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9780099465034 Moore, Jane Second wives club Random House
It`s Alison`s wedding day, her gorgeous husband Luca is by her side, and everything is just perfect. Perfect that is, until Luca`s first wife gatecrashes the reception and makes it clear that she`s going to remain very much part of his life ... A stunned Alison soon finds an ally in Fiona, a founding member of The Second Wives Club.
9781405881388 Cotton, David Falvey, David Kent, Simon Rogers, Jo Market Leader New Edition Pre-Intermediate Coursebook+Self-Study CD Pearson Education
New Edition Market Leader is the business English course that brings contemporary business issues right into your classroom. Incorporating articles from the Financial Times(c) newspaper, Market Leader has authentic texts, effective case studies and a wide range of components.
9788467541335 Torrego, Leonardo Gomez Analisis morfologico. Teoria y practica SM Spain
9781848859333 Gilbert Martin Winston Churchill - the Wilderness Years I B Tauris
9788881177301 Gasparini Marco Dolce Vita Неизвестно
9781897106839 OConnor Pat First Book of Bridge Problems Неизвестно
9781107624771 Richard MacAndrew Cambridge English Readers Level 4 Intermediate Man Hunt: Book with Audio CDs (3) Pack Cambridge University Press
9780007902255 Gaskell, Elizabeth North and South HarperCollins UK
9780385619004 Scott, Michael The enchantress Random House
9781451111163 Lee Kyung Muller's Diseases of the Lung Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This text presents a detailed overview of the principal radiologic and pathologic findings of the most common pulmonary diseases. Its primary radiologic emphasis is on the appearance of the diseases and abnormalities. The goal is to offer the radiologist
9783833161834 Cole Beverly Trains: The Early Years Ullmann
9780763653323 Alexander Martha A You're Adorable Неизвестно
9781447202813 Donoghue Emma Room (Picador 40th Anniversary Edition) Pan Macmillan
9781780760483 Strachey, Lytton Queen Victoria I B Tauris
9780143121077 Brooks, Geraldine Caleb's Crossing Random House (USA)
9780143121237 Pariser, Eli The Filter Bubble Random House (USA)
9781937007607 Harris, Charlaine Dead as a Doornail (TV Tie-In) Random House (USA)
9780718194529 Townsend Sue The Woman who Went to Bed for a Year Penguin Books Ltd
The day her children leave home, Eva climbs into bed and stays there.
9780141389431 Collins, W. The Woman in White Penguin Books Ltd
9780099539780 Enright Anne The Forgotten Waltz Random House
9780099547495 Mavis Cheek The Lovers of Pound Hill Random House
9781408245071 Backpack Gold 4 Student Book and CD-ROM N/E Pack Pearson Education
9781408244982 Backpack Gold Level 1 Student Book w/ CD-ROM Pearson Education
9782070359400 Zola, Emile Joie de Vivre (La) Gallimard-Folio
9788477119517 Prieto, Rocio; Cuenca, Montserrat Alonso Embarque Libro del Alumno Edelsa
9788498483307 Dele Escolar - Manual Para La Preparacion Del Nivel B1 Edinumen
9783192018756 Fit fur Goethe-Zertifikat C2, Lehrbuch mit integrierter CD Hueber
9782070368792 Gide, Andre Faux-Monnayeurs (Les) Gallimard-Folio
9781408266052 Choices Russia Level Elementary Student‘s Book Pearson Education
9780194368971 English file 3 interm cl cd Oxford University Press
9780749908775 Arthur, Keri Beneath a rising moon Little, Brown
First in a sexy werewolf urban fantasy couplet from bestselling author, Keru Arthur
9782070368785 Sartre, Jean-Paul Mur (Le) Gallimard-Folio
9781408289884 Islands 1 Activity Book plus pin code Pearson Education
9782090354966 Amis et compagnie 3 livre Cle Rel
9781408251263 Erocak, Linnette Our Discovery Island 1 AB+R Pearson Education
9780194763073 Hutchinson, Project 2 Third Edition: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
9780521131865 Michael McCarthy, Jeanne McCarten, Helen Sandiford Viewpoint Level 1 Student's Book Cambridge University Press
9781107637832 Marjorie Rosenberg Business Advantage Advanced Personal Study Book with Audio CD Cambridge University Press
9781107638525 Herbert Puchta, Marion Williams Teaching Young Learners to Think Book Cambridge University Press
9781107638785 Felicity O'Dell, Michael McCarthy Test Your English Vocabulary in Use: Upper-intermediate Second edition Book with answers Cambridge University Press
9783852724256 Puchta, Herbert Grammar Practice Elementary + CD-ROM Helbling Languages
9789604030644 Allan D. Surprise! 2 Tests New Editions
Presents grammatical and lexical items in a continuing story, using dialogues in natural everyday language that constantly recycle what has already been learnt. This book contains: 20 units; illustrations, stickers and songs to maintain a high level of motivation; an approach to developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; and more.
9789604031016 Finnie R. Grammar Booster 3 Student's Book New Editions
Part of "The Grammar Booster" series, this work includes grammar points which students can cope with. It includes a communication activity and a writing task at the end of every unit which consolidate the grammar points covered in each unit. It includes five review sections which ensure that students have an understanding of the grammar points.
9781849154222 Priddy, Roger First 100 trucks Неизвестно
9780462098920 Harmer J. Just Right Advanced Workbook (With Key) Marshall Cavendish ELT
9780462005065 Harmer J. Just Right Intermediate Workbook [with Audio CD(x1) & No Key) Marshall Cavendish ELT
9780462007793 Harmer J. Just Right Elementary Workbook (With Key) Marshall Cavendish ELT
9780462007175 Harmer J. Just Right Intermediate Workbook (with Key) Marshall Cavendish ELT
9780575099159 Carson, Rae Fire and Thorns Orion Publishers
9781580115339 Pools & Spas (3rd Edition) Creative Homeowner
Creative Homeowner helps turn a dream into a reality with the third-edition Pools & Spas: Planning, Designing, Maintaining, and Landscaping. This book offers ideas and advice, from pool/spa selection to creating an attractive environment through the complete maintenance process. Over 400 inviting color photos and illustrations show the many options, from infinity-edge pools to indoor swim spas and from built-ins to attractive aboveground pools. Valuable advice is included on site selection, materials, financing, and more. As the crowning touch, Pools & Spas suggests ideas to create the ideal setting for the new pool or spa using decks, patios, and landscapes.
9783437485305 Volker Milnik Elektrophysiologie in der Praxis Elsevier Science
9780575131361 Karen Joy Fowler Sarah Canary Orion Publishers
9780857862778 Feed Me!: A Simon's Cat Book Canongate
9783791346977 Art Flexi: Titian Prestel Publishing Limited
One of the original celebrity artists, Titian was as famous for his beguiling personality as he was for his masterful paintings. This book introduces readers to the Venetian artist with an innovative format that marries Titian's voice with his works, allowing the artist's own words to deepen the appreciation of his achievements. An illustrated timeline and a pictorial tour of the galleries where his works now reside reveal how this contemporary of Michelangelo and Raphael broke new ground in nearly every genre of painting: portraiture, altar pieces, the rendering of mythological themes, frescoes, and pastoral landscapes. Numerous superb reproductions illuminate not just the breadth of his oeuvre, but also the mastery with which he employed light and colour to lend his paintings the sensuous energy for which he is so admired. Norbert Wolf's engaging text unlocks many of the mysteries surrounding Titian's celebrity, making this journey into the artist's world as intriguing as it is informative.
9780071669047 Goldsmith Fitzpatrick'S Dermatology In General Medicine - Pre-Publication Offer McGraw-Hill
9780755386857 Nicola Doherty The Out of Office Girl Hodder
9780194646826 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 2: Cities Oxford University Press
9780194557108 Oxford Living Grammar: Upper-Intermediate: Student's Book Pack Oxford University Press
Upper-Intermediate helps students use grammar with confidence and shows how to use it in real-life situations. It covers all the grammar necessary for the Cambridge English:First exam.
9780194239158 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 2: The Ugly Duckling Activity Book & Play Oxford University Press
9781933718576 Kor Eva Mozes, Buccieri Lisa Rojany Surviving the Angel of Death: The Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz Неизвестно
9780312645397 Salen Jill Vintage Lingerie: 30 Patterns Based on Period Garments Plus Finishing Techniques Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS
9780062088284 Casti, John L. X-Events HarperCollins USA
9781401233808 Various Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 2 Random House (USA)
9788854405998 De Fabianis Valeria Manferto Wonders of the World White Star
9780061998508 Cha Victor The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future HarperCollins USA
9781844679690 Crisis in the Eurozone Marston Book Services
9780857297266 Priestman, Terrence Cancer Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice Springer
A simple introduction explaining the broad principles underlying chemotherapy, this book gives trainees a framework within which they can place the specific aspects of cancer chemotherapy they encounter in their everyday experience. The first part of this book is unique in explaining the recent developments in the field in terms of their point of action in the natural history of cancer. The second and third sections contain a more straightforward description of practical aspects of chemotherapy, and the current place of drug treatment in everyday cancer management, including the outcomes of that treatment.
9780387878867 Tsao, Jack W. (Ed.) Traumatic Brain InjuryA Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation Springer
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of disability worldwide. Each year 1.7 million new TBIs occur in the United States, and it is also considered a signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Despite the relatively high incidence-within both civilian and military populations-the diagnosis and treatment, particularly of mild TBI/concussion, remains an inexact science. Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation is a concise guide designed for neurologists, primary care, and sports physicians and other medical providers, psychologists and neuropsychologists, and athletic trainers who may evaluate and care for patients with TBI. The book features summaries of the most pertinent areas of diagnosis and therapy, which can be readily accessed by the busy clinician/professional. In addition, the book's treatment algorithms provide a highly practical reference to cutting edge therapies.  A superb contribution to the literature, Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation offers a well-designed, well-written, useful resource for all providers who treat patients with TBI.
9781439869932 NG Human Eye Imaging and Modeling Taylor&Francis
Advanced image processing and mathematical modeling techniques are increasingly being used for the early diagnosis of eye diseases. This comprehensive reference details the latest advances and computer-based techniques in imaging and modeling of the human eye. Featuring contributions by well-known experts in the field, it covers imaging of fundus and infrared images, diagnosis of diabetes retinopathy and glaucoma, estimation of tear evaporation of dry eye, computer simulation of the human eye based on principles of heat transfer, various bioheat equations to predict interior temperatures based on the surface temperatures, and more.
9781439868386 Monaco Thyroid Diseases Taylor&Francis
In recent years, the clinical evolution of thyroid diseases has been studied exhaustively as new discoveries have been made about thyroid malfunction and the effective management of patients. This volume presents a comprehensive exposition of a range of disorders caused by thyroid dysfunction. After defining the dysfunction or disease, the text presents the epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, clinical features, first and second level tests for diagnosis, first and second line therapies, prognosis, and recommendations for follow-up. The information presented in this volume is invaluable for practicing clinicians and those training in internal medicine, endocrinology, surgery, and other areas of medicine.
9780582497481 Sally Burgess Advanced Gold Ex Max CD x 2 Pearson Education
9781408288597 Laidlaw, Caroline Penguin Kids Toy Story 1 Level 2 Reader Pearson Education
9781408288191 Harper, Kathryn Penguin Kids Cinderella Level 1 Reader Pearson Education
9781451690316 Bradbury Ray Fahrenheit 451 (Ned) Simon & Schuster
Nowadays firemen start fires. Fireman Guy Montag loves to rush to a fire and watch books burn up. Then he met a seventeen-year old girl who told him of a past when people were not afraid, and a professor who told him of a future where people could think. And Guy Montag knew what he had to do....
9780812697650 Bealer Tracy L., Luria Rachel, Yuen Wayne Neil Gaiman and Philosophy Abbeville Press
9781932234961 Yukiko Seike and Makoto Shinkai 5 Centimeters Per Second Random House (USA)
9780330461696 Horwood William Awakening Pan Macmillan
9780330509503 Grindle Lucretia The Lost Daughter Pan Macmillan
9780330538626 Keane Jessie Nameless Pan Macmillan
9780552162562 Sean Black Gridlock Random House
9788853012142 Guilmault Pierre et le loup CIDEB
9781444908664 Blyton Enid Five Go Adventuring Again Hodder
9780230741690 Campbell Rod Buster's Zoo Pan Macmillan
9781408268049 Harmer Jeremy Essential Teacher Knowledge Book and DVD Pack Pearson Education
9781447209959 Donaldson Julia One Ted Falls Out of Bed Pan Macmillan
9780241958476 Keyes Marian Sushi for Beginners Penguin Books Ltd
9780199608027 Hannigan Brenda Company Law Oxford Academ
9780194238830 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 1: The Shoemaker and the Elves Activity Book & Play Oxford University Press
Read the famous tale of the old shoemaker. How do the elves help him?
9780194331357 Oxford Student's Dictionary with CD-ROM, Third Edition Oxford University Press
9780723436911 Robert R. Rich Clinical Immunology, 4th Edition Elsevier Science
9780702040597 Stephen McMahon Wall & Melzack's Textbook of Pain, Elsevier Science
9780131991477 Future Level 1 Workbook w/ Audio CD Pearson Education
9789880025259 Boost! Vocabulary Level 3 Teacher’s Edition Pearson Education
9780714827612 Toulouse-Lautrec (Phaidon Colour Library) Phaidon Press Ltd.
Part of a series which introduces key artists and movements in art history, this book deals with Toulouse-Lautrec. Each title in the series contains 48 full-page colour plates, accompanied by extensive notes, and numerous comparative black and white illustrations.
9781935429999 Kuroda Kenji Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 1 Неизвестно
9783848000517 Abrashev Bozhidar, Gadjev Vladimir The World Atlas of Musical Instruments Ullmann
9780091947064 How to be Really Well Informed in Minutes Random House
9780199651610 Steddon Oxford Handbook of Nephrology and Hypertension Oxford Academ
9780192793003 Donaldson, Julia; Kirtley, Clare ORT Songbirds: Where Is the Snail and Other Stories Oxford University Press
9781444765762 Reese Laura Topping from Below Hodder
9781409549789 Christmas Carols Sticker Book Usborne
9780552774406 Kinsella Sophie I've Got Your Number Random House
9780099440789 Xinran Good Women Of China Random House
Talks about love, about how, despite cruelty, despite politics, the female urge to nurture and cherish remains. This work features women who are strong, strikingly resourceful characters and who offer unforgettable insights into Chinese women`s lives.
9780712679060 Hancock, Graham Fingerprints Of The Gods Random House
Exploring the past with hi-tech tools of modern archaeology, geology and astronomy, Hancock exposes an eerie network of connections between Egyptian pyramids, Andean temples, spherical geometry, and astro-navigation. He makes claim for a lost civilization that flourished during the last ice age.
9780718193577 Twelve Days of Christmas Penguin Books Ltd
9780007454846 English Learner'S Dictionary With Russian Неизвестно
Collins COBUILD English Learner's Dictionary with Russian is a brand new, illustrated dictionary aimed at learners of English. This dictionary covers all the essential words and phrases that students need to learn. The definitions are written in full sentences, using simple language, and the dictionary contains thousands of examples of real English, showing the learner how English is really used. Additional help is provided by the thousands of Russian translations. Every sense, phrase and phrasal verb has a Russian translation, which acts as a stepping stone from the student's first language to the wealth of information contained in the dictionary. With hundreds of line drawings illustrating key terms, the Collins COBUILD English Learner's Dictionary with Russian is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their English
9780199233830 Oxf Russian Dictionary Relod 4E C Oxford Academ
9789461300607 Nico Van Hout The Unfinished Painting Thames & Hudson
Travelling through the history of art from the 15th till the 20th century, The Unfinished Painting is an ambitious survey of works of art by Old and Modern Masters including Van Eyck, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rubens, David, Manet, Cezanne, Matisse and Mondrian that have remained deliberately or unintentionally unfinished, and that are usually marginalized in traditional art history. They remain incomplete for various reasons: illness or death of the artist; political turmoil forcing him to flee; disagreements with the commissioner or dissatisfaction with the artistic result. However, from the 16th century onwards, artists started to use the non finito as a tool of expression. Unfinished pictures therefore gained a certain reputation in the romantic era, when they were thought to offer the spectator a glimpse of artistic genius. In the 20th century, these paintings were discovered by cubists, expressionists and abstract painters who were fascinated by their rough and incoherent appearance, often unaware of their history. This book follows the creative process of some fifty such paintings, offering a new perspective on the history of Western Art.
9780141346090 Green, J. An Abundance of Katherines Penguin Books Ltd
9781444704907 Peter Robinson Watching the Dark Hodder
9781781590805 Richards Brook Secret Flotillas Неизвестно
9788800800099 Trifone; Filippone; Sgaglione Affresco Italiano A2 quaderno studente Неизвестно
9780132626545 Broukal, Milada What a World Listening 2 SB+CD Audio Pearson Education
9781444766707 Sadie Matthews Secrets After Dark: Bk. 2 Hodder
9781409109587 Cameron, Kenneth Winter at Death's Hotel Orion Publishers
9789604031030 Finnie R. Grammar Booster 4 Student's Book New Editions
Part of the "Grammar Booster" series, this title is intended for beginner to intermediate students who need grammar practice. It includes many exercises that give practice of what has been taught. It also has explanations of the grammar points covered that encourage students to study alone and gain a better understanding of the material.
9781408267202 New Total English Pre-Intermediate Level Student‘s Book + Active Book Pk Pearson Education
9781743072370 Harris Pocket Guide To Clinical Dialysis McGraw-Hill
9780230404533 Leighton, J et al Hello Jack Teacher's Notes Macmillan ELT
9780007503933 Fiona McIntosh Scrivener’s Tale HarperCollins UK
9780007488346 Tolkien J.R.R. The Return of the King HarperCollins UK
9780007488322 Tolkien J.R.R. The Two Towers HarperCollins UK
9789058230935 L V Evans Biofilms: Recent Advances in their Study and Control Taylor&Francis
9780500970393 Amirsadeghi, Hossein Contemporary Art Brazil Thames & Hudson
Brazil is experiencing an exciting blossoming of culture across many areas. Contemporary Art Brazil focuses on 110 of the countrys most important practitioners in the realm of the fine arts, including artists, gallerists, heads of institutions, critical thinkers and collectors. Extensively illustrated and based on the most up-to-date research, it provides an invaluable survey of current trends and key players, placing them in the context of tropicalismo and neo-concretismo, the two movements that first brought the Brazilian art scene to international attention in the 1960s. This is a must read for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the contemporary culture of South America.
9780749957582 J.D Robb Midnight in Death / Interlude in Death Little, Brown
9781107642041 Annette Capel, Wendy Sharp Objective Key Second edition Teacher's Book with Teacher's Resources Audio CD/CD-ROM Cambridge University Press
9781137281944 Sherry Jay Carl Gustav Jung Springer
9781451694895 Vine Barbara The Child's Child Неизвестно
9780805092660 Kerstin Gier Sapphire Blue Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS
9781862232624 Mantz Gabriel Complete World Cup 1930-1974 Неизвестно
9780749958480 J.D Robb Haunted in Death/Eternity in Death Little, Brown
9780199739790 Ting-Toomey Stella, Chung Leeva Understanding Intercultural Communication Oxford Academ
9781583882467 Gabrick, Robert (Author) Going the Greyhound Way: The Romance of the Road Неизвестно
9781409386421 Beijing & Shanghai 2013 Dorling Kindersley
The DK Eyewitness Beijing & Shanghai Travel Guide is your indispensable guide to this beautiful part of the world. The fully updated guide includes unique cutaways, floorplans and reconstructions of the must-see sites, plus street-by-street maps of all the fascinating cities and towns. The new-look guide is also packed with photographs and illustrations leading you straight to the best attractions on offer. The uniquely visual DK Eyewitness Travel guide will help you to discover everything region-by-region; from local festivals and markets to day trips around the countryside. Detailed listings will guide you to the best hotels, restaurants, bars and shops for all budgets, whilst detailed practical information will help you to get around, whether by train, bus or car. Plus, DK's excellent insider tips and essential local information will help you explore every corner of Beijing & Shanghai effortlessly.
9783829606271 Andrey Tarkovsky Films, Stills, Polaroids & Writings Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky is a monolithic figure in the history of cinema and considered one of the 20th century’s most important movie makers. This book, edited by his son, collects visual material to each of his seven feature films, his own writings, and private photographs, making it the most comprehensive publication on Tarkovsky’s life and work to date. 
9783468988271 Krulak-Kempisty Der gruene Max 1 NEU Lehrerhandreichungen Langenscheidt
9781451176339 Kini Cytopathology of Neuroendocrine Neoplasia Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Cytopathology of Neuroendocrine Neoplasia: Color Atlas and Text The neuroendocrine system is fascinating. It is an intriguing, complex system. For centuries, it has sustained the interest of scientists, who have provided the community with a wealth o
9780500241431 Anna Saccani LetterScapes Thames & Hudson
A comprehensive survey of one of the most creative areas of public art, large-scale typographic installations, this book features thirty-seven works from all over the world, from the USA to Europe to Asia, in all manner of materials. Organized by designer, it includes projects by artists and designers with large international followings, such as Joan Brossa, Maya Lin, Lawrence Weiner, Pentagram, Why Not Associattes and Paula Scher. Photographs, maps and diagrams are used to explore each project in detail, and an introduction highlights the cultural importance and common themes of the works featured. Interviews with key designers provide a personal insight into why they chose words over images to transmit their message, how the locations for their work are chosen, how they selected the material and the typeface, and how they think their work connects with its particular landscape or setting. Endmatter includes detailed information on the typefaces used and their designers.
9781781570296 Adrian Bullock The Green Design and Print Production Handbook Thames & Hudson
9780751551877 Sparks Nicholas Walk to Remember Little, Brown
9789604432448 Smart Level 1 Grammar & Vocabulary, Student‘s Book MM Publications
9789604432462 Smart Level 2 (a) Grammar & Vocabulary, Student‘s Book MM Publications
9789604432509 Smart Level 4 Grammar & Vocabulary, Student‘s Book MM Publications
9789604434947 Smart Level 5 Grammar & Vocabulary, Student‘s Book MM Publications
9789604434978 Smart Level 6 Grammar & Vocabulary, Student‘s Book MM Publications
9789604436248 Mitchell, H.Q. TRAVELLER ADVANCED C1. WORKBOOK MM Publications
9789604431823 Mitchell, H.Q. Top grammar. 3. Pre-intermediate MM Publications
9789604436231 Mitchell, H.Q. TRAVELLER ADVANCED C1. STUDENTS BOOK MM Publications
9789605091972 Grammar & Vocabulary Practice NE Upper-Intermediate Student‘s Book MM Publications
9789604785933 Grammar & Vocabulary Practice Intermediate Teacher‘s Book MM Publications
9789605091989 Grammar & Vocabulary Practice NE Upper-Intermediate Teacher‘s Book MM Publications
9781583881019 Luke, William A (Author) Buses of Acf Photo Archive: Including Acf-Brill and Ccf-Brill ( Photo Archives ) Неизвестно
9780307979124 Strasser Todd The Wave Random House (USA)
9780330544481 Raverat Anna Signs of Life Pan Macmillan
9780330520294 Smith Douglas Former People Pan Macmillan
9781476717487 Stephens S. C. Effortless Неизвестно
9781841849652 Ted Feldman Percutaneous Mitral Leaflet Repair: MitraClip Therapy for Mitral Regurgitation Taylor&Francis
9780352347275 Eve Berlin Desire's Edge Random House
9780099580485 Hugh Howey Wool Random House
9781107621787 Alan Battersby Cambridge English Readers Starter/Beginner Ten Long Years: Paperback Cambridge University Press
9781107674257 Richard MacAndrew Cambridge English Readers Starter/Beginner The Caribbean File: Paperback Cambridge University Press
9781619021051 Hjortsberg William Jubilee Hitchhiker: The Life and Times of Richard Brautigan Неизвестно
9783791348209 Friedrichs Horst I`m one: 21st century mods Prestel Publishing Limited
9781843913825 Evans Edward Payson Animal Trials Неизвестно
9780330522038 Stimson Tess The Lying Game Pan Macmillan
From the author of The Adultery Club and The Infidelity Chain, comes The Lying Game, a brilliant novel from the bestselling Tess Stimson, that combines the beating heart of Jojo Moyes with the sparkling wit of Jane Fallon.
9780132169301 Fuchs, Marjorie Focus on Grammar: 4Ed 3 WB Pearson Education
9780300191769 Stratton-Pruitt Suzanne L Journeys to New Worlds Yale University Press
This beautifully illustrated catalogue showcases 126 Spanish and Portuguese artworks from the 17th and 18th centuries, all highlights from the dazzling collection of Roberta and Richard Huber. Featuring works in a variety of media and from far-flung places, including paintings, silver, and furniture from South America and sculptures in ivory from the Spanish Philippines and from Portuguese territories in India. Distinguished experts shed light on these significant objects, many of which have not been previously published and which illustrate the unparalleled artistic exchanges between and within these colonial empires. The Andean painters Melchor Perez Holguin (1660-1732) and Gaspar Miguel de Berrio (c. 1706-c. 1762) inventively interpreted European iconographies, while similar adaptations took place in Asia, where native craftsmen carved Christian images in ivory. These works travelled along the trade routes connecting Europe to Asia and the Americas, thus influencing the development of a new visual culture.
9783791371481 Antoni Gaudi Prestel Publishing Limited
9781451190984 Matloff Cancer Principles and Practice of Oncology: Handbook of Clinical Cancer Genetics Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Genetic testing and counseling for cancer have made great strides in recent years. The popular demand for advanced screening, advances in testing, and the response of insurance companies and corporations have all served to shape this important area of cancer risk management. This practical, user-friendly guidebook allows you to search by disease site for the hereditary cancer syndromes relevant to your patient's cancer. This handy resource will help you formulate questions when expanding that patient's personal and family history, identify the genes that are most relevant, determine whether to refer that patient for genetic counseling and testing, and guide the patient’s long-term management based on the patient’s mutation-positive or –negative status. The guidebook will be of equal value to the practicing oncologist, surgeon, urologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, primary care physician, physician's assistant, advanced practice nurse, and any other clinician counseling a patient who has had cancer. Look inside and discover…• Informative overview summarizes the history and current state of genetic cancer testing.• Site-specific chapters help you locate essential facts quickly.• Expert contributors share their years of experience in genetic testing and counseling.• Timely insights address key medical, ethical, legal, and financial implications of genetic cancer testing. Be sure your patients have the advance information they need…Pick up your copy today!
9781451175257 Scheiman Clinical Management of Binocular Vision Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
 This fourth edition of Clinical Management of Binocular Vision uses the past five years of research studies and literature to provide an accurate look at today’s diagnosis and treatment of binocular vision. Written with an emphasis on proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, each condition is covered in-depth and includes background information, symptoms, case analysis, and management options. This edition also includes the latest information on new vision therapy equipment. Easy to read and understand, this book is ideal for faculty when designing courses, students studying these topics for the first time, or established practitioners looking for a practical, easy-to-use reference on accommodative, ocular motility, and nonstrabismic vision anomalies. Features:• Material presented by diagnostic category for easy reference• Case studies presented at the end of each chapter to demonstrate how information pertains to real life• Uses the latest research and evidence to support the evaluation and treatment protocols suggested• Over 200 illustrations – now in full color!
9781423159520 Shea, Bob Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great Hachette Book Group
9781409137276 Mina Denise Gods and Beasts Orion Publishers
9788467830477 Robles Avila, S. Metodo de espanol 2 - Libro del alumno + CD Anaya ELE
9781595826244 Eric Powell The Goon: Nothin' But Misery (2nd Edition) (Goon (Graphic Novels)) Random House (USA)
It all starts here! Dark Horse is proud to re-present the beginning of Eric Powell's acclaimed Goon saga, with a lavish new cover and redesigned to match the swanky "Goon Year" collections. The Goon's unique mash-up of horror, mob intrigue, and the sickest sense of humor in comics is an instant classic, one of the true breakout hits of the '00s. With new volumes of The Goon hitting stores throughout the year, this is the best time ever to find out what you've been missing!
9781584235057 Sandu Cultural Media Absolute Stationary Design: Identity & Promotion Неизвестно
9781444768770 Emma Garcia Never Google Heartbreak Hodder
9781408288627 Caroline Laidlaw Penguin Kids 3 Beauty and the Beast Reader Pearson Education
9780230406421 Discover China 3 Work Book +CD Macmillan ELT
9780141196909 Dickens Charles A Tale of Two Cities Penguin Books Ltd
Be they shocking, ambitious, or simply brilliant, these novels continue to enthrall today as they did at the time they were written. Now, Penguin Classics is proud to present them in gorgeous clothbound editions-vibrant volumes sure to become as treasured to readers as the magnificent tales they tell.
9781851777297 Perry Traditional Jewellery in Ninteenth-Century Europe Abrams
9783922989660 Rocco Goranka DSH-Pruefungstraining LB + UB (C1) Неизвестно
9782701140889 Kovalenko, V., Jouan-Lafont, V. Reportage Russe 1 Cahier d'activites Неизвестно
9783196719017 Menschen A1/2, Lehrerhandbuch Hueber
9781843913856 Merrick Leonard Position of Peggy Harper Неизвестно
9783832794996 AAD Rome Неизвестно
9788853613080 - DELF A1 Scolaire - Guide ELI
9788853613097 - DELF A2 Scolaire - Guide ELI
9789963687633 Toy Box Alphabet Book + CD Неизвестно
9789963687206 - Toy Box 2 TB Неизвестно
9780194771078 New Headway: Beginner Fourth Edition: Workbook + iChecker without Key Oxford University Press
A completely new Beginner level of the world's most trusted English course, with brand new digital resources bringing you a completely up-to-date blended Headway course.
9789881950840 Urban Furniture Design Media Publisher
9780751550900 Lewis Kristyn Through It All Little, Brown
Waverly Brown is the anchor that keeps her tight circle of friends together. Loyal and generous with her time, she would do anything for Kate and Amy but she can't bring herself to tell even her best friends the truth about her bakery and her increasing debt. She's so consumed with her own worries that she almost misses what is right in front of her; something is wrong with Amy, terribly wrong. Try as they might to reach out, Waverly and Kate can't make Amy open up to them. She refuses to admit there's anything wrong but Waverly is convinced Amy is in trouble and she's terrified. Can Waverly convince her friend to save herself before it's too late? Heartbreaking, honest and compelling, Through It All is a masterful novel about the power of friendship and the strength we find in those around us.
9781401240295 Lemire Jeff Sweet Tooth Random House (USA)
9780857052353 Grossman Vasily Armenian Sketchbook Quercusbooks
9788466724753 Claudin, Fernando La banda de Pepo Anaya ELE
9780062235657 West Kasie The Distance Between Us HarperCollins USA
9780714866635 Colombani Florence Anatomy of an Actor: Marlon Brando Phaidon Press Ltd.
9780199858583 Kenny Kevin Diaspora: A Very Short Introduction Oxford Academ
9781780192413 Mikolajski Andrew Old Roses Неизвестно
9780062003263 Anderson Jodi Lynn Tiger Lily HarperCollins USA
9780124160194 Ira J. Kalet, PhD Principles of Biomedical Informatics, 2 ed. Elsevier Science
9781250016409 Archer JR. Jame The Eleventh Commandment Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS

Eleventh Commandment

Jeffrey Archer

Connor Fitzgerald has an impressive resume. Military hero. Devoted family man. Servant of his country--as an assassin. Just as he's about to put his twenty-eight-year career at the CIA behind him, he comes up against the most dangerous enemy he's ever faced: His own boss, Helen Dexter.""

As Director of theCIA, Dexter has always been the one to hold the strings. But when her status is threatened by a greater power, her only hope for survival is to destroy Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, the country braces itself as tensions with a new Russian leader reachthe boiling point...and it's up to Fitzgerald to pull off his most daring mission yet: To save the world. Even that means risking everything--including his own life--in the process.

9780316221177 Lafferty Mur The Shambling Guide to New York City Hachette Book Group
9783768836241 Legend The G - Class ACC-distribution titles
9783768835947 Kayser: Driving Crazy ACC-distribution titles
Displays The Utomobile Photography Of German Photographer Frank Kayser.
9788495241832 Growing Thoughts: Garden In Andalusia Hb ACC-distribution titles
Carlos March Reviews The Thirty-Five Year History Of His Garden At Altarejos, A Model Of Complementary Planting, Equilibrium And Respect For The Environment.
9781843913863 Wroth Joseph Hotel Savoy Неизвестно
9780124166738 Gerald Litwack Hormones and Breast Cancer, Elsevier Science
9781408831373 Boyle T C San Miguel Неизвестно
9781409566311 Wheatley Abigail Story of Painting Usborne
9781118625163 Mootee Idris 60-Minute Brand Strategist Wiley
9780007463916 Winehouse Mitch Amy, My Daughter HarperCollins UK
Mitch Winehouse does a great job of illustrating how powerful addiction is - think Requiem for a Dream -style tragedy but in biographical form. That is what it is like to read this book, but there is no artistic element, Mr. Winehouse is simply recounting his experiences in a linear and very matter-of-fact tone.
9788498485325 Cascon Martin, Eugenio Espanol coloquial 3 edi #ост./не издается# Edinumen
9780470672952 Thomas HC Viral Hepatitis 4ed. Wiley
VIRAL HEPATITIS, 4 TH EDITION Edited by Howard C. Thomas, Imperial College London, London, UK Arie J. Zuckerman, University College London, London, UK Anna S. F. Lok, University of Michigan Health System, Ann Arbor, MI, USA Stephen A. Locarnini, Victori
9780751552607 Sorensen Jessica Coincidence of Callie and Kayden Little, Brown
9781451176094 Gould Douglas BRS Neuroanatomy Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
BRS Neuroanatomy, fifth edition is a concise review of medical human neuroanatomy for course and licensing exams, including the USMLE, and features more than 600 board-style review questions with explanations. This edition also includes new full-color artwork and design elements, updated clinical correlations, a glossary of over 200 key terms, and an appendix of cranial nerves. BRS Neuroanatomy presents the essentials of human neuroanatomy in a concise, tightly outlined, well-illustrated format. Online access to an ebook and interactive question bank is included. 
9781409335078 RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and Europe Dorling Kindersley
The ultimate photographic guide to every species of bird in Britain and Europe Whether you're an armchair addict, or a long-time twitcher, RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and Europe is an essential reference to the 800 bird species found throughout Britain and Europe. Comes with a 70-minute CD of birdsong and calls so you can listen to many of the birds featured in this beautiful guide. See birds in their natural habitat and learn about characteristic behaviour with stunning photos showing adults in typical plumage, with male, female, juvenile and summer or winter variations to help you identify birds in the field quickly and easily. Explore up-to-date, colour-coded maps highlighting resident and migratory distributions so you know which species of birds to expect when you are out and about. Plus, this comprehensive reference book describes the characteristics of bird anatomy, reproduction, flight, song, and other forms of behaviour, ensuring you'll become an expert birdwatcher in no time. This new edition of RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and Europe (previous ISBN: 9781405345897) has been fully updated and revised with every fact and image fully authenticated by experts at the RSPB, making this a must-have for bird enthusiasts of all levels.
9783836532167 Golden Reuel New York. Portrait of a City Taschen
9781897106969 Mollo Victor Diamonds are the Hog's Best Friend Неизвестно
9780099577256 Platonov Andrey Happy Moscow Random House
9783126060103 - Aspekte 2 (B2) Arbeitsbuch + ?bungstests auf CD-R Неизвестно
9783126063302 Logisch! A2 Lehrerhandbuch A2 m. integr. Kursbuc Неизвестно
9781416576440 Cristol, Steven M. Sealey, Peter Simplicity marketing, end brand complexity, clutter, and confusion Simon & Schuster
9781780974330 Glancey Jonathan Car a History of the Automobile Carlton Books
Once viewed as a plaything of the wealthy and eccentric, cars are now an integral part of modern life. The Car provides a snapshot history of the automobile, not just the makes and models, but its role in many spheres of life: politics, family life, war, advertising, architecture, film and art to name but a few. Jonathan Glancey also covers the development of the car, from the early "horseless carriages', through people's cars from the VW Beetle to the Ford Galaxy, and the speed machines and dream cars of various eras. Combining the author's illuminating text with fascinating photographs, The Car is much more than another encyclopedia, it reveals why we love, loathe and depend on one of the greatest modern inventions, and how the car really has shaped the way we live now. In the same impressive format as Space and Flight, this latest photographic collection will include rare and unusual images from around the world as well as classic shots of some of the greatest cars ever made.
9781409565123 Watt Fiona Santa's Workshop Sticker Book Usborne
9781907602757 Shoot Annual 2014: the voice of football Неизвестно
9780007925476 Shakespeare William Merchant of Venice HarperCollins UK
9780786963713 Salvatore R. A. The Companions: The Sundering, Book I Random House (USA)
9780143123231 Harrison A. S. a. The Silent Wife Random House (USA)
9780133046830 Lane, Linda Focus on Pronunciation 3Ed 2 SB +D +R Pearson Education
9781847371492 Andrews Virginia Scattered leaves Simon&Schuster UK
Second in her spellbinding new 2-part series
9780615390024 Anderson Kenny J. Common Denominators for Success: 7 Universal Formulas to Get the Results You Want Неизвестно
9780751541243 Louise Candlish The Island Hideaway Little, Brown
9781292022932 Dale Ostlie Bradley Carroll & An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics Pearson Education
9781406352429 Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson The bane chronicles Walker Books
9781848271562 Mark O'Sullivan Crocodile Tears Random House
9781406352504 Egyptian diary Walker Books
9780099553939 Ogawa, Yoko Revenge Random House
9785990309647 PTE YL Practice Tests FIRSTWORDS Неизвестно
9783126063647 - Grammatik & Konversation 2 Buch Неизвестно
9780847840878 Jacobs Marc Louis Vuitton Rizzoli
9781780672908 Melhuish, Clare Luis Vidal + Architects Thames & Hudson
9781405909051 Jojo Moyes The One Plus One Penguin Books Ltd
9780761177319 Stock Gregory The Book of Questions: Revised and Updated Неизвестно
9781771400114 O'Connor Patricia Second Book of Bridge Problems Неизвестно
9781931883344 Littell Jonathan, Mandell Charlotte The Fata Morgana Books Неизвестно
9781847960719 Rieber Marie Therese Liberty of London Treasures Carlton Books
This heritage brand with its foot firmly in the future is known for its eclectic, avant-garde design and unmistakeable Art Fabrics. The book showcases not only its historic beginnings, from Arthur Liberty's 'Eastern Bazaar' to its Art Nouveau furniture, jewellery and clothing designs, whimsical window displays and the iconic Art Fabrics, but also to the innovations in design and printmaking today.
9781846883101 Morais, Richard C. Buddhaland Brooklyn Alma
9780062198389 Gutman Dan My Weirder School #9 HarperCollins USA
9781742205830 Vietnam Cambodia Laos & Northern4 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Tempt your tastebuds with pho noodle soup in Vietnam, sail past the limestone peaks of Halong Bay, or experience the transcendent tranquility of temples like Angkor Wat; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand and begin your journey now!
9780486404134 Stravinsky, Igor Les Noces in Full Score Dover
9780723280873 Peppa Pig: School Bus Trip - Read it Yourself, Level 2 Penguin Books Ltd
9780981624990 Maureen Johnson and Douglas Johnson Art Modles Ultra Becca Неизвестно
9781409347972 Firearms The Illustrated History Dorling Kindersley
The Illustrated History of Firearms charts the evolution and history of the gun, from the pistol, flintlock musket and rifle to the shotgun, machine gun and revolver. This book features over 300 firearms and guns spanning centuries of development, with the world's most iconic gun brands such as Colt, Smith and Wesson, Maxim and the Kalashnikov AK-47 covered with amazing photographic features. You can appreciate the incredible engineering behind guns through stunning visuals with close-up details of key weapons, from the intricate inlaid shotgun to the modern army sniper rifle, tracing the history of the gun from army flintlocks to modern day military guns.
9781423171089 Schwab Victoria The Archived Неизвестно
9781107649767 Elliott Karen Kid's Box Level 1 Language Portfolio Cambridge University Press
9780732295639 Hay Donna, Hay Donna Fresh and Light HarperCollins USA
9789089643780 Kott Sandrine, Romijn Peter, Hoffmann Stefan-Ludwi Seeking Peace in the Wake of War: The Reconfiguration of Europe, 1943-1947 NBN International
9789063693343 Hlav?cs, George The Exceptionally Simple Theory of Sketching Thames & Hudson
9780723280521 Peter Rabbit: The Radish Robber - Read it Yourself, Level 1 Penguin Books Ltd
9780723286066 Peter Rabbit: Touch and Feel Playbook Penguin Books Ltd
9780062192141 Silver Eve Rush: The Game: Book 1 HarperCollins USA
9780300140644 Chiu, Melissa. Art and China's Revolution Yale University Press
Focuses on artwork produced from the 1950s to the 1970s, when Mao Zedong was in leadership. This book argues that important contributions were made during this period that require fuller consideration in Chinese art history, especially with relevance to the contemporary world.
9781455502769 Hitchens Christopher Mortality Неизвестно
9781454708575 Lark Books Pretty Little Cozies Неизвестно
9781589254497 Tiger Tales Me and My Mommy Boxed Set Неизвестно
9780847840229 Guidi Giacomo Piero Guidi: Angels of Our Time Rizzoli
9780914098720 Michael Spivak A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry, Vol. 3 Alibris(Ingram)
9781783120468 Macleod Robert Vikingworld: The Age of Seafarers and Sagas Carlton Books
Set sail in your longboat and explore the mysterious lands of runes, raids and sagas. Vikingworld is a lavish album of discovery in which the battles, legends and heroic deeds of these notorious Norsemen are brought to axe-wielding life. Intricate illustrations of weapons and Viking treasures are paired with full-bleed awe-inspiring CGI scenes - your chance to rediscover all the details of life at sea in a longboat or in a Viking settlement. From seafaring and sagas to raiding and religion, there is much to explore for the brave of heart. A book to rouse the courage and stir the imagination of all would-be warriors!
9781452118994 Chronicle Books Draw to Learn: Francais! Abrams
A practical and fun language-learning tool for visual thinkers! These slim, pocket-sized sketchbooks are filled with drawing prompts with the English translation in fine print at the bottom of the page for reference. As users draw each term, they'll exercise memory skills and build their vocabulary along the way. Featuring 150 need-to-know words on useful topics including greetings, family, days of the week, transportation, food & drink, shopping and more, this is the perfect way for anyone who likes to draw, sketch, or doodle to learn or brush up on their basic French vocab.
9780230458444 Open Mind British English Pre-Intermediate Workbook without key & CD Macmillan ELT
9788800805889 Trifone; Filippone; Sgaglione Affresco Italiano B2 quaderno studente Неизвестно
9781452128337 Silver Burton, Busch Heather Dancing with Cats Abrams
9781781683026 Mirowski Philip Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste: How Neoliberalism Survived the Financial Meltdown Marston Book Services
9781447259077 Juliet West Before the Fall Pan Macmillan
9789963687190 - Toy Box 2 Test Book Неизвестно
9780670920853 Ruta Sepetys Between Shades Of Gray Penguin Books Ltd
9781409564805 Greenwell Jessica Wipe-Clean Starting Times Tables Usborne
9781409103929 Benedict A K Beauty of Murder Orion Publishers
9780061935060 Capucilli Alyssa Biscuit Loves the Library HarperCollins USA
9781607742678 Lebovitz David My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories Random House (USA)
9781576263174 Perforator Flaps: Anatomy, Technique, & Clinical Applications Taylor&Francis
9781627790109 Pillsbury Michael The Hundred-Year Marathon: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS
9783131074423 Torsten Bert Moeller Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Positioning Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Praise for this book: "Remarkable...a valuable, easy-to-use desk or pocket reference for medical imaging professionals at every level." - ADVANCE for Imaging & Radiation Oncology Now in its second edition, Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Positioning is a practical how-to guide that provides the detailed information you need to reproducibly obtain high-quality radiographic images for optimal evaluation and interpretation of normal, abnormal, and pathological anatomic findings. It shows positioning techniques for all standard examinations in conventional radiology, with and without contrast, as well as basic positioning for CT and MRI. For each type of study a double-page spread features an exemplary radiograph, positioning sketches, and helpful information on imaging technique and parameters, criteria for the best radiographic view, and patient preparation. Clearly organized to be used in day-to-day practice, the atlas serves as an ideal companion to Moeller and Reif's Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy and their three-volume Pocket Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy. Highlights of the second edition: New chapters on positioning in MRI and CT, including multislice CT A greatly expanded section on mammography Special features, including information on the advantages of a specific view, variations of positions, and practical tips and tricks Nearly 500 excellent radiographs and drawings demonstrating the relationship between correct patient positioning and effective diagnostic images Pocket Atlas of Radiographic Positioning, Second Edition is an excellent desk or pocket reference for radiologists, radiology residents, and for radiologic technologists.
9781476775555 Kubler-Ross Elisabeth, Kessler David A. On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss Неизвестно
Ten years after the death of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, this commemorative edition of her final book combines practical wisdom, case studies, and the authors' own experiences and spiritual insight to explain how the process of grieving helps us live with loss. Includes a new introduction and resources section.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's "On Death and Dying" changed the way we talk about the end of life. Before her own death in 2004, she and David Kessler completed "On Grief and Grieving," which looks at the way we experience the process of grief.
Just as "On Death and Dying" taught us the five stages of death--denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance--"On Grief and Grieving" applies these stages to the grieving process and weaves together theory, inspiration, and practical advice, including sections on sadness, hauntings, dreams, isolation, and healing. This is "a fitting finale and tribute to the acknowledged expert on end-of-life matters" ("Good Housekeeping").
9780300074987 Warner This Other Eden Yale University Press
In 1966, American collector and philanthropist Paul Mellon presented to Yale University a collection of British paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints and rare books, thus founding the Yale Center for British Art. This is an expanded catalogue for an exhibition touring Australia in 1998.
9780462000428 Harmer J. Just Listening/Speaking Elementary Student's Book [with Audio CD(x1)] Marshall Cavendish ELT
9780470674840 Reinus Gastrointestinal Anatomy and Physiology: The Essentials Wiley
Gastroenterologists require detailed knowledge regarding the anatomy of the GI system in order to understand the disturbances caused by diseases they diagnose and treat. To make that information easily accessible, Gastrointestinal Anatomy and Physiology
9783540790877 Detlef Thieme; Peter Hemmersbach (Eds.) Doping in Sports: Biochemical Principles, Effects and Analysis Springer
Doping in sports and the fight against it has gained increasing attention. This book covers the pharmacological basis for a possible performance enhancement in competitive sport through the administration of prohibited substances and methods as well as the analytical disclosure of such practices.
9781603272247 Leonard G. Feld; Frederick J. Kaskel (Eds.) Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics Springer
Features tables and information on various aspects of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base metabolism for general pediatrics, family practitioners, residents, medical students, nurses and the medical or surgical specialties. This book covers definition and pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis and causes, treatment and representative scenarios.
9780764141140 Strutz, Henry Dictionary of german slang,2nd Barron`s educational series, inc
Presents more than 4,000 informal, commonly-used words and phrases in the German slang, with English translations and equivalent phrases. This book presents words and phrases with grammatical information, their English meanings, and a sentence or extended phrase in the German language to illustrate usage, followed by the English translation.
9780764141157 Strutz, Henry Dictionary of french slang 2 Barron`s educational series, inc
Part of a quick-reference series suitable for language students and international travellers, this title presents more than 4,000 informal, commonly-used words and phrases in its target language. It features words and phrases along with grammatical information, their English meanings, and a sentence or extended phrase to illustrate their usage.
9789040084973 Black Is Beautiful ACC-distribution titles
Dutch and foreign museums house a hidden treasure of masterworks depicting black Africans who have played a major role in painting for centuries. Almost all the great masters have portrayed black people at some time or another. In recent years a study has been made of these works for an exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerek (New Church) Amsterdam.

This has now been incorporated into an appealing collection of essays written by leading authors and specialists. The writings cover black people at Europe's courts, the black king in Rembrandt's painting "The Adoration", black mythological figures, Africans in genre paintings, black people in the Netherlands, the changing role of black people from the nineteenth century on, and Africans in work by contemporary artists. Each of the 140 works in the exhibition are also looked at in great details, thus making the book a handsome survey on the portrayal of black people in the Lowlands between 1330 and 2008.
9780452289857 Attwood, Janet Bray; Attwood, Chris Passion Test, The Random House (USA)
9780425227985 Sandford, John Phantom Prey Random House (USA)
9780451207210 Fletcher, Jessica Murder, She Wrote: You Bet Your Life Random House (USA)
9780142437612 Bellow, Saul Seize the Day Random House (USA)
9780448428727 Wing, Natasha Night Before Night Before Xmas The Random House (USA)
9780500514559 Adkinson, Robert Sacred Symbols Thames & Hudson
Offers an exploration of the signs and symbols of various global cultures. This book reveals the quintessence of a multiplicity of beliefs and experiences. It provides an introduction to the timeless wisdoms of humankind.
9780007302420 Ks3 maths HarperCollins UK
Collins Revision KS3 Maths Levels 5-8 is an all-in-one revision guide and exam practice workbook for Key Stage 3. Written by experienced test markers, it shows how each student can follow their level, test their knowledge, check their answers and improve.
9781905654338 Cast,Kirstin House of Night: Chosen Little, Brown
The third compulsive instalment of Atom`s hot new series set in a high school for vampires.
9780751541298 Lovesey,Peter Headhunters Little, Brown
A suspenseful new standalone from the consistently remarkable crime author
9780552553544 Peter Ward Dragon Horse Random House
Rokshan and An-Lushan are drawn into this centuries-old struggle, along with a young girl destined to become the Spellweaver of her nomadic tribe. And as An-Lushan is pulled towards the dark, Rokshan must embark upon a dangerous journey into the lands of the Wild Horsemen and, ultimately, must learn the innermost secrets of the dragons.
9781607950110 Thomas Advanced Therapy in Facial аnd Plastic Reconstructive Surgery McGraw-Hill
9780124498518 Richard P. Lifton Genetic Diseases of the Kidney, Elsevier Science
Offers insight into the role of genetic abnormalities in the pathogenesis of deranged kidney function and kidney disease. This book elaborates the principles of mammalian genetics, with special consideration given to the application of genetic analysis to clinical syndromes and diseases. It also analyzes specific renal diseases.
9781844085729 Gibbons,Stella Nightingale wood Little, Brown
A modern, satirical fairytale that has been unavailable for decades, by the author of Cold Comfort Farm.
9781874181330 Dugdale, Graham K. Curious lancashire walks Неизвестно
Covering the whole of the county of Lancashire, this book, divided into three sections - north, central and south - includes 40 walks and maps, also providing helpful information.
9780764306860 Monica Lynn Clements Sarah Coventry® Jewelry: An Unauthorized Guide for Collectors Schiffer
As an increasingly popular line of collectible jewellery, creations distributed by Sarah Coventry, Inc. have made their mark. From the 1950s through the 1980s, women purchased the jewellery exclusively at home jewellery parties. The success of the jewellery made Sarah Coventry, Inc. one of the largest distributors of costume jewellery. Although the parties are a thing of the past, Sarah Coventry jewellery has not been forgotten. Now, these durable and fashionable pieces are sought after by collectors who have rediscovered their timeless appeal. In Sarah Coventry Jewellery, authors Monica Lynn Clements and Patricia Rosser Clements have compiled nearly 400 photographs that display the unique designs along with their current market values. Sets, limited edition pieces, earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants, and brooches are shown. The photographs depict jewellery made of gold metal, rhodium, and plastic as well as jewellery adorned with colourful plastic "stones", rhinestones, and gemstones. This reference guide is a must for collectors of Sarah Coventry jewellery.
9780781789554 Shorten Case-based anesthesia clin learn gde Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Presents sixty cases with the patient-specific data encountered in actual clinical practice. This title includes cases that cover the major points emphasized in the in-training exam and in written and oral boards, and each case includes a boxed Key Points section and self-assessment questions.
9780060829865 Lowell, Elizabeth Blue Smoke and Murder HarperCollins USA
Jill Breck was just doing her job as a river guide when she saved the life of Lane Faroe, son of two of St Kilda`s consulting premier operators. But when her great aunt dies in a suspicious fire, old family paintings kick over a hornet`s nest in the closed world of the Western art circuit, and her own life is threatened, she must call in a favor.
9780446541527 Brady, Kate One Scream Away (Forever Special Release) Hachette Book Group
9780330504485 McCutcheon Martine The Mistress Pan Macmillan
Mandy is turning 30 and has a lot of love to give, but that special person has so far eluded her. Then, at her birthday party with close friends at the Wolseley, Cupid strikes from across a crowded room. It's love at first sight, but Jake, the man she's fallen for, is happily married.

Mandy is determined to stick to her principles and not enter into such dangerous territory, but her resistance is to prove futile. But can she make it as a mistress? Can it work for someone to love two people? A romance with a twist, "The Mistress", has an unusual, modern take on what women want. It's a warm, fun, highly commercial novel by one of Britain's best-loved actresses.
9780007307272 Clare Chambers Bright girl HarperCollins UK
Outstanding new voice in girls' fiction. Fifteen-year-old Robyn (the "sensible") one and her older sister Rachel (anything but!) arrive in Brighton to spend the summer with their estranged Aunt Jackie, who runs a ballgown hire business from her ramshackle multi-storey home. They have been forced to leave their home in Oxford, where they live with their father, because of threats to their safety, the nature of which only gradually becomes apparent.

A perfect summer read and a brilliant study of sisterly devotion and rivalry, coupled with a frisson of mystery and a wonderful dollop of humour.
9780007286409 Charlie Brooks Citizen HarperCollins UK
From former top trainer Charlie Brooks comes a thriller of horseracing, dirty dealing, big business and a test of loyalty under extreme pressure...
9780061214684 Marr Melissa Ink Exchange HarperCollins USA
Return to the breathtaking world of the bestselling WICKED LOVELY!
9780192727725 Lindgren, Astrid Karlson on the roof Oxford Academ
9780753826706 Kynge, James China Shakes The World Orion Publishers
Authoritative and fully up-to-date account by leading China expert on China`s economic rise and how it will affect the world
9781416039884 Schaaf & Zumla Tuberculosis Elsevier Science
Presents information about tuberculosis, especially in the face of drug-resistant strains of the disease. This work offers coverage including which patient populations face an elevated risk of infection, as well as which therapies are appropriate and how to monitor ongoing treatment so that patients are cured.
9783791341002 Coloring book London Prestel Publishing Limited
Big art for little hands, these enchanting activity books allow young artists to explore the world`s masterpieces on their own terms and with plenty of space to color outside the lines.
9783791342702 Gerkan, Meinhard Von Von gerkan, marg and partners architecture 2003-2007 Prestel Publishing Limited
This book presents the latest and most important buildings from this prominent German architectural firm.
9789061538592 Susan Marti The Splendours of the Burgundian Co Thames & Hudson
9780749940089 R.Young Ph Miracle for Weight Loss Little, Brown
9780486990637 Dover Classic Floral Designs + CD Dover
9783037680155 Braun Drink! Best of Bar Design Thames & Hudson
9781424022243 R. Waring Tornado Chase­(1900, B2) National Geographic ELT
Suitable for English language learners, this non-fiction reading series presents real-world stories in print, audio, and video. It offers a selection of engaging non-fiction, grouped into five themes: Incredible Animals, Fascinating Places, Remarkable People, Exciting Activities, and Amazing Science.
9781580176736 White, Christine Uniquely felt Неизвестно
Describes the equipment, explores concepts of felting, and covers various felting techniques, including traditional, needle, three dimensional seamless, nuno, cobweb, carved, and Beede ball. This title includes projects such as bags; nuno shawls with soft wool fibres and wispy silks; and, picnic blankets and bath mats made with cobweb felt.
9781405884556 Peng Peng Act Rdg Easystarts: The Long Road Bk/ CD Rom Pack Pearson Education
Terry Fox has cancer and he has an artificial leg. He runs across Canada for sick children and he gets $10,000,000. Read about his Marathon of Hope, his pain, and his short life. This is the true story of a strong athlete - and a Canadian hero.
9780141022031 Jane Green The Beach House Penguin Books Ltd
One summer a group of strangers - each with their own reason for wanting to step out of their busy life - meet at rented beachouse in sunny Nantucket. With many lost souls gathered under one roof, very soon there are tears and laughter, friendship and - for some - even love. Each one of them is hoping for a new beginning.
9783829766142 France Baedeker Guide Marco Polo
Baedeker is proud to welcome this brand new, full-colour guide to France. It features a wealth of detailed information, covering sights from A-Z with 3D illustrations, background texts on history, art, culture, traditions and more, invaluable practical advice, special features, 5 recommended tours, `Baedeker tips` and a fully indexed, pull-out map.
9780575091047 Harris, Charlaine Definitely dead Orion Publishers
The Golden Globe award-winning series, now showing on FX, the channel that brought us DEXTER.
9780575091054 Harris, Charlaine Dead as a doornail Orion Publishers
The Golden Globe award-winning series, now showing on FX, the channel that brought us DEXTER.
9780295988542 Schamus, James Carl theodor dreyer`s gertrud ORCA BOOK SERVICES
Carl Theodor Dreyer`s film "Gertrud" was covered by the Danish press as a national scandal at its Paris premier in 1964; it was lambasted on its release for its lugubrious pace, wooden acting, and old-fashioned, stuffy milieu. This title offers a novel approach to the legacy of Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer`s 1964 film, "Gertrud".
9782911596391 Fleury, Cynthia Ron Arad Architecture Thames & Hudson
9780316006934 Schick, Ron Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera Hachette Book Group
An unprecedented study of Norman Rockwell`s creative process, pairing masterworks of American illustration with the photographs that inspired their execution
9780198163206 Ratner, Sabina Teller Camille Saint-Saens 1835-1921: A Thematic Catalogue of His Complete Works : The Instrumental Works Volume I Oxford Academ
9780711228955 O`byrne, Robert Style city: How London Became a Fashion Capital Frances Lincoln
Style City tells, for the first time, the story of how London became a style capital describing how fashion developed in Britain from the early 1970s, when designer fashion scarcely existed, to the present day.
9780194715140 Soars, John; Soars, Liz New Headway: Elementary Third Edition: Class Audio CDs (2) Oxford University Press
9780789318961 Universal Studios Monsters Rizzoli USA
9780061230899 Martini, Steve Shadow of Power HarperCollins USA
In this latest in the New York Times bestselling series, defense attorney Paul Madriani takes a murder case whose fascinating investigation reaches to the halls of the U.S. Supreme Court and has profound implications for the reputation of Thomas Jefferson himself.
9780141191072 Celia Fiennes Through England on a Side Saddle Penguin Books Ltd
Taking us on a journey through England, this title records various sights and experiences of the author`s adventure, from her delight at countryside cakes and the beauty of remote landscapes, to the challenges of disagreeable landladies, choppy sea crossings and a troublesome horse. It gives a glimpse into an England of bustling industry.
9780194793155 Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 4: Black Beauty Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
When Black Beauty is trained to carry a rider on his back, or to pull a carriage behind him, he finds it hard at first. But he is lucky - his first home is a good one, where his owners are kind people, who would never be cruel to a horse. But in the nineteenth century many people were cruel to their horses, whipping them and beating them, and using them like machines until they dropped dead. Black Beauty soon finds this out, and as he describes his life, he has many terrible stories to tell.
9780194791793 Peters, Ellis Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 4: A Morbid Taste For Bones Oxford University Press
Murder in the twelfth century is no different from murder today. There is still a dead body, though this time with an arrow through the heart instead of a bullet. There is still a need to bury the dead, to comfort the living - and to catch the murderer. When Brother Cadfael comes to a village in the Welsh hills, he finds himself doing all three of those things. And there is nothing simple about this death. The murdered man's daughter needs Cadfael's help in more ways than one. There are questions about the arrow. And the burial is the strangest thing of all . . .
9780007327270 Lennon, Stella Invisible i HarperCollins UK
Amanda Valentino is the most mysterious, the most magnetic girl you`ll never meet. But if you join THE AMANDA PROJECT you just might find out what happened to her!
9780141047706 Kathryn Stockett The Help Penguin Books Ltd
9780141044200 Jeremy Clarkson Driven to Distraction Penguin Books Ltd
9780451229007 Harper, Karen Mistress Shakespeare Random House (USA)
9780425234242 Zama, Farahad The Marriage Bureau for Rich People Random House (USA)
9788847014770 Ferrari, Adriano Cioni, Giovanni The Spastic forms of cerebral palsy Springer
9780316083836 Pelecanos, George Way Home, THE (INT ED) Hachette Book Group
9781593076955 Masamune Shirow Orion Random House (USA)
9780521712804 Nick Robinson, Lindsay Warwick, Helen Naylor, Joha face2face Advanced Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press
face2face is a six level general English course for adults and young adults. It goes from Starter level through to Advanced.
9780521136242 Richard MacAndrew Cambridge English Readers Level 2 Elementary/Lower Intermediate The New Zealand File: Paperback Cambridge University Press
Award-winning original fiction for learners of English. At seven levels, from Starter to Advanced, this impressive selection of carefully graded readers offers exciting reading for every student`s ability.
9781902741925 Schofield J. Summertown Readers: Ekaterina Student's Book [with Audio CD(x1)] Summertown
9780451230683 Christopher, Paul The Templar Throne Random House (USA)
9780141043166 Andrew Ross Sorkin Too Big to Fail Penguin Books Ltd
9780141044347 Ramsay, Caro Dark Water Penguin Books Ltd
9780230035416 Mann, Malcolm Taylore-knowles, Steve Destination C1 & C2 Student's Book no key Macmillan ELT
9780738715629 Endredy, James Shamanism for beginners Неизвестно
Interest in shamanism is on the rise and people are eager to integrate this intriguing tradition into their own lives. This book introduces spiritual beliefs and customs of the shaman - a spiritual leader, visionary, healer, diviner, and a walker between worlds. It sheds light on the entire shamanic experience.
9780323054058 Bajaj Lalit Berman's Pediatric Decision Making Elsevier Science
9789604035151 Stephens N. New Cambridge Proficiency Practice Tests 2 Student's Book [with Audio CD(x1) & Answer Key] New Editions
Presents features such as: six complete practice tests for the revised Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English examination; exam technique sections consisting of hints and tips for the student on how to approach each part of the revised exam; cassettes providing listening practice with a variety of accents; and more.
9780231142939 Sikov Ed Film Studies Wiley
9780194792691 Thackeray, William Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 6: Vanity Fair Oxford University Press
When Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley leave school, their feet are set on very different paths. Kind, foolish Amelia returns to her comfortable home and wealthy family, to await a suitable marriage, while Becky must look out for herself, earning her own living in a hard world. But Becky is neither kind nor foolish, and with her quick brain and keen eye for a chance, her fortunes soon rise, while Amelia's fall. Greed, ambition, loyalty, folly, wisdom . . . Thackeray's famous novel gives us a witty and satirical picture of English society during the Napoleonic wars.
9780007285921 Ava McCarthy The Courier HarperCollins UK
9780007182817 Ahern Cecelia The Book Of Tomorrow HarperCollins UK
The magical and mesmerising story of how tomorrow can change what happens today. Sometimes tomorrow has to start today Tamara Goodwin always had everything she wanted. Why would she ever give a thought to tomorrow? But suddenly life takes a difficult turn, and Tamara faces the hard decision to swap her glamorous town living for life in the country. However, Tamara is soon lonely and longing for her old life. Then a travelling library arrives in the village, bringing with it a mysterious leather-bound book locked with a gold clasp and padlock. What Tamara discovers within its pages takes her breath away and shakes her world forever. An unforgettable story about how tomorrow can change what happens today…
9789812822192 Pocket world atlas: exclusive edition. Penguin Books Ltd
The ideal handy reference in a tactile format with luxury, leather-look cover available in a choice of 4 colours. An elastic strap makes an attractive fastener and a satin bookmark is an added convenience. Packed with detailed maps, country flags and facts & figures with over 20,000 place names identified. The perfect gift.
9789812822208 Exclusive insight pocket world atlas racing green Penguin Books Ltd
The ideal handy reference in a tactile format with luxury, leather-look cover available in a choice of 4 colours. An elastic strap makes an attractive fastener and a satin bookmark is an added convenience. Packed with detailed maps, country flags and facts & figures with over 20,000 place names identified. The perfect gift.
9789812822215 Exclusive insight pocket world atlas sapphire Penguin Books Ltd
The ideal handy reference in a tactile format with luxury, leather-look cover available in a choice of 4 colours. An elastic strap makes an attractive fastener and a satin bookmark is an added convenience. Packed with detailed maps, country flags and facts & figures with over 20,000 place names identified. The perfect gift.
9780521185608 Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks English in Mind Second edition Level 3 Workbook Cambridge University Press
9780521741392 Amanda Thomas, Peter May Complete PET Workbook without answers with Audio CD Cambridge University Press
9780521741408 Peter May, Amanda Thomas Complete PET Workbook with answers with Audio CD Cambridge University Press
9780521747868 Daphne Mackey Read This! Level 1 Student's Book Cambridge University Press
9780521747899 Alice Savage, Daphne Mackey Read This! Level 2 Student's Book Cambridge University Press
9780521168250 Cambridge ESOL Cambridge Preliminary English Test for Schools 1 Student's Book with answers Cambridge University Press
9780521124607 Nick Robinson Cambridge English for Marketing Student's Book with Audio CD Cambridge University Press
9780099478966 Aaronovitch, David Voodoo Histories Random House
9780721600406 Elaine Sarkin Jaffe Hematopathology Elsevier Science
9780702033902 R. M. Kirk Basic Surgical Techniques International Edition Elsevier Science
9781405099646 Kay Sue New Inside Out Pre-Intermediate Work Book Pack +key +CD Macmillan ELT
9780764143106 Siegel Ph.D. CPA, Joel G. Dict Accounting Term,5Th Barron`s educational series, inc
9780230020771 Straightforward Elementary Student's Book +CD Macmillan ELT
Straightforward is a multi-level course for adults and young adults. Based on observation of what good teachers do in the classroom, it is transparent in its structure, pragmatic in its methodology and varied in its content. This book contains 90 hours of teaching material on this course.
9781906438500 Cambridge ESOL Official Top Tips for PET, The Paperback with CD-ROM Cambridge University Press
9780702042928 Michael South Practical Paediatrics Elsevier Science
9780307476425 Osborne Frances The Bolter Random House (USA)
9780345423405 Hamilton Laurell K A Kiss of Shadows Random House (USA)
9780141000190 Fielding Helen Bridget Jones's Diary Random House (USA)
9780439411370 Korman, G. Everest. Book 3. The Summit Scholastic
9780061373305 Martin George R. Hunter's Run HarperCollins USA
From three of the most respected voices in the science fiction world comes this science fiction masterpiece: a riveting, emotionally compelling morality tale set in an unforgiving alien world that ponders the perennial question: What makes us human?
9780376011602 Huber Jeanne, Sunset Books Sunset Decorative Concrete Hachette Book Group
9780618260515 Tolkien J.R.R. The Fellowship of the Ring: Being the First Part of the Lord of the Rings Неизвестно
9780764228322 Oke Janette Love Comes Softly Неизвестно
9780765354716 Staten Joseph Contact Harvest Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS
9780452296299 Grossman Lev The Magicians Random House (USA)
9780195142143 Goldfinger Eliot Animal Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form Oxford Academ
9780375991615 Thorne Bella Autumn Falls Random House (USA)
9781107674509 Fiona Baxter, Liz Dilley, Alan Cross And Jon Board Cambridge Primary Science Learner'S Book 4 Cambridge Academ
9788806219406 Bulgakov M. Il Maestro e Margherita Неизвестно
9781780220208 Cain, James M. Serenade Orion Publishers
9783791351049 Jones, Kimberly A. Impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces from the national gallery of art Prestel Publishing Limited
This dazzling selection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings features lavish reproductions, lively commentary and a beautiful slipcase that will delight art lovers.
9780802142405 de Botton Alain On Love Неизвестно
9780810984868 Arfin Lesley, Selby Todd The Selby Is in Your Place Abrams
9780981484600 Koren Leonard Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers Неизвестно
9780756614157 First Nature Encyclopedia Random House (USA)
9781935096238 Canfield Jack, Hansen Mark Victor, Theiman Leann Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith: 101 Stories to Offer Hope, Deepen Faith, and Spread Love Неизвестно
9781590527283 Heim Joanne Living simply: choosing less in a world of more Random House (USA)
9781843118732 Lloyd's List Ports of the World 2010 Informa
9781857094817 Podro DVD Painting History - Delaroche and Lady Jane Grey Yale University Press
9780521515214 Daldrup-Link Essentials of Pediatric Radiology Cambridge Academ
Essentials of Pediatric Radiology: A Multimodality Approach provides a concise overview of both basic and complex topics encountered by pediatric radiologists in their daily practice. Written by leading pediatric radiologists from renowned children's hospitals, it focuses particularly on multimodality imaging, covering the full gamut of radiologic diagnostic techniques, including conventional radiography and ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, up-to-date CT and MRI techniques, and PET-CT. Each chapter is generously illustrated with high quality images, as well as graphs, tables, decision flowcharts and featured cases. Chapters are arranged according to pathologies, rather than organ systems, providing the reader with clinically-oriented information when employing 'whole body' techniques or analysing scans involving multiple anatomical sites. The book is complemented by an outstanding free access website of sample cases containing questions and answers that enable readers to test their diagnostic proficiency - see http://essentials-of-pediatric-radiology.com. A key text for pediatric radiology fellows, radiology residents and general radiologists, this is also essential reading for all pediatricians.
9781409507079 Sims, Lesley Grizzly bear rock 5 Usborne
9780230727014 Vince, Michael Intermediate Language Practice New Edition +Key +R Macmillan ELT
9780778329091 Ellison J. T. 14 Simon & Schuster
Ten victims, each with pale skin and long dark hair. All have been slashed across the throat, the same red lipstick smeared across their lips.

In the mid-1980s the Snow White Killer terrorized the streets of Nashville, Tennessee. Then suddenly the murders stopped. A letter from the killer to the police stated that his work was done.

Now four more bodies are found, marked with his fatal signature. The residents of Nashville fear a madman has returned, decades later, to finish his sick fairy tale. Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson believes the killings are the work of a copycat killer who's even more terrifying. For this monster is meticulously honing his craft as he mimics famous serial murders...proving that the past is not to be forgotten.

9781600850684 Framing roofs revised and updated GMC
9780440243328 Steel Danielle Southern Lights Random House (USA)
"Danielle Steel sweeps us from a Manhattan courtroom to the Deep South in her powerful new novel--at once a behind-closed-doors look into the heart of a family and a tale of crime and punishment.
Eleven years have passed since Alexa Hamilton left the South behind, fleeing the pain of her ex-husband's betrayal and the cruelty of his prominent Charleston family. Now an assistant D.A. in Manhattan, Alexa has finally put her demons to rest, making a name for herself as a top prosecutor, handling the city's toughest cases while juggling her role as devoted single mom to a teenage daughter.
But everything changes when Alexa is handed her latest case: the trial of accused serial killer Luke Quentin. Sifting through mountains of forensic evidence, Alexa prepares for a high-stakes trial...until threatening letters throw her private life into turmoil. The letters are addressed to her beautiful seventeen-year-old daughter, Savannah, whom Alexa has been raising alone since her divorce. Alexa is certain that Quentin is behind the letters--and that they are too dangerous to ignore. Suddenly she must make the toughest choice of all--and send her daughter back to the very place she swore she would never return to: the place where her marriage ended in heartbreak...her ex-husband's world of southern tradition, memories of betrayal, and the antebellum charm of Charleston.
Now, while Alexa's trial builds to a climax in New York, her daughter is settling into southern life, discovering a part of her family history and a father she barely knows--from the ice-cold stepmother who stole him away to a fascinating ancestry and a half-sister and half-brothers she comes to love. As secrets are exposed and old wounds are healed, Alexa and Savannah, after a season in different worlds, will come together again--strengthened by the challenges they have faced, changed by the mysteries they have unraveled, and with Savannah now at home in the southern world her mother fled.
In this masterfully told tale, Danielle Steel creates a stunning array of contrasts: from the gritty chaos of Manhattan' s criminal court system to the seductive gentility of the South, from the rage of a hardened criminal to the tender bond between a mother and daughter--and a loving father who has welcomed Savannah home at last. A novel that will catch you off guard at every turn, Southern Lights is Danielle Steel at her electrifying best.

"From the Hardcover edition."

9780007336524 Amanda's Wedding HarperCollins UK
A deliciously warm and hilarious romp of a novel set in twenty-something heartland.
9780007331109 Colgan, Jenny Looking for Andrew McCarthy HarperCollins UK
The third novel by the Sunday times bestselling author of Amanda`s Wedding
9781439160763 Cruz Smith Martin The golden mile Simon & Schuster
9780071740036 Dial Cynthia Get Your Travel Writing Published: A Teach Yourself Guide Неизвестно
9780521183413 Breen Good Medical Practice Cambridge Academ
Good Medical Practice: Professionalism, Ethics and Law brings together information that is central to the professional, ethical and legal requirements of being a doctor. It covers a core curriculum for medical students, doctors in training and international medical graduates preparing for the Australian Medical Council examinations. A useful guide for busy doctors, giving sound advice for issues that arise in practice, ensuring that all approaches meet professional standards. Effective and compassionate practice depends equally upon good communication skills, an empathetic attitude, truthfulness, self-reflection and an awareness of the responsibilities arising under relevant laws. Good Medical Practice encapsulates these attributes and includes practice management, inter-professional relationships, sexual misconduct, complaints processes, the Australian health care system and doctors' health within its broad and comprehensive purview. Written by specialist practitioners with vast teaching experience, this is a unique, timely and accessible text that reinforces a contemporary focus on professionalism in medical practice.
9781408800539 Rupert Kingfisher Madame Pamplemousse and the Time-Travelling Caf? Bloomsbury
9781598530803 Ward Lynd Lynd Ward: God's Man, Madman's Drum, Wild Pilgrimage Random House (USA)
9780375863547 Rabe Tish I Love the Nightlife! Random House (USA)
9781599953328 Kingsbury Karen Like Dandelion Dust Hachette Book Group
9781906155643 Perez-barreiro, Gabriel Mosquera, Gerardo Camnitze Contemporary art in latin america Black Dog publishing
9781405170345 Asit AroraAsit Arora Practical Manual of Thyroid and Parathyroid Disease Wiley
This practical guide for the multidisciplinary team (physician, surgeon, radiologist, oncologist, specialist nurse) involved in the care of patients with thyroid and parathyroid disorders emphasizes practical instruction rather than a detailed review of basic science.
9781435456358 Wisslar Illuminated Pixels Неизвестно
9780813815534 Undurti N. Das Metabolic Syndrome Pathophysiology: The Role of Essential Fatty Acids Wiley
Metabolic Syndrome Pathophysiology: The Role of Essential Fatty Acids Metabolic Syndrome Pathophysiology: The Role of Essential Fatty Acids provides current research exploring the links among insulin, insulin receptors, polyunsaturated fatty acids, br
9780330472128 Haran Maeve The painted lady Pan Macmillan
9780330509497 Grindle Lucretia The Villa Triste Pan Macmillan
9780425238905 Pasricha, Neil The Book of Awesome Random House (USA)
9780465020232 Yau Shing-Tung, Nadis Steve The Shape of Inner Space: String Theory and the Geometry of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions Неизвестно
The leading mind behind the mathematics of string theory discusses how geometry explains the universe we see What if you were told that we actually live in a 10-dimensional universe-- that the leading theory of nature posits only 4 out of 10 are accessible to our everyday senses? How do we account for the other 6 dimensions? What do they look like, where are they hiding, and what, if anything at all, do they do? In The Shape of Inner Space, geometer and leading string theorist Shing- Tung Yau unpacks the widely-held belief that these undetected dimensions are tightly curled in elaborate, twisted shapes called "Calabi-Yau manifolds." Yau explains that these spaces are so miniscule that humans will probably never see any of them directly. Amazingly, however, this hidden realm may hold the answers to some of the most profound questions we have about our universe. In examining his life's work, Yau emphasises his most important finding: proof of the manifold's mathematical existence. This discovery has been critical in advancing our understanding of geometry and string theory, and, more broadly, physics and the universe. With this acquired knowledge, string theorists can go beyond the concept of the universe that Einstein left us with, and possibly expose some of nature's greatest mysteries. A fascinating exploration of a world we are only just beginning to grasp, The Shape of Inner Space will change the way we think about mathematics, cosmology, and our quest to learn the shape of the inner universe.
9781405188432 Sebastiaan OvereemSebastiaan Overeem Sleep Disorders in Neurology Wiley
Sleep Disorders in Neurology Edited by Sebastiaan Overeem, MD, PhD, Centre for Sleep Medicine ?€?Kempenhaeghe?€?, Heeze, the Netherlands and Department of Neurology, Donders Institute for Neuroscience, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmeg
9781409507062 Mackinnon, Mairi Dog diary 4 Usborne
9781582701950 James Kat The Truth about Beauty: Transform Your Looks and Your Life from the Inside Out Неизвестно
9781569756775 Barker Dan Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists Неизвестно
9780199215669 Nicholas Torpey Renal transplantation Oxford Academ
A comprehensive guide to all aspects of renal transplantation, this handbook follows the admission of a renal failure patient, covering eligibility for transplant, guidelines for the transplant process and potential complications. It includes comprehensive background information, including immunology, tissue typing and donor management.
9780340999134 Cowell, Cressida Hero`s guide to deadly dragons Неизвестно
Read the original Hiccup adventures before seeing the film - now with an exciting new look!
9780500289488 Fogg, Marnie The Fashion Design Directory Thames & Hudson
9780470083406 Steven A. Vasilev, Scott E. Lentz, Allison E. Axte Gynecologic Oncology: Evidence-Based Perioperative and Supportive Care, 2nd Edition Wiley
Now updated?€”the only reference to cover perioperative and supportive care in gynecologic oncology within the framework of evidence-based medicine This clinically practical work details the available diagnostic and therapeutic options for a range of c
9780123810410 Graham A. Webb Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy,68 Elsevier Science
9780580454707 Udc - universal decimal classification. standard edition alphabetical index Неизвестно
Presenting a classification index, this title enables fast access to UDC tables through specially constructed index terms. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Volume 1.
9780857298133 Giannoudis Practical Procedures in Elective Orthopaedic Surgery: pelvis and lower extremity Springer
With the time available to surgeons-in-training ever dwindling, there is great emphasis placed on practical learning tools. Mirroring his earlier book on practical procedures in trauma surgery, Prof Giannoudis has produced a reference in more elective techniques. In most medical schools, most emphasis is placed on orthopaedic trauma surgery, with elective techniques often delayed until much later in a surgeon’s training.
9781441994608 Mar?n-Garc?a Signaling in the heart Springer
Signal transduction pathways are at the core of most biological processes and are critical regulators of heart physiology and pathophysiology.  The heart is both a transmitter and dynamic receptor of a variety of intracellular and extracellular stimuli, playing a critical role of an integrator of diverse signaling mechanisms. Alterations in signaling pathways are contributing factors in the development and progression of a broad spectrum of diseases, ranging from dysrhythmias and atherosclerosis to hypertension and the metabolic syndrome.  Targeting specific components of these signaling pathways has been shown to be effective in preclinical studies with significant therapeutic impact. This book brings together current knowledge in cardiovascular cell signal transduction mechanisms, advances in novel therapeutic approaches to improve cardiac function, and discussion of future directions.  Presented from a post-genomic perspective, this exciting book introduces important new ideas in cardiovascular systems biology.  It is an invaluable reference for cardiology researchers and practitioners.
9788847016996 Martelletti Handbook of Headache Springer
Headache disorders are among the most common disorders of the nervous system. They are pandemic and, in many cases, they are recurrent and can accompany the patient for the whole life. These disorders impose a substantial burden on headache sufferers, on their families and on society: the individual impact is measured by the frequency and severity of attacks, while the societal burden is measured in terms of loss of activity at work and school as well as of costs for the health system. As a matter of facts, headaches are ranked in the top ten, and maybe the top five, causes of disability worldwide: they are therefore extraordinarily common. Population-based studies have mostly focused on migraine, which, even if it is the most frequently studied headache disorder, is not the most common . Other types of headache, such as the more prevalent TTH and sub-types of the more disabling chronic daily headache, have so far received less attention and need to be better investigated. This book will provide a useful tool to a wide medical population, who is required specific skills to diagnose and manage these frequent and often disabling disorders .Furthermore, it could also represents a compendium for medical students who are usually introduced to this topic through multidisciplinary university programmes.
9781409135449 Agnew, Katie Drop dead gorgeous Orion Publishers
9780141042787 Maxwell, Martel Scandalous Penguin Books Ltd
9783037666135 Borquez Fabio Erotic Wonderland Skylight
9780385604482 Mary Soames A daughter's tale Transworld Publishers
9780199570164 Peter Kohl Cardiac mechano-electric coupling and arrhythmias cardiac mechano-electric coupling and arrhythmias. 2 ed. Oxford Academ
9783830438823 Was Krankheiten uns sagen: Der Weg zur Heilung Неизвестно
9780099562696 Saunders, Kate Night shall overtake us Random House
9781107403161 Lipscomb Outcomes Assessment in Cancer Cambridge Academ
Cancer touches the lives of millions worldwide each year. This is reflected not only in well-publicized mortality statistics but also in the profound - though much more difficult to measure - effects of cancer on the health-related quality of life, economic status, and overall well-being of patients and their families. In 2001, the US National Cancer Institute established the Cancer Outcomes Measurement Working Group to evaluate the state of the science in measuring the important and diverse impacts of this disease on individuals and populations. The findings and recommendations of the working group's 35 internationally recognized members are reported in Outcomes Assessment in Cancer, lucidly written and accessible to both researchers and policy makers in academia, government, and industry. Originally published in 2005, this volume provides a penetrating yet practical discussion of alternative approaches for comprehensively measuring the burden of cancer and the effectiveness of preventive and therapeutic interventions.
9780749909840 Ewbank Tim Olivia Little, Brown
The first full-length biography of the enduringly popular star of Grease
9780194569569 McCarter, Sam Oxford English for Careers: Medicine 2: Student's Book Oxford University Press
9788496658158 Mayoralis, Antonio Trench warfare Неизвестно
9781435460287 Busch David D. (David D. Busch) David Busch's Canon EOS Rebel T3i/600d Guide to Digital Slr Photography Неизвестно
9781554841998 Bruce Lee 2012 wall calendar Неизвестно
9780441020997 Bowden Oliver Assassin's Creed: Holy Land Random House (USA)
9780300175677 Staley Allen New Painting of the 1860s Yale University Press
9780141199665 Dumas Alexandre Three musketeers Penguin Books Ltd
9781409311836 Berry John Ladybird Book of London Penguin Books Ltd
9781780040059 China Berlitz Pocket Guide Penguin Books Ltd
Berlitz Pocket Guide China is the ultimate handy guide to this enigmatic destination, beginning with a rundown of the country`s Top 10 Attractions and a suggested 14-day tour, before covering all the information you need on where to go and what to do, background detail on history and cuisine, and an A-Z of practical information.
9780415666664 Cissik John Strength and Conditioning Taylor&Francis
9781406338836 Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Colouring Book Walker Books
Ready-to-wear, ready to colour! A unique colouring book of previously unpublished sketches from Yves Saint Laurent`s Rive Gauche collections.
9783423124058 Dostojewskij Fjodor Schuld und Suehne DtV
9780194338417 Maidment, Stella; Roberts, Lorena Happy Street: 2: Class Book Oxford University Press
Happy Street is a two-level course for children starting English at the beginning of the school system. Together with songs, chants, games, and listening activities, Happy Street 1 offers an accessible introduction to reading and writing and is suitable for use either as the children's first contact with English or after an oral-aural introduction. The Class Book uses appealing songs, chants, and stories for language presentation, with oral and reading practice and extension activities.
9789604471676 Laser New B1+ Workbook with key + CD Macmillan ELT
9780440224259 Gabaldon, Diana Drums of Autumn Random House (USA)
9788477115779 Pasaporte Compilado A (A1+A2) Alumno Edelsa
9783518365793 Hesse, Hermann Glasperlenspiel Неизвестно
9783468472725 Scherling; Rohrmann; Lemcke Berliner Platz 2 NEU Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch, Teil 2 mit Audio-CD und "Im Alltag EXTRA" Langenscheidt
9780670920358 Toibin, Colm New Ways to Kill Your Mother: Writers and their Families Penguin Books Ltd
9783190316908 Themen aktuell 1 CD x2 Hueber
9781780050263 Kuala Lumpur Insight Smart Guide Penguin Books Ltd
9780230028517 Science 4 Work Book Macmillan ELT
9780194592390 Park, Nick; Viney, Peter; Viney, Karen A Close Shave™: DVD Oxford University Press
9780194153003 Davies, Paul; Falla, Tim Flashlight 1: Combined Student's Book and Workbook Oxford University Press
9780194339155 Hopkins, Felicity Get Ready!: 1: Numbers Book Oxford University Press
9780194440134 Phillips, Sarah; Morgan, Michaela; Slattery, Mary Incredible English 1: Activity Book Oxford University Press
9780194440080 Phillips, Sarah; Morgan, Michaela; Slattery, Mary Incredible English 2: Class Book Oxford University Press
9780194378093 Wetz, Ben Adventures Starter: Workbook Oxford University Press
9780194756082 Q Skills for Success Listening and Speaking: 4: Class CD Oxford University Press
9780194756099 Q Skills for Success Listening and Speaking: 5: Class CD Oxford University Press
9780194756129 Q Skills for Success: Listening and Speaking 3: Student Book with Online Practice Oxford University Press
9781843253068 Welcome 3 WB Express Publishing
9781845581169 Click On 4 TB Express Publishing
9781842167236 Click On 3 SB Express Publishing
9781842163689 Grammarway 4 SB W/A Express Publishing
9782090385687 Echo 1 niveau A2 cahier+CD+corriges Cle International
9782090354942 Amis et compagnie 2 exercices Cle International
9782090353655 Civilis.progr.du fr.avec 400 activ. / avance livre Cle International
9782090354652 Echo 3 eleve+portfolio Cle International
9782090386028 Amical 1 eleve+CD+corriges et transcriptions Cle International
9782090385670 Echo 1 niveau A2 eleve+portf+DVD-ROM Cle International
9780194394284 Nakata, Ritsuko; Frazier, Karen; Hoskins, Barbara; Let's Go: 4: Student Book Oxford University Press
9780194420839 Oxford English Grammar Course: Intermediate: without Answers CD-ROM Pack Oxford University Press
9781741792829 Tanzania 5 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Tanzania is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Watch East Africa's greatest natural dramas play out on the Serengeti plains, learn about local Chagga culture, or wander through the narrow alleyways of Zanzibar; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Tanzania and begin your journey now!
9780323074193 Philip J. DiSaia Clinical Gynecologic Oncology, Elsevier Science
9781437704402 Michael Gotway Netter"s Correlative Imaging: Cardiothoracic Anatomy, Elsevier Science
9788847624900 Остров Капри Bonechi
9788497592437 Marquez G.G. Cronica de una muerte anunciada Debolsillo
9781409136293 Rankin Ian The Impossible Dead Orion Publishers
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