9780198603641 Oxford Chinese Minidictionary 2001 Oxford University Press
The Oxford Chinese Mini-dictionary is a portable reference for anyone, studying, or working in Chinese as it is used today. With thousands of words, phrases, and translations, this should prove a useful reference for student, traveller, and the general user.
9780764112003 Friedman Dictionary of Business Terms 3rd Barron`s educational series, inc
Pocket-sized reference to some 7,500 terms used in banking, taxes, finance, and real estate. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com).
9780470233474 Tortora, Gerard J. Derrickson, Bryan H. Principles of anatomy and physiology with atlas and registration card Wiley
Emphasizes the correlations between normal physiology and pathophysiology, normal anatomy and pathology, and homeostasis and homeostatic imbalances.
9780753824306 Crane, Nicholas Great british journeys Orion Publishers
Does turning the thermostat down on a winter`s night offset the costs of reheating the house in the morning? Is heating oil cheaper than natural gas? Blending science with anecdote and example, this title answers questions like these, providing a guide to creating an environmentally friendly home without sacrificing comfort.
9781845977238 Jefford, Andrew Andrew jefford`s wine course
Introduces readers to the kit they`ll need for tasting and thinking about wine, including glasses and the colours of key wine types. This book helps readers learn how to choose wine and make tasting notes. It profiles the Seven grapes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Pinot Noir.
9780300124439 Saint, Andrew Architect and engineer Yale University Press
How architects and engineers relate to one another has long been debated but never addressed. This work looks at what has actually taken place when architecture and engineering have interlocked. It examines projects ranging from the building of Waterloo Bridge to the evolution of the Chicago skyscraper.
9780751541373 Butler/Vincent Do bats have bollocks? Little, Brown
The hilarious follow up to 2007`s Sunday Times Bestseller DO ANTS HAVE ARSEHOLES?
9780323049832 White, Stuart C. Pharoah, Michael J. Oral Radiology Elsevier Science
With more than 1,000 radiographs and illustrations, this book demonstrates the basic principles of oral and maxillofacial radiology and effective clinical application. This work offers coverage of imaging techniques, including techniques such as MRI and CT, and the discussion of the radiographic interpretation of pathology.
9780300117448 Wilcox Sun, Wind and Rain: The Art of David Cox Yale University Press
Born in Birmingham in 1783, David Cox was destined to become a major figure in the linked worlds of landscape painting and watercolour painting in the first half of the nineteenth century. This illustrated volume focuses attention on Cox, filling in the details of his biography and illuminating his contributions to British landscape painting.
9781580113878 Downsized Luxury Home Plans Creative Homeowner
This superb volume brings together a collection of elegant homes with features usually found only in large luxury homes - but stunningly transferred into a smaller footprint."Downsized Luxury Home Plans" offers readers 300 of the most stylish and well-designed home plans available, in a variety of styles and selected specifically to meet the standards of the luxury home market - all accompanied by more than 450 full-colour photographs and illustrations to help you make the right choice.This volume also includes expert advice and practical hints and tips for adding that personal touch to both the interior and exterior of your new home.It showcases fully 300 plans for luxury homes with a small footprint.
9781580112994 Home Plans for Baby Boomers Creative Homeowner
From farmhouses and country cottages to modern spaces and luxury estates, this title is packed with 300 of the best home designs that are sure to appeal to those wanting the `baby-boomer` lifestyle. It includes home plans that feature large entertainment areas, easily accessible master suites, and space for guest to stay in comfort and style.
9780141183114 James Joyce Finnegans Wake Penguin Books Ltd
Follows a man's thoughts and dreams during a single night. It is also a book that participates in the re-reading of Irish history that was part of the revival of the early 20th century. The author also wrote "Ulysses", "Dubliners" and "Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man".
9780812043105 Strutz German Verbs Barron`s educational series, inc
Shows all tenses for each verb and provides information on German verb moods and irregular mixed verbs.
9780582364677 Longman Pronunciation Dictionary Pearson Education
This new edition provides up-to-date information and advice on the contemporary English pronunciation of 75,000 words. As well as providing clear models of widely accepted pronunications, it also presents valuable information about alternative pronunications, technical vocabulary and proper names.
9780192754967 Mccaughrean, Geraldine Forever x Oxford Academ
The Shepherd family have set off on their usual summer holiday under a cloud of gloom at the predictability of it all. When the car breaks down, they are forced to stay the night at the nearest B&B. To their dismay, they find themselves at a place where Christmas comes every day of the year, complete with turkey and Santa Claus.
9781931884105 Woodward Expert Differential Diagnoses: Obstetrics, Published by Amirsys Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Part of the "Expert Differential Diagnoses" series, this reference can guide radiologists toward logical, on-target differential diagnoses based on key imaging findings and clinical information. It presents useful differential diagnoses in obstetrics, grouped into sections on first trimester, fetal anatomic abnormalities, and multiple gestations.
9780462000428 Harmer J. Just Listening/Speaking Elementary Student's Book [with Audio CD(x1)] Marshall Cavendish ELT
9780746098752 Davidson, Susanna Snails Usborne
Part of the "First Reading" series, aimed at children who are beginning to read, this title looks into the world of snails; what they eat, where they live and how they survive. It also offers fun facts, puzzles, and a snail glossary at the end.
9781405881333 O'Keeffe & Dubicka Market Leader Advanced Course Book/Multi-ROM and Audio CD Pearson Education
New Edition Market Leader is the business English course that brings contemporary business issues right into your classroom. Incorporating articles from the Financial Times(c) newspaper, Market Leader has authentic texts, effective case studies and a wide range of components.
9780307455314 Linda Fairstein Killer heat Random House (USA)
9780345491589 A.C.Clarke & Stephen Baxter FirstBorn Random House (USA)
The Firstbornthe mysterious race of aliens who first became known to science fiction fans as the builders of the iconic black monolith in 2001: A Space Odysseyhave inhabited legendary master of science fiction Sir Arthur C. Clarkes writing for decades. With Times Eye and Sunstorm, the first two books in their acclaimed Time Odyssey series, Clarke and his brilliant co-author Stephen Baxter imagined a near-future in which the Firstborn seek to stop the advance of human civilization by employing a technology indistinguishable from magic. Their first act was the Discontinuity, in which Earth was carved into sections from different eras of history, restitched into a patchwork world, and renamed Mir. Mirs inhabitants included such notables as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and United Nations peacekeeper Bisesa Dutt. For reasons unknown to her, Bisesa entered into communication with an alien artifact of inscrutable purpose and godlike powera power that eventually returned her to Earth. There, she played an instrumental role in humanitys race against time to stop a doomsday event: a massive solar storm triggered by the alien Firstborn designed to eradicate all life from the planet. That fate was averted at an inconceivable price. Now, twenty-seven years later, the Firstborn are back. This time, they are pulling no punches: They have sent a quantum bomb. Speeding toward Earth, it is a device that human scientists can barely comprehend, that cannot be stopped or destroyedand one that will obliterate Earth. Bisesas desperate quest for answers sends her first to Mars and then to Mir, which is itself threatened with extinction. The end seems inevitable. But as shocking new insights emerge into the nature of the Firstborn and their chilling plans for mankind, an unexpected ally appears from light-years away
9781846285219 Bertrand Guillonneau; Inderbir S. Gill; Guenter Ja Laparoscopic Techniques in Uro-Oncology Springer
Oncology has a big impact in the urological community. This book focuses on techniques in uro-oncology. It is of interest to urologists interested in laparoscopy, urologists in training (residents) or doing a fellowship in Oncology or Minimally Invasive Surgery.
9781852333768 Monique Jeanblanc; Marc Yor; Marc Chesney Mathematical Methods for Financial Markets Springer
Presents stochastic processes of common use in mathematical finance. This book consists of eleven chapters, interlacing on the one hand financial concepts and instruments, Brownian motion, diffusion processes, Levy processes, together with the basic properties of these processes. It deals with continuous path processes and discontinuous processes.
9781588299826 Andrew Wang; Thomas Bashore (Eds.) Valvular Heart Disease Springer
Offers insights into the widely varying hemodynamic effects and clinical course of heart valve conditions, as well as the contemporary management of these conditions. This book offers a perspective on these diseases, and expands on the guidelines developed by the major heart societies in the United State and Europe.
9783527405947 Yersin Highly efficient oleds with phosphorescent materials Wiley
The technology of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are a new and rapidly growing field of solid state research with potential of revolutionize display as well as illumination technology. Professor Hartmut Yersin is Professor at the University in Regensburg, the city which also hosts the headquarter of OSRAM, one of the two leading illumination companies. His projects are awarded large fundings from e.g. the German Research Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation, and his close ties to various institutions have enabled him to recruit a set of pioneering researchers from both industry and universities to cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from theory to application. The result is a state-of-the-art monography on the latest technologies in the rapidly growing field of OLEDs.
9783899552331 Spacecraft 2: More Fleeting Architecture and Hideouts Gestalten
9780500514559 Adkinson, Robert Sacred Symbols Thames & Hudson
Offers an exploration of the signs and symbols of various global cultures. This book reveals the quintessence of a multiplicity of beliefs and experiences. It provides an introduction to the timeless wisdoms of humankind.
9780199538782 Byron, Lord George Gordon Selected poetry Oxford University Press
This selection of the Byron`s poetical works includes such masterpieces as Childe Harold, The Corsair, Manfred, Bebbo, and Don Juan. There are many other less familiar works and shorter lyrics, and Jerome J. McGann`s introduction and notes give fascinating insight into Byron`s world.
9780486990491 Weller Alan Repeatable Backgrounds: Liquids and Gels CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780425228968 Koontz Dean Demon Seed Random House (USA)
9780746096871 Frith, Alex King midas and the gold Usborne
When good King Midas helps an elderly man find his way home he is granted his fondest wish to turn anything he touches into pure gold. At first, this gift seems like the most wonderful thing to have ever happened but he soon learns that you should be careful what you wish for.
9781592572434 Mcclain, Ph.D., Gary R. CIG to Zen Living 2E Random House (USA)
9789812588401 Silk road insight guide Penguin Books Ltd
Insight is proud to introduce this brand new title covering the world`s most ancient and historic route. Following the famous trail from East to West, across three main regions: Western China, Central Asia and Western Asia, this guide expertly explores everything from the Buddhist caves of Dunhuang to the Terracotta Warriors of Xi`an.
9780751541298 Lovesey,Peter Headhunters Little, Brown
A suspenseful new standalone from the consistently remarkable crime author
9780765357441 Salvatore The Ancient Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780312944094 Archer Jeffrey Prisoner of Birth Holtzbrink(MPS)
Danny Cartwright and Spencer Craig were born on different sides of the track. Danny, an East End Cockney, leaves Clement Attlee Comprehensive School at the age of 15 to take up a job at a local garage. He falls in love with Beth, the bosss daughter, and asks her to marry him. Spencer Craig resides in the West End. A graduate of an English public school and Cambridge University. After leaving university he becomes a criminal barrister and is soon tipped to be the youngest Queens Counsel of his generation. Danny and Beth travel up to the West End to celebrate their engagement. They end the evening in a wine bar where Spencer Craig is also celebrating - his 30th birthday, along with a select group of university chums. Although the two young men dont meet, their lives will never be the same again. For, an hour later, one of them is arrested for murder, while the other ends up as the Prosecutions chief witness in an Old Bailey trial.
9780781717496 Iseman Clinician Guide Tuberculosis Cb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Recommended in the Brandon/Hill selected list of print books and journals for the small medical library - April 2001 & 2003Written by an eminent tuberculosis specialist from a premier medical institution, this is a practical clinical reference on tuberculosis. With the major focus on bedside care the book also includes diagnosis, treatment, and patient management.The author clearly and concisely explains which treatments are most effective and addresses the problems of managing HIV-positive patients and drug-resistant strainf tuberculosis. Also included are chapters on basic science, epidemiology, and transmission and a discussion on vaccination and prevention of transmission.
9780141182537 Nabokov Vladimir Lolita Penguin Books Ltd
The story of Humbert Humbert, poet and pervert, and his obsession with 12-year-old Dolores Haze. Determined to possess his "Lolita" both carnally and artistically, Humbert embarks on a disastrous courtship that can only end in tragedy.
9781853262838 Wallace Ben Hur Wordsworth
A wealthy young Jew and his family experiencing changing fortunes under Roman tyranny are affected by the life and teachings of a Nazarene named Jesus Christ.
9781416052029 Koch Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Head and Neck Cancers: Expert Consult: Online and Print Elsevier Science
Part of the "Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer" series, this title covers protocols and the advances in diagnostic imaging and molecular and serologic markers for head and neck cancers.
9780142500057 Slate, Joseph Miss Bindergarten Celebrates 100th Day K Random House (USA)
9780764141140 Strutz, Henry Dictionary of german slang,2nd Barron`s educational series, inc
Presents more than 4,000 informal, commonly-used words and phrases in the German slang, with English translations and equivalent phrases. This book presents words and phrases with grammatical information, their English meanings, and a sentence or extended phrase in the German language to illustrate usage, followed by the English translation.
9781607950110 Thomas Advanced Therapy in Facial nd Plastic Reconstructive Surgery McGraw-Hill
9780199227235 Warwick, David; Dunn, Roderick; Melikyan, Erman; V Hand Surgery Oxford Academ
A comprehensive but easily accessible summary of hand and wrist conditions, this handbook contains details of classifications, nerve root values and outcomes. It is a well-structured revision tool for the Hand Diploma and highly relevant for trainees for their attachment. Therapists and others will also find this to be a useful reference.
9780781789554 Shorten Case-based anesthesia clin learn gde Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Presents sixty cases with the patient-specific data encountered in actual clinical practice. This title includes cases that cover the major points emphasized in the in-training exam and in written and oral boards, and each case includes a boxed Key Points section and self-assessment questions.
9780061214684 Marr Melissa Ink Exchange HarperCollins USA
Return to the breathtaking world of the bestselling WICKED LOVELY!
9780061583216 Frost, Jeaniene Destined For an Early Grave HarperCollins USA
After their recent war with rogue vampires, Cat thinks a little rest and relaxation are in their future. But she`s plagued by dreams of a Master vampire who claims to be from her past. To unlock these memories and deal with a growing danger to herself and Bones, Cat may have to venture all the way into the grave.
9780754617341 Brown, Antje C.K. EU Environmental Policies in Subnational Regions
Despite the fact that environmental directives are one of the strongest areas of policy decreed by the EU, it has a much poorer record when it comes to actual implementation of these policies. Instead of focusing on the state-centrist accounts, this volume compares two subnational regionals within the EU - Scotland and Bavaria - and their role in the policy process. The author offers an implementation map which highlights three main govenment "layers" involved in the filtering process, and identifies various formal and informal determinants which shape EU environmental policies during the process.

This text contributes to an understanding of the implementation deficit, and aims to present a refined picture of the "reality" of the EU environmental policy.
9780230707597 Donaldson Julia ; Scheff The Gruffalo's Child Activity Book Pan Macmillan
Includes spot-the-difference, crossword, drawing activities and more. This title also includes a sticker scene and over 40 reusable stickers so you can have fun creating your own stories.
9780340840139 Brad Meltzer Book of lies Hodder
Cain kills Abel in Chapter Four of the Bible. It is the world's most famous murder. But the Bible is silent about one key detail: the weapon Cain used to kill his brother.

That weapon is still lost to history. In 1932, Mitchell Siegel was killed by three gunshots to his chest. While mourning, his son dreamed of a bulletproof man and created the world's greatest hero: Superman.

And like Cain's murder weapon, the gun used in this unsolved murder has never been found. Until now. Today in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cal Harper comes face-to-face with his family's greatest secret: his long-lost father, who's been shot with a gun that traces back to Michell Siegel's 1932 murder.

But before Cal can ask a single question, he and his father are attacked by a ruthless killer tattooed with the ancient markings of Cain. And so begins the chase for the world's first murder weapon.
9780007302420 Ks3 maths HarperCollins UK
Collins Revision KS3 Maths Levels 5-8 is an all-in-one revision guide and exam practice workbook for Key Stage 3. Written by experienced test markers, it shows how each student can follow their level, test their knowledge, check their answers and improve.
9781846141133 John Gribbin In Search of the Multiverse HB Penguin Books Ltd
What are the boundaries of our universe? Can there be different physical laws from the ones we know? Are there in fact other universes? Do we really live in a multiverse? This book takes us on a journey, examining the most fundamental questions in science. It explores the frontiers of reality.
9781844880546 Orna Ross A Dance in Time Penguin Books Ltd
Lover. Mother. Writer. Each of these roles has meant the world to Izzy Mulcahy. But now, as she stands accused of killing her elderly father, Izzy sets out on a journey of self-discovery and finds the three roles colliding in ways that both surprise and sustain her.
9781851243228 Postcards from checkpoint charlie
Traces the development of the Berlin Wall - from its beginnings as a simple stretch of barbed wire to the daunting final structure made of concrete and containing over 300 watchtowers. This book contains images that capture scenes of tension and urgency.
9781843405054 Baker, Wendy Complete book of curtains, drapes and blinds Anova
Offers information you require to create your window dressings. This book helps to learn the basics of window shapes, measuring, heading tapes, fabric characteristics and fabric quantities. It looks into various types of accessories available for curtains and blinds. It also includes a section for cosy bed treatments and plush cushions and throws.
9780141325286 Green, Roger Lancelyn Tales of the greek heroes Penguin Books Ltd
Features the mysterious and exciting legends of the gods and heroes in Ancient Greece, from the adventures of Perseus, the labours of Heracles, the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts, to Odysseus and the Trojan wars.
9780747573562 Mcallister, M. I. Urchin of the riding stars Bloomsbury
Presents an atmospheric and anthropomorphic tale of intrigue and adventure.
9780811861717 Salavetz, Kehr Salavetz, Judith Drate, Spencer Art of the modern movie poster Abrams
Offers a survey of both film and popular graphic art in the modern era. This book includes chapters, which introduce the design schools, quirks, and practices of various nations - from the US to Poland to Japan to Turkey - and illustrates the graphic output of various nations in a variety of posters.
9780781783392 Gelberman Mtos: the wrist, 3e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Describes orthopaedic surgical techniques, explains the indications and contraindications, and identifies pitfalls and potential complications. This book includes arthroscopic techniques, novel fixation methods for distal radius and scaphoid fractures and nonunions, and chapters on distal radio-ulnar instability and carpal instability.
9781580114455 SmartGuide: Trim, 2nd Edition Creative Homeowner
9781416595649 Kenyon, Sherrilyn Phantom in the night Simon & Schuster
Bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon`s romantic suspense featuring the sexy agents from the BAD Agency, now in mass market paperback.
9780140817690 George Orwell Animal Farm Penguin Books Ltd
9780007226511 Parsons, Tony Starting over HarperCollins UK
This is the story of how we grow old -- how we give up the dreams of youth for something better -- and how many chances we have to get it right.
9781405844161 Straker, Anita Fisher, Tony Hyde, Rosalyn Jennings Exploring maths home book Pearson Education
Ensure two levels of progress with Anita Straker and her team!
9780747598251 Gilbert, Elizabeth Pilgrims Bloomsbury
Now Elizabeth Gilbert`s thousands of UK fans can enjoy her very first book - a collection of short stories of memorable individuals pursuing their own American pilgrimage
9780552553544 Peter Ward Dragon Horse Random House
Rokshan and An-Lushan are drawn into this centuries-old struggle, along with a young girl destined to become the Spellweaver of her nomadic tribe. And as An-Lushan is pulled towards the dark, Rokshan must embark upon a dangerous journey into the lands of the Wild Horsemen and, ultimately, must learn the innermost secrets of the dragons.
9780810905955 Carter, Arthur Arthur Carter:Sculptures,Painting,Drawings Abrams
Arthur Carter`s artwork was initially inspired by his work in newspaper design. His sculptures, though purely abstract, allude to human gestures and interactions. While Carter is known for his sculpture, his drawings and paintings are revealing in their own right. This book presents the artistic vision of the fascinating man.
9781409505181 Bates, M. Sandy Lane Stables. Ride by Moonlight Usborne
`I can`t! I`m not riding again!` However often Charlie repeats the words, his friends won`t believe him. After all, he has a place at racing school starting in a couple of months. He had an accident and fell off his horse. Who hasn`t? He wasn`t even hurt. His friends realize it`s going to take something exceptional to get him riding again.
9781856696104 Ian Rudge 1000 Interior Details for the Home Thames & Hudson
Looks at various aspects of interior detail for domestic spaces. This book contains such chapters as Walls and Floors; Doors, Windows and Stairs; Heating and Cooling; Kitchens; Bathrooms; Lighting; and, Home Technology. It is suitable for architects, interior designers, and DIY enthusiasts.
9781416054740 Noyes Noyes' Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes: Expert Consult: Online, Print and DVD Elsevier Science
Deals with the diagnosis, management, and outcomes analysis for a range of complex knee disorders. This resource helps users learn the technical details of procedures such as anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, articular cartilage restoration, and many others, and implement appropriate post-operative rehabilitation programs and protocols.
9781603200264 People celebrate the 80`s Hachette Book Group
It was `Morning in America,` declared an incoming Ronald Reagan. Everything promised to be better than ever, including a renovated Statue of Liberty. While Wolfgang Puck served nouvelle cuisine, Blondie played new wave rock and Keith Haring introduced the art of the neo-doodle. Yet the newness had a frightening flip side.
9780752884561 Reichs, Kerry Best day of someone else`s life Orion Publishers
A wonderfully funny and fresh novel about the mother of all wedding seasons - and one woman`s mission to survive it with her sanity, and her relationships, intact
9780240811413 Shelley, Steven Louis A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting Taylor&Francis
"A practical guide that will, better than any other book on the subject, help the LD get his or her design realized in the most professional and efficient manner."<br>-Peter Maradudin, Lighting Dimensions Magazine<br><br>" The best parts of the book work because they rely on understanding concepts, not remembering good advice. You don't have to remember, because you have understood." - Nick Hunt, Focus - The journal of the Association of Lighting Designers <br><br>"Finally! Shelley has taken the basic concept of focus coverage and given it a name: The Slinky Method! Bravo, Mr. Shelley." --Ms. Martha Mountain, George Mason University<br><br>"This is a must read for any student who is seriously interested in lighting design." --Cindy Limauro, Carnegie Melon University<br><br>"This is hands-down the best book I've ever read regarding the process of designing and executing a lighting design. Other books do wonderful jobs of discussing instruments and electrical aspects, or how to create a design, but very few discuss the day-to-day paperwork and personal interactions involved in getting that design executed." --Steven Haworth, Lighting Designer<br><br>"Steve Shelley, by taking a chronological approach to light design, illustarates exactly what goes into a successful design. He defines his terms, explains why he does things, and provides anecdotes and insights that make the book entertaining and easy to read." --Norm Johnson, Director
9780446540728 Dexter, Pete Spooner Hachette Book Group
9780758225672 Washburn, Livia J. Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead Hachette Book Group
No one is surprised when feisty Delilah Dickinson opens her own literary travel agency in Atlanta after her divorce. But during her first group`s tour of an old plantation modelled after Tara from "Gone with the Wind" - with a full cast of actors - things go south really fast. The actor playing Clark Gable playing Rhett Butler is found dead.
9780071481472 Lego Mindstorms Nxt Hacker'S Guide Lego Mindstorms Nxt Hacker'S Guide McGraw-Hill
A collection of Lego Mindstorms projects that enables you to build and program a working robot in 30 minutes.
9781405153454 Sam, Amir H. Meeran, Karim Lecture Notes: Endocrinology and Diabetes Wiley
This brand new title in the Lecture Notes series covers a core element of the medical school curriculum. It presents the basic science needed to understand mechanisms of disease and describes the clinical presentations of the disorders associated with different glands, concluding with the relevant investigations and management.
9780194234412 Oxford Bookworms Library: Starter: Girl on a Motorcycle Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
`Give me the money,` says the robber to the Los Angeles security guard. The guard looks at the gun and hands over the money. The robber has long blond hair and rides a motorcycle - and a girl with long blond hair arrives at Kenny`s motel - on a motorcycle. Is she the robber?
9780300148947 Holcomb, Melanie Pen and parchment: Drawing in the Middle Ages Yale University Press
In the Middle Ages, artists explored and tested the medium of drawing, producing whimsical sketches, illustrated treatises, and finished drawings of extraordinary refinement. This title examines and celebrates the achievements of medieval draftsmen. It presents leaves from more than fifty manuscripts dating from the 9th to the early 14th century.
9781849161251 Crow Lili Strange Angels
Dru Anderson: Night Hunter. Knife Wielder. Heart Breaker. Dru can sense evil, which helps when she and her Dad are tracking down ghosts, suckers, wulfen, and the occasional reanimated corpse. It`s a dangerous life, but it`s the only one she knows.
9781405061490 Little Bugs 1 Pupil's Book Macmillan ELT
9780873647441 SOE Secret Operations Manual
9780099513780 Wodehouse P.G. Something Fresh Random House
Tells the tale of two imposters, each with an eye on a valuable scarab which Lord Emsworth has acquired without quite realizing how it came into his pocket. But of course things get a lot more complicated than this.
9780194792332 Austen, Jane Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 5: Sense and Sensibility Oxford University Press
Sometimes the Dashwood girls do not seem like sisters. Elinor is all calmness and reason, and can be relied upon for practical, common sense opinions. Marianne, on the other hand, is all sensibility, full of passionate and romantic feeling. She has no time for dull common sense - or for middle-aged men of thirty-five, long past the age of marriage. True love can only be felt by the young, of course. And if your heart is broken at the age of seventeen, how can you ever expect to recover from the passionate misery that fills your life, waking and sleeping?
9781845965594 Andersen, Christopher Barack and Michelle Transworld Publishers
Given the historic significance of what they accomplished together, the marriage of Barack and Michelle stands as one of the great personal and political partnerships. This work examines in detail the unique partnership and the grace, courage and humour that defines it.
9781416589433 Harper, Molly Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men Simon & Schuster
9780230611764 Polanski: A Biography Holtzbrink(MPS)
9781905085040 West J. DELTA Super Starters: Audio CD(x2) Delta
Contains class CDs to accompany Primary course for young learners of English as a Foreign/Second Language, preparing for Cambridge Young Learners Starters Test.
9781439137277 Feigenbaum, Aaron Unauthorised history of dx Simon & Schuster
The full explosive story of wrestling`s most outspoken and outrageous faction -- both inside and outside the ring.
9781424011179 Waring R. Footprint Reading Library 2200: A Chinese Artist In Harlem National Geographic ELT
Suitable for English language learners, this non-fiction reading series presents real-world stories in print, audio, and video. It offers a selection of engaging non-fiction, grouped into five themes: Incredible Animals, Fascinating Places, Remarkable People, Exciting Activities, and Amazing Science.
9780440245261 Lara Adrian Shades Of Midnight Random House (USA)
9783899552560 Klanten, Robert Kupetz, Andrej Once upon a chair Gestalten
9780553580280 Brown, Rita Mae Catch as Cat Can Random House (USA)
9780451230683 Christopher, Paul The Templar Throne Random House (USA)
9781844571901 Macnab, Geoffrey Screen Epiphanies Macmillan ELT
Screen Epiphanies brings together leading filmmakers from around the world to reflect on the films that inspired them to pursue a career in cinema or to rethink their own practice.This beautifully-illustrated volumeincludes contributions from Danny Boyle, Anthony Minghella, Martin Scorsese, Mira Nair and Lars von Trier.
9780141036472 Eleanor Moran Mr Almost Right Penguin Books Ltd
9780141039947 Amanda Brookfield Before I Knew You Penguin Books Ltd
9780141042787 Maxwell, Martel Scandalous Penguin Books Ltd
9780007255931 Sansom Ian Bad Book Affair HarperCollins UK
The Bad Book Affair features the magnificently hapless Israel Armstrong -- the duffle-coat wearing, navel-gazing Jewish librarian who solves crimes, mysteries, and domestic problems whilst driving a mobile library around the north coast of Ireland.
9780131912755 Maurer Focus on Grammar Level 5 Book and Audio CD Package Pearson Education
9782940411085 Hilary Collins Creative Research: the Theory and Thames & Hudson
9781604061772 Hector Ferral Interventional Radiology Thieme Verlagsgruppe
RadCases contains cases selected to simulate everything that you'll see on your rounds, rotations, and exams. RadCases also helps you identify the correct differential diagnosis for each case including the most critical.RadCases covers:Cardiac Imaging, Interventional Radiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Neuro Imaging, Thoracic Imaging, Pediatric Imaging, Gastrointestinal Imaging, Breast Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound Imaging, Head and Neck Imaging, Genitourinary ImagingEach RadCases title features 100 carefully selected, must-know cases documented with clear,high-quality radiographs. The organization provides maximum ease of use for self-assessment.Each case begins with the clinical presentation on the right-hand page; simply turn the page forimaging findings, differential diagnoses, the definitive diagnosis, essential facts, and more.Each RadCases title includes a scratch-off code that allows 12 months of access to a searchable online database of all 100 cases from the book plus an additional 150 cases in that book's specialty - 250 cases in total!Learn your cases, diagnose with confidence and pass your exams. RadCases.Interventional Radiology will enable you to diagnose the full range of vascular and nonvascular cases.Features of Interventional Radiology:- Numerous high-resolution 3-D radiographs demonstrating the mechanics of the vascular system - A variety of common and uncommon presentations covering everything from acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding to superficial femoral artery stenosis - Examples of critical cases that must be diagnosed immediately to avert potential disaster in daily practice and on exams such as traumatic injury of the aorta
9783131305824 Torsten Bert M?ller MRI Parameters and Positioning Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Packed with information on the practical aspects of MRI, this user-friendly text covers everything from advice on optimal positioning of patients to recommendations for setting the appropriate scanning parameters. Each consistently organized chapter follows the chronology of a standard procedure - the authors present essential information on preparation and necessary materials first. Then they skilfully guide the readers through special considerations in positioning and coil selection, protocols for conducting the exam, examples of various sequences, and possible modifications. Numerous tips, tricks, and pointers explain how to avoid potential complications. Highlights of the second edition: 340 high-quality MRI scans and anatomical drawings New and expanded sections on MR angiography of pulmonary arteries and pelvic and leg vessels; the CARE Bolus Technique; whole-body MRI; and more Information on the latest protocols for MR urography, cholangiography, and colonography Consistent chapter structure for maximum accessibility on the job and at the MRI workstation Each section contains plenty of space on each page for personal notes A guide to the most important MRI studies, the second edition of MRI Parameters and Positioning is an indispensable companion for all radiologists, radiology residents, and radiologic technologists.
9780316087377 Vaz, Mark Cotta Eclipse: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion Hachette Book Group
9780746099223 Brooks, Felicity Young, Caroline 50 things to do with your toddler Usborne
A pack of cards with ideas and activities for parents and carers to do with very young children to aid their development. It contains 50 simple activities, games, rhymes and songs designed to encourage development and learning through play.
9780141046051 Lesley Pearse Father Unknown Penguin Books Ltd
9781409304494 Little red riding hood Penguin Books Ltd
9781405092371 Donaldson, Julia Smartest giant in town
9780521159326 English in Mind Second edition Level 2 DVD (PAL) Cambridge University Press
9780521713184 Rob Nicholas More! Level 4 Teacher's Resource Pack with Testbuilder CD-ROM/Audio CD Cambridge University Press
With dedicated reading, culture, grammar, vocabulary, skills and cross-curricular learning sections, plus a wide range of flexible components, you really do get more with MORE! Each level of MORE! contains 80-90 hours of class material. Teachers can draw on a wide range of multimedia components to make lessons and homework varied and enjoyable, such as the free Students Book CD-ROM, Testbuilder CD-ROM, DVDs, and MORE! Online which can be accessed via the course website. The Teacher's Resource Pack contains unit tests, review tests, and term tests, as well as entry-level tests and end-of-year tests. There are extra grammar practice and communication activities for each unit of the course. The free Testbuilder CD-ROM allows teachers to create their own tests. They can preview each test question before selecting it, and can create 'A' and 'B' versions of each test so that students sitting next to each other don't share answers. Exam skills (KET-, PET- and Trinity-style) questions are also available.
9780702033902 R. M. Kirk Basic Surgical Techniques International Edition Elsevier Science
9781416061274 George W. Holcomb Ashcraft's Pediatric Surgery Elsevier Science
9781605475776 Spear Surgery of the Breast: Principles & Art, 2 vols set, 3 ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This heavily illustrated two-volume atlas is the most comprehensive "how-to" reference on surgery of the breast. The world's leading surgeons describe and demonstrate the most advanced and successful techniques for all types of general surgery, aesthetic,
9780375834974 Dr Seuss, Seuss One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Book & CD Random House (USA)
9780671569013 Castle Jayne Zinnia Simon & Schuster
9780737747539 Hiber Amanda Alternative Lending Cengage Learning
9780765354303 Goodkind Terry Confessor Holtzbrink(MPS)

Descending into darkness, about to be overwhelmed by evil, those people still free are powerless to stop the coming dawn of a savage new world, while Richard faces the guilt of knowing that he must let it happen. Alone, he must bear the weight of a sin he dare not confess to the one person he loves...and has lost.
Join Richard and Kahlan in the concluding novel of one of the most remarkable and memorable journeys ever written. It started with one rule, and will end with the rule of all rules, the rule unwritten, the rule unspoken since the dawn of history.
When next the sun rises, the world will be forever changed.

9780765354716 Staten Joseph Contact Harvest Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780823014873 Wilsey Darren, Schwartz Daylle Deanna The Musician's Guide to Licensing Music: How to Get Your Music Into Film, TV, Advertising, Digital Media & Beyond Random House (USA)
9781400098118 Falk Florence On My Own: the art of Being a Woman alone Random House (USA)
9781414303086 Gilliam Connally Revelations of a Single Woman: Loving the Life I Didn't Expect
9781416915263 Buckley-Archer Linda The Time Travelers
9781933864181 Cuccurullo Sara J. Physical medicine and rehabilitation board review
9781894154475 Seagram Barbara 25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer
9780553593440 Johansen, Iris Notorious Random House (USA)
4607167314801 Le Kiosque 3 CD audio classe Hachette Book Group
9788498480139 Club Prisma A1 (Inicial) Carpeta De Recursos Para El Profesor Edinumen
9789620058776 Renshaw Boost! Level 1 Speaking Students Book with CD Pearson Education
9788861821231 Quaderni del PLIDA - B2 (libro + D)
9780194792240 Mansfield, Katherine Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 5: The Garden Party and Other Stories Oxford University Press
Oh, how delightful it is to fall in love for the first time! How exciting to go to your first dance when you are a girl of eighteen! But life can also be hard and cruel, if you are young and inexperienced and travelling alone across Europe . . . or if you are a child from the wrong social class . . . or a singer without work and the rent to be paid. Set in Europe and New Zealand, these nine stories by Katherine Mansfield dig deep beneath the appearances of life to show us the causes of human happiness and despair.
9788466778411 Fonetica. Nivel avanzado B2 + D Anaya ELE
9781405009805 Mellor Clark S et el Campaign 1 Student's Book Macmillan ELT
4607167315556 Market Leader Third Edition Intermediate Coursebook Audio CDs x2 Pearson Education
9781580114592 Ultimate Guide To Masonry and Concrete, 3rd Edition Creative Homeowner
9780194112307 Tomas, Lucia; Gil, Vicky Teddy's Train: Activity Book B Oxford University Press
9783190018604 Ausblick 1 Kursbuch Hueber
9780582778474 Hadfield, Jill Excellent! Level 3 Pearson Education
The Activity Book contains writing exercises and activities, listening tasks, surveys, puzzles and games. It is designed to extend and practise language from The Pupil`s Book.
9781416058922 Otto Valvular Heart Disease: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease, 3rd Edition 2009 Elsevier Science
Deals with questions on dysfunctions or abnormalities of the heart`s four valves. This book includes chapters on Cardiac MR and CT imaging for valvular heart disease; Genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of valvular disease; Bicuspid aortic valve disease; and Ischemic mitral regurgitation.
9781416055440 Gore High Yield Imaging: Gastrointestinal: Expert Radiology Series Elsevier Science
Part of the "High-Yield Imaging" series, this title lets you look up a diagnosis, confirm your suspicion, and move on to the next case. It presents 350 GI diagnoses, 1,200 optimally sized multi-modality clinical images, and at-a-glance bulleted text, to help you diagnose any GI disorder.
9788466764322 Gramatica Nivel medio B1 Anaya ELE
9781846039195 De Quesada Alejandro Us Coast Guard in World War II
9782011552310 Gallon Extra 1 Livre de l'eleve Hachette Book Group
9780515146998 Feehan, Christine Dark Curse Random House (USA)
4607167312616 C FCE in Eng NEd 1 CD x2 Cambridge University Press
9781437722505 Spaeth George L Ophthalmic Surgery: Principles and Practice Elsevier Science
Provides a full-color, step-by-step guidance you need to master useful ophthalmic surgery procedures. This title presents coverage of the surgical developments and video demonstrations of key techniques across subspecialties, including cataract, cornea, refractive, glaucoma, oculoplastic, extra-ocular muscle, and ocular tumor procedures.
9780307593450 Gopnik Adam The Table Comes First: Family, France, and the Meaning of Food Random House (USA)
9788497782036 Espanol En Marcha Basico Cuaderno de ejercicios +D (1) SGEL
9781408248133 Fly High Level 4 Active Teach Pearson Education
9780857071316 Griffiths, Mark Space Lizards Stole My Brain! Simon&Schuster UK
9780670921218 Kim Edwards The Lake of Dreams Penguin Books Ltd
9781444723595 King Stephen Four Past Midnight Hodder
9781844085941 Mary McCarthy The Company She Keeps Little, Brown
9783442465866 Glattauer D. Gut gegen Nordwind RH Germany
9781408276273 D H Lawrence PLPR5:British and American Short Stories Book and MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9783195416962 em neu 2008 Bruckenkurs, KB+AB, L. 1-5 +D Hueber
9783060200528 Jin; Rohrmann; Zbrankova Prima 1 Arbeitsbuch +D Cornelsen
9780194351096 Driscoll, Liz Get Set - Go!: 4: Workbook Oxford University Press
9780194440141 Phillips, Sarah; Morgan, Michaela; Slattery, Mary Incredible English 2: Activity Book Oxford University Press
9780194440110 Phillips, Sarah; Redpath, Peter Incredible English 5: Class Book Oxford University Press
9781405843430 Market Leader Pre-intermediate Teachers Resource Book Multi-ROM Pearson Education
9780194372220 McNamara, Tim Language Testing Oxford University Press
This accessible book examines issues such as test design, the rating process, validity, measurement, and the social dimension of language testing. It looks at both traditional and newer forms of language assessment, and the challenges posed by new views.
9780007902347 Shakespeare Hamlet HarperCollins UK
9780194574563 Hollett, Vicki Tech Talk Elementary: Class Audio CD Oxford University Press
9780194595414 MacAndrew, Richard Window on Britain: DVD Oxford University Press
9780194324571 Nolasco, Rob WOW!: 1. Teacher's Book (including Tests) Oxford University Press
9780194324588 Nolasco, Rob WOW!: Window on the World: 2: Teacher's Book (including Tests) Oxford University Press
9780194400954 Rose, Mary Dolphin Readers Level 2: A Visit to the City Oxford University Press
9780552158824 Kernick Simon Payback Random House
9780194535489 PET Masterclass:: Workbook Resource Pack Oxford University Press
9780194802864 Family and Friends Readers 5: Grace Darling Oxford University Press
9780194802925 Family and Friends 5: Class Audio CD Oxford University Press
9780194803076 Quintana, Jenny Family & Friends 6 Audio Class CD Oxford University Press
9781844665730 Upstream Pre-Int SB Express Publishing
9780194368933 English File Upper-Int: Class Audio CD (2) Oxford University Press
9780194368940 English File Upper-Int: Student's Audio CD Oxford University Press
9782090354669 Echo 3 cahier+CD+corriges Cle International
9782090336863 Champion 1 fichier d'evaluation Cle International
9782090335972 Vocabulaire 450 nouveaux exercices / intermediaire livre+corriges Cle International
9782090337211 Vocabulaire explique du francais / intermediaire-avance exercices Cle International
9781845583255 Set Sail! 4 Cl CD(2) Express Publishing
9780330489331 M Rice C,A Density of Souls Pan Macmillan
In New Orleans, four friends, Greg, Meredith, Brandon, and Stephen enter high school only to learn their friendship cannot withstand the envy and rage of adolescence. Five years later the four are drawn together when new facts on what once seemed like an accident reveal that in fact it was murder.
9783191315900 Alltag, Beruf & Co. 1, CD zum KB Hueber
9782266163743 Maupassant, Guy de Bel Ami Pocket
9780571253319 Carey, Peter Parrot and Olivier in America (Exp) Booker'10 Shortlist Faber
9781437717907 Jose Almeida Atlas of Endovascular Venous Surgery, Elsevier Science
9788847615885 . Bonechi
9782070321025 Modiano P. Un pedigree Gallimard-Folio
9780194237796 Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 2: World Wonders Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
What are the most beautiful, the most interesting, the most wonderful things in the world? The Great Pyramid, the Great Wall of China, the Panama Canal - everyone has their favourites. And there are natural wonders too - Mount Everest, Niagara Falls, and the Northern Lights, for example. Here is one person's choice of eleven wonders. Some of them are made by people, and others are natural. Everyone knows the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef - but what about the Iguaz Falls, or the old city of Petra? Come and discover new wonders ...
9780194756358 Q Skills for Success: Reading and Writing 4: Class CD Oxford University Press
9780194238663 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 1: The Enormous Turnip Oxford University Press
Read the tale of the man who pulls, and pulls, and pulls the enormous turnip, but cannot move it ...
9780194239318 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 3: Little Red Riding Hood Activity Book & Play Oxford University Press
9780194046794 Playtime: Starter, A & B: Teacher's Resource Pack Oxford University Press
The fun, new three-level British English course with fully integrated DVD motivating pre-schoolers to learn through memorable stories and songs.
9781409143345 Simon, Francesca & Ross, Tony Mr P's Naughty Book (Book/Unabridged CD) Orion Publishers
9781444000153 Simon, Francesca Horrid Henry 21 Orion Publishers
9780099570721 Cross Ethan Shepherd Random House
9781592537365 Foster John New Masters of Poster Design:Vol.2: Poster Design for This Century and Beyond Rockport/Rotovision
This second edition of New Masters of Poster Design, Two features the best poster designers currently working all over the world. This book brings back a handmade aesthetic that was really never lost, but is celebrating a resurgence among designers who are creating limited-edition prints and pieces for themselves and others that become keepsakes or pieces of art vs. the mass-generated designs we've all become accustomed to-and you won't see this collection of posters anywhere else. Strong visuals accompanied by captions and profiles will capture the essence of these collectible prints.
9780723435716 Bolognia, Jean L. Jorizzo, Joseph L. Schaffer, J Dermatology : expert consult premium edition - enhanced online features and print Elsevier Science
Description Dermatology, edited by world authorities Jean L. Bolognia, MD, Joseph L. Jorizzo, MD, and Julie V. Schaffer, MD, is an all-encompassing medical reference book that puts the latest practices in dermatologic diagnosis and treatment at your fingertips. It delivers more comprehensive coverage of basic science, clinical practice, pediatric dermatology, and dermatologic surgery than youll find in any other source. Whether youre a resident or an experienced practitioner, youll have the in-depth, expert, up-to-the-minute answers you need to overcome any challenge you face in practice. New to this edition Visualize more of the conditions you see in practice with over 3500 illustrations, of which over 1,400 are new: 1,039 clinical images, 398 pathology slides, and 152 schematics. Stay at the forefront of your field with updated treatment methods throughout, as well as an increased focus on patients with skin of color. Get an enhanced understanding of the foundations of dermatology in pathology, the clinical setting, and dermoscopy with a completely rewritten introductory chapter. Better comprehend the clinical-pathological relationship of skin disease with increased histologic coverage. Author Info By Jean L. Bolognia, MD, Professor of Dermatology, Department of Dermatology, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA; Joseph L. Jorizzo, MD, Professor and Former(Founding) Chair, Department of Dermatology, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC and Julie V. Schaffer, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics and Director of Pediatric Dermatology, Department of Dermatology, New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA
9780316186650 Dan Simmons Black Hills: A Novel Hachette Book Group
9780194324595 Nolasco, Rob WOW!: 3. Teacher's Book (including Tests) Oxford University Press
9781603202251 Editors of People Magazine People Before They Were Stars Hachette Book Group
9782070408757 Le Clezio, J.M.G. Poisson D'Or Gallimard-Folio
9783596112661 Mann Thomas Der Tod in Venedig
9782070368792 Gide, Andre Faux-Monnayeurs (Les) Gallimard-Folio
9780194383868 Gairns, Ruth; Redman, Stuart natural English Upper-Intermediate: Student's Audio CD Oxford University Press
Features a syllabus strand, which enables students to integrate frequent, natural language into their language framework. This title helps students learn to use real language naturally, through thinking and rehearsal time, confidence-building practice, and task-centred speaking. The listening syllabus teaches students how to listen.
9780194356060 Whitney, Norman Open Doors: 2: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
9780194324687 Nolasco, Rob WOW!: 3. Grammar and Practice Book Oxford University Press
9782070366071 Sartre, Jean-Paul Les Mots Gallimard-Folio
9780230423053 Straightforward 2Ed Elementary Student's Book Macmillan ELT
9780230424753 Laser 3ed A2 Workbook without key + CD Macmillan ELT
9783197118512 Schritte international 1, Digitales Unterrichtspaket Hueber
9780194598637 English File third edition: Pre-Intermediate: Class DVD Oxford University Press
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! A new edition of the best-selling English File the best way to get your students talking.
9780194598705 English File third edition: Elementary: Workbook without key and iChecker Oxford University Press
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! A new edition of the best-selling English File the best way to get your students talking.
9780230423077 Straightforward 2Ed Elementary Workbook (without Key)Pack Macmillan ELT
9781843227786 Wolfe, Jane Sleepy sheep
9781118007457 Perkins Building Type Basics for Senior Living, 2nd Edition Wiley
An essential guide to the architectural and interior design of senior living homes, including independent apartments, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. This second edition is updated with new examples of projects completed in recent years, and new or updated coverage of a number of topics, including design for the upcoming retiring Baby Boomers,sustainable design, renovations, international opportunities, operations,and projectfinancing.
9780847836567 Mary McFadden Rizzoli
Mary McFadden helped define the look of the 1970s with original clothing designs created from textiles picked up on her travels around the globe. With tunics of hand-painted fabrics layered over floating silk pants and pleated Fortuny-like gowns with elaborate embroidery, McFadden created a sensation in the fashion world. This volume explores McFaddens thirty-year career, from her debut in Vogue in 1972, launching her as a designer, to her subsequent status as a multimillion-dollar brand, famous for looks inspired by historical cultures as well as by her extensive art collection. McFadden was her own best model and was frequently photographed by legends such as Horst P. Horst, Richard Avedon, Sam Haskins, and Norman Parkinson, among others. Her passion and vision translated into wearable works of art that were as collectible as the antiquities that inspired them. This book features both her stunning portraits and singular designs, as well as the places and objects that inspired her. Unparalleled in her dual identities of fashion visionary and erudite art collector, this volume celebrates McFaddens inspiration and breadth as an incredibly influential tastemaker.
9780983270270 See The World Beautiful ACC-distribution titles
Texts By Luminaries Such As Peter Beard, Paul Johnson And Paul Smith Explain Where Fashion Meets Culture In Ethnic Populations In Latin America, Europe, Asia And The North America, And More.
9780521128469 Murray Writing Essays in English Language and Linguistics Cambridge Academ
English language and linguistics shares many of its writing conventions with those of other disciplines, but there are certain features and expectations that distinguish it as a subject. This book is written specifically to help undergraduate students of English language and linguistics develop the art of writing essays, projects and reports. Written by an author with over 30 years' experience of lecturing in the subject, it is a comprehensive and very readable resource and contains numerous discipline-related examples, practice exercises and an answer key. It includes chapters on referencing (including plagiarism, paraphrase and guidance on referencing styles), stylistic issues that often get overlooked, and writing a dissertation. The book offers practical guidance and a layout that guides students as they work though their project. It will be an invaluable reference tool that students can read cover to cover or dip into as and when required.
9781847491992 C?line, Louis-Ferdinand Guignol's Band Alma
9781408236796 Activate! Level B1 WBk + key/CD-Rom Pack NE Pearson Education
9781848877993 Tsiolkas C. The Slap TBS/GBS
9789814355070 Patil Popat M Discoveries In Pharmacological Sciences World Scientific Publishing
9783190012060 Sicher! B1+, Kursbuch Hueber
9780515144604 Griffin, W.E.B. Double Agents, The Random House (USA)
9782070384549 Modiano, Patrick Voyage de noces Gallimard-Folio
9780230424487 Straightforward 2Ed Upper-Intermediate Student's Book + Webcode Macmillan ELT
9782706115103 Bernadette Chovelon , Marie Barthe Expression et style B2-C1 : Francais de perfectionement
9789350255063 Pankaj Talwar Manual of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Clinical Embryology JayPee Brothers
This manual is a comprehensive guide to Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and Clinical Embryology. Beginning with an introduction to ART, the book discusses embryology and provides a step by step description of different types of ART. With cont
9780199735006 Daniel Caplivski Consultations in Infectious Disease A Case Based Approach to Diagnosis and Management Oxford Academ
9781408288733 Parker, Helen Penguin Kids WALL-E Level 5 Reader Pearson Education
9789350250525 Dinesh Vyas Comprehensive Textbook of Surgery JayPee Brothers
This textbook is a comprehensive guide to the field of surgery. Written for medical students, surgery residents and surgeons, in an easy to understand format, it is an invaluable resource offering practical advice on basic and new surgical diseases, options for diagnosis and treatment, and the management of complications. With contributions from recognised experts in the UK, USA and Asia, this book covers surgical-related issues of diseases in all parts of the body, with chapters on cardiology, renal and infectious diseases, obstetrics and gynaecology, and gastrointestinal conditions; emphasising the importance of trauma management and care. Also included is an introduction to the use of radiology, moving towards less invasive diagnosis and treatment with ultrasound machines.
9788477119531 Alonso, M. Embarque 1 ejercicios Edelsa
9783899554212 Taken by Surprise: Cutting-Edge Collaborations between Designers, Artists and Brands Gestalten
Anyone currently working in brand communication is facing fundamental yet compelling challenges. In an age in which we are flooded with information, consumers are becoming more critical and discerning. They are deploying ever finer filters so that only the most relevant pieces of information ever reach them. Because of this development, traditional brand and advertising messages are far less likely to be seen. Taken by Surprise is a collection of communication measures that are sophisticated and relevant enough to overcome these hurdles. They include limited special edition products and signature collaborations between brands, artists, and designers such as those between Julian Schnabel and Maybach, Issey Miyake and Dyson, Sagmeister and Levis, Olafur Eliasson and BMW, Jonathan Meese and Staehlemuehle, Terry Richardson and Colette as well as other innovative work by the likes of Damien Hirst, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, David Lynch, Geoff McFetridge, and Pharrell Williams.
9781617798504 Michos Kidney Development Springer
Over the last decade the development of new molecular biology tools, advanced microscopy, live imaging and systems biology approaches have revolutionized our conception of how embryonic development proceeds. One fundamental aspect of development biology is the concept of morphogenesis: understanding how a group of multipotent cells organize and differentiate into a complex organ. In Kidney Development: Methods and Protocols, expert researchers in the field detail different approaches to tackle kidney development. These approaches include culture and live imaging aspects of kidney development, analyzing the 3-dimensional aspects of branching morphogenesis as well as nephrogenesis, manipulation of the gene/protein expression during kidney development as well as in the adult kidney, and how to assess kidney malformation and disease. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and key tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.Authoritative and practical, Kidney Development: Methods and Protocols seeks to aid scientists in the further study of the process of morphogenesis which is fundamental important not only for studying developmental biology but also for regenerative medicine.
9780330541367 Bonansinga Jay, Kirkman Robert The Walking Dead Book 2 Pan Macmillan
9780330544511 Feldman Ellen Next to Love Pan Macmillan
9783642284144 Tosti Management of Complications of Cosmetic Procedures Springer
The demand for cosmetic procedures is increasing worldwide. This book presents all the potential side-effects and complications of the most frequently used procedures in aesthetic dermatology and provides sound practical advice on their management. It will be helpful not only to beginners but also to experienced dermatologists who want to start performing new procedures. The text is fully illustrated and very simple to consult. For each procedure, the book discusses both common and uncommon side-effects and complications, provides tips on how to avoid them, and explains clearly how they are best treated.
9783775724579 Sommerschuh, J-U Fairest of Them All Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Hatje Cantz
9782290335376 Merimee Carmen (13)
9780753432570 C. Gifford Football Skills Pan Macmillan
9788853012258 Quiles Margarita Barbera El secreto de romina+cd new ed CIDEB
9780007460601 Collins Skills for the TOEFL IBT Test HarperCollins UK
9789350256411 Corazon Yabes-Almirante, Franklin P Atencio & Blan Atlas of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, 2nd Edition JayPee Brothers
The second edition of this atlas has been fully updated to give students and practitioners a detailed guide on paediatric and adolescent gynaecology. Beginning with an introduction to the normal female patient, examining techniques and sonography, the following chapters discuss different obstetric and gynaecological conditions that may occur in childhood and adolescence. Nearly 450 colour images and illustrations, including 2D and 3D ultrasound pictures, help present actual cases. The first edition of this atlas was published in 2009 and was awarded the Outstanding Book of the Year Award, 2010, by the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Philippines.
9780194238632 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 1: Rumplestiltskin Activity Book & Play Oxford University Press
9780194238830 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 1: The Shoemaker and the Elves Activity Book & Play Oxford University Press
Read the famous tale of the old shoemaker. How do the elves help him?
9780194239196 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 2: Thumbelina Activity Book & Play Oxford University Press
9781471110481 Pozzo Di Borgo Philippe Second Wind Simon&Schuster UK
9781455746019 Wesley S. Moore Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Elsevier Science
9781437727920 Charles J. Cote A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children, Elsevier Science
9780751542974 Sparks Nicholas Best of Me Little, Brown
9780751547719 Lyndon Robert Hawk Quest Little, Brown
9781447124061 Suvarna Cardiac Pathology Springer
Cardiac disorders are an exciting area of classic pathology and recently defined disease. Cardiac Pathology: A Guide to Current Practice discusses the various disorders and also provides a backdrop of developmental embryology, diagnostic imaging and current therapeutics. Cardiac Pathology: A Guide to Current Practice aims to deliver in bench-book format a comprehensive overview of cardiac pathology that is relevant to those practicing in surgical pathology and autopsy arenas. Clear illustrations of the common styles of dissection are provided along with the normal anatomy and histology. Chapters cover the approach to the autopsy heart, ischemic heart disease, myocarditis, sudden death, valvular disease, transplant pathology, cardiomyopathy, cardiac neoplasia and congenital heart disease with a clear analysis of diagnostic criteria (macroscopic, microscopic and genetic) for both common cardiac diseases and those of rare format. The text is accompanied by high-quality macroscopic and microscopic images and references to other in-depth specialty data sources. Although aimed in particular at pathologists, Cardiac Pathology: A Guide to Current Practice should also be of value to cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and other professions allied to medicine.
9780451532114 Tolstoy Leo War and Peace Random House (USA)
9781408267608 Cosmic Level B2 Workbook & Audio CD Pack Pearson Education
9781408267653 Cosmic Level B2 Workbook Teachers Edition & Audio CD Pack Pearson Education
9789880025259 Boost! Vocabulary Level 3 Teachers Edition Pearson Education
9781609613068 Weinstein Bruce, Scarbrough Mark Grain Mains: 101 Recipes That Move Healthy Whole Grains to the Center of the Plate
9780007469420 Siklos Jenny Collins Work on Your Handwriting HarperCollins UK
9782070447442 Foenkinos, D. Nos separations Gallimard-Folio
9788853613936 Time For Dominoes - Digital Edition ELI
9788853603920 Team Up Starter Sb ELI
9788853603968 Team Up Starter Wb + Student'S Audio Cd ELI
9788853604002 Team Up Tb Starter + 2 Class Cds ELI
9788881483617 Plaisir De Lire Verte - La Petite Sir?ne - Book + Audio Cd ELI
9788881484348 Eli-Dictionnaire Illustr? Junior Fran?ais ELI
9781447925828 Doyle Arthur Conan Sherlock Holmes and Mystery Bk/MP3 Pk Pearson Education
9780007462919 Ashton Helen Collins Work on Your Accent HarperCollins UK
9780552159579 Gower, Iris Arian Random House
9781438000022 Strausser Jeffrey Painless English for Speakers of Other Languages Barron`s educational series, inc
This edition focuses on English for Speakers of Other Languages. Three titles in Barron s Painless Series are being updated in new, improved editions, and they all feature access to brand-new subject-related arcade game apps that will appeal to students. Books in the Painless Series cover most classroom subjects, and include a variety of fun features for students who find the subjects difficult and confusing or in some cases, just plain boring. Books Are written for middle school and high school students Feature cartoon-style illustrations and humorous approaches to subject matter Emphasise attention-catching ways students can put subjects to practical use Challenge students with puzzles, games, and Brain Tickler problems to solve and now with access to a fun app learning game
9781405908962 Doctor Who: Doctionary Penguin Books Ltd
Have you ever wondered what the Doctor is actually talking about? Are you burning to find out what the Blinovitch Limitation Effect is? Or what regeneration really is? In this book, the Doctor takes you through all those tricky Time Lord words and phrases to teach you everything you need to know for travelling through time and space in the TARDIS with him.
9788847606586 . Bonechi
9780552165952 Gower, Iris Dream Catcher Random House
9780099440789 Xinran Good Women Of China Random House
Talks about love, about how, despite cruelty, despite politics, the female urge to nurture and cherish remains. This work features women who are strong, strikingly resourceful characters and who offer unforgettable insights into Chinese women`s lives.
9782090353594 Grammaire Progressive Du Francais : Livre Perfectionnement Cle International
9782090380354 Francais.Com Nouvelle Edition : Livre De L'Eleve 1 & DVD-Rom Cle International
9782090380361 Francais.Com : Cahier D'Exercices 1 Cle International
9780764342264 Bespoke: Furniture from 101 International Artists Schiffer
A reaction to the disposable, mass-produced furniture born of the Industrial Revolution, custom designed studio and bespoke furniture has been around for many decades. Those who appreciate handcrafted excellence find this furniture adds richness and texture to interior design. This is substantial furniture that provides a satisfying visual and tactile impact. The experienced artisans who produce these useful works of art add handcrafted beauty to every piece. One hundred one artisans works are presented here from throughout the United States and around the world. Over 640 brilliant color photos reveal the unique and useful art objects each artisan creates to the readers. The engrossing text introduces readers to each of the artisans and their intentions. Readers will also find contact information for the artisans, their studios, and galleries. Three experts, Gary Inman, Thomas Throop, and Lewis Wexler, also contributed to the text.
9780345521347 Weir Alison Mary Boleyn: The Mistress of Kings Random House (USA)

"New York Times" bestselling author and noted British historian Alison Weir gives us the first full-scale, in-depth biography of Mary Boleyn, sister to Queen Anne as well as mistress to Anne's husband, Henry VIII--and one of the most misunderstood figures of the Tudor age. Making use of extensive original research," "Weir shares revelations on the ambitious Boleyn family and the likely nature of the relationship between the Boleyn sisters. Unraveling the truth about Mary's much-vaunted notoriety at the French court and her relations with King Francois I, Weir also explores Mary's role at the English court and how she became Henry VIII's lover. She tracks the probable course of their affair and investigates the truth behind Mary's notorious reputation. With new and compelling evidence, Weir presents the most conclusive answer to date on the paternity of Mary's children, long speculated to have been Henry VIII's progeny. Alison Weir pieces together a life steeped in mystery and misfortune, debunking centuries-old myths to give us the truth about Mary Boleyn, the so-called "great and infamous whore."
Look for special features inside. Join the Circle for author chats and more.

9783126758314 Mit Erfolg zum Goethe-Zertifikat B2, Testbuch Klett
9782090354966 Amis et compagnie 3 livre Cle Rel
9781853262104 Wharton The Age of Innocence Wordsworth
Into the world of propriety which composed the rigid code of old New York society returns the Countess Olenska, separated from her European husband and bearing with her an independence and impulsive awareness of life.'
9780521627078 Adrian Doff, Christopher Jones Language in Use Beginner Classroom Book Cambridge University Press
Language in Use is now available in four levels. The highly acclaimed and successful approach of Language in Use Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate is now extended downward in Language in Use Beginner. The Beginner level contains material for genuine beginners, and provides thorough language coverage through a systematic syllabus with constant recycling. The features which distinguish Language in Use include: - flexibility of content - dual syllabus of grammar and vocabulary units - clarity of tasks and language presentation - creativity and imaginative approaches - self-stuthrough the Workbook and Self-study Cassette The course contains 24 units, with special Study Page sections after every two units. There is also a Review section at the end of the course. The class work can be completed in around 80 hours.
9780714828657 Dutch Painting Phaidon Press Ltd.
The 17th century was the golden age of Dutch painting, with artists such as Rembrandt, Hals and Vermeer producing a large variety of work, from intimate portraits to dramatic seascapes. This book presents a selection of paintings that evoke the spirit of that age.
9780753811467 Gaarder j Maya Orion Publishers
A chance meeting on the Fijian island of Taveuni is the trigger for a mysterious novel that intertwines the stories of John Spooke, an English author who is grieving for his dead wife; Frank Andersen, a Norwegian evolutionary biologist estranged from his wife Vera; and a Spanish couple, Ana and Jose, who are absorbed in their love for each other
9780345384683 Turtledove Harry Guns of The South Random House (USA)
A "what if" story imagines what might happen if a band of white supremacists traveled back through time to alter the outcome of the Civil War.
9780486408781 Carroll Lewis Through The Looking-Glass Dover
The 1872 sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland finds Carroll’s inquisitive heroine in a fantastic land where everything is reversed. Alice encounters talking flowers, madcap kings and queens, and strange mythological characters when she becomes a pawn in a bizarre chess game involvi
9780486282152 Dreiser Theodore Short Stories Dover
Five powerful and original stories: "Free," "The Second Choice," "Married," "Nigger Jeff," and "The Lost Phoebe.".
9780521754286 Santiago Remacha Esteras Infotech Cambridge Academ
Infotech is a comprehensive course for intermediate level learners who need to be able to use the English of computing for study and work. Thoroughly revised and updated to take into account the fast moving world of computers and multimedia, it does not, however, require a specialist knowledge of computers on either the part of the student or teacher. The 30 units are organized into seven thematically linked sections and cover a wide range of subjects. Key features of the students book include: - development of all four skills - new Internet activities - authentic reading texts - emphasis on vocabulary acquisition - glossary of terms - grammar reference sections Infotech includes a Students Book; a Teachers Book; a Cassette; an Audio CD and a Website.
9780752265315 David Hulk Pan Macmillan
The Hulk returns in the only official novel to accompany the new film. Created in 1962 by Stan Lee for Marvel Comics. The Hulk has earned a place amongst the very few tasting comic-book superheroes. From this beginning came The Incredible Hulk TV series of the late 1970s starring Bilixby. Now, in summer 2003 the legend is to return in a dramatic big-screen adaptation that takes The Hulk back to his classic roots. Directed by Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), and starring Eric Bana (Black Hawk Down) and Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind), this will be a completely modern interpretation of the original Hulk story. The Hulk is depicted as a superhero and a monster, a wish fulfillment and a nightmare, and is projected into the dangers and aspirations of contemporary times. This is the novel of the must-see movie of 2003.
9788853012470 Destination DELF A1+R CIDEB
9788853012555 Palazon, Alegre Destino DELE A2 +R CIDEB
9781441104434 Heidegger and Nietzsche Continuum
9780749466572 Tovey David Principled Selling Kogan Page
The stereotypical salesperson is pushy, manipulative and persistent. Most people don't like buying from them - and many salespeople don't want to be like this - so the traditional hard sell consistently fails to get results. Buyer behaviour has changed and to win new deals salespeople need to respond to the reality of the business environment. "Principled Selling" gives you that response with a new approach to selling that gets you away from the stereotypes and gets you more sales. This highly effective, principled approach to business development helps you align your sales techniques with the new expectations of customers and clients. It gets people to buy from you again and again and gives you a real opportunity to get ahead of the game. If you'd like to increase your sales without ever having to cold call, this is the book for you.
9781935429982 Kuroda Kenji, Capcom U S A Inc Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 2
9780443073601 Robin Cooke Colour Atlas of Anatomical Pathology Elsevier Science
The majority of this collection of photographs of anatomical (gross) pathology are of unfixed specimens as seen at autopsy. For this new third edition some imaging, clinical photographs and endoscopic photographs have been introduced to set the pathology in clinical context.
9780486422732 Honda Isao Traditional Japanese Family Crests for Artists and Craftspeople Dover
Over 1,700 compact, graceful designs--a traditional part of many Japanese family histories--are featured in this handsome, versatile collection. Depicting plant, leaf, animal, and fan designs in circular motifs; astronomical images, and more, the authentic, permission-free crests are ideal for use a
9780486210308 Carl A History of Costume Dover
Egypt, Babylon, Greece up through 19th-century Europe; based on surviving pieces, art work, much more. Includes many clear, measured patterns for reproducing historic costumes. Full text. 595 illustrations. "Landmark in the field of Western European costume . . . exceptional value for its price." American Artist. Reprint of the 1928, English edition.
9781904633037 Bront? Charlotte Jane Eyre Collectors Library
Orphaned at an early age, Jane Eyre leads a bleak and lonely life, until she is employed as a governess at Thornfield Hall by the mysterious Mr Rochester - a man who guards a grim secret. This is a story of passionate love, travail and the triumph of an indomitable spirit.
9780521536646 Alan Maley Cambridge English Readers Level 5 Upper Intermediate A Tangled Web: Paperback Cambridge University Press
Dan Combes is a former MI6 agent living peacefully in France. After being attacked by a former colleague, he realises his relationship with the British Secret Service has not yet finished. He believes the attack is linked to his roles in Berlin and Central America. But that was over five years ago so why do they want him dead now? Dan returns to England and faces his difficult past - a web of lies and deceit. Cambridge English Readers is an exciting series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English. Graded into six levels - from beginner to advanced - the stories in this series provide easy and enjoyable reading on a wide range of contemporary topics and themes. Visit the Cambridge English Readers website for free resources: www.cambridge.org/elt/readers
9780521773720 Gunter Gerngross, Herbert Puchta Join In Starter Audio CD Cambridge University Press
Join In is a course for young learners of English. It consists of four levels, with an optional Starter level. * Its varied activities hold childrens interest. * It is easy to use, for teachers and pupils. * It has a communicative approach, so that children use English in a meaningful way. * It uses all aspects of childrens intelligences, making language learning a part of their overall development. * Children will love Toby the Tiger, who brings the stories and songs to life.
9781840009675 China modern Mitchell & Beazley
Interior designers will enjoy this beautifully illustrated volume of 39 interiors located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. Both private and commercial buildings are featured, including restaurants, resorts, and homes, in new and rovated locations. Many of the designs combine Asian materials an
9780443071836 Crawford Bain Treatment Planning In General Dental Practice Elsevier Science
On leaving dental school, most dentists are competent in a number of treatment modalities such as placing fillings, crowns and simple bridges, periodontal care and extraction. However, integrating all these aspects of care when they are faced by real patients with multiple problems is more difficult. In recent years, treatment options have become more sophisticated, patient expectations have risen and litigation for malpractice has become more common. All these factors have made it more important for the dentist to be able to produce a rational treatment plan and to communicate the various options to the patient effectively. This book addresses the difficulties young dentists face in providing their patients with integrated treatment and provides an introduction to treatment planning in general dental practice.
9780781747974 Kalimi Clinical Scenarios in Thoracic Surgery Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This unique case-based review of thoracic surgery offers excellent preparation for oral board examinations, which emphasize both general knowledge and case management. Written by recognized experts, the book presents a variety of cases covering the full spectrum of thoracic surgical diseases. Each case begins with the clinical presentation and proceeds to X-ray report, differential diagnosis, CT scan report, diagnosis and recommendation, surgical approach, outcome, and discussion. X-rays, CT scans, bronchoscopic photographs, and other relevant illustrations accompany the text. Some cases include postoperative complications and discussion of the causes, evaluation, and management of these complications.
9780330538626 Keane Jessie Nameless Pan Macmillan
9781920744670 Interiors Now - 80 Of Worlds Best Cb Images
Interiors Now is a collection of the world's most up-to-date and inspiring interiors. Including the luxurious and the practical, corporate and residential, the work of the best and most influential architects and interior designers from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, is showcased in this comprehensive, single-volume book. Divided into four categories, Corporate, Hospitality and Public, Retail, and Residential, each project is accompanied by a 200-word text, a brief biography of the firm, and contact information. Firms featured include Claudio Silvestrin, Fox & Fowle, Dominique Perault, OMA, Karim Rashid, EEA, Attilio Stocchi, SCDA, Studio Daniel Libeskind, VOX, Valerio Olgati, SARC, Behnisch, Diller & Scofido, Pugh + Scarpa, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Gehry & Partners, and Ron Arad.
9781584230014 Moore Vertigo-city in 21st century ROY.P.Jensen
9780330433839 Hearn Lian Brilliance of the Moon Pan Macmillan
The long-awaited third installment of the worldwide phenomenon and number-one international bestseller Tales of the Otori.
9780792303732 Bonucci Ultrastructure of Skeletal Tissue Springer
9781588292568 Wessells Urological Emergencies: A Practical Guide.2005 Springer
Practicing urologists and leading specialists summarize the optimal management of urgent and emergent urological conditions, so that physicians with limited urological training can take advantage of the incredible improvements in the management of acute urological problems. Up-to-date, evidence-based descriptions of the optimal diagnostic and therapeutic approaches cover a wide variety of conditions ranging from traumatic, infectious, and obstructive to hemorrhagic, iatrogenic, vascular, and congenital urological emergencies. The authors review relevant pathophysiological background and epidemiology, recommend necessary diagnostic testing, and provide detailed medical, surgical, and endourological management approaches.
9780755300709 Highmore, Julie Country Loving Hodder
Ruby and her husband Oliver, move to the country to enjoy a slower pace of life so Ruby can start work on her novel. She finds village life very seductive, the pub quiz, the summer fete and Hamish - the handsome journalist to whom she just can`t say no. Surely there`s no harm in a little crush?
9780446601245 Patterson James Kiss the Girls Hachette Book Group
As two serial killers terrorize different regions of America, the FBI begins to suspect that the two are competing with each other, and Washington, D.C. police detective Alex Cross embarks on a personal quest to find the perpetrators.
9780140189186 Klaus Mann Mephisto Penguin Books Ltd
Hendrik Hofgen is a man obsessed with becoming a famous actor. When the Nazis come to power in Germany, he renounces his Communist past and deserts his wife and mistress in order to keep on performing. His diabolical performance as Mephistopheles in Faust proves to be the stepping-stone he yearned for: attracting the attention of Hermann Goring.
9780747572596 Ondaatje, Michael The English Patient Bloomsbury
"English Patient" is the winner of the 1992 Booker Prize.
9783833115882 Alejandro Bahamon, ed Houses, Casas, Hauser Daedalus
The configuration of a home is always a current topic. This superlative illustrated volume presents contemporary architecture from around the world. The unique and notable work being done by contemporary architects is generously presented in this illustrated volume. Their designs can be understood as homes intended to be interpretations of life and the environment. Each of the forty examples included in "Houses" is represented by a wide array of perspectives and details of the houses, apartments and lofts that these sophisticated architects have developed; while exterior photographs and window views link them to the colours and forms of the surrounding landscapes. Older black and white images in some cases testify to the transformation achieved by a new design, while pictures taken by day and by night demonstrate how the proportions appear in natural and artificial light. The included floor plans show how the rooms work together and provide additional information about the textured relationship between the pubc and private areas of the houses. An extensive biography of and an interview with each architect elucidate their various drafts and the concepts behind their designs. Modern architecture is made accessible!
9781416030713 Mark Rubin Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series: Chemical Peels Elsevier Science
Introducing a new title in the "Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series", this lavishly illustrated reference provides practical guidance on the full range of chemical peel procedures, and is edited by one of the foremost pioneers in the field, Mark G. Rubin. It includes an instructional DVD with procedural video clips so you can implement the newest procedures in to your practice immediately!
9780007199051 Torey Hayden One Child HarperCollins UK
This beautiful and deeply moving tale recounts educational psychologist Torey Hayden's battle to unlock the emotions of a troubled and sexually abused child who, with the help of Hayden, was finally able to overcome her dark past and realise her full potential. Six-year-old Sheila was abandoned by her mother on a highway when she was four. A survivor of horrific abuse, she never spoke, never cried, and was placed in a class for severely retarded children after committing an atrocious act of violence against another child. Everyone thought Sheila was beyond salvation -- except her teacher, Torey Hayden. With patience, skill, and abiding love, she fought long and hard to release a haunted little girl from her secret nightmare -- and nurture the spark of genius she recognised trapped within Sheila's silence. This is the remarkable story of their journey together -- an odyssey of hope, courage, and inspiring devotion that opened the heart and mind of onest child to a new world of discovery and joy.
9780007194438 Barbara De Angelis How Did I Get Here? HarperCollins UK
Find your way back to happiness from wherever you are with self-help guru Barbara De Angelis. / We all encounter unforeseen obstacles in our lives, as a relationship or a job we were counting on vanishes. This book will teach you how to escape the past and navigate the unexpected to find a life of more purpose, contentment and joy. / Even when a person's life seems perfect from the outside, they can often feel dissatisfied; that there is a gap between the life they mapped out and the life they ended up with. Bestselling author Barbara De Angelis teaches us how to combat this feeling. / Discover how to deal with personal crisis, both dramatic and gradual, including divorce, unemployment, boredom and restlessness. / If you have realised that the life you have doesn't fulfil you, this book gives you the practical tools, wisdom and inspiration to turn it around.
9780007133635 Piers Vitebsky The Reindeer People: Living with Animals and Spirits in Siberia HarperCollins UK
9780521615273 Vanessa Jakeman, Clare McDowell Action Plan for IELTS Academic Module Self-study Pack (Self-study Student's Book and Audio CD) Cambridge University Press
Action Plan for IELTS is a short, self-study guide for students about to take the IELTS test. The book is organized by paper and examines each question type in detail. It gives students a last-minute action plan, providing examples, mini practice tasks and strategies to maximize their band score in the test. Action Plan for IELTS is available for both the Academic and General Training module. The Academic module is suitable for students around Band 6+ and the General Training module for students around Band 5+.
9780521606714 Ann Baker Ship or Sheep? Third edition Book Cambridge University Press
This is a revised and updated edition of the classic pronunciation title Ship or Sheep? This new edition of Ship or Sheep?, an accessible intermediate-level pronunciation course in full colour for students of English, provides systematic practice of English pronunciation, with an emphasis on minimal pairs, through a wide variety of interesting exercises and activities. The course is suitable for classroom use or for self-study and is available accompanied by a set of 3 audio CDs in a pack or separately as a book.
9784431703303 Takahashi Operative Treatment of Pelvic Tumors Springer
This important reference book presents the experience of Japanese surgeons in the operative treatment of bone and soft-tissue tumors arising in and around the pelvis. Drawing on more than three decades of work in the field, the authors chart the progress they have witnessed and helped to bring about in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic tumors. Among those developments are improvements in imaging and other diagnostic methodologies, as well as advancements in microsurgery, methods of irradiation, and adjuvant chemotherapy. Major sections of the book include surgical anatomy, histological classification, biopsy, preparation, surgical approach, reconstructive surgery, and complications and sequelae. Seventeen illustrative cases present the outcomes of a broad spectrum of operative treatments, creating a valuable resource and reference for orthopedic surgeons, oncologists, and all who are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic tumors.
9781741042245 Northern territory & central aust Lonely Planet
Part of the Lonely Planet Regional Guide Series. The only stand alone guidebook to the Northern Territory, home to some of Australia's most iconic natural wonders.
9780471372172 G. Shashidhar Pai Handbook of Chromosomal Syndromes Wiley
Consisting of more than 200 chromosomal aneuploidy syndromes, the Handbook Chromosomal Syndromes is the up-to-date reference to focus exclusively on clinical syndromes due to chromosomal abnormalities. For each syndrome, easy-to-use guide offers a complete description of clinical presentation, with illustrations, as well as information on behavioral aspects, life expectancy, diagnosis, and cytogenetics. Features of the text include: A section devoted to the nomenclature of chromosome abnormalities Pictorial material suitable to be shown to patient populations Descriptions of the phenotype in tabular and text form for quick and easy reference Ideograms for each entry A list of key references
9780764516337 Ed Tittel Windows Server 2003 For Dummies Wiley
This is the perfect handbook for those who need to deploy, install, and configure installations, upgrade from previous versions, understand network addresses, manage day-to-day operations, configure storage, manage users and groups, implement security measures, configure mail services, and perform other vital administrative tasks. It covers the enhanced features and updates of the new version including the Microsoft .NET framework, Active Directory and its new drag and drop object management, Internet Information Server, and the Microsoft Management Console.
9781859419281 Ward Introduction to Critical Legal Theory Taylor&Francis
Provides an introduction to the study of law and legal theory. This book covers the seminal movements in legal thought, with the ideas of jurists as Aristotle, Hobbes and Kant, Marx, Foucault, and Dworkin. It also introduces the reader to the philosophy, the economics and the politics of law. It is meant for both students and teachers.
9780198571353 Hakim, Alan; Clunie, Gavin; Haq, Inam Oxford Handbook of Rheumatology Oxford Academ
This unique, pocket guide emphasizes the clinical evidence-based approach to Rheumatology. Based on the content of the Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology, it provides concise, practical guidelines to the management and diagnosis of patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal disease. This new edition has been extensively updated with new chapters.
9783131420718 Schuenke et al General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System (THIEME Atlas of Anatomy) Thieme Verlagsgruppe
The Prometheus series features: A clinically oriented approach to anatomy A complete survey of gross anatomy Clinical references in both the images and the text The Prometheus series is an easy to use learning tool with: Visually oriented, consistent chapter layouts throughout the book Clear, concise study units focused on a single topic, presented in two-page spreads. Tables that summarize contents for review Original color illustrations created with exceptional quality and detail, with a clear view of important structures.
9783131398116 Eiko Petersen Infections in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Textbook and Atlas Thieme Verlagsgruppe
An essential reference, lavishly illustratedWith its stunning array of photographs, figures, and histopathological images, this unique volume is the most comprehensive guide available to the subtleties and complexities of infections in gynecology. Drawing on the author's expertise as both a physician and a researcher, the book's many special features include:-A state-of-the-art overview of all relevant pathogens, their significance and their effects on the immune system, as well as their detection in the laboratory-Extensive coverage of all gynecologic infections: infections during pregnancy, peripartal and puerperal infections, breast inflammation, sexually transmitted infections, helminthic infections, self-induced infections, and more -Detailed discussions of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infections, with flow charts, tables, and essential information on vaccinations and drug interactions-An innovative structure designed to help the reader locate and remember key points and conceptsTimely and indispensable, Infections in Gynecology encourages interdisciplinary interaction throughout, making it ideal for day-to-day use in the clinic and the classroom.
9780752865157 Alone Orion Publishers
A man is shot to protect his wife and child - and a crime reaches back 25 years...
9780340897577 Qiu Xiaolong When red is black Hodder
9780061139734 Anna G.Canizares 150 Best Apartament Ideas HarperCollins USA
Offers a collection of apartments from all over the world, devised by distinguished international architects and designers who have worked to achieve practical, innovative, and stunning solutions adapted to the specific needs and particular tastes of their clients. This book also expresses the diversity of trends in apartment design.
9780061137587 Bujold Lois Mcmaster Sharing Knife HarperCollins USA
The Hugo Award-winning author of Paladin of Souls and The Hallowed Hunt returns with an enthralling new romantic fantasy -- the first in an epic two-volume saga
9780060775001 Macpherson Hysterical Blondeness HarperCollins USA
Shy Patricia Stillwell finally finds out if blondes really do have more fun in this rollicking, hilarious new romance from Suzanne Macpherson.
9780141029870 Plum Sykes The Debutante Divorcee
9780443103971 McIntosh Forfar and Arneil's Textbook of Pediatrics 7th Elsevier Science
9783131417213 Velia Wortman Chow Pocket Atlas of Acupuncture Thieme Verlagsgruppe
The PA of Acupuncture provides the reader with a brief overview of the history of acupuncture in China and Europe, it describes the underlying principles of Chinese medicine and how it differs from Western medicine, and it looks at the way Western medicine attempts to explain the effects achieved by acupuncture therapy. The main focus of this book is the presentation of the 361 classic acupuncture points giving details of their locations, the way they are classified, their actions and indications, as well as the needling techniques to be used. On the pages facing the descriptions, there are precise anatomical drawings showing the paths of the channels and the points located on them.
9783135112053 Wolfgang Dauber Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy: Founded by Heinz Feneis Thieme Verlagsgruppe
A most valuable working pocket book for anyone in the field of anatomy and medicine--Roger Warwick, University of LondonEither as an illustrated dictionary or comprehensive atlas, this handy book has served healthcare professionals across disciplines as a trusted companion for decades. Now fully updated with more than 1,250 new entries, the Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy is ready for a new generation.Features include:-Concise definitions of more than 8,000 terms enhanced with hundreds of vivid, elegant illustrations. -Coverage of all of the body's major organs and systems.-Easy access -- clearly organized, color-coded hierarchies.-Up-to-date nomenclature according to the Federative Committee on Anatomical Terminology (FCAT).-Comprehensive indexes in Latin and English. -Compact, durable design -- it fits in your pocket!The perfect combination of both cutting-edge and time-tested features make the Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy the best choice for physicians, physical therapists, medical students, nurses, dentists, physician's assistants -- quite simply, anyone who works with the human body.
9780199298730 Sipri Yearbook 2006 Oxford Academ
The 37th edition of the SIPRI Yearbook analyses key developments in 2005 in security and conflicts; military spending and armaments; non-proliferation; arms control; and disarmament. This major publication will also contain extensive annexes on arms control and disarmament agreements, and a chronology of security- and arms-control related events.
9783791335278 Jodidio, Philip Architecture: Nature Prestel Publishing Limited
Demonstrates the many forms that the interplay between built structures and their environment can take, in projects such as: Frank Lloyd Wright`s residential house Fallingwater in Bear Run, Philadelphia; and Miho Museum in Japan built by I M Pei. He examines aspects of the relationship between nature and architecture such as nature as inspiration.
9780099909507 Hemingway Torrents of Spring Random House
Spring is coming to the small towns of Michigan, but the snow still covers the land when Scripps O`Neil sets of for Chicago, decides to stop a while in Petoskey, and meets up with Yogi Johnson. Subtitled "A Romantic Novel in Honour of the Passing of a Great Race", this work parodies the themes and styles of the `great race` of writers.
9780500976340 Watson, Oliver Ceramics from Islamic Lands Thames & Hudson
Presents a comprehensive history of ceramics from Islamic lands. This book provides a whole framework for the understanding and study of Islamic ceramics. It is of great interest to the general reader, as well as being a useful reference work for students and specialists.
9788884917324 Attilio Terragni The Terragni Atlas Thames & Hudson
9780849392818 Frank Desiere Personalized Nutrition Taylor&Francis
Combining biomedical and social science with contributions from leaders in both fields, this book illustrates molecular, physiological, epidemiological, and public health aspects with examples from major diseases and discusses the behavioral, ethical, and consumer perspectives that influence a successful introduction of personalized nutrition.
9782940361496 Instant Graphics Rockport/Rotovision
Explores how clip art and digital imagery have transcended their original purpose of cut-and-paste tools for home designers. Both clip art and digital imagery are vital components in a range of work, and this book explains their importance in all aspects of graphic design. It features colour illustrations, along with source notes.
9781904633686 Doyle Arthur Conan Case-Book Of Sherlock Holmes Collectors Library
These were the last 12 stories Conan Doyle wrote about Holmes and Watson. They reflect the disillusioned world of the 1920s in which they were written, and Doyle can be seen to take advantage of the new, more open conventions in fiction.
9783540296263 Scarabino Emergency Neuroradiology Springer
The book is directed at emergency radiologists and neuroradiologists. It aims at providing exhaustive information that will help the reader understand the clinical problems in the full range of neurological emergencies and to select the methodological and technical options that will ensure prompt and effective response and correct interpretation of the clinical findings.The various chapters address the most common neuroradiological emergencies, summarize their fundamental physiopathological features, describe the main semiological and differential diagnostic features, and provide operative suggestions for the selection of the appropriate techniques to be applied in a sequential order.The book addresses the application of state-of-the-art techniques and their implications for clinical practice (particularly the contributions of standard and functional MRI and of spiral and multislice CT). The illustrations provide not only training but also reference material for routine clinical work.
9780123694126 Charles Meadow Text Information Retrieval Systems, 3rd Edition Emerald
Dealing with computer-based retrieval systems, this book covers the nature of information, how it is organized for use by a computer, how search functions are carried out, and the theory underlying these functions. It also discusses the interaction between user and system and how retrieved items, users, and complete systems are evaluated.
9781400031702 Tartt, Donna The Secret History Random House (USA)
9780781764674 Sculco Hospital for Special Surgery Orthopaedics Manual Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Prepare yourself for the challenges of orthopaedic surgery…With guidance from one of the world’s leading hospitals!Hospital for Special Surgery Orthopaedic ManualCreated by residents and attending physicians at New York's Hospital for Special Surgery, this manual is a practical, concise, reference for orthopaedic residents.  The book’s content is drawn from Hospital for Special Surgery residency lectures, attendings' teaching points, and leading textbooks and journal articles.This dynamic surgical manual includes… Rotation-based organization—including general/basic science, arthroplasty, fractures, pediatrics, tumors, sports, spine, foot and ankle, and hand—delivers need-to-know information in a format that’s easy to navigate. Authoritative perspectives from clinicians at one of the leading orthopaedic programs in the United States let you benefit from the experience of internationally acclaimed practitioners. Abundant photographs and illustrations clarify both specific pathologic features and surgical techniques. User-friendly design allows you to access essential information quickly.
9780486997469 Sovak Jan Dinosaur CD-ROM and Book Dover
9788854401532 Children (Cubebook) White Star
9780340752456 Pilcher Rosamunde September Hodder
As spring comes to Scotland and the hills burst into life, a dance is planned for September. The invitations summon home the group of people Violet Aird has cared for most in her long life. Far from them all is Pandora, the glamorous, exciting girl who ran away twenty years before. All will converge on Scotland this September.
9780521686266 Margaret Johnson Cambridge English Readers Level 5 Upper Intermediate All I Want: Book with Audio CDs (3) Pack Cambridge University Press
Modern, original fiction for learners of English. Alex is a 30-year-old art gallery assistant and hopelessly in love with her boss, Brad. Then, an incident at the gallery means they have to spend a few days at Brads country house. This is Alexs opportunity to impress but nothing seems to go the way she planned. A surprise guest and a Christmas party help Alex to discover what she really, really wants.
9780521689519 Nick Bilbrough Dialogue Activities Paperback Cambridge University Press
Using dialogues in different contexts, this book provides over 100 practical activities for teachers to adapt for their classrooms. These activities encourage learners to look at the English language through dialogues and spoken interaction from coursebooks, literature and media, as well as authentic conversation extracts. The book explores using dialogue to communicate personal meaning effectively. It covers dialogue as both 'product' and 'process' in language teaching and will encourage learners to look beyond conventional communicative strategies and practise spoken language in a fresh contextualized way.
9780764300554 Frances Johnson Compacts: Powder and Paint Schiffer
The application of make-up for women was made more convenient in the 1920s with the popularization of small container known as a "compact". Inside, pressed (compacted) face powder was housed with a cloth of feather "puff" applicator and a mirror for checking the job. In this book, Frances Johnson has compiled hundreds of different compacts of various materials, styles, and values along with delightful stories about girls who did or did not paint themselves up to attract boys. Her direct style is tinged with humor, making the compacts here all the more enjoyable. Prices with captions.
9780764314186 Tina Skinner Bright Ideas: Sunrooms & Conservatories Schiffer
This rich compendium of color photos shows interior and exterior shots of sunrooms, conservatories, greenhouses, and great glass walls will help homeowners, architects, and remodelers choose the perfect addition. These images will help you select the right style for your architecture, as well as your lifestyle. There are plenty of ideas for furnishing your indoor extension into the great outdoors, from formal dining areas to comfy family gathering spots. There are tub and pool rooms, patio rooms and indoor gardens, even kitchens and fanciful Florida rooms. If more than two people will use a new home addition, its important that both agree on styles and furnishings. Heres a great, one-stop planning resource to help mesh your individual tastes, with resources listed to help you make your vision a reality.
9780764316159 Dona Z. Meilach Fireplace Accessories Schiffer
Here is the first book that focuses on unique custom-made fireplace accessories as works of art by talented modern artist blacksmiths. Over 400 ideas for unusual fireplace designs reflect historical styles from Renaissance to Post-Modern. You will be amazed at the infinite effects that can be wrought from a bar of metal between the hammers and anvils of more than 100 master artist blacksmiths from nine countries. Youll learn to appreciate the forms that are used, from scrolls to carved animals, and to recognize their texturing, unusual handles and hinges, supports, and more. Fire screens, hoods, doors, andirons, grates, tongs, pokers, shovels, brooms, and their stands emerge as significant decorative items in todays homes. This is also a wonderful sourcebook for homeowners and designers seeking original art for their homes. You will marvel at the artistry, variety, and craftsmanship.
9780764320088 Elizabeth McMillian Deco & Streamline Architecture in L.A. Schiffer
Dramatic photos and fascinating text explore the rich angular ornament, towers, graphics, and exaggerated works created by architects and designers in 1920s to 1940s Los Angeles. Students and admirers of the Art Deco and Streamline styles will delight in the remarkable array of public buildings, office towers, theaters, restaurants, religious structures, apartments, hotels, and individual homes. Many of the leading architects of the era are featured, including Claude Beelman; Morgan, Walls & Clements; A.C. Martin; Walker & Eisen: and John & Donald B. Parkinson. Celebrating populist, progressive, machine-age Los Angeles, this wonderful book showcases the two main categories of Art Deco styles: the zigzag, perpendicular Deco style of the 1920s and the aerodynamic, cubist style of the Streamline 1930s and early 40s. Allied to these are the many L.A. works known as PWA and Classical Moderne, as well as the playful Regency Moderne. With both exterior and interior views, this is an essential reference and a stunning tribute to architectural expression in Los Angeles.
9780887408267 Elizabeth Scofield 20th Century Linens and Lace Schiffer
The exquisite and everyday beautiful linens and lace photographed for this book represent collectible household styles made in Europe and North America during the 20th century. Both rare and commonly found examples are included so that readers can learn to differentiate between the two groups. The chapters are organized by types of work, including Appenzell, Battenberg, Bobbin lace, chemical and other machine laces, crochet, cutwork, embroidery, linen damask, explained with origins and copies liberally discussed. The photographs are breathtaking, from over-all room settings to minute details. This is a visually exciting book. The price guide is a valuable tool for this expanding field of collectibles which seem to be undervalued when the quality and supply of fine examples are considered.
9785986570099 ()
, . / . / . .. . . . .. , .. . - .: , 2007. - 608 . : . : 18,5 . - ISBN 5-98657-009-. , . , , , . . .
9780007232161 Tracy Chevalier Girl With a Pearl Earring HarperCollins UK
Griet, the daughter of a tilemaker in 17th century Holland, obtains her first job, as a servant in Vermeer`s household. This book shows the reader, through Griet`s eyes, the family, the society of the town of Delft, and life with an obsessive genius. Griet loves being drawn into his artistic life, but the cost to her own survival may be high.
9781844080397 Du Maurier Daphne Jamaica inn Little, Brown
On a bitter November evening, young Mary Yellan journeys across the rainswept moors to Jamaica Inn to honour her mother`s dying request. The warning of the coachman echoes in her memory as, terrified of the inn`s brooding power, she becomes ensnared in the dark schemes enacted behind its walls.
9781844081790 Dunant,Sarah Transgressions Little, Brown
From the writer of `THE BIRTH OF VENUS` comes this psychological thriller where the means of survival are just as shocking as surrender.
9780751538564 Blundy,Anna My favourite poison Little, Brown
The latest adventures of Faith Zanetti, war correspondent
9780847827510 Federico Garolla Di Bard Dolce Italia Rizzoli
The glamor of Italy in the 1950s and 60s is captured in this chic and nostalgic volume of photographs from the newly opened archives of this pioneering paparazzo.
9780553586817 Brown Rita Mae Sour Puss Random House (USA)
9780571225316 Cheek Mavis Janice Gentle Gets Sexy Faber
9780571223107 Garland Alex The Coma Faber
From the internationally-renowned author of The Beach, a gripping mystery and stylistic tour de force that delves into the subconscious mind, with brilliantly disturbing results. The award-winning illustrations from Nicholas Garland make this a beautiful and atmospheric book.
9780571206926 Kundera Milan Laughable Loves Faber
This collection contains stories about the sport of love - Don Juanism, ageing, male and female power and seductions undertaken for all kinds of intriguing motives. Milan Kundera is author of "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" and "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting".
9780571228584 James P.D. Unnatural Causes Faber
Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh had been looking forward to a quiet holiday at his aunt`s cottage on Monksmere Head. However, all hope of peace is soon shattered by murder. The mutilated body of a local crime writer, Maurice Seaton, floats ashore in a drifting dinghy to drag Adam Dalgliesh into a macabre investigation.
9781416029342 Debra Moser Cardiac Nursing Elsevier Science
Part of the "Braunwalds Heart Disease" series, this work emphasizes both evidence-based practice and hands-on care in a high-tech, high-touch approach that meets the high-stakes needs of cardiac and critical care nurses.
9780702027376 John Forsythe Transplantation Elsevier Science
Part of the series "A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice", this volume gives a summary of the key topics within the specialty. Icons are used to highlight sections of text and key references. It is also supported by randomized clinical trials, systematic literature reviews, and meta-analysis or observational studies.
9780071485722 Tawfik Atlas of Gynecological Pathology. 2007 McGraw-Hill
Provides an overview of the field of gynecologic pathology. This reference features over 270 color photomicrographs, gross pathology studies, and illustrations.
9781588292971 Hutto Cecelia, Scott Gwendolyn B. Congenital and Perinatal Infections Springer
A distinguished panel of pediatric and infectious disease specialists present in an easily accessible format all the information needed to diagnose a wide variety of infections in both the pregnant woman and the neonate. Organized by specific infection or related infections, the book provides pertinent information about the epidemiology of each infection in the pregnant woman and her neonate, as well as the risk of transmission to the fetus or neonate, the spectrum of clinical disease, and a recommended approach to the diagnosis of the infection in both the mother and neonate. The emphasis is on understanding what tests to order and how to interpret the results, with the approach to diagnosis in each chapter encompassing, not only the pregnant woman, but also her neonate. The book covers a wide range of microorganisms that are both common and uncommon causes of congenital and perinatal infections, including the herpes simplex virus, HIV, toxoplasmosis, syphilis, CMV, tuberculosis, malaria, dengue, lymphocytic choriomeningtis virus, and parvovirus.
9781402072604 Berrar Daniel P., Dubitzky Werner, Granzow Martin A Practical Approach to Microarray Data Analysis Springer
A Practical Approach to Microarray Data Analysis is for all life scientists, statisticians, computer experts, technology developers, managers, and other professionals tasked with developing, deploying, and using microarray technology including the necessary computational infrastructure and analytical tools. The book addresses the requirement of scientists and researchers to gain a basic understanding of microarray analysis methodologies and tools. It is intended for students, teachers, researchers, and research managers who want to understand the state of the art and of the presented methodologies and the areas in which gaps in our knowledge demand further research and development. The book is designed to be used by the practicing professional tasked with the design and analysis of microarray experiments or as a text for a senior undergraduate- or graduate level course in analytical genetics, biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, statistics and data mining, or applied computer science. Key topics covered include: -Format of result from data analysis, analytical modeling/experimentation; -Validation of analytical results; -Data analysis/Modeling task; -Analysis/modeling tools; -Scientific questions, goals, and tasks; -Application; -Data analysis methods; -Criteria for assessing analysis methodologies, models, and tools.
9780387307138 Stets Handbook of the Sociology of Emotions Springer
For almost thirty years, sociologists have increasingly theorized about and conducted research on human emotions. Surprisingly, it was not until the 1970s that the sociology of emotions emerged as a coherent field of inquiry. What makes this late date surprising is that it is now obvious that human behavior, interaction, and organization are driven by emotions. It was an immense oversight for emotions to be de-emphasized in sociological theorizing and research for most of its 175 year history. Since the 1970s, however, the study of emotions has accelerated and is now at the forefront of sociological analysis. This book is designed to bring the reader up to date on the theory and research traditions that have proliferated in the analysis of human emotions. Key figures who have carried the sociology of emotions to its current level of prominence review their own work and the work of others who have made contributions to a particular approach to the study of emotions. The outcome is a comprehensive book that serves as a primer on the cutting edge of&nbsp;sociological work in what is obviously a key dynamic in human affairs. The first section of the book addresses the range of emotions and how they can be classified, the neurological underpinnings of emotions, and the effect of gender on emotions. The second section reviews the prominent sociological theories of emotions, including theories emphasizing power and status, rituals, identity and self, psychoanalytic dynamics, exchange, expectation states, and evolution.While there is little integration among these theories, this state of affairs will not last forever. The third section addresses theory and research on specific emotions such as love, jealousy and envy, empathy, sympathy, anger, grief, and the moral emotions. While this list does not exhaust the range of human feeling, they are central emotions that drive human behavior, interaction, and social organization. The last section explores how the study of emotions has added new insight into other subfields within sociology such as the study of the workplace, health, and social movements. These chapters illustrate how the sociology of emotions can provide new research and theory for the large numbers of specialties within sociology.Although no book can completely cover a field, even a relatively new one like the sociology of emotions, this Handbook of the Sociology of Emotions comes close to being comprehensive. The reader will come away with a greater appreciation for how far the sociology of emotions has developed and prospered over the last thirty years.
9783540470700 Myers, Eugene N., Ferris, Robert L. (Eds.) Salivary Gland Disorders Springer
Management of salivary disorders encompasses a broad array of diseases, both benign and malignant. To better demonstrate the evolution of this field and its diagnostic and therapeutic management, the contents of this book have been organized to reflect the diverse nature of salivary gland anatomy, physiology, and dysfunction in various states of disease. This text first addresses practical office-based diagnostic approaches. It continues with congenital and acquired salivary dysfunction, including the goals for restoration of gland function. The third portion of this book provides detailed information on assessment and therapy for benign and malignant tumors of the major and minor salivary glands. Each chapter is authored by internationally known authorities in this field. Illustrative photographs and sketches are included in each chapter, to demonstrate the disorders and surgical techniques described. In summary, this comprehensive book serves as a useful reference and practical manual for clinicians dealing with salivary gland disorders. Whether as an introductory or advanced reference text, the reader will find that this book fulfills an important role in the management of salivary gland diseases.
9780330420051 Taraborrelli J Randy Michael Jackson Pb Pan Macmillan
This biography of Michael Jackson includes the behind-the-scenes story to many of the landmarks in his life - his legal and commercial battles, his marriages, his passions and addictions and his children.
9780330351454 Hamilton Peter F The Naked God Pan Macmillan
After the multi-layered, multi-dramatic events described in "The Reality Dysfunction" and "The Neutronium Alchemist", here is the climax. Joshua Calvert and Syrinx fly their starships on a mission to find the "Sleeping God" - which an alien race believes holds the key to overthrowing the possessed.
9780330446334 Hearn Lian Harsh Cry of the Heron Pan Macmillan
9780330449694 Kasischke Laura Be Mine Pan Macmillan
9780330442725 Harwood Louise Hippy Chick Pan Macmillan
9781405050586 Riddell Chris Ottoline Goes to School Pan Macmillan
Meet Ottoline and her hairy, helpful friend Mr Munroe. No secret is ever too scary for the two of them to discover together. Ottoline is off to the Alice B Smith School for the Differently Gifted. Mr Munroe is worried about the ghost who is said to haunt the school halls at night. Does Ottoline discover how to be different and expose the spook?
9780486412450 Stoff Joshua Aviation Firsts: 336 Questions and Answers Dover
9780486457758 Dunlop James Anatomical Diagrams for Art Students Dover
9780486434278 Morris William News from Nowhere Dover
9780486451473 Kipling Rudyard Puck of Pook's Hill Dover
9780486441702 Falla Manuel de El Amor Brujo and El Sombrero de Tres Picos for Solo Piano Dover
9780486414072 Appelbaum Stanley Medieval Tales and Stories: 108 Prose Narratives of the Middle Ages Dover
9780486997896 Grafton Carol Victorian Goods and Merchandise CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486996967 Normand Charles Neo-Classical Design CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486998893 Dover Renaissance Design Dover
9780300102635 Wlaschin Encyclopedia of Opera on Screen Yale University Press
9780764327599 Best of Today's Kitchen Design Schiffer
You will simply be blown away by the beauty of the hundreds of kitchens represented in this book. Leading designers and manufacturers share their best work in this compendium of extraordinary designs. More than 300 full-color images afford you the chance to study details for your own kitchen design projects, from cabinetry features and appliances, to color schemes, accessories, and overall room arrangement. All styles and schools of design are represented, from contemporary to traditional, from Southwestern to Old World. This is the most comprehensive portfolio book published on kitchen design in years, and an absolute bargain for those seeking inspiration from high-end designers. There is simply no other book on the market that offers readers this opportunity to tour hundreds of kitchens, all in one sitting.
9780515143379 Evans Longarm 345 Random House (USA)
Longarm learns of mounted marauders with strange costumes that seem to give them heads of flames. They're terrorizing locals and rustling rancher Carlton Barstows cattle. And its up to Longarm to send the Hell Riders to their namesake.

9780689877827 Wasserman Deadlysin #1 Lust Simon & Schuster
9780689877834 Wasserman Deadlysin #2 Envy Simon & Schuster
9780689877841 Wasserman Deadlysin #3 Pride Simon & Schuster
9781416908043 Carter How Many Bugs Box Mini Simon & Schuster
9780689820014 Gherman Norman Rockwell Simon & Schuster
9780743285025 Carter Jimmy Palestine Simon & Schuster
A tough-minded and controversial assessment of the prospects for peace in the Middle East by former President Jimmy Carter.
9781416540014 Doerr Anthony Four Seasons In Rome Simon & Schuster
9780753822210 Flynn Sharp Objects Orion Publishers
A dark, disturbing and intelligent thriller with elements of Heathers, Donna Tartt and The Bitch Goddess Notebook.
9780060773755 Sands, Lynsay Quick Bite, A HarperCollins USA
Lynsay Sands is bringing her hilarious voice and popular vampire series to Avon and weve got a new star on the rise!
9780060555955 Keyes Marian Sushi for Beginners HarperCollins USA
9781864702774 Harrison Design Associates Images
During its first decade, Harrison Design Associates has become a leader in the field of classical and traditional design. With offices in Georgia and California, its projects range in style from Mission Revival to magnificent Beaux-Arts Classicism. This volume is a detailed exploration of the firm's works to date.

With rich colour photographs, site renderings and plans, the reader visually tours the featured homes and shares the beauty of life in well-designed spaces. The variety of materials and sites will delight all who are interested in architecture.
9780443100437 Alethea Foster Podiatric Assessment and Management of the Diabetic Foot Elsevier Science
Describes how podiatrists can assess and manage the diabetic foot, and looks at how podiatric care should be adapted according to the type and stage of foot being dealt with. This book discusses the rationales behind podiatric treatments for diabetic feet.
9781416032021 Perry Pickhardt Atlas of Gastrointestinal Imaging: Radiologic-Endoscopic Correlation Elsevier Science
Offers information on gastrointestinal imaging techniques. This title guides you through the use of this technique as well as related CT imaging approaches for the entire GI tract. It features unique correlations between high-resolution CT images and traditional imaging studies that help you to see how the findings compare for various diagnosis.
9783899551976 Speed Kings Gestalten
It's a Satanic drag thing you wouldn't understand! It's not what you think it is. It's pure power, adrenaline, danger, suspense, Pin-Ups, passion and soul. Call it Rock 'n' Roll. Die Gestalten proudly present "Speed Kings", the hottest publication this summer is likely to see. "Speed Kings" presents photographs by Dirk Behlau that show the wonderful world of Drag racing. Dirk Behlaus photographs skillfully capture the primordial displays of power and high-tech, the eroticicsm of machines and the open flirtation with death and destruction. It was certainly not Jesus who built these Hotrods but dedicated people who create, drive and admire their time bombs like no-one else. Drag racing's individual brand of aesthetics fascinates an ever-growing community of fans all around the world. Drag racing is down-to-earth as well as accessible and affordable. Like we said, it's Rock 'n' Roll.
9783899551891 Lost Control Gestalten
Neasden Control Centre was the first book to feature the artist project of the same name. It shows how NCC uses talent, technique and a childlike perspective to create works that mix drawing, graphic design and art. Because these multi-disciplinary works are exactly in tune with the zeitgeist, the book achieved cult status in the design scene and is one of the most sought after out-of-print titles at dgv. Lost Control is the self-deprecating title of the new publication from the Neasden Headquarters. The book presents graphic design, installations and collages in NCC s incomparable style that always comes across as simultaneously spontaneous and calculated. These seemingly contradictory, but in NCC s work so coherently united characteristics give their work a powerful appeal. They are not only influencing creatives from around the world today, but are also increasingly recognised by clients such as Volkswagen and international museums such as the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. The majority of work featured in Lost Control was created by Neasden Control Centre exclusively for this book and is complemented by images from current commercial and artistic projects.
9781580113090 Design Ideas for Flooring Creative Homeowner
9780007240036 Proulx Annie Brokeback Mountain HarperCollins UK
Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar live lonely lives as ranch hands in the unforgiving landscape of Wyoming. They are `country boys with no prospects, both rough-mannered and tough-spoken`, glad to have found one another`s company where none had been expected. But, suddenly companionship becomes something else on Brokeback Mountain.
9780141442051 Winston Churchill The World Crisis 1911-1918 Penguin Books Ltd
Winston Churchill`s superlative account of the prelude to and events of the First World War is a defining work of twentieth-century history. With personal insights, this book serves as a testament to the author`s role in the Great War`s conduct and outcome and demonstrates his brilliance as a historian.
9780141004914 Clancy Tom Red Rabbit Penguin Books Ltd
Long before he was President, Jack Ryan was a novice CIA analyst. One of his first assignments was to debrief a high-level Soviet defector who told a tale of officials planning to assassinate Pope John Paul II. However, it turns out that not only the Pope, but the Western world is at stake.
9780141017532 Nicci Gerrard Solace Penguin Books Ltd
Irene has a husband, Adrian, three small children and although she doesn`t know it yet a marriage that is going wrong. When she discovers Adrian is having an affair, the family is blown apart. But as Irene soon realises, being alone can mean discovering freedom, elation and finding solace.
9780141028637 Guttersen, C Sonoma Diet, The Penguin Books Ltd
Using the Mediterranean style of eating and drinking - great, tasty foods such as tomatoes, fish and olive oil, and not forgetting wine! - the Sonoma diet works by using a balance of food groups to help you reduce weight quickly rather than cutting out vital ingredients that your body needs. This book deals with the Sonoma diet.
9781574448221 McMichael, Hordinsky Hair and Scalp Diseases: Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Treatments Taylor&Francis
Hair and Scalp Diseases: Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Treatments is a succinct and comprehensive guide examining the treatment of scalp and hair disorders, with a special concentration on ethnicity, hair type, and morphology of hair. Treatments that go beyond accepted US and international guidelines are incorporated, as the authors examine the use of off-label medications in case-sensitive scenarios.
9781856695428 Maki Custom Kicks (pb) Thames & Hudson
Helps in creating customized shoes. This book includes contributions from 150 artists and illustrators. It also examines the trend and asks: how did it start? What materials do the artists use? It contains tips and tricks on how to create customized shoes.
9780847830473 Daniel P. Gregory, Photography by Joe Fletcher Cliff May and the Modern Ranch House Rizzoli USA
The first monograph on the informal style of the modern ranch house.
9780192835994 Godwin Caleb Williams Oxford Academ
9780199202799 Doyle, Edward Paediatric Anaesthesia Oxford Academ
The authors of the handbook are a group of experienced paediatric anaesthetists who have each distilled their area of expertise into a concise summary of current best practice. The result is factual, practical, and easy to access.
9780345460790 Hemingway, Amanda The Greenstone Grail Random House (USA)
9780345460820 Hemingway, Amanda The Poisoned Crown Random House (USA)
9780385339117 Matsuoka, Takashi Autumn Bridge Random House (USA)
9781841384177 Our world weather Anova
9781591841838 Brafman, Ori; Beckstrom, Rod A. Starfish and the Spider, The Random House (USA)
9780142400876 Dahl Roald Umbrella Man Random House (USA)
9780099470489 Murdoch Iris Bell, the Random House
Dora Greenfield, erring wife, returns to live with her husband in a lay community encamped outside Imber Abbey, home to a mysterious enclosed order of nuns. Watched over by its devout director and the discreet authority of the wise old Abbess, Imber Court is a haven for lost souls seeking tranquility.
9780451412003 Slade, Michael Swastika Random House (USA)
9780142407097 Slate, Joseph /Wolff, Ashley Miss Bindergarten Has a Wild Day In Kind Random House (USA)
9780142301272 Slate, Joseph And Wolff, Ashley Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kinder Random House (USA)
9780142410219 Tiernan, Cate Sweep 6 Spellbound Random House (USA)
9780756403591 Williams, Tad Shadowmarch: Volume I Random House (USA)
9780521843614 Aneta Pavlenko Emotions and Multilingualism Cambridge Academ
How do bilinguals experience emotions? Do they perceive and express emotions similarly or differently in their respective languages? Does the first language remain forever the language of the heart? What role do emotions play in second language learning and in language attrition? Why do some writers prefer to write in their second language? In this provocative book, Pavlenko challenges the monolingual bias of modern linguistics and psychology and uses the lens of bi- and multilingualism to offer a fresh perspective on the relationship between language and emotions. Bringing together insights from the fields of linguistics, neurolinguistics, psychology, anthropology, psychoanalysis and literary theory, Pavlenko offers a comprehensive introduction to this cross-disciplinary movement. This is a highly readable and thought-provoking book that draws on empirical data and first hand accounts and offers invaluable advice for novice researchers. It will appeal to scholars and researchers across many disciplines.
9783131451514 Bernd Hamm Urogenital Imaging: Direct Diagnosis in Radiology Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Dx-Direct is a series of eleven Thieme books covering the main subspecialties in radiology. It includes all the cases you are most likely to see in your typical working day as a radiologist. For each condition or disease you will find the information you needwith just the right level of detail.Whether you are a resident or a trainee, preparing for board examinations or just looking for a superbly organized reference:Dx-Direct is the high-yield choice for you!The series covers the full spectrum of radiology subspecialties including:BrainGastrointestinalCardiacBreastUrogenitalVascularSpinalHead and NeckMusculoskeletalPediatricThoracicDx-Direct gets to the point:Definitions, Epidemiology, Etiology, and Imaging Signs Typical Presentation, Treatment Options, Course and Prognosis Differential Diagnosis, Tips and Pitfalls, and key References ... all combined with high-quality diagnostic images.
9783131243423 Helmut Madjar The Practice of Breast Ultrasound: Techniques, Findings, Differential Diagnosis Thieme Verlagsgruppe
The second edition of The Practice of Breast Ultrasound is an indispensable reference for the latest techniques in detecting common breast pathologies. New in this edition are guidelines for quality control and an expanded chapter on 3D scanning. More than 700 high-quality images, including new 100 images, demonstrate concepts of pathology and facilitate comprehension of diagnostic techniques. The book is organized into three main sections enabling radiologists, residents, and sonographers with various levels of expertise to rapidly locate topics of interest.Basic Course-Provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of breast ultrasound, equipment selection, and standard protocols for the examination-Reviews sonographic anatomy of the breast and axilla -Describes approaches to interpreting and managing common benign and malignant lesions -Includes a new chapter dedicated to the American College of Radiologys Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) that presents the lexicon and categories for feature analysis and quality assuranceIntermediate Course-Presents guidelines on how to use feature analysis in analyzing lesion findings -Discusses the complementary roles of ultrasound, mammography, and the clinical evaluation-Addresses a different pathological condition in each chapter-Features high-quality images as well as diagnostic checklists that apply the BI-RADS feature categories of shape, margins, boundaries, echo patterns, and effects on the surrounding tissue, enabling the clinician to perceive patterns associated with specific abnormalities and to arrive at interpretations that lead to appropriate patient management plansAdvanced Course-Presents the latest information about image-guided intervention for diagnosis, preoperative breast cancer staging, post-treatment follow-up, and advanced or investigational ultrasound technologies, such as 3D/4D ultrasound, real-time compound scanning, harmonics, wide field-of-view, Doppler techniques, and elastography
9780007275380 Ahern Cecelia Thanks for the memories HarperCollins UK
9780007225071 Jennifer Haigh The Condition HarperCollins UK
A year in the life of the members of the divided McKotch family, revealing their secrets and their conflicts
9781932026078 Graphis Designers USA No. 2 INTL HarperCollins USA
9780099517566 Croker, Charlie Still Lost in Translation: More misadventures in English abroad Random House
A sequel to the book "Lost in Translation".
9781416559191 P.Gregory The Boleyn Inheritance Simon & Schuster
9780743477468 Fern Michaels The marriage game Simon & Schuster
The mass-market paperback reprint of New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels` most recent hardcover, The Marriage Game, in which four ex-wives band together to get revenge against the man who married and quickly divorced each of them.
9780199115365 Oxford School Dictionary & Thesaurus Oxford University Press
Using the "Oxford Concise School Dictionary" on the top part of the page and the corresponding "Oxford Concise School Thesaurus" entries on the bottom, this combined work provides a one-stop shop for upper primary/lower secondary school users. It gives the word origins, pronunciation guides, idiomatic phrases and idioms, and example sentences.
9780415232944 Smithson Fundamentals of the Physical Environment Taylor&Francis
Fundamentals of the Physical Environment has established itself as a highly-respected core introductory textbook for students of physical geography and environmental sciences. The third edition of this popular textbook has been extensively revised to incorporate current thinking and knowledge in the area of physical geography and the environment whilst retaining its basic structure. A new example - Upper Wharfdale - has been taken as the theme of Chapter 1 to illustrate new ideas and concepts that can be used in the study of the environment.

A systems approach is taken to demonstrate how the various factors operating in the landscape can interact and how it can be used for us to decipher them. The nature of Earth and its oceans, the main processes of geomorphology and elements of ecosystems (soils and vegetation) are all explained. Since the second edition was published, uncertainties about the nature and extent of global climate and environmental change have become clarified.

Scientific evidence now points more reliably to patterns and rates of change exceeding earlier forecasts. There is now a more urgent need to understand the nature of global physical environments and their interactions with human societies. The chapter on climate change has been largely rewritten to reflect these rapidly changing ideas and information available.

The potential impacts on all other aspects of the natural environment are considered in other chapters, including the final section involving chapters on particularly sensitive environments such as polar regions, mountains and drylands. The structure of the book follows that of previous editions but chapters are arranged within new sections entitled Fundamentals, Atmosphere, Geosphere, Biosphere and Environments. New illustrations and diagrams have been added in most chapters.

Colour has been added in the diagrams to enhance the information displayed. This is particularly useful in maps where tonal variations give a clearer idea of the patterns indicated. Boxes are used extensively to indicate areas of special interest and illustrate key processes, new concepts, developments, applications or human impacts.

Specific features include: * A clearly structured and accessibly written text * Superb illustrations: 439 figures, 153 black and white photos, 24 colour plates * Glossary of terms and key words highlighted throughout the text * Global case studies with key linked research references * Annotated and updated further reading lists * Chapter summaries and key points boxes * Relevant web resources * Online diagrams importable into Powerpoint for overheads
9781592534135 1,000 jewelry inspirations Rockport/Rotovision
A visual sourcebook for crafters who will relish the opportunity to have so many images at their fingertips to inspire their own projects.
9781841846217 Waksman The Vulnerable Plaque, 2E Informa
Since publication of the First Edition, advances in the diagnosis and prevention and treatment strategies of the vulnerable plaque have necessitated this greatly expanded second edition. With several new chapters covering mainly diagnostic and treatment options, The Handbook of the Vulnerable Plaque will remain the benchmark text for all interventional cardiologists treating vulnerable patients by providing the physician with comprehensive insight into the world of the vulnerable plaque.
9781841845074 Poston Textbook Surgical Oncology Informa
Surgery alone cures more than 60% of those patients whose cancer are amenable to curative treatment. Surgical oncology is not universally accepted as a unified discipline worldwide. There are many reasons for this situation, including the drive to anatomic site specialization, but also the need to provide comprehensive 'general' surgical provision to more isolated and rural communities.
Textbook of Surgical Oncology, written by a highly acclaimed list of international authors, comprehensively covers the role of the surgical oncologist in the management of patients with solid tumors. This book provides a state of the art review of cancer surgery for senior residents approaching certification at the completion of their training as well as providing an up to date reference work for established clinicians in their day to day practice, including those in general surgery, surgical oncology, urologists, gynecologists, thoracic, neurosurgical, radiation oncologist and medical oncologists.
9780071481526 Mcgraw-Hill Manual Of Laboratory And Diagnostic Tests 2007 Mcgraw-Hill Manual Of Laboratory And Diagnostic Tests 2007 McGraw-Hill
Makes critical testing information and nursing interventions easy to find and apply to practice.
9780781791502 Washington Univ.. The Washington Manual Gastroenterology Subspecialty Consult 2/e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Prepared by residents and chief residents with senior faculty advisors at the Washington University School of Medicine, this handbook is an updated, easily accessible quic reference for handling everyday problems encountered in gastroenterology. It covers both inpatient and outpatient approaches with the same front-lines practicality as the world-famous "Washington Manual[registered] of Medical Therapeutics".The first section covers common symptoms, signs, and laboratory abnormalities; the second section focuses on specific diseases. Chapters are structured to help the clinician develop a logical, systematic approach to these common problems.

Key points about the diagnosis and management of disorders are bulleted for easy reference. This edition also includes illustrations. The Washington Manual[registered] is a registered mark belonging to Washington University in St.

Louis to which international legal protection applies. The mark is used in this publication by LWW under license from Washington University.
9780781791496 Washington Univ.. The Washington Manual Nephrology Subspecialty Consult 2/e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Written by residents, fellows, and attending physicians, this thoroughly updated handbook is ideal for residents called on to do an inpatient consult, for students working on an inpatient m dicine service, and for specialists seeking information on nephrology and general internal medicine management. The book covers inpatient and outpatient approaches, symptoms and diseases, and acute and chronic problems with the same front-lines practicality as the world-famous "Washington Manual[registered] of Medical Therapeutics".Sections cover general approaches to kidney disease; electrolytes and acid-base disorders; acute kidney injury and continuous renal replacement; causes of kidney disease; pregnancy and nephrolithiasis; and chronic kidney disease. Appendices list dosing adjustments for antimicrobials and antiretrovirals for patients with renal impairment.

Key points about the diagnosis and management of disorders are bulleted for easy reference. This edition also includes illustrations. "The Washington Manual"[registered] is a registered mark belonging to Washington University in St.

Louis to which international legal protection applies. The mark is used in this publication by LWW under license from Washington University.
9780521680998 Lrd Falls in Older People.2007 Cambridge Academ
Since the first edition of this very successful book was written to synthesise and review the enormous body of work covering falls in older people, there has been an even greater wealth of informative and promising studies designed to increase our understanding of risk factors and prevention strategies. This new edition is written in three parts: epidemiology, strategies for prevention, and future research directions. New material includes the most recent studies covering: balance studies using tripping, slipping and stepping paradigms; sensitivity and depth perception visual risk factors; neurophysiological research on automatic or reflex balance activities; and the roles of syncope, vitamin D, cataract surgery, health and safety education, and exercise programs. This new edition will be an invaluable update for clinicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, researchers, and all those working in community, hospital and residential or rehabilitation aged care settings.
9780140311259 Dahl Roald Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Play Penguin Books Ltd
With tips about scenery, props and lighting, this play is about how Charlie Bucket wins a ticket to visit Willy Wonka`s amazing chocolate factory. It is suitable for children.
9780824754723 Ferrara James Graft-Vs-Host Disease [3rd Ed] Taylor&Francis
With detailed contributions from more than 40 leading authorities on the topic, this Third Edition comprehensively explores the immunobiology, pathophysiology, and clinical manifestations of graft-versus-host disease (GvHD)-offering sections revealing the most up-to-date research on immune activation and dysregulation, the pathophysiology of target organ damage, and GvHD prevention and treatment.
9781400030323 Nesser, Hakan Borkmann's Point Random House (USA)
9780440225805 Gabaldon, Diana A Breath of Snow and Ashes Random House (USA)
9780141036700 William Morris Useful Work v. Useless Toil Penguin Books Ltd
Brings you the works of thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we are.
9780412991110 Yedidiah Centrifugal Pump User's Guidebook Springer
Specifically for the pump user, this book concentrates on the identification and solution of problems associated with existing centrifugal pumps. It gives specific examples on how to modify pump performance for increased efficiency and better quality control, which turn into long-term cost savings. Some basic theory is included to give the reader greater understanding of the problems being encountered and attacked.
9783540783862 Saxena Essentials of Pediatric Endoscopic Surgery Springer
This book addresses the essential and practical aspects of laparoscopic surgery in the pediatric age group. It provides a hands-on guide to the decision-making in pediatric endoscopic surgery along with a step-by-step explanation of the procedures.
9780300124064 Age of Rembrandt in New York: Dutch Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Yale University Press
The Metropolitan Museum`s extraordinary holdings of Dutch paintings include works by Frans Hals, Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch, Gerard ter Borch, and others. This account traces the formation of the Metropolitan`s collection from its beginnings in 1871 onwards.
9781872119205 Hester, Carl Faurie, Bernadette Down to earth dressage
9780552148047 Eddings, David Demon lord of karanda Transworld Publishers
In this third book of "The Malloreon", the company now knows that Garion`s baby son has been kidnapped by Zandramas and is to be used in a ritual which will make the Dark Destiny supreme. The group, however, has been detained by Zakath, Emperor of Mallorea, and taken to Mal Zeth.
9780691010465 Prince, Stephen Warrior`s camera Wiley
The Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa, who died at the age of 88, has been internationally acclaimed as a giant of world cinema. This book discusses how Kurosawa furnished a template for some well-known Hollywood directors, including Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas. It provides a comprehensive look at this master filmmaker.
9780764306365 Maclean, French Camp men Schiffer
nside these pages you will meet over 960 infamous men the officers of Nazi Germanys Totenkopf (Deaths Head). You will encounter the 256 SS officers who worked at Dachau the SS concentration camp that doubled as a training school for death. You will encounter twelve SS officers who served in Treblinka and the other very secret camps of Operation Reinhard Heinrich Himmlers extermination plan for the Jews of Poland. And, you will confront the 161 SS officers who ran the largest killing center of all time Auschwitz. These officers of the Deaths Head, many of whom later served in the Waffen-SS, were not the bureaucrats who meticulously planned Adolf Hitlers Final Solution from behind a desk in Berlin, or those who quietly scheduled the trains that carried the victims to the camps. Quite the contrary; these men stood on the front-line of the Nazi war to exterminate the Jews they poured the gas pellets, they conducted the gruesome medical experiments, they supervised the crematoria, they smelled the stench of death, they heard the screams, they ordered the guards to shoot. They were The Camp Men and they were at the heart of darkness. The photographic section of the book, with well over one hundred photographs a large portion previously unpublished is the largest collection of photographs of SS camp personnel ever to appear in one work. The images come from the extensive files of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Berlin Document Center, Yad Vashem and many other institutional collections. There are additionally photographs from private sources, including almost twenty rare pictures from the Gross-Rosen camp kommandants personal photograph album.
9780520032774 Richie, Donald Ozu Wiley
9780099449232 Regener, Sven Berlin blues Random House
The year is 1989 and Herr Lehmann lives entirely free of responsibility in a tiny flat in the bohemian Berlin district of Kreuzberg. But suddenly one unforseen incident after another seems to threaten his idyllic and rather peaceable existence.
9781903425169 Wakefield, Arthur Elliot, Brian Miners strike day by day
9780520223233 Evans, Arthur V. Bellamy, Charles L. Inordinate fondness for beetles Wiley
A reference guide to beetles, this text provides a look at these poorly understood creatures and highlights the absolutely essential role they play in the dynamics of nearly every terrestrial ecosystem on Earth. It also demonstrates the amazing aesthetics of beetle design.
9781844570577 Fanu, Mark Le Mizoguchi and japan Palgrave
9781905085156 J. Marks IELTS Resource Pack Cengage Learning
Photocopiable games and activities to motivate students preparing for the IELTS exam. Listening material and two complete practice tests also included.
9780582325609 Strutt, Peter Powerhouse study book Pearson Education
Powerhouse takes a refreshing and exciting look at the world of business and the people and stories that have shaped it - all supported by comprehensive language and skills work. The study book provides activities and tests for self-study use.
9780691089577 Boyd, Brian Nabokov`s "pale fire" Wiley
Leads the reader step-by-step, gradually revealing the relationship between Vladimir Nabokov`s ethics, aesthetics, epistemology, and metaphysics. This work shows how Nabokov`s interest in discovery springs in part from his work as a scientist and scholar, and draws comparisons between the processes of readerly and scientific discovery.
9780582451766 Allsop, Jake Test Your : Verbs Pearson Education
One of nine books in the Test Your series - language practice with a difference! Ideal for self-study and classroom use.
9780746060025 Snow queen gift edition Usborne
Designed for young children who are just beginning to read alone and are looking for lively stories to tackle. Colurful pictures combine with narrative text written to encourage reading skills for developing and emergent readers. AGe 5+
9781844805266 Cullen K., Hands P., McGovern U., Wright J. A Guide To Phrasal Verbs Heinle ELT
9781405842846 Swift, Jonathan Penguin Readers New Edition Level 2 Gullivers Travels, Book Pearson Education
Classic / British English (Available February 2008) Gulliver travels across the sea from England and has an accident. He arrives in a country of very, very small people. What will they do with him? How will he talk to them? And why are the Big-enders fighting the Little-enders?
9781846073489 Baxendale, Trevor Doctor who Random House
The old village well is just a curiosity - something to attract tourists intrigued by stories of lost treasure, or visitors just making a wish. Unless something alien and terrifying could be lurking inside the well? Something utterly monstrous that causes nothing but death and destruction? But who knows the real truth about the well?
9780439944021 Deary, Terry Groovy greeks Scholastic UK
A tale of nineteenth-century India - of Sanjay, a poet, and Sikander, a warrior; of hoofbeats thundering through the streets of Calcutta; of great wars and love affairs and a city gone mad with poetry. Woven into it are the adventures of a young Indian criss-crossing America in a car with his friends.
9781853261299 Nesbit, E. Enchanted castle Wordsworth
When Jerry, Jimmy and Cathy discover a tunnel that leads to a castle, they pretend that it is enchanted. But when they discover the Sleeping Princess at the centre of the maze, astonishing things begin to happen.
9780786432974 Stanley kubrick Eurospan
Presents 17 essays which examine the career and films of director Stanley Kubrick. This collection provides a case study of "Eyes Wide Shut", with four very different essays focusing on the film`s use of sound, its representation of gender, its "carnivalesque" qualities, and its phenomenological nature. It also discusses his impact on filmmakers.
9780230028869 Norris, Roy New Ready For CAE Student's Book +keys Macmillan ELT
9781405880602 Bernard Smith PLPRES:Last Photo, The Bk/CD Pack Pearson Education
Original / British English (Available February 2008) Pam and Martin visit Cambridge. Pam takes a photo, but a man walks in front of her. Later Martin sees a picture of a man in a newspaper. The police want this man. Is he the same man? And where is he now? Does Pam`s photo have the answers?
9780099513742 Wodehouse P.G. Right ho, jeeves Random House
Gussie Fink-Nottle`s knowledge of the common newt is unparalleled. Drop him in a pond of newts and his behaviour will be exemplary, but introduce him to a girl and watch him turn pink, yammer, and suddenly stampede for great open spaces. Even with Madeline Bassett, who feels that the stars are God`s daisy chain, his tongue is tied in reef-knots.
9781405852074 Peng Penguin Active Reading Level 2 Call Of The Wild Book & Multi-ROM Pack Pearson Education
Buck is a strong, intelligent dog who moves from an easy life in Californiato the Klondike. Life is tough in the cold north of Canada and Buck has to learn many hard lessons to survive. But can he ever be happy there?
9780765310903 Best stories of the american west Holtzbrink(MPS)
9780813124100 Mcbride, Joseph What ever happened to orson welles? Eurospan
At twenty-five, Orson Welles (1915-1985) directed, co-wrote, and starred in "Citizen Kane", widely considered the best film ever made. But Welles was such a revolutionary filmmaker that he found himself at odds with the Hollywood studio system. This book reassesses Welles` final period in the context of his entire life and work.
9781405881609 Matthews, Andrew Freckles Pearson Education
Original / British English (Available April 2008) Susie has freckles, and she hates them. Her best friend, Donna, has pretty hair, nice teeth and blue eyes. Donna never has problems with boys. Now there is a new boy at school, and Donna is interested. But Susie likes him too...
9780713675931 Dictionary of media studies A & C Black
Covering television, film, radio and theatre, this book includes over 8,000 words and expressions used in the media and entertainment industries. So whether someone wants to find out the definition of cinema verite or the components of a storyboard, this dictionary has the answers.
9780297848523 Lycett, Andrew Conan Doyle Orion Publishers
Ground-breaking biography of the creator of fiction`s best loved detective
9781405882330 Mccourt, Frank Teacher man Pearson Education
9781405072489 Escott, John MRbeg Picture Puzzle Macmillan ELT
An adventure thriller. Who is the running girl who pushes a cassette of film into Pete`s hand in the shopping mall? His curiosity piqued, Pete takes the pictures to be developed and the mystery deepens.
9780091912734 Ford, Gina Potty training in one week Random House
Presenting the tips and tricks, this book aims to answer the questions that make potty training easy. It helps to learn: how to know when the child is really ready; how to make potty training fun; how to reward; how to deal with little accidents; why need a potty for upstairs and for downstairs; and how to help the child get over bed-wetting.
9781405076920 Here Comes Super Bus 2 Activity Book Macmillan ELT
9781405815611 Foley & Hall Total English Elementary Students Book (with DVD) Pearson Education
9780194579360 Grussendorf, Marion English for Presentations Oxford University Press
English for Presentations is an ideal short course for professionals who regularly need to give presentations in English at work.
9781405882682 Collins, Wilkie Penguin Readers New Edition Level 6 Moonstone, The Book Pearson Education
Classic / British English (Available April 2008) The Moonstone is an ancient Indian diamond which brings disaster to everyone who owns it. Rachel Verinder`s uncle gives her the diamond as a birthday present, but that same night it is stolen The Moonstone is now seen as the first, and one of the best, English detective novels.
9781405881548 Smith, Bernard Amazon rainforest Pearson Education
9781841622149 Hayne, Tricia Cayman islands Bradt
Renowned for some of the world`s best diving and snorkelling, the Cayman islands also offer numerous other activities. This guide offers historical background information and natural history for those who want to dig deeper and unlock the true spirit of Cayman.
9780099514077 Wodehouse P.G. Cocktail time Random House
Frederick, Earl of Ickenham, remains young at heart. So it is for him the act of a moment to lean out of the Drones Club window with a catapult and ping the silk top-hat off his grumpy in-law, the distinguished barrister Sir Raymond Bastable. Unfortunately, things don`t end there.
9780486413013 Sovak Butterfly Notebook Dover
9781845298111 Pannett, Mike Now then lad...
Yorkshireman Mike Pannett has just taken up a new posting as a local bobby in rural North Yorkshire. It`s quite a change from the Met, where he dealt with riots on the capital`s streets and drug gangs in Battersea, and found out what it was like to stare down the wrong end of a sawn-off shotgun.
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