniel Silva The Heist HarperCollins UK
Gabriel Allon, master art restorer and assassin, returns in a spellbinding new thriller from No.1 bestselling author Daniel Silva. For all fans of Robert Ludlum. Sometimes the best way to find a stolen masterpiece is to steal another one Legendary spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon is in Venice repairing an altarpiece by Veronese when he receives an urgent summons from the Italian police. The art dealer Julian Isherwood has stumbled upon a chilling murder scene in Lake Como, and is being held as a suspect. To save his friend, Gabriel must perform one simple task: find the most famous missing painting in the world. The dead man is a fallen British spy with a secret: he's been trafficking in stolen artworks and selling them to a mysterious collector. Among those paintings is the world's most iconic missing masterpiece: Caravaggio's glorious Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence. Gabriel embarks on a daring gambit to recover the Caravaggio that will take him on an exhilarating hunt?from Paris and London to Marseilles and Corsica, and finally, to a small private bank in Austria. Straddling the worlds of art and espionage, THE HEIST is a page-turning tale of intrigue, populated by a remarkable cast of spies, killers and thieves.
9781471129650 Sandford John Silken Prey EXPORT
9782278079704 Ancion, N. New York, 24h chrono - A2
9783791354132 Kramer Felix Monet and the Birth of Impressionism Prestel Publishing Limited
The story of how and why Impressionism came into being is as intriguing as the artworks themselves. While this volume focuses on the movement's development primarily through the works of Claude Monet, it also gathers together some of the most important works by other Impressionist artists of the 1860s and 1870s. Readers will learn how the upheavals in French society - shifts in the relationship between man and nature, between work and leisure, as well as technological progress and increased mobility - all contributed to Impressionism. Equally as fascinating is the evolution of the movement itself: the introduction of plein air painting; the shift from the timeless to the ephemeral; the ascension of colour and light over subject matter. Organised chronologically, the book also demonstrates the ways that Impressionism's development was cyclical and complex, as painters adapted the style for their own use. Thus, works by lesser-known artists such as Frederic Bazille, Armand Guillaumin, or Stanislas Lepine are shown alongside masterpieces by Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas and Edouard Manet. By focusing on Impressionism's earliest stages, the book offers a thorough and satisfying exploration that paves the way for a deeper understanding of the movement's myriad hybridisations and, eventually, the birth of abstraction. This delightful overview also offers readers a thoughtful context from which to appreciate these most beautiful works of art. Published in association with the Stadel Museum, Frankfurt.
9782278079025 NDiaye, M. Un temps de saison : B2
9780124166875 N. V. Bhagavan Essentials of Medical Biochemistry, 2 ed. Elsevier Science
9781107470279 ODell Felicity Advanced Trainer Six Practice Tests with Answers Cambridge University Press
9781605951195 Zhang, Xiangwu Fundamentals of Fiber Science
This volume provides the basic chemical and mathematical theory needed to understand and modify the connections among the structure, formation and properties of many different types of manmade and natural fibers. At a fundamental level it explains how polymeric and non-polymeric fibers are organized, how such fibers are formed, both synthetically and biologically, and how primary and secondary properties, from basic flow to thermal and electrical qualities, are derived from molecular and submolecular organization, thus establishing the quantitative and predictive relationships needed for fiber engineering. The book goes on to show how fiber chemistry and modes of processing for dozens of materials such as silks, ceramics, glass and carbon can be used to control functional optical, conductive, thermal and other properties. Its discussion ranges over microscale and nanoscale fibers (nanofibers), covering methods such as spinning and electrospinning, as well as biological fiber generation through self-assembly. Technologies in this text apply to the analysis and design of fibers for industrial, electronic, optical, medical and energy storage applications.
9780521180481 Kosta Joanna Cambridge English Prepare! Level 2 Student's Book Cambridge University Press
9781409329787 DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: USA Dorling Kindersley
The DK Eyewitness US Travel Guide is your indispensable guide to this extraordinary and vast country. The fully updated guide includes unique cutaways, floorplans and reconstructions of the must-see sites, plus street-by-street maps of all the fascinating cities and towns. The new-look guide is also packed with photographs and illustrations leading you straight to the best attractions on offer. The uniquely visual DK Eyewitness Travel guide will help you to discover everything region-by-region; from local festivals and markets to day trips around the countryside. Detailed listings will guide you to the best hotels, restaurants, bars and shops for all budgets, whilst detailed practical information will help you to get around, whether by train, bus or car. Plus, DK's excellent insider tips and essential local information will help you explore every corner of the USA effortlessly.
9780857054135 Timur Vermes Look Who's Back Quercusbooks
9781473612525 Lloyd Jones Paint Your Wife Hodder
9781408858110 Goldstein Richard Another Little Piece of My Heart Bloomsbury
9780199689699 Holmes Leslie Corruption: A Very Short Introduction Oxford Academ
9781408865231 Sachar Louis Holes Bloomsbury
9781783412020 Priddy Roger Colours ABC Numbers
9780008108403 Bennett, Andrea Galina PetrovnaS Three-Legged Dog Story HarperCollins UK
A joyful and hilarious tale of some very spirited septuagenarians as they overcome innumerable obstacles to save their beloved mutt from a heartless exterminator in a land where bureaucracy reigns above all else. Perhaps youre not a member of the Azov House of Culture Elderly Club? Perhaps you missed the talk on the Cabbage Root Fly last week? Galina Petrovna hasnt missed a meeting, even if that means leaving her three-legged dog Boroda behind. Boroda isnt hers exactly, they belong to each other, and thats why she doesnt wear a collar. And thats how Mitya the Exterminator got her. So everyone had to go to Moscow. Filled to the brim with pickle, misadventure and tears, Galina Petrovnas Three-Legged Dog Story will leave you smiling at every page.
9781629102085 Engels, Friedrich MARX, KARL The Communist Manifesto
9780230483903 Tiger Time 1 Student's Book Pack Macmillan ELT
9781250063847 Kuehn Stephanie Delicate Monsters Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780451475374 Forman, Gayle I Was Here Random House (USA)
9780099599791 Puertolas, Romain The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe Random House
9780865653221 Stark Kenner, Ashley Decorating with Carpets: A Fine Foundation Thames & Hudson
A resource and design guide that explores the full range of carpet styles.
9781481455985 Clare Cassandra City of Glass Simon & Schuster
9783190216550 Pingpong Neu 2 Lehrerhandbuch Hueber
9780500517918 Dupon, Olivier Shoe Thames & Hudson
This new book from style guru Olivier Dupon profiles thirty-two of the finest shoe designers working worldwide today, accompanied by hundreds of images of their remarkable designs for women. A huge range of footwear designs is on show, from stilettoes in iridescent snakeskin, classic Oxford brogues in brown suede and ankle boots in satin and kangaroo skin to sneakers with Swarovski crystal details and high-rise boots with platform soles in the form of crouching panthers (custom-designed for Madonna). With page after page of glorious finished designs, portraits of the designers, sketches, swatches, early samples and coordinating accessories, and inspirational shots of boutiques and studios, Shoe is guaranteed to appeal to the huge readership who are fascinated by footwear, whether fashion aficionados or industry professionals.
9783126760867 Motta G. Magnet A2 NEU Arbeitsbuch + Audio-CD Klett
9781784750909 Gabaldon, Diana Outlander: Dragonfly In Amber (TV Tie-In) Random House
9781743216743 Lonely Planet, Rowthorn Chris, Bartlett Ray Japan 14 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Japan is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Shop and dine in electric Tokyo, explore Kyoto's stunning temples and gardens, or hike the majestic Japan Alps; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Japan and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet's Japan Travel Guide:
9781408146651 Sea Bloomsbury
9789460581441 500 Hidden Secrets Of Amsterdam Pb ACC-distribution titles
The Sixth Guidebook In The Bestselling 500 Hidden Secrets Collection, Written By A Local.
9782875970008 Andre Hankar Confidences africaines (French)
9786130660031 Miller, Frederic P. Vandome, Agnes F. Mcbrewster, Human musculoskeletal system LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
9781408853566 Jones Bill Alone Bloomsbury
9781501244681 Roberts Nora Irish Rose
9781118469798 Franklin B. Saksena Patient Studies in Valvular, Congenital and Rarer Forms of Cardiovascular Disease: An Integrative Approach Wiley
A number of cardiology training programs emphasize coronary artery disease whilst neglecting other aspects of cardiology such as valvular, congenital heart or vascular disease. This book attempts to redress this imbalance by reiterating the importance of history and physical findings in detecting valvular, congenital or vascular disease and to correlate the clinical findings to invasive and noninvasive studies. This approach will be useful to cardiologists in training particularly those sitting the Cardiology Board examinations, where recognition of auscultatory findings is now a requirement, and those with an interest in problem solving. Each of the 90+ patient studies follows a templated design and consists of: history, physical examination, phonocardiography (whenever possible), ECG, Chest Xray, echocardiography, hemodynamics, and, sometimes, angiography. These sections may or may not be randomized and readers are challenged to write an interpretation on each section as well as answering selftest questions posed in the legends. Patient studies have been arranged in approximately chronological order from 19662013 with emphasis on establishing a likely diagnosis based on the available tools then in existence. Test your problem solving skills, improve your knowledge, and prepare for Boards, with this collection of unusual and challenging patient studies focused on the physical diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. This book: Contains over 90 case histories with selftest questions designed to test the reader s knowledge and also reinforce clinical best practices Focuses on diseases of valvular, vascular or congenital origin, and on comparatively rare disorders/diseases, rather than coronary artery disease, to help readers improve their skills at interpreting and making decisions based on physical examination and basic, noninvasive imaging modalities Pairs each with original materials e.g. xrays, echocardiograms, lab reports, charts so that readers can work through their diagnosis using the same information as the physician who treated the patient originally
9781259255335 Katzung & Trevor's Pharmacology Examination And Board Review ISE McGraw-Hill
9789963721122 Finnie, Rachel Hot Shots 1 TB
9781616205461 Ritter William Jackaby
9780141359458 Carle, Eric The World of Eric Carle: Big Box of Little Books Penguin Books Ltd
9781473617179 Hilderbrand Elin Winter Street Hodder
9780767932493 Harrison Kathryn Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured Random House (USA)
9780764167782 Green Sharon Weiner Barron's New SAT Flash Cards, 3rd Edition: 500 Flash Cards to Help You Achieve a Higher Score Barron`s educational series, inc
9781101939840 Howell Dan, Lester Phil The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil
9780816679911 Lindeperg Sylvie Night and fog: a film in history NBN International
9780444635075 Vijai G. Gupta New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioeng Elsevier Science
9780812988406 Kalanithi Paul When Breath Becomes Air Random House (USA)
For readers of Atul Gawande, Andrew Solomon, and Anne Lamott, a profoundly moving, exquisitely observed memoir by a young neurosurgeon faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis who attempts to answer the question "What makes a life worth living?"
At the age of thirty-six, on the verge of completing a decade s worth of training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. One day he was a doctor treating the dying, and the next he was a patient struggling to live. And just like that, the future he and his wife had imagined evaporated. "When Breath Becomes Air" chronicles Kalanithi s transformation from a naive medical student possessed, as he wrote, by the question of what, given that all organisms die, makes a virtuous and meaningful life into a neurosurgeon at Stanford working in the brain, the most critical place for human identity, and finally into a patient and new father confronting his own mortality.
What makes life worth living in the face of death? What do you do when the future, no longer a ladder toward your goals in life, flattens out into a perpetual present? What does it mean to have a child, to nurture a new life as another fades away? These are some of the questions Kalanithi wrestles with in this profoundly moving, exquisitely observed memoir.
Paul Kalanithi died in March 2015, while working on this book, yet his words live on as a guide and a gift to us all. I began to realize that coming face to face with my own mortality, in a sense, had changed nothing and everything, he wrote. Seven words from Samuel Beckett began to repeat in my head: I can t go on. I ll go on. "When Breath Becomes Air" is an unforgettable, life-affirming reflection on the challenge of facing death and on the relationship between doctor and patient, from a brilliant writer who became both.
Advance praise for "When Breath Becomes Air"
Rattling, heartbreaking, and ultimately beautiful, the too-young Dr. Kalanithi s memoir is proof that the dying are the ones who have the most to teach us about life. Atul Gawande
Thanks to "When Breath Becomes Air, " those of us who never met Paul Kalanithi will both mourn his death and benefit from his life. This is one of a handful of books I consider to be a universal donor I would recommend it to anyone, everyone. Ann Patchett
Inspiring . . . Kalanithi strives to define his dual role as physician and patient, and he weighs in on such topics as what makes life meaningful and how one determines what is most important when little time is left. . . . This deeply moving memoir reveals how much can be achieved through service and gratitude when a life is courageously and resiliently lived. "Publishers Weekly"
A moving meditation on mortality by a gifted writer whose dual perspectives of physician and patient provide a singular clarity . . . Writing isn t brain surgery, but it s rare when someone adept at the latter is also so accomplished at the former. "Kirkus Reviews "(starred review)
A] moving and penetrating memoir . . . This eloquent, heartfelt meditation on the choices that make live worth living, even as death looms, will prompt readers to contemplate their own values and mortality. "Booklist"
Every doctor should read this book written by a member of our own tribe, it helps us understand and overcome the barriers we all erect between ourselves and our patients as soon as we are out of medical school. Henry Marsh, author of "Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery""
9781405917445 Riordan, Kate The Shadow Hour Penguin Books Ltd
9780263917604 Jenny Oliver The Little Christmas Kitchen HarperCollins UK
9780194813051 Family & Friends 3 Cb & Multirom Pack (Rus Ed)
9785899731839 Clave De Sol 3 Cd
9780241976937 Coe, Jonathan Number 11 Penguin Books Ltd
9780241261958 Gorky, Maxim My Childhood Penguin Books Ltd
9781401259716 Corson Heath Bizarro Random House (USA)
9780801899638 Hunt, Walter A. Kidney disease Wiley
The author knows all too well what it means to live with kidney disease. This book shares his experience and knowledge to help people with kidney disease overcome the challenges of diagnosis and treatment.
9781419720208 Sadek Desiree Inside Haute Couture: Behind the Scenes at the Paris Ateliers Abrams
9780099585190 Kennedy, Douglas The Heat of Betrayal Random House
9780399556500 Grabenstein, Chris Mr Lemoncello's Library Olympics Random House (USA)
9781401260743 Various DC Comics: Elseworlds Vol. 1 Random House (USA)
9781785510342 Simonetta Fraquelli and Elizabeth Cowling Picasso: The Great War ACC-distribution titles
Picasso: The Great War, Experimentation, and Change examines the work that Pablo Picasso made in Paris during the tumultuous years of World War I. Focusing on Picasso's oeuvre from 1912 to 1924, when he utilised both Cubist and classical modes in his art, this fully illustrated catalogue highlights one of the most important periods in the history of modern art. Picasso's shifts in style became a means of not repeating, in his words, 'the same vision, the same technique, the same formula.' With that approach in mind, the book also includes the work of Picasso's peers and friends, artists who were also exploring themes relevant to the difficult times in which they lived. Published to accompany a major exhibition of the same name at the Barnes Foundation and the Columbus Museum of Art, this elegantly designed book is essential reading for all those interested in Picasso's work and the dramatic and innovative period of art history during the Great War.
9780702060649 Oats Llwellyn-Jones Fundamentals Of Obs & Gyn 10E IE Elsevier Science
9788899358020 Oddo, F. Un'avventura indimenticabile + CD Edizioni EdiLingua
9783190018789 Puchta,Herbert; Krenn,Wilfried Motive A1B1 KB, Lektion 130 # .30.06.16# Hueber
9781250092113 Glatt John The Lost Girls: The True Story of the Cleveland Abductions and the Incredible Rescue of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesu
9781101904220 Crouch Blake Dark Matter
9781107526969 Reed/Bentley/Koustaff Guess What! L1 Cl Aud CDs 3 Cambridge University Press
9781585039388 Paul Kurowski Vibration Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015 Baker & Taylor
9781408849460 Sisman Adam John le Carre Bloomsbury
9780500204337 Boardman, John Greek Art Thames & Hudson

John Boardman, one of the best known and acknowledged scholars of the classical Greek world, has updated his definitive survey of its arts, the most influential and widely known historic artistic tradition of the Old World. In the twenty years since the last edition was released, valuable evidence has come to light which has dramatically enhanced our understanding of the arts of ancient Greece and their influence.

It is now known that Greek artists completed their stone sculptures with realistic color, as well as working with a wealth of other materials. This proves that the romantic notion of an age of classic, pure white marble is a Renaissance construction which has persisted to the present day. The work of individual artists, as well as schools of artists, can be identified, creating a clearer picture than ever before of how art and artistic traditions traveled throughout the Greek world and beyond it.

Boardman encourages the reader to consider the masterpieces that have been preserved in their original context. He weaves into his discussion of the arts insights into the society that produced them. Illustrated in full color throughout for the first time, this fifth edition demonstrates yet more vividly the artistic aims and achievements of ancient Greece.

9780500518885 Dell, Christopher The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic Thames & Hudson
9781784160630 Cohen, Julie Falling Random House
9788498486384 Cerdeira,Gelabert Nuevo Prisma B1 - Libro Del Profesor + code Edinumen
9788498486391 Guerrero Nuevo Prisma B1 - Libro de ejercicios + CD Edinumen
9781742208855 Lonely Planet, Schulte-Peevers Andrea, Walker Jenn Dubai & Abu Dhabi 8 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Dubai & Abu Dhabi is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Learn about Dubai through lifelike dioramas, shop for dazzling jewellery at Deira's Gold Souq, or join a walking tour of the Bastakia Quarter; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and begin your journey now!
9783836532075 Hendrickson Janis Lichtenstein (Basic Art) Taschen
9780451467850 George Elizabeth A Banquet of Consequences: A Lynley Novel Penguin USA
9780415050470 Hill, Leslie Marguerite Duras : Apocalyptic Desires Taylor&Francis
A detailed account of the fiction and films of France`s best-known and most controversial woman writer. Leslie Hill throws light on Duras`s relationship with feminism, sexuality and psychoanalysis.
9781743218570 Lonely Planet Amsterdam 10 Lonely Planet
9780500420478 Magnum Photos Magnum Photos: Street Photography Notecards Thames & Hudson
9781452158495 D'Orazio Sante Sante D'Orazio: Polaroids Hachette Book Group
9780008204594 Inside the Magic: The Making of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them HarperCollins UK
Return to the wizarding world and discover how director David Yates and producer David Heyman brought J.K. Rowlings all-new adventure, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to the big screen. Discover how director David Yates, producer David Heyman and a talented team of No-Majs brought J.K. Rowlings Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to the screen. Meet Newt Scamander, Magizoologist, and explore such wonders as MACUSA, United States counterpart to the Ministry of Magic, the magical secrets of Newts case, and the fantastic beasts themselves. Let Inside the Magic: The Making of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them take you on a filmmaking journey into 1920s New York. Learn about the films costumes, wands, and special effects, and find out which character's wand is made of shell, which famous wizard is Newts friend, which witch is a Legilimens, and which beast ends up at the zoo! Packed with exciting photos and revealing, behind-the-scenes detail from J.K. Rowling, David Yates, production designer Stuart Craig, Eddie Redmayne and other cast members, this is the definitive companion to the film, and perfect introduction to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
9781632861870 Pipkin John The Blind Astronomer's Daughter
9783791382050 Belting Hans Hieronymus Bosch Prestel Publishing Limited
Now available in a new edition, this book explores Hieronymus Boschs masterpiece "Garden of Earthly Delights." Few paintings inspire the kind of intense study and speculation as "Garden of Earthly Delights," the world-famous triptych by Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch. The painting has been interpreted as a heretical masterpiece, an opulent illustration of the Creation, and a premonition of the end of the world. In this book, renowned art historian Hans Belting offers a radical reinterpretation of the work, which he sees not as apocalyptic but utopian, portraying how the world would exist had the Fall not happened. Taking readers through each panel, Belting discusses various schools of thought and explores Boschs life and times. This fascinating study is an important contribution to the literature and theory surrounding one of the worlds most enigmatic artists.
4623720780180 Cambridge English Prepare! Level 1 Class Audio CDs (2) (.)
4623720780197 Cambridge English Prepare! Level 2 Class Audio CDs (2) (.)
9781474921022 Bone Emily Big Book of Stars and Planets Usborne
9783836532273 Neret Gilles de Lempicka (Basic Art) Taschen
9788861823716 Le citta impossibili (libro)
9781452141411 Taintor Anne Anne Taintor 2016 Wall Calendar Abrams
9781408858615 Maas Sarah J Queen of Shadows Bloomsbury
9781849051811 Thambirajah M S Developmental Assessment of the School-aged Child with Developmental Disabilities : A Clinician's Guide Macmillan
9780194307444 Hutchinson, Tom English for Life: Intermediate: Class Audio CDs (3) Oxford University Press
Four-level English course with a simple approach that helps adults learn quickly - one page, one lesson, one focus.
9780810843929 Wood, Bret (Editor), Von Stroheim, Erich (Author) Queen Kelly: The Complete Screenplay by Erich Von Stroheim NBN International
A view into the creative process of one of the most talented figures of American cinema. When production began in 1928, writer/director Erich von Stroheim predicted the silent epic "Queen Kelly" would be a great achievement. Yet, this work shows that it was a masterpiece that might have been.
9781786530417 Patterson James 113 Minutes Random House
9780192728517 Bonwill Ann Naughty Toes Oxford Academ
9780857381606 Watson Fiona Macbeth Quercusbooks
9783836527286 Leibovitz Annie Linda McCartney Taschen
During her tenure as the leading photographer of the late 1960s` musical scene, Linda McCartney captured many of rock `n` roll`s most important musicians on film, including Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, The Who, The Doors, and the Grateful Dead. This title offers a retrospective of McCartney`s life and photography.
9781845878306 Berlin InsideOut
9780099554196 Lodge David Therapy Random House
9781420230192 Focusing On IELTS Listening & Speaking Skills +key +CD Pack Macmillan ELT
9780715337608 Various Contributors The Wedding Crafters David & Charles
The modern bride's key to creating a unique wedding - projects to make and wedding ideas for a day that's personalized, handcrafted and totally unique from the moment the wedding invitations are sent. Shows how to make wedding invitations, wedding favors, jewelry, wedding decorations, wedding cakes and wedding cake toppers, wedding centerpieces and wedding gifts. Ideal for the novice crafter, with lots of clear step-by-step photography and explanation, plus tips for producing multiples such as wedding invitations.
9780814416433 Fitz-enz Jac The New HR Analytics: Predicting the Economic Value of Your Company's Human Capital Investments McGraw-Hill
9780764144363 Green Sharon Weiner Barron's SAT Barron`s educational series, inc
Updated to reflect the most recent SATs, this manual offers college-bound students an explanation of all the important tactics and strategies for taking the SAT, as well as a detailed review of all test topics, a diagnostic test, and five full-length SAT practice tests with all questions answered and explained. Subject reviews cover critical reading, grammar and usage, and math, as well as detailed instruction in preparing and writing the required SAT essay. The book's additional features include an overview of the SAT, an explanation of its scoring method, and general study advice.
9780061344640 Delaney Joseph The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons HarperCollins USA
9780747594451 Georgina Harding Solitude of Thomas Cave Bloomsbury
9781405180801 Brook Ch. Brook's Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology, 6th Edition Wiley
An exceptional editorial team and internationally renowned contributors come together to bring you Brook`s Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology, 6th Edition. This outstanding reference book has been fully updated to feature new concepts, new investigations, and new molecular mechanisms and is full of practical, clinical advice.
9780571241156 Morris, R N Razor wrapped in silk Faber
9780142428726 Cornwell Patricia Port Mortuary CD Random House (USA)
9781856696531 Francis-Bryden, Selena DIY Fashion Thames & Hudson
9780425240809 Cornwell Patricia Port Mortuary Random House (USA)
9788857202730 Marini, Francesca Caravaggio Thames & Hudson
9780470183557 LeRoyLeRoy Genetic Counseling Practice: Advanced Concepts and Skills 2010 Wiley
The first advanced-level genetics counseling skills resource As genetic medicine and testing continue to expand, so the role of the genetic counselor is transforming and evolving. Genetic Counseling Practice: Advanced Concepts and Skills is the first
9780199569083 Redwood Oxford Textbook of Interventional Cardiology . 2010 Oxford Academ
9780195384727 Culbert Integrative Pediatrics 2009 Oxford Academ
9780007350865 Dickens Charles Christmas Carol HarperCollins UK
9780230749368 Donaldson Julia Smartest Giant in Town
9781416036241 Moran Cesar A Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions of the Lung and Pleura Elsevier Science
9783791370057 Prestel Coloring Book: Chagall Prestel Publishing Limited
Big art for little hands, these enchanting activity books allow young artists to explore the world's masterpieces on their own terms and with plenty of space to color outside the lines.
9782080301529 Hazan, Eric Paris Magnum Thames & Hudson
By documenting the everyday workings of the city, Magnums photographers capture the essence of Parisian life. Their photographs show the city as it lives and breathesfrom fashion shows to underground jazz clubs, from the bustling metro to outdoor cafes, and from the Art Deco Fouquets hotel to the working class Goutte dOr neighborhood. Even celebrities appear as ordinary citizens encountered in their own milieufrom former President Francois Mitterrand to novelist Marguerite Duras, singer Edith Piaf to actress Catherine Deneuve, fashion designer Christian Dior to artist Giacometti. The citys rich history and traditions are inherent in images depicting the bravery of an unknown female resistance fighter, the exuberant joy upon the Liberation of Paris, the eroticism of burlesque dancers, or the excitement of the final lap of the Tour de France. Crusty baguettes, buttery escargot, glasses of wine, and abundant butcher cases attest to the gastronomic pleasures of the city, and all of the monumentsthe Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dameappear like cast members at curtain call. This book celebrates the myriad aspects of Paris in a volume as captivating for the lifelong Parisian as it is for the armchair traveler.
9780440243694 Child Lee 61 Hours: A Reacher Novel Random House (USA)

A bus crashes in a savage snowstorm and lands Jack Reacher in the middle of a deadly confrontation. In nearby Bolton, South Dakota, one brave woman is standing up for justice in a small town threatened by sinister forces. If she's going to live long enough to testify, she'll need help. Because a killer is coming to Bolton, a coldly proficient assassin who never misses.
Reacher's original plan was to keep on moving. But the next 61 hours will change everything. The secrets are deadlier and his enemies are stronger than he could have guessed--but so is the woman he'll risk his life to save.
9780099525226 Coleman, Rowan Happy Home for Broken Hearts, The Random House
9780099551744 Nesbo, Jo Snowman, The Random House
9780553818840 Julie Buxbaum After You Random House
9780553819168 Sasha Blake The Wish Random House
9780553818130 Lee Child 61 Hours Random House
9781848270886 Ken Bruen London Boulevard (film tie-in) Random House
9780786889938 De Angelis, Barbara Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know Hachette Book Group
9783131506412 Kai Koehrmann Therapeutic Energy Applications in Urology II: Standards and Recent Developments Thieme Verlagsgruppe
9780007353279 Iggulden, Conn Bones of the hills HarperCollins UK
9781848951051 Baines, Rachel Baby baby!
9780521757843 Cambridge igcse geography coursebook with cd-rom Cambridge Academ
9780007350995 Alcott, Louisa May Alcott, Louisa May - Little Women HarperCollins UK
9780007351015 Stevenson, Robert Louis Treasure Island HarperCollins UK
9780670919017 John le Carr? Our Kind of Traitor Penguin Books Ltd
9781840761337 Sheridan Burns - A Practical Approach Taylor&Francis
9782011555496 Capelle Guy Nouveau Taxi!
9780500288948 Hill, Will The Complete Typographer Thames & Hudson
9782710330400 Anouilh Jean Antigone
9781405071444 Macmillan English Grammar In Context Intermediate Student's Book no key +R Macmillan ELT
9781607962540 Carroll Lewis Alice In Wonderland
9781849750417 Wilson Judith Casual Living Macmillan
9780071750929 Cissarek Vascular medicine McGraw-Hill
9780330535694 Cruz Smith Martin Three Stations Pan Macmillan
As a train pulls into Yaroslav Station, Moscow, a teenage girl wakes to discover an unimaginable horror. Her baby has been taken... When the station police are suspicious of the girl`s elusive story, Maya finds herself having to search for her baby in this dangerous part of the city - Three Stations - without their help. Her only ally is a young man, Zhenya, who is drawn to her cause and who knows the dark underbelly of the city well... This is as much an acute look at modern Russia as it is a cracking crime thriller narrative from the true expert.
9780143119678 Harkness, Deborah A discovery of witches Random House (USA)
9780486991245 Weller Alan Flowers Vector Designs Dover
9781607616757 Complications of laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery Springer
9781603278232 Flynn Pediatric hypertension Springer
This outstanding second edition amplifies and improves this premier text on hypertension in neonates, children, and adolescents. Previous chapters have been fully revised and new chapters have been added to cover important topics of recent interest, such as the metabolic syndrome, the impact of exercise on blood pressure, the many uses of ambulatory monitoring, and the relationship of sleep disorders to hypertension. A comprehensive volume, this book features 32 chapters covering the breadth and depth of the current knowledge. It is divided into 4 sections: blood pressure regulation and hypertension pathophysiology; assessment of blood pressure; predictors, risk factors, and special populations; and evaluation and management. Filled with excellent detail and pragmatic information, Pediatric Hypertension, Second Edition includes therapeutic guidelines from the US National High Blood Pressure Education Program and cutting edge data from clinical antihypertensive trials. Trainees as well as practicing clinicians will find the updated information on current treatments especially useful.
9783540853800 Laghi New concepts in diagnosis and therapy of pancreatic adenocarcinoma Springer
9782253121206 Pancol Katherine Les Yeux Jaunes des Crocodiles
9780230406292 Hart Carl MRpre Michael Jackson Reader +CD Macmillan ELT
9780141024998 Martin Davidson The Perfect Nazi Penguin Books Ltd
9780141030609 Louise Dean The Old Romantic Penguin Books Ltd
9781846572470 Grisham John Confession CD Random House
9788492810178 Retina & Retinette Picnic Prestel Publishing Limited
This refreshing work recalls the golden age of graphic design in the 50s and 60s but looks forward to a new generation of designers using hand-made, more organic design techniques to create and inspire their works. The visual poetic mix of illustrations shown a celebration and reinvention of the artisanal methods once used in graphic design.
9780852652220 Amelia Hodsdon David R Marsh & Guardian Style hb Random House
9781435103191 Austen Jane Jane Austen: Seven Novels Sterling
9781847883124 Edwards Clive Interior Design Berg Publishers
This book highlights the key concepts behind the study of interiors to present an inter-disciplinary overview of the subject. Always aware that design is a practical discipline, the book is illustrated throughout with examples and detailed case studies of interior design practice.
9780721600406 Elaine Sarkin Jaffe Hematopathology Elsevier Science
9780312365769 Coonts Stephen Cuba
9780552155328 Lesley Downer The Courtesan and the Samurai Random House
9780312990763 Smith Haywood The Red Hat Club Rides Again
9780345423405 Hamilton Laurell K A Kiss of Shadows Random House (USA)
9781437713688 Shoei K. Stephen Huang Catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias Elsevier Science
9780440868347 Wilson Jacqueline Little Darlings Random House
9781906417574 Helen Morris Stencil it Littlehampton
9781844087129 Elizabeth Taylor A Wreath of Roses Little, Brown
*Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most acclaimed 20th century writers *With a new introduction by Helen Dunmore
9780751545340 Amanda Addison Laura's Handmade Life Little, Brown
9780749954253 Judy Nunn Pacific Little, Brown
A story of love, sacrifice and revenge swept along the winds of the war by Australian bestseller Judy Nunn - who played Ailsa Stewart in Home and Away.
9780531166451 Welton Jude Marc Chagall
9781741794175 Colorado 1 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Colorado is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Admire the near-constant blue skies of Denver, hike through Rocky Mountain National Park, or climb the ice walls in Aspen while listening to live music; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Colorado and begin your journey now!
9781741795950 Croatia 6 Lonely Planet
New format guide with two colour text and improved maps throughout. Essential planning section with colour itineraries, highlights and background reading on local culture, history, and food and drink. More maps than the competition guides, and the new maps focus on main visitor interests thus providing the best on-the-ground coverage.
9781844165735 Kearney Paul The Ten Thousand Simon & Schuster
9781405363617 English Made Easy Ages 7-8 Key Stage 2 Dorling Kindersley
9780241951729 Oliver Bowden Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade Penguin Books Ltd
9780751544091 Walker Fiona Kiss and Tell Little, Brown
The cross-country course of true love doesn't run smoothly, in this sexy new bestseller from the author of Well Groomed and Kiss Chase
9780751545333 Claire Irvin Cougars Little, Brown
COUGAR: a woman, aged 35 years or older, with a taste for younger men and the thrill of the chase . . .
9780451232199 Patricia Sprinkle Friday's Daughter Random House (USA)
9780764145957 Kendris, Christopher French Grammar 3 Barron`s educational series, inc
9781607618195 Seymour Oral Biology Springer
9781405060301 Graves, Sue Explorers 6 Time Twist Reader Macmillan ELT
9781741792843 Austria 6 Lonely Planet
The market`s best walking and driving tours,showcasing Austria`s most scenic landscapes; planning sections throughout for itinerary planning and tailoring tours; new two-colour format and improved maps and inspirational colour highlights section; dedicated Outdoor Activities chapter
9781845434090 Marthe Le Van Beautiful Rings Littlehampton
9780194440073 Phillips, Sarah; Morgan, Michaela; Slattery, Mary Incredible English 1: Class Book Oxford University Press
9780241951996 Sarah Harte The Better Half Penguin Books Ltd
9781580933094 Smyth, Matthew Patrick Living Traditions Random House
This volume of luxurious projects by one of today's most sought-after designers showcases Matthew Patrick Smyth's elegant, detail-oriented interiors that adapt to many different styles. Whether working on grand Shelter Island mansions, classically proportioned San Francisco townhouses, or demure Parisian pied-a-terres, Smyth endows every project with an unmatched attention to fine detailing and interior architecture, creating rooms of timeless beauty.Lavishly illustrated with over 200 color images, Living Traditions features a wide variety of Smyth's styles, from a charming getaway on the coast of Maine to quintessentially Upper East Side city apartments to a London flat that smoothly incorporates its owner's Indian heritage and antiquities collection. This volume will be a welcome addition to the library of everyone with a taste for impeccably designed classic interiors interpreted for today's sensibilities.
9781841623115 Evans Andrew Ukraine 3 Bradt
9780007312160 Boyd, Noah Last Chance To Die HarperCollins UK
9781595823168 McKean Dave Cages Random House (USA)
Filled with complex characters, intriguing flights of fancy, and visuals, this title chronicles the intersecting lives of a painter, a writer, and a musician living in the same apartment building, and is a profound rumination on art, God, cats, and the cages we build for ourselves.
9781594744549 Hockensmith Steve, Austen Jane Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls Random House (USA)
Bennet sisters are enjoying a peaceful life in the English countryside. They idle away the days reading, gardening, practicing instruments, and daydreaming about future husbands-until a funeral at the local parish goes strangely and horribly awry. Suddenly corpses are springing from the soft earth-and only one family can stop them.
9780486990934 Weller Alan Mehndi Tattoo Flash CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780300165760 Alison The Surreal House - Architecture of Desire Yale University Press
Through a unique blend of art, film and architecture, "The Surreal House" presents the individual dwelling as a place of mystery and wonder. Fusing house and dream, it probes the relationship between interior and shell, object and space; and it elaborates 'the marvellous' and 'compulsive beauty' as espoused by Andre Breton. The haunted house, the cabinet of curiosities, the ruined castle, the cage, the cave, the box, the labyrinth, the bell jar and the womb are among the uniquely surreal habitats explored. Shaped by the irrational and the subversive, the flip side of the modernist paradigm of the functional, rational dwelling, "The Surreal House" is ripe for discovery. Mirroring the surrealist love of poetic juxtaposition, the project brings together works by artists such as Edward Hopper, Marcel Duchamp, Giorgio de Chirico, Man Ray, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Joseph Cornell and Salvador Dali. A surreal legacy is to be found in the interiors of little-known Italian architect and designer, Carlo Mollino; Frederick Kiesler's model for "The Endless House, 1957-59"; sculptures by Louise Bourgeois and Rebecca Horn; and, installations by Edward Kienholz and Ilya Kabakov. Contemporary architecture is represented by the work of Rem Koolhaas and Diller & Scofidio among others. A manifesto for a poetic reading of the house, "The Surreal House" reflects on the unquestionable importance of the dwelling, the cradle of our being, in the imaginative realm. This richly illustrated account brings together a host of commentators and historians, and accompanies a major exhibition. Exhibition: Barbican Art Gallery 10 June - 17 September 2010.
9780415458955 Marghoob Atlas of Dermoscopy 2E Taylor&Francis
Building on a successful first edition, this revised and extended Atlas of Dermoscopy demonstrates the state of the art of how to use dermoscopy to detect and diagnose lesions of the skin, with a special emphasis on malignant skin tumours. With well over 1,500 photographs, drawings, and tables, the book has extensive clinical correlation with dermoscopic images, so readers can appreciate the added benefits of dermoscopy by comparing the clinical morphology seen with the naked eye with the corresponding dermoscopic morphology.
9780415450089 Krahn Atlas of Sleep and Sleep Medicine Taylor&Francis
Written by experienced contributors from the renowned Mayo Clinic, the Atlas of Sleep Medicine covers the history, humanities, and comparative biological aspects of sleep. This highly illustrated resource includes photographs, reproductions, graphics, segments of sleep studies, and clinical algorithms to aid the clinician in the correct diagnosis and management of sleep disorders.
9780521515214 Daldrup-Link Essentials of Pediatric Radiology Cambridge Academ
Essentials of Pediatric Radiology: A Multimodality Approach provides a concise overview of both basic and complex topics encountered by pediatric radiologists in their daily practice. Written by leading pediatric radiologists from renowned children's hospitals, it focuses particularly on multimodality imaging, covering the full gamut of radiologic diagnostic techniques, including conventional radiography and ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, up-to-date CT and MRI techniques, and PET-CT. Each chapter is generously illustrated with high quality images, as well as graphs, tables, decision flowcharts and featured cases. Chapters are arranged according to pathologies, rather than organ systems, providing the reader with clinically-oriented information when employing 'whole body' techniques or analysing scans involving multiple anatomical sites. The book is complemented by an outstanding free access website of sample cases containing questions and answers that enable readers to test their diagnostic proficiency - see http://essentials-of-pediatric-radiology.com. A key text for pediatric radiology fellows, radiology residents and general radiologists, this is also essential reading for all pediatricians.
9780521183413 Breen Good Medical Practice Cambridge Academ
Good Medical Practice: Professionalism, Ethics and Law brings together information that is central to the professional, ethical and legal requirements of being a doctor. It covers a core curriculum for medical students, doctors in training and international medical graduates preparing for the Australian Medical Council examinations. A useful guide for busy doctors, giving sound advice for issues that arise in practice, ensuring that all approaches meet professional standards. Effective and compassionate practice depends equally upon good communication skills, an empathetic attitude, truthfulness, self-reflection and an awareness of the responsibilities arising under relevant laws. Good Medical Practice encapsulates these attributes and includes practice management, inter-professional relationships, sexual misconduct, complaints processes, the Australian health care system and doctors' health within its broad and comprehensive purview. Written by specialist practitioners with vast teaching experience, this is a unique, timely and accessible text that reinforces a contemporary focus on professionalism in medical practice.
9780143106524 Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) Penguin Books Ltd
9781594203084 Pollan, Michael Food Rules - illustrated Random House (USA)
9781906582043 Dalager, Stig David`s story
9781604062724 Katherine A. Kendall Laryngeal Evaluation: Indirect Laryngoscopy to High-Speed Digital Imaging Thieme Verlagsgruppe
This comprehensive, full-color reference provides a thorough overview of the most recent advances in laryngeal imaging technology combined with all of the information readers need to interpret findings and successfully manage patients with voice disorders.After a solid introduction to laryngeal anatomy and physiology, separate sections cover the entire spectrum of laryngeal imaging systems. The authors place special emphasis on the interpretation of abnormal vibratory characteristics through practical discussion of the differential diagnosis of specific abnormalities and the impact of various types of laryngeal pathology on the vocal cords. The accompanying DVD features high-quality video clips of vocal fold vibration that clearly demonstrate every pathology and evaluation technique cited in the text. Each clip is cross-referenced to a specific location in the book for maximum accessibility.Features:- In-depth coverage of the indications and limitations of flexible laryngoscopy, videostroboscopy, and high-speed imaging- 66 video clips of actual examinations - plus an appendix that contains a complete description and interpretation of each clip- 284 full color images, including endoscopic views of the larynx and photographs that demonstrate how to perform examinations- Multiple perspectives from renowned speech language pathologists and otolaryngologists on how to interpret findings and determine treatment optionsWritten by a multidisciplinary team of experts, this book will help speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, and trainees in those specialties acquire the necessary skills to enable them to expand their practices to incorporate laryngeal imaging procedures in the clinical setting.
9780521152471 Mark Lloyd, Jeremy Day Active Grammar Level 3 Book without answers and CD-ROM Cambridge University Press
9780195147391 Bracken Jeanne Munn, Pruden Pruden, Munn Bracken J Children with Cancer: A Comprehensive Reference Guide for Parents Oxford Academ
Children can and do survive cancer; the last decade has seen many major advancements in treatment. Written honestly, yet in a reassuring tone, by a reference librarian whose child has survived cancer, Children with Cancer draws together a wealth of up-to-date information essential for anyone who wishes to help a child or family through this ordeal--including relatives, friends, teachers, and clergymen, as well as doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. The information ranges from sophisticated, hard-to-find medical facts to practical tips on how to handle side effects, and much more. Describing in detail the whole range of childhood cancers, Bracken explores how they affect the child, the treatments available, how to cope with the changes this diagnosis will bring to the entire family, and where to go for both medical and emotional help. It also includes an appendix of common medical tests, a glossary of terms, and comprehensive lists of organizations, clinics, and cancer centers, complete with names and addresses.
Reviews of the previous edition:
"A remarkable job....The technical information is clearly stated, up to date and accurate.....But most of all, this is a human book."--Los Angeles Times
"Comprehensive, well written, accurate, and compassionate.... Bracken's book can serve as a primary reference for parents and can be used as well by health care professionals and teachers." --Science Books and Films
9780345495976 Hamilton Laurell K Divine Misdemeanors Random House (USA)
9780571270880 Dibdin Michael Back to Bologna Faber
9783865742605 Taiwan nelles ma
9780571270866 Dibdin Michael And Then You Die Faber
9781409306290 Baxter Nicola Ladybird First Favourite Tales: Goldilocks and the Three Bea Penguin Books Ltd
9780060728427 Paver Michelle Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #6: Ghost Hunter HarperCollins USA
9781600596667 Smith Brenda Gael, Boschert Deborah, Hock Diane Pe Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge Sterling
9780340986035 Jason Payne-James, Richard Jones, Steven Karch, Jo Simpson's Forensic Medicine, 13th Edition Taylor&Francis
9780789210562 Strosberg Eliane The human figure and jewish culture Abbeville Press
Investigates why so many modern artists of Jewish descent continued to paint the human form even as the avant-garde movement vigorously promoted abstraction. This title analyses the work of a range of Jewish artists, including the painters of the Ecole de Paris; the American social realists; and, the masters of the postwar School of London.
9783791351049 Jones, Kimberly A. Impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces from the national gallery of art Prestel Publishing Limited
This dazzling selection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings features lavish reproductions, lively commentary and a beautiful slipcase that will delight art lovers.
9780241954355 Chandler Raymond Farewell, My Lovely Penguin Books Ltd
9780500515631 Metzger, Rainer London in the Sixties Thames & Hudson
9780123820327 Ramesh C. Gupta Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology, Elsevier Science
9780241954324 Chandler Raymond The Little Sister Penguin Books Ltd
Her name is Orfamay Quest and she`s come all the way from Manhattan, Kansas, to find her missing brother Orrin. Or leastways that`s what she tells PI Philip Marlowe, offering him a measly twenty bucks for the privilege. But Marlowe`s feeling charitable - though it`s not long before he wishes he wasn`t so sweet.
9783540885894 Karantanas Sports Injuries in Children and adolescents Springer
The incidence of acute and overuse sports injuries in children and adolescents are increasing. Radiologists need to be familiar with the advantages and limitations of the various imaging modalities used to evaluate the injured young athlete. This book, written by leading experts from Europe and the United States, covers a wide spectrum of sports injuries seen in children and adolescents. The first part comprises a series of introductory chapters on topics such as the clinicians viewpoint, normal anatomy and variants, the imaging of articular cartilage, and the current role of ultrasonography. In subsequent chapters, each important site of injury is considered individually with the aid of informative images. The final part of the book resembles an atlas and presents the most commonly encountered injuries in the popular sports of football, skiing, water sports, tennis, and gymnastics. Throughout, particular attention is paid to the most recent advances in knowledge and imaging.
9780007371853 Collins world factfile HarperCollins UK
9781605473048 Braun Pathophysiology: A Clinical Approach 2e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
The Second Edition of Pathophysiology offers a unique clinical approach that facilitates learning by viewing pathophysiology as health care professionals do. Whereas a traditional systems-based approach impractically isolates diseases to a single body sys
9781451113679 Joo The Washington Manual of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Subspecialty Consult, 2/e The Washington Manual of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Subspecialty Consult, 2/e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
­When you need a quick consult, turn to The Washington Manual™ Subspecialty Consult Series The Washington Manual™ Subspecialty Consult SeriesPrepared by specialty residents, fellows and staff in the Department of Medicine at Washingto
9780553824148 Ariana Franklin The assassin's prayer Random House
9780553825145 James Becker The Nosferatu scroll Random House
9782266126304 Pennac Daniel Oeil Du Loup
9781608315765 Pfeifer Obstetrics & gynecology 7e pb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
NMS Obstetrics and Gynecology delivers clinically relevant content in quick-review outline format for students engaged in the obstetrics and gynecology rotation. Cases, questions, and a comprehensive exam combine to provide additional support, whether the
9781608316717 Schaaf Human Genetics: From Molecules to Medicine Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Core genetics text for medical students in their 1st or 2nd year. Unique in its organ system approach, this textbook teaches concepts in medical genetics by exploring disease entities within the context of the organ system in which they most frequently present. TOP 30 genetic conditions covered in a tear-out apple flap or C2. Section on information from a patient and family's point of view helps teach students about key obstacles for patients suffering from severe genetic conditions. Adapted from a successful German text published by Springer.
9780521173711 Cambridge ESOL Cambridge Young Learners English Tests 7 Movers 7 Student's Book Cambridge University Press
9781118027325 Davis Harold Creative Landscapes: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques Wiley
Landscape photography as a genre focuses on capturing the beauty of the world around us. Though the inspiration for most landscape photographs is capturing the beauty of the world, the landscape category is quite broad in definition. It can cover most places and things behind the lens of a skilled photographer. The term landscape can encompass images of urban sprawl, nature, and in the mind of a creative photographer even macro photographs or images of the human body. By examining the traditional rules of landscape photography and then exploring when and where it's alluring to break these rules, author Harold Davis gives photographers the confidence to stretch their boundaries to capture and create unique landscape images. Illustrated with Harold's stunning photographs, Creative Landscapes will both inform and inspire photographers who want to develop their own creative style.
9781455500406 Turow Scott Presumed innocent Hachette Book Group
9781851776542 Brown Susanna Queen Elizabeth II Abrams
9781844087181 Josephine Hart Damage (virago modern classic) Little, Brown
9781451176339 Kini Cytopathology of Neuroendocrine Neoplasia Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Cytopathology of Neuroendocrine Neoplasia: Color Atlas and Text The neuroendocrine system is fascinating. It is an intriguing, complex system. For centuries, it has sustained the interest of scientists, who have provided the community with a wealth o
9781780220208 Cain, James M. Serenade Orion Publishers
9781451175561 Berek, Jonathan S. Berek and Novak's Gynecology ,15/e, International Edition Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Berek And Novak&Rsquo;S Gynecology Is The Gold Standard Text In General Gynecology Serving Both As A Comprehensive Reference And A Practical, Clinically-Oriented Text. This Reference Is Not Only A Must-Have Product For Residents In Training, But It Offers Information For The Practicing Physician. The Book Covers The Entire Spectrum Of Women'S Healthcare By Offering Guidance For The Management Of Specific Gynecologic Conditions In Eight Sections. The First Two Sections Cover Principles Of Practice And Initial Assessment And The Relevant Basic Science. The Third Section Is On Preventive And Primary Care For Women, And The Remaining Five Sections Are Directed At Methods Of Diagnosis And Management In General Gynecology, Operative General Gynecology, Urogynecology And Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, Reproductive Endocrinology, And Gynecologic Oncology.Features Include: Question/Answer Bank For Review Online Only Update On Robotics In Gynecology Website To Include Images And Fully Searchable Text Full-Color Design That Helps Users Quickly Facilitate Information Popular Open Design So Customers Can Take Important Notes In The Margins Text Covers The Basics Of Anatomy And Physiology Of The Female Reproductive Tract To The Management Of Complicated Gynecologic Conditions
9781444713473 Lisa Jackson Born to die Hodder
9780007435517 Coelho Paulo Aleph HarperCollins UK
The new novel by the author of The Alchemist. Aleph marks a return to Paulo Coelhos beginnings. In a frank and surprising personal story, one of the worlds most beloved authors embarks on a remarkable and transformative journey of self- discovery. Facing a grave crisis of faith, and seeking a path of spiritual renewal and growth, Paulo decides to start over: to travel, to experiment, to reconnect with people and the world. On this journey through Europe, Africa, and Asia, he will again meet Hilalthe woman he loved 500 years beforean encounter that will initiate a mystical voyage through time and space, through past and present, in search of himself. Aleph is an encounter with our fears and our sins; a search for love and forgiveness, and the courage to confront the inevitable challenges of life.
9780194802994 Hope, Anthony; Jackson, Katy Family and Friends Readers 6: Prisoner of Zenda Oxford University Press
9780194803014 Family and Friends Readers 6: Information Technology Oxford University Press
9780194803021 Family and Friends Readers 6: The Merchant of Venice Oxford University Press
9780194803052 Penn, Julie Family and Friends: 6: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
9780194569583 McCarter, Sam Oxford English for Careers: Medicine 2: Class Audio CD Oxford University Press
9781441901835 Slinger, MD, FRCPC, Peter (Ed.) Principles and practice of anesthesia for thoracic surgery Springer
Principles and Practice of Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery will serve as an updated comprehensive review covering not only the recent advances, but also topics that haven't been covered in previously published texts: extracorporeal ventilatory support, new advances in chest imaging modalities, lung isolation with a difficult airway, pulmonary thrombo-endarterectomy, and chronic post-thoracotomy pain. Additionally, the book features clinical case discussions at the end of each clinical chapter as well as tables comprising detailed anesthetic management.
9780857293572 Khamashta, Munther A.; Ramos-Casals, Manuel (Eds.) Autoimmune diseases acute and complex situations Springer
Autoimmune Diseases: Acute and Complex Situations provides a detailed overview of conditions associated with autoimmune diseases that are considered either life-threatening or requiring complex management. These include abdominal pain, arthritis, cutaneous ulcers, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, epilepsy, pancreatitis, stroke and white-matter CNS lesions.Autoimmune Diseases: Acute and Complex Situations addresses the latest clinical and immunological prognostic factors that may help to identify patients at higher risk of developing potentially life-threatening involvement. This book comprehensively helps the reader to diagnose these patients, in whom an early therapeutic approach is essential.Autoimmune Diseases: Acute and Complex Situations is a valuable reference tool for rheumatologists, internists, immunologists, and all the specialists involved in the multidisciplinary care of patient with rheumatic and systemic autoimmune diseases.
9780230409972 Young Learners Practice Tests Young Learners Practice Tests Movers Student's Book +CD Pack Macmillan ELT
9780230417595 Spencer, David Gateway A2: Student's Book + Webcode Macmillan ELT
9780230417601 Spencer, David Gateway B1 Student's Book + Gateway online Macmillan ELT
9780230411791 Cornford, Annie Gateway A2 Teacher's Book +Test CD Pack Macmillan ELT
9789812823717 Istanbul Insight Step by Step Guide Penguin Books Ltd
9780323054058 Bajaj Lalit Berman's Pediatric Decision Making Elsevier Science
9788847016996 Martelletti Handbook of Headache Springer
Headache disorders are among the most common disorders of the nervous system. They are pandemic and, in many cases, they are recurrent and can accompany the patient for the whole life. These disorders impose a substantial burden on headache sufferers, on their families and on society: the individual impact is measured by the frequency and severity of attacks, while the societal burden is measured in terms of loss of activity at work and school as well as of costs for the health system. As a matter of facts, headaches are ranked in the top ten, and maybe the top five, causes of disability worldwide: they are therefore extraordinarily common. Population-based studies have mostly focused on migraine, which, even if it is the most frequently studied headache disorder, is not the most common . Other types of headache, such as the more prevalent TTH and sub-types of the more disabling chronic daily headache, have so far received less attention and need to be better investigated. This book will provide a useful tool to a wide medical population, who is required specific skills to diagnose and manage these frequent and often disabling disorders .Furthermore, it could also represents a compendium for medical students who are usually introduced to this topic through multidisciplinary university programmes.
9780552165525 Andy McNab The Grey Man Random House
9780847836581 Brandolini, Muriel World of muriel brandolini Rizzoli
9780857752499 100 Great Art Masterpieces Flame Tree
Highlights popular art from the beginnings of the twelfth century to the Pop Art movement of the twentieth century. With a fresh introduction to the history of art, discussing the work of some of the most famous artists in the world, this book showcases key works in their glory.
9782266199575 Levy, Marc Mes Amis Mes Amours Pocket
9780230726550 Cochrane S Macmillan Primary Grammar 2 Teacher's Book Russia Macmillan ELT
9788484432340 Aula Internacional 4 Libro del alumno +CD Difusion
9781569759769 Benjamin Oliver Abide Guide Perseus
9781611451221 Robinson Adam Bin Laden: The Inside Story of the Rise and Fall of the Most Notorious Terrorist in History
On the eve of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City, Osama bin Laden is still a vivid symbol of outrage and tragedy in the American imagination. One of the most-recognized faces of terror, bin Laden has presented himself to the world as a paragon of ascetic virtue. Journalist Adam Robinson tells a far different story. This authoritative biography lifts bin Laden s mask of moral purity as it recounts his transformation from dissolute rich kid into terrorist mastermind. Drawing on information from members of bin Laden s own family and extensive independent research in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, Libya, and Pakistan, Robinson opens a window into the man who changed the face of global politics.
9783060200689 Prima 2 Arbeitsbuch +D Cornelsen
9780194780179 Flannigan, Eileen Grammar Friends: 6: Student's Book with CD-ROM Pack Oxford University Press
9781408217184 Freebairn/Bygrave Upbeat Intermediate Student Book and Student Multi-ROM Pack Pearson Education
9788853006189 adapted Legends From The British Isles B +D/R CIDEB
9782011555113 Tauzin Objectif Express 2 Guide pedagogique Hachette Book Group
9780800719265 Carlson Melody The Christmas Shoppe
The small town of Parrish Springs is not ready for Matilda Honeycutt. A strange older woman with scraggly gray hair and jewelry that jangles as she walks, Matilda is certainly not the most likely person to buy the old Barton Building on the town's quaint main street. When it becomes apparent that her new shop doesn't fit the expectations of Parrish Springs residents, a brouhaha erupts. After all, Christmas is approaching, and the last thing the town needs is a junky shop run by someone who looks and acts like a gypsy. But as townsfolk venture into the strange store, they discover that old memories can bring new life and healing.
Once again, Melody Carlson delivers a Christmas story that will touch hearts and delight the senses. Sure to be a classic, "The Christmas Shoppe" is filled with the special magic the best Christmas stories share--that intangible mixture of nostalgia, joy, and a little bit of magic.
9782011555106 Tauzin Objectif Express 2 Cahier d'activites Hachette Book Group
9783195314312 KIKUS Worksheet Set 2 Hueber
9780194803007 Family and Friends Readers 6: The Secret Garden Oxford University Press
9780376013569 New Cottage Style: A Sunset Design Guide Hachette Book Group
Rich with inspirational photography and design advice, The Sunset Design Guide series brings together a talented panel of today's top design and building professionals. New Cottage Style: A Sunset Design Guide offers an updated take on the well-loved design genre of cottage decorating. New Cottage Style offers not only inspirational photography, but also expert design advice on how readers can create these inspiring looks in their own homes. Helping readers identify new styles and looks to fit their lifestyle, this book guides them to contemporary cottage style whatever their budget may be.
New Cottage Style: A Sunset Design Guide includes:
Expert tips and advice on helping readers identify new styles and looks to fit both their lifestyle and their budgetGuidance on choosing the right mix of materials, fixtures, and furnishings to create a uniquely livable homeBeautiful photography and design instruction on a variety of cottages-from seaside cottages to desert bungalows and mountain chaletsRoom-by-room design inspiration and advice on choosing every element in the room, including flooring and window treatments
9780385738767 Dashner James The Scorch Trials
9780547523101 Rey H. A. A Treasury of Curious George/Coleccion de Oro Jorge El Curioso (Bilingual Edition) Hachette Book Group
9783190418183 Tangram aktuell 3 Lek. 1-4 CD zum KB Hueber
9781405057301 MCR3 Unhappy Giant,The Macmillan ELT
9781405057189 Read et el MCR2 Doms Dragon Macmillan ELT
9780230404939 MCR3 Wild Animals/ a Hungry Visitor Macmillan ELT
9782253109587 Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Lorsque j'etais une oeuvre d'art Livre de Poche/LGF
9788853001351 adapted Pride And Prejudice Bk +D CIDEB
9781405061087 Explorers 6 Time Twist Work Book Macmillan ELT
9781405813419 Cotton/Kent Market Leader New Edition Pre-Intermediate Practice File with Audio CD Pack Pearson Education
The Market Leader Practice File is the perfect way to extend the Market Leader course. It has extra grammar practice and a complete syllabus of business writing. The Market Leader Practice File Cassettes support the Practice File and contain extensive pronunciation work.
9788853009159 Belle Au Bois Dormant (La) CIDEB
9781849940221 Grylls Vaughan Batsford's Cambridge Then and Now Anova
9788853006738 Ali Baba And Les Quarante Voleurs CIDEB
9782253172161 Grange, Jean-Christophe Concile de Pierre Livre de Poche/LGF
9783126760348 Magnet Deutschland (A2-B1) Landeskunde + CD Klett
9788467520965 Aula Amigos Int 1 Cuaderno Actividades SM Spain
9782070360802 Saint-Exupery, Antoine de Courrier Sud Gallimard-Folio
9788853006592 adapted Canterville Ghost (The) NEd B +D/R CIDEB
9780582791879 English Adventure Level 3 Pupils Book Pearson Education
4607167312753 Cambridge Young Learners English Tests 4 Second edition Starters 4 Audio CD Cambridge University Press
9782253082286 Perrault, Charles Contes (illustr. - Gustave Dore) Livre de Poche/LGF
9781408278130 Twain Mark The Prince and the Pauper Book & MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9782278064069 Latitudes 3 Livre +D Didier
9788484431381 Gente 1 Nueva Edicion Libro del alumno +CD Difusion
9789606930331 Marin, T. Nuovo Progetto italiano Junior 2 Libro dello Studente + CD audio Edizioni EdiLingua
9783126759403 Team Deutsch 1, Kursbuch +D Klett
9781405866620 Discover English Stater Test book Pearson Education
9789606632655 FORTE 1 Libro dello studente ed esercizi + CD Edizioni EdiLingua
9788492810468 Moving Graphics: New Directions in Motion Design Prestel Publishing Limited
As motion graphics surround us in today's digital age, this exciting area of graphic design has become increasingly important in the area of visual communication. Innovative advances in technology have given designers, illustrators, and new artists the means to create cutting-edge work and material using moving images. With its pioneering vision of the motion design scene, 'Moving Graphics' presents stunning examples of the work of a new generation of designers currently pushing the boundaries in this exciting and constantly-evolving sector of the industry. Divided into four key chapters - Art and Culture, Commercial Advertising, Show-Openers and lastly Fun and Others - Moving Graphics offers a panoramic overview of the dynamic motion graphic design scene, with breathtaking examples of work from international leading designers working across all sectors of the industry. This book is an excellent visual reference for multidisciplinary artists, creatives and filmmakers who are exploring the possibilities of motion graphics in broadcast design, digital film effects, games and animation. The book is illustrated by screen grabs, storyboards and sketches, and a short description of the work with information about the project and the designers accompanying each case study.
9781864704532 Masterpieces: Iconic Houses Images
With an intrinsic ability to see the big picture, todays master architects are creating inclusive, responsive residential designs that embrace building, site and interiors with subtlety and style. Their talent, ambition, attention to detail, and flair for fusing art and architecture combine to produce houses of unparalleled style and comfort. This compendium of truly spectacular houses features the work of architectures brightest contemporary stars including Lord Norman Foster, Allan Greenberg, Glenn Murcutt, Eric Owen Moss, Mario Botta, Helmut Jahn, Steven Ehrlich, and Ken Yeang. The stunning photography is complemented by informative plans and project summaries containing unique insights into the personal design philosophies of these master architects. Project locations range from the USA to France, Italy to Dubai, the UK to Australia, and from Hong Kong to Spain. Masterpiece is an up-to-the-minute collection of residential work from the worlds top contemporary practitioners, who consistently prove that architecture can always be re-imagined.
9781864704648 New 100 Houses X 100 Architects, The Images
9781864704907 Beth Browne Radical Renovations Images
Radical Renovations presents a range of beautifully transformed homes from around the world with full-color 'before and after' photography, and detailed 'before and after' plans The book showcases architectural transformations from around the world, including a variety of design styles, building types, briefs and budgets. Radical Renovations presents more than fifty outstanding examples of adaptive reuse in residential and commercial architecture, wherein existing buildings have been dramatically transformed with truly stunning results. For many of these remarkable remodels the architects have utilized the principles of environmentally sustainable development, highlighting the importance of making conscientious and creative use of available resources to minimize demolition and waste, while delivering cost savings, style, and sustainability. In locations as diverse as Japan, the UK, Spain, Australia, the USA and Italy, each radical renovation project breathes new life and function into an existing structure - often in astonishingly innovative ways. In almost five years at The Images Publishing Group, Beth Browne has edited more than 40 books on architecture, art, design, gardens and landscaping, craft, cooking and automobiles. She has also compiled of a number of IMAGES' best-selling titles including 100 Country Houses: New Rural Architecture, 21st Century Interiors and 21st Century Architecture: Apartment Living.
9780007424443 Will Wiles Care of Wooden Floors HarperCollins UK
9781107012905 Nieschlag Testosterone Cambridge Academ
Now in its fourth edition Testosterone: Action, Deficiency, Substitution provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive source of information on testosterone and its role in human physiology and pathology. It covers biosynthesis and mechanisms of action and reviews their effects on brain and behavior, spermatogenesis, hair growth, bones, muscles, erythropoiesis, the cardiovascular system and the prostate. The therapeutic uses of testosterone preparations are carefully evaluated as well as its abuse and detection in competitive sport. This new edition also devotes sections to exploring the effects of testosterone on female physiology and sexual function, and the experimental use of testosterone in male hormonal contraception. Testosterone: Action, Deficiency, Substitution has been written and edited by world experts in the fields of clinical andrology and endocrinology and provides a unique and invaluable guide for andrologists, endocrinologists, urologists, internists and those working in reproductive medicine.
9781107667822 Shafi Colposcopy Cambridge Academ
This new, fully revised edition of Colposcopy: A Practical Guide is a state-of-the-art guide to colposcopy, directly applicable to daily clinical practice, and a key text for all those involved in the screening and management of women with cervical cytological abnormalities. All chapters have been updated for this new edition with the latest nomenclature, staging, classification and evidence-based treatment guidelines, as well as important new material on HPV testing and vaccination. Concise text is enhanced by full-colour illustrations and flow-diagrams throughout. Colposcopy: A Practical Guide is essential reading for the British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology colposcopy training programme and is also an important practical guide for all gynaecologists, nurse colposcopists and gynaecological oncologists.
9788466783750 Martinez,Myriam Alvarez Escritura. Element A1-A2 Anaya ELE
9782253004912 Maurois, Andre Climats Livre de Poche/LGF
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