9780515139419 Hooper, Kay Lady Thief Random House (USA)
9780521453936 Edited by John A. J. Barbara Transfusion Microbiology Cambridge Academ
Extensive measures are taken to ensure that blood transfusion poses a minimal microbiological hazard to recipients. Transfusion Microbiology is the definitive text on all aspects of transfusion transmitted infections. This comprehensive text covers all medical, scientific, technical and developmental aspects of this critically important sector of transfusion medicine. A detailed discussion of all infective agents, donor issues, testing and pathogen inactivation is provided. Agents causing major concern recently, such as vCJD, are considered in the context of historical experience with agents such as HIV. All aspects of risk assessment, regulation, cost benefit analysis and quality management are reviewed. Relevant to blood transfusion centres, hospital transfusion laboratories, haematologists and microbiologists, medical, scientific and technical staff, universities and general training programmes worldwide, Transfusion Microbiology provides an up-to-date resource for all practitioners and researchers involved in transfusion medicine.
9780781775885 Moscucci M. Complications of Cardiovascular Procedures Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Provides interventional cardiologists, endovascular interventionalists, and physicians in training with a comprehensive resource on the prevention and management of complications in interventional cardiology. The book focuses specifically on risk factors, prevention, and management with conventional and/or with bailout techniques and devices.
9783110114607 Systematische Theologie I und II Walter de Gruyter
9781840226454 Stoker, B Lair of the white worm Wordsworth
9780470677636 Langton Jerry Showdown: How the Outlaws, Hells Angels and Cops Fought for Control of the Streets Wiley

The inside story of the street war between Canada's most violent biker gangs-the Outlaws and the Hell's Angels

Once bikers who road together, Mario Parente and Walter Stadnick, are now mortal enemies, chiefs, respectively, of the Outlaws and Hell's Angels, embroiled in a bloody turf war over control of the lucrative drug, prostitution, and vice markets in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe. Written with the cooperation of Mario Parente, "Showdown" describes the biker gang equivalent of the "Godfather," the violent power shifts as Satan's Choice, a rival gang falls into disarray, and as Parente gears up to protect Southwest Ontario from Stadnick's vision of making the Hell's Angels the largest criminal biker gang in Canada. A gang's-eye look at the 2006 Shedden Massacre, where eight men were slaughtered An account that lets Mario Parente go on the record with his story of the biker wars

With frightening and compelling detail, "Showdown" lets readers experience firsthand the personalities and day-to-day workings behind the brutal and deadly rivalries that mark one piece of Canada's criminal underworld.

9780786951932 Greenwood Ed Elminster Must Die!: The Sage of Shadowdale Random House (USA)
9780374158460 Franzen Jonathan Freedom HB Holtzbrink(MPS)
From the National Book Award-winning author of "The Corrections," a darkly comedic novel about family
Patty and Walter Berglund were the new pioneers of old St. Paul--the gentrifiers, the hands-on parents, the avant-garde of the Whole Foods generation. Patty was the ideal sort of neighbor, who could tell you where to recycle your batteries and how to get the local cops to actually do their job. She was an enviably perfect mother and the wife of Walter's dreams. Together with Walter--environmental lawyer, commuter cyclist, total family man--she was doing her small part to build a better world.
But now, in the new millennium, the Berglunds have become a mystery. Why has their teenage son moved in with the aggressively Republican family next door? Why has Walter taken a job working with Big Coal? What exactly is Richard Katz--outre rocker and Walter's college best friend and rival--still doing in the picture? Most of all, what has happened to Patty? Why has the bright star of Barrier Street become "a very different kind of neighbor," an implacable Fury coming unhinged before the street's attentive eyes?
In his first novel since "The Corrections," Jonathan Franzen has given us an epic of contemporary love and marriage. "Freedom "comically and tragically captures the temptations and burdens of liberty: the thrills of teenage lust, the shaken compromises of middle age, the wages of suburban sprawl, the heavy weight of empire. In charting the mistakes and joys of "Freedom"'s intensely realized characters as they struggle to learn how to live in an ever more confusing world, Franzen has produced an indelible and deeply moving portrait of our time.
9781568989716 Harris Steven True Life: Steven Harris Architects Abrams
9780007368570 Doyle Arthur Conan The Hound of the Baskervilles HarperCollins UK
9780307739940 Russo, Richard That old cape magic Random House (USA)
9781405855426 The Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor Pearson Education
Classic / British English (Available February 2008) Sindbad the Sailor went to sea seven times and his voyages were always dangerous. He met giant men, snakes and birds, and the Old Man of the Sea. He visited different countries and strange islands and he told wonderful stories about his journeys.
9781848091511 Barratt Nick Lost Voices from the Titanic Random House
9781405189903 Nephrology Wiley
Nephrology is an important speciality; patients with acute or chronic kidney failure are encountered in every medical and surgical speciality, as well as in general practice. On most general medical rotations and on most surgical wards there are patients
9781844676309 Therborn Goran From Marxism to Post-Marxism? ORCA BOOK SERVICES
In this pithy and panoramic work--both stimulating for the specialist and accessible to the general reader--one of the world's leading social theorists, Goran Therborn, traces the trajectory of Marxism in the twentieth century and anticipates its legacy for radical thought in the twenty-first.
9781900828352 Clark, Judith The Concise Dictionary of Dress Thames & Hudson
9781442338999 Russell Rachel Dork Diaries 2: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl Simon & Schuster
Rachel Renee Russell's sequel to DORK DIARIES is packed with adorable art and tons of laughs.
9781564786029 McElroy Joseph Night Soul and Other Stories
9780307739674 de Botton Alain A week at the airport Random House (USA)
From the bestselling author of "The Art of Travel" comes a wittily intriguing exploration of the strange "non-place" that he believes is the imaginative center of our civilization.
Given unprecedented access to one of the world's busiest airports as a "writer-in-residence," Alain de Botton found it to be a showcase for many of the major crosscurrents of the modern world--from our faith in technology to our destruction of nature, from our global interconnectedness to our romanticizing of the exotic. He met travelers from all over and spoke with everyone from baggage handlers to pilots to the airport chaplain. Weaving together these conversations and his own observations--of everything from the poetry of room service menus to the eerie silence in the middle of the runway at midnight--de Botton has produced an extraordinary meditation on a place that most of us never slow down enough to see clearly. Lavishly illustrated in color by renowned photographer Richard Baker, "A Week at the Airport "reveals the airport in all its turbulence and soullessness and--yes--even beauty.
9780061010903 Rowland, Laura Joh Way of the Traitor, The HarperCollins USA
This is a gorgeous repackaging of Laura Joh Rowland's acclaimed third suspense novel set in ancient Japan.
9781608316403 Fenderson Lippincott's Illustrated Q&A Review of Rubin's Pathology Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Lippincott Illustrated Q&A Review of Rubin's Pathology, Second Edition offers up-to-date, clinically relevant board-style questions-perfect for course review and board prep. Approximately 1,000 multiple-choice questions with detailed answer e
9781408123621 Yarham, Robert How to read the landscape A & C Black
9780330507523 Kerrigan, Kate Ellis island Pan Macmillan
9780764336249 Edith Crouch Tiffany studios techniques Schiffer
This brilliantly assembled book explores the creative media that master designer Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) and his Tiffany Studios in New York pioneered, coupled with related masterpieces that contemporary artists have made. Nine chapters present Tiffanys original paintings and fine arts, stained glass windows and lampshades, mosaics, favrile glass objects, metalwork, enamels, and jewelry. Each method is explained and superlative examples are shown in 560 color photographs. Related artworks, by 17 contemporary artists, establish how L.C. Tiffany has influenced living artists. All the artworks were inspired by natural flowers and plant material in Art Nouveau aesthetics. This beautiful reference is a tool for designers, Tiffany collectors, and everyone who aspires to create their own masterpieces.
9780764335815 David Campbell Wood in Traditional Architecture Schiffer
See how wood has shaped traditional architecture around the world from log building to frame construction. A panorama of more than 400 color images shows the different construction styles used in 14 European countries. View the Church of the Transfiguration in Russia, the Village Museum in Romania, and the Sanok Ethnographic Park in Poland. Learn the format of wood construction used. A bonus DIY chapter demonstrates carpentry techniques of the Old World and step-by-step directions for hewing, cutting the notches, and creating overlapping joints. A good resource for wood lovers, contractors, landscapers, architects, and designers.
9780749952877 Roberts,Nora Face The Fire B (Sister Trilogy 3) Little, Brown
9780575085312 Finney, Jack The Body Snatchers Orion Publishers
9780125972314 Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing Emerald
Aimed at speech and hearing sciences students, this book introduces to the principles of signal and system analysis. Beginning with an examination of what signals and systems are, it develops a background from which many of the issues in speech and hearing can be tackled.
9781849509602 Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Volume 34 Emerald
9780323069908 Alan B. Carr McCracken's Removable Partial Prosthodontics Elsevier Science
9781437709872 Jonathan Himmelfarb Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplantation Elsevier Science
9780323065450 Richard J. Martin Fanaroff and Martin's Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine 2 vols set Elsevier Science
9780521117661 Taavitsainen Medical Writing in Early Modern English Cambridge Academ
Medical writing tells us a great deal about how the language of science has developed in constructing and communicating knowledge in English. This volume provides a new perspective on the evolution of the special language of medicine, based on the electronic corpus of Early Modern English Medical Texts, containing over two million words of medical writing from 1500 to 1700. The book presents results from large-scale empirical research on the new materials and provides a more detailed and diversified picture of domain-specific developments than any previous book. Three introductory chapters provide the sociohistorical, disciplinary and textual frame for nine empirical studies, which address a range of key issues in a wide variety of medical genres from fresh angles. The book is useful for researchers and students within several fields, including the development of special languages, genre and register analysis, (historical) corpus linguistics, historical pragmatics, and medical and cultural history.
9783775722704 Mattie Boom and Joachim Kaak Der weite Blick Hatje Cantz
9783899553178 220C Virus Monobloc Gestalten
9783897903357 Henkel & Grosse Pforzheim 100 year: Grosse & Bijoux Christian Dior ACC-distribution titles
The jewellery firm Suddeutsche Gold und Haar-Bijourterie, founded in 1907 by Heinrich Henkel and Florentin Grosse, experienced after World War I its first successes with costume jewellery made of bronze, aluminium, wood, bakelite and galalite. In the mid 1920s their first business contacts to the US were established. A decade later they were working together with the fashion labels Lanvin and Schiaparelli in Paris as well as with Harrods in London and Saks in New York. The company was awarded the 'diplome d'honneur' for their designs in 1937 at the 'Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne' in Paris. In 1955 Henkel & Grosse started its cooperation with Christian Dior (1905-57) in Paris and were licensed as the sole producers and distributors of Dior jewellery. In connection with its own designs, however, the company always maintained its independence. As of the 1960s they expanded their portfolio to include 'Grosse Bijoux', 'Grosse Sterling' and 'Grosse Gold', with fashion always dictating the design. Brooches, necklaces and ear clips in colourful, fanciful blossom forms to match the petticoat dresses of the time were produced in sets in various price classes for a wide customer base. The enterprise, led by four generations of the Grosse family, had at its zenith over 600 employees and a worldwide distribution. Their products were designed and produced in Pforzheim and in the US, later also in Asia. The Dior and Grosse trademark, which every piece carries, stands for modern design and technical innovation. In 2006 the family withdrew from the business and the firm became part of the Dior group.
9783775726627 Olaf Heine: I Love You but I've Chosen Rock (GER/ENG) Hatje Cantz
9780552160490 Gower Iris Daughters of Rebecca Random House
Shanni is a spirited, lively girl, but her tragic life has given her little chance to enjoy herself. Then, at a moment of despair, she is given protection by lovely, wealthy Llinos, and goes to live with her at the famous pottery in Swansea. But when they both meet the dashing Dafydd, Shanni begins to regard her employer as her rival in love.
9781607962540 Carroll Lewis Alice In Wonderland
9781849750417 Wilson Judith Casual Living Macmillan
9780007237050 Sounes, Howard Fab: the life of Paul McCartney HarperCollins UK
9780330472128 Haran Maeve The painted lady Pan Macmillan
9780330509497 Grindle Lucretia The Villa Triste Pan Macmillan
9780330510677 Bolano Roberto The Romantic Dogs Pan Macmillan
9781405191807 Hoffbrand Postgraduate Haematology, 6th Edition Wiley
This new edition continues to provide everything trainees and residents in hematology need, whether for exam preparations or clinical practices. New content includes the latest advances in this specialty area as well as superb four-color illustrations and photomicrographs throughout the book, depicting blood cells and tissues.
9783131538819 Klaus-Juergen Lackner Avoiding Errors in Radiology: Case-Based Analysis of Causes and Preventive Strategies Thieme Verlagsgruppe
In Avoiding Errors in Radiology: Case-Based Analysis of Causes and PreventiveStrategies, the authors provide 118 real-life examples of interpretation errorsand wrong decisions from both diagnostic and interventional radiology. Ineach case, the authors discuss in detail the context in which the errors weremade, the resulting complications, and strategies for future prevention. Thecases are organized by body region, beginning with the cranium and thenmoving to cases of the breast, chest and abdomen, spinal column, musculoskeletaland vascular systems.Features: 118 case studies facilitate analysis and discussion of causes of errors andoffer preventive strategies to transfer into daily practice 956 high-quality images and explanatory drawings illustrate the cases andpinpoint errors of interpretation and in decision makingAvoiding Errors in Radiology is a must-have reference for anyone involved ininterpreting images for diagnosis and in making decisions in interventionalradiology.
9781604061918 Lonie Salkowski Breast Imaging. Thieme Verlagsgruppe

Breast Imaging will enable you to quickly diagnose a full range of cases and to make sound clinical decisions for the treatment of each patient in your care.

Features of Breast Imaging:

  • Examples of critical can't-miss cases that must be accurately diagnosed to avert potential disaster in daily practice and on exams
  • Clearly labeled, high-quality mammograms, ultrasounds and MRIs help you absorb key findings at-a-glance
  • A scratch-off code in each book that provides a year of free access to a searchable online database of 250 must-know cases, the 100 cases in the book, plus an additional 150 cases only found online

9780099532828 Hancock, Graham Entangled Random House
9781603278232 Flynn Pediatric hypertension Springer
This outstanding second edition amplifies and improves this premier text on hypertension in neonates, children, and adolescents. Previous chapters have been fully revised and new chapters have been added to cover important topics of recent interest, such as the metabolic syndrome, the impact of exercise on blood pressure, the many uses of ambulatory monitoring, and the relationship of sleep disorders to hypertension. A comprehensive volume, this book features 32 chapters covering the breadth and depth of the current knowledge. It is divided into 4 sections: blood pressure regulation and hypertension pathophysiology; assessment of blood pressure; predictors, risk factors, and special populations; and evaluation and management. Filled with excellent detail and pragmatic information, Pediatric Hypertension, Second Edition includes therapeutic guidelines from the US National High Blood Pressure Education Program and cutting edge data from clinical antihypertensive trials. Trainees as well as practicing clinicians will find the updated information on current treatments especially useful.
9780230406292 Hart Carl MRpre Michael Jackson Reader +CD Macmillan ELT
9780141040592 Francis Pryor The Making of the British Landscape Penguin Books Ltd
9780553819595 Kent Jasper Thirteen Years Later Random House
9781847868831 Matt Kent Who Revealed Flame Tree
9780552776172 Farndale Nigel Blasphemer Random House
9780553824872 Brizendine Louann Male Brain Random House
9780571270637 Dibdin Michael Vendetta Faber
Repackaged to tie in with the BBC One feature length dramas, starring Rufus Sewell as the Italian detective Aurelio Zen. Inspector Zen has a problem: an impossible murder, recorded on the closed-circuit video of Oscar Burolo`s top-security Sardinian fortress. As Zen gets to work, he is once again plunged into a menacing and violent world where his own life is soon at risk.
9781405363617 English Made Easy Ages 7-8 Key Stage 2 Dorling Kindersley
9780440868347 Wilson Jacqueline Little Darlings Random House
9780552155328 Lesley Downer The Courtesan and the Samurai Random House
9781405060318 Graves, Sue Explorers 6 Danger On Misty Mountain Reader Macmillan ELT
9780194393003 Soars, Liz; Soars, John New Headway: Upper-Intermediate Third Edition: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
The world's best-selling English course - a perfectly-balanced syllabus, strong grammar focus, and full support at all six levels.
9783540881216 Oestern Head, Thoracic, Abdominal, and Vascular Injuries Springer
There currently is a clear tendency to an increasing number of accidental injuries in elderly people, in sport injuries and car crashes also in countries which recently joined the European Union and candidates to join the European Union. Patients expect very good functional results even after serious injuries. But in contrast to this development, Trauma Surgery as an independent field, is not yet established in all European countries. Therefore, it seems mandatory to compile a book that covers the state-of-the-art in Trauma Surgery. The book also serves to harmonise the practice of Trauma Surgery within the European Union, and to prepare for the exam of the U.E.M.S.
9780890244531 Seed Bead Chains: 11 Projects
9780307742858 Mankell Henning Faceless Killers Random House (USA)
9780977834440 Polk Patrick Arthur The Beautiful Walls: Photographic Elevations of Street Art in Los Angeles, Berlin, and Paris
9780446584081 Joseph Wambaugh Hollywood hills: a novel Hachette Book Group
9780810996137 Dubois, Philippe J. Birds of the World: 365 Days Abrams
9781741794175 Colorado 1 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Colorado is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Admire the near-constant blue skies of Denver, hike through Rocky Mountain National Park, or climb the ice walls in Aspen while listening to live music; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Colorado and begin your journey now!
9781741795950 Croatia 6 Lonely Planet
New format guide with two colour text and improved maps throughout. Essential planning section with colour itineraries, highlights and background reading on local culture, history, and food and drink. More maps than the competition guides, and the new maps focus on main visitor interests thus providing the best on-the-ground coverage.
9781408809648 Michelle Lovric The Book of Human Skin Bloomsbury
9781408809747 Anthony Bourdain Medium Raw Bloomsbury
9780764145957 Kendris, Christopher French Grammar 3 Barron`s educational series, inc
9780571270880 Dibdin Michael Back to Bologna Faber
9781608311873 Braun Carie Study guide to accompany pathophysiology Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This companion Study Guide is a valuable learning resource that helps students better understand the principles of pathophysiology by reinforcing key concepts covered in the textbook. The Study Guide offers a variety of exercises that make it easy for stu
9783865742605 Taiwan nelles ma
9781408259474 Eales Frances Speakout Elementary Level Workbook +key + CD Pack Pearson Education
Speakout is a comprehensive English course that helps adult learners gain confidence in all skills areas using authentic materials from the BBC. With its wide range of support material, it meets the diverse needs of learners in a variety of teaching situations and helps bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.
9783865742360 Indonesia: Bali, Lombok Nelles Ma
A brand new edition of the Indonesia, Bali and Lombok Nelles Map, with a scale of 1:180,000. It features transport systems, rail networks, physical relief mapping and distance indicators. Major tourist sites are highlighted and the high quality paper ensures durability and easy folding.
9781423484554 Rubin Dave Blues/Rock Guitar Heroes: A Step-By-Step Breakdown of the Guitar Styles and Techniques of the Blues/Rock Greats
Dave Rubin examines the styles of Hendrix, Roy Buchanan, SRV, Led Zeppelin, Lonnie Mack and other blues/rock heavyweights by dissecting a dozen top songs: Changes * Chicago Smokeshop * Empty Arms * Key to the Highway * The Lemon Song * Move It on Over * Snortin' Whiskey * Still Got the Blues * Too Rolling Stoned * Tube Snake Boogie * Tuff Enuff * Wham.
9780312554019 Kenyon Sherrilyn Dark-hunters, vol. 4
In the war against vampires, mankind has only one hope: The Dark-Hunters. Ancient warriors who died of brutal betrayal, the Dark-Hunters have sworn themselves into the service of the goddess Artemis to protect us. It`s a pact with pretty good perks - immortality, power, psychic abilities, wealth and a cool wardrobe. But comes with a few drawbacks.
9780007398591 Bushnell Candace Summer and the city HarperCollins UK
9780763733544 Daniels, Stefani , Ramey, Marianne The Leader's Guide to Hospital Case Management Jones & Bartlett
9780141335773 Fine Anne The Diary of a Killer Cat Penguin Books Ltd
9780755385966 Don Winslow / Trevanian Satori Hodder
9781409135326 Mina, Denise Garnethill Orion Publishers
9780007324101 Mustaine, Dave Mustaine: a life in metal HarperCollins UK
9781609132811 Brazis Localization in clinical neurology 6e cb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This classic work is written for frontline clinicians who need to ask Where is it? when diagnosing a neurological disorder, helping them reach a diagnosis with greater accuracy and avoiding unnecessary testing. Updated to reflect the latest literature, enhanced with color anatomical diagrams and additional tables, this book is a cornerstone in clinical neurology.
9780714861203 Hoptman Laura Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton Phaidon Press Ltd.
American painter Elizabeth Peyton (b.1965) is best known for her unmistakable portraits of musicians, fashion icons and subculture luminaries. Newly available in paperback `Live Forever` documents Peyton`s works from her entire career and includes magazine clippings, historical paintings and unpublished snapshots from her personal archive.
9781406328677 Clare Cassandra City of fallen angels
9780470393352 Rocco Tonette S Handbook of Scholarly Writing and Publishing Wiley
There are a number of journals and books on writing for publication but no single book on writing for publication that discusses specific components of a manuscript, specific types of manuscripts, and the specific steps in the submission process. In addition, few books give information on how to develop writing skills by offering guidance on becoming an excellent manuscript reviewer and outlining what makes a good review. This book provides emerging scholars with specific guidelines on how to craft scholarly papers and other writing suitable for submission to academic journals within their discipline. Emerging scholars will receive information on how to develop a manuscript suitable for publication in scholarly journals including how to follow through with editors and deal withrejection,rewriting, andresubmitting.
9780521152471 Mark Lloyd, Jeremy Day Active Grammar Level 3 Book without answers and CD-ROM Cambridge University Press
9780746097922 Counting Book Usborne
9782866427009 Mandelbaum Jacques Ingmar Bergman: Masters of Cinema Phaidon Press Ltd.
Ingmar Bergman (Sweden, 1918-2007) is, in the world of cinema, a giant whose stature is comparable to that of Beethoven or Dostoyevsky. He made around fifty feature films that caught the spirit of his times, while endlessly reworking his private obsessions and anguish in the face of a silent God. In Summer with Monika (1953), Harriet Andersson plays a scandalously unconventional and sensual young woman, a breath of freedom epitomizing a new modernity in film. The 1960s saw Bergman in experimental mode with Persona (1966), one of the most powerful depictions of the ambiguity of evil. Later, in Scenes from a Marriage (1973) he offers a lucid examination of a couple whose mutual attraction turns to destruction, while Fanny and Alexander (1982) is a joyful and nostalgic evocation of childhood memories. Bergman's last film, Saraband (2003), is a spare masterpiece, at once an object lesson in how to make a film and an existential exploration.
9780312682026 Palin Michael Halfway to Hollywood

""The second volume of Michael Palin's diaries covers the bulk of the 1980s, a decade in which the ties binding the Pythons loosened--they made their last film "Monty Pyton's Meaning of Life" in 1983. For Michael, writing and acting took over much of his life, culminating in his appearances in "A Fish Called Wanda," in which he played the hapless, stuttering Ken, and won a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor. "Halfway to Hollywood" follows Palin's torturous trail through seven movies and ends with his final preparations for the documentary that was to change his life--"Around the World in 80 Days."During these years he co-wrote and acted in Terry Gilliam's "Time Bandits" as well as spearing in Gilliam's follow-up success "Brazil." Palin co-produced, wrote and played the lead in "The Missionary" opposite Maggie Smith, who also appeared with him in "A Private Function," written by Alan Bennett. In television the decade was memorable "for East of Ipswich," inspired his links with Suffolk. Such was his fame in the US, he was enticed into once again hosting the enormously popular show "Saturday Night Live." He filmed one of the BBC's "Great Railway Journeys" as well as becoming chairman of the pressure group Transport 2000. His life with Helen and the family remains a constant, as the children enter their teens.Palin's joy of writing is evident once more in "Halfway to Hollywood" as he demonstrates his continuing sense of wonder at the world in which he finds himself. A world of screens large and small.

9781409308751 My First Ladybird Dictionary Penguin Books Ltd
9780071763721 Mcphee Current Medical Diagnosis And Treatment 2012 McGraw-Hill
Focusing on internal medicine, this book delivers coverage of more than 1,000 diseases and disorders. It offers insight into symptoms, signs, epidemiology, and treatment for these diseases and disorders. It places emphasis on the practical aspects of clinical diagnosis and patient management in various fields of internal medicine.
9780007399413 Nicole Richie Priceless HarperCollins UK
9780007439126 Martin Beck The Man Who Went Up in Smoke HarperCollins UK
9780007439133 Martin Beck The Man on the Balcony HarperCollins UK
9781444122305 Baker Obstetrics by Ten Teachers, 19th Edition Taylor&Francis
9781405180382 Andrea Natale, Antonio Raviele Atrial Fibrillation Ablation: The State of the Art based on the Venicechart International Consensus Document Wiley
In recent years, catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation has become a widespread treatment modality in electrophysiology laboratories all over the world. Nevertheless, many aspects of the therapy are controversial. Developed by world-renowned experts
9780815342434 Kenneth M. Murphy Immunobiology 8 ed. Taylor&Francis
9780340963449 Chris Cleave Gold Hodder
9780500342763 Rybczynski, Witold The Biography of a Building Thames & Hudson
9781856697873 Valli, Marc Microworlds Thames & Hudson
Miniatures make us relive the world from the perspective of our childhood, a time when the world was populated by toys and figurines. Miniaturized worlds seethe with narrative potential, intricate story lines, suspense. Microworlds is a fascinating collection of images for anyone intrigued by these miniature, imagined worlds.
9788857206431 Anderson, Maxwell L. Promenade Thames & Hudson
9781441901835 Slinger, MD, FRCPC, Peter (Ed.) Principles and practice of anesthesia for thoracic surgery Springer
Principles and Practice of Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery will serve as an updated comprehensive review covering not only the recent advances, but also topics that haven't been covered in previously published texts: extracorporeal ventilatory support, new advances in chest imaging modalities, lung isolation with a difficult airway, pulmonary thrombo-endarterectomy, and chronic post-thoracotomy pain. Additionally, the book features clinical case discussions at the end of each clinical chapter as well as tables comprising detailed anesthetic management.
9780857293572 Khamashta, Munther A.; Ramos-Casals, Manuel (Eds.) Autoimmune diseases acute and complex situations Springer
Autoimmune Diseases: Acute and Complex Situations provides a detailed overview of conditions associated with autoimmune diseases that are considered either life-threatening or requiring complex management. These include abdominal pain, arthritis, cutaneous ulcers, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, epilepsy, pancreatitis, stroke and white-matter CNS lesions.Autoimmune Diseases: Acute and Complex Situations addresses the latest clinical and immunological prognostic factors that may help to identify patients at higher risk of developing potentially life-threatening involvement. This book comprehensively helps the reader to diagnose these patients, in whom an early therapeutic approach is essential.Autoimmune Diseases: Acute and Complex Situations is a valuable reference tool for rheumatologists, internists, immunologists, and all the specialists involved in the multidisciplinary care of patient with rheumatic and systemic autoimmune diseases.
9780199609413 Sime, Stuart A practical approach to civil procedure Oxford Academ
9780553825145 James Becker The Nosferatu scroll Random House
9782266126304 Pennac Daniel Oeil Du Loup
9781408146651 Sea Bloomsbury
9780141334875 Hill Eric Spot Goes to a Party Penguin Books Ltd
Spot goes to a fancy dress birthday party - but where are all his friends? This title lets you lift the flaps and see who`s hiding behind those costumes.
9780007435517 Coelho Paulo Aleph HarperCollins UK
The new novel by the author of The Alchemist. Aleph marks a return to Paulo Coelhos beginnings. In a frank and surprising personal story, one of the worlds most beloved authors embarks on a remarkable and transformative journey of self- discovery. Facing a grave crisis of faith, and seeking a path of spiritual renewal and growth, Paulo decides to start over: to travel, to experiment, to reconnect with people and the world. On this journey through Europe, Africa, and Asia, he will again meet Hilalthe woman he loved 500 years beforean encounter that will initiate a mystical voyage through time and space, through past and present, in search of himself. Aleph is an encounter with our fears and our sins; a search for love and forgiveness, and the courage to confront the inevitable challenges of life.
9781409533931 Story of Chocolate Usborne
9780007443277 Lively Penelope Stitch in Time HarperCollins UK
9780007423323 Franzen, Jonathan Freedom HarperCollins UK
An international bestseller and the novel of the year, 'Freedom' is an epic of contemporary love and marriage. This is the story of the Berglunds, their son Joey, their daughter Jessica and their friend Richard Katz. It is about how we use and abuse our freedom; about the beginning and ending of love; teenage lust; the unexpectedness of adult life; why we compete with our friends; how we betray those closest to us; and why things almost never work out as they 'should'. It is a story about the human heart, and what it leads us to do to ourselves and each other.
9780007245840 Wolff, Isabel Very picture of you HarperCollins UK
9781604063479 Theodore H. Schwartz Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery: Endocrine, Neuro-Ophthalmologic, and Surgical Management Thieme Verlagsgruppe

Offering the unique dual perspective of neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists, Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery: Endocrine, Neuro-Ophthalmologic and Surgical Management describes both cutting-edge endoscopic techniques and tried-and-true decision-making methodologies that lead to the most successful outcomes. From choosing the right surgical or non-surgical approach for individual patients, to managing complex endocrine and neuro-ophthalmologic issues, this is the first major reference in the field in nearly a decade, making it the go-to guide for all interdisciplinary specialists who treat pituitary tumors.

Special Features:

  • Step-by-step descriptions of the newest endoscopic pituitary and skull base procedures, ensuring that specialists have full mastery of techniques for different tumor types in this surgically challenging area
  • The clinical wisdom and perspectives of the masters of pituitary surgery, who share insights on patient selection, endoscopic versus open procedures, medical management, and much more
  • Operative pearls from both neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists
  • Compelling discussions of the pros and cons of various procedures (e.g., the utility of intraoperative MRI in pituitary surgery cases)
  • Inclusion of detail-revealing 3D endoscopic images (complete with 3D glasses)
  • Rationale for a collaborative neurosurgery--otolaryngology team approach to developing and implementing the most innovative endoscopic and skull base techniques

Enhanced by hundreds of images, decision-making algorithms, and clinical pearls from experts on each tumor type, Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery is a comprehensive guide representing the current palette of available treatment options. It is indispensable for residents in training as well as for practicing neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists who are making the transition to the newest minimally invasive endoscopic procedures in the treatment of pituitary lesions.

Dr. Blitzer honored in Best Doctors 2012 issue of New York Magazine

9781604064131 Ralph F. Wetmore Pediatric Otolaryngology. Principles and Practice Pathways Thieme Verlagsgruppe

A comprehensive, single-volume text
covering the breadth and depth of
modern pediatric otolaryngology

Written and edited by renowned experts, Pediatric Otolaryngology: Principles and
Practice Pathways, Second Edition, covers the medical and surgical management of
clinical problems encountered in pediatric otolaryngologyhead and neck surgery. The core of the book is the evidence-based practice pathways formulated to help clinicians identify and treat a wide range of disorders, ranging from the common to the highly complex. Designed to be the residents go-to book during pediatric otolaryngology rotations and an authoritative reference for day-to-day practice, this text will be a valued professional asset for years to come.

New in this second edition:
A current review of pediatric cochlear implantation
Up-to-date coverage of genetic breakthroughs that impact congenital hearing loss
Discussion of recent controversies surrounding tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
Coverage of the new subspecialties emerging within the broader field of pediatric otolaryngology, including airway reconstruction, voice, and more

The clinical pathways in this encyclopedic text provide a roadmap for the decision-
making process and are essential for residents, fellows, and practitioners in pediatric otolaryngology who strive to provide the highest level of patient care.

Ralph F. Wetmore, MD, is Chief, Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology, The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, E. Mortimer Newlin Professor of Pediatric Otolaryngology, Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Harlan R. Muntz, MD, is Professor of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery and Director of Pediatric Otolaryngology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Trevor J. McGill, MD, is Professor of Otology and Laryngology, Harvard Medical School, and The Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts.

An award-winning international medical and scientific publisher, Thieme has demonstrated its commitment to the highest standard of quality in the state-of-the-art content and presentation of all of its products. Thiemes trademark blue and silver covers have become synonymous with excellence in publishing.

9781107400450 Urman Moderate and Deep Sedation in Clinical Practice Cambridge Academ
Millions of procedures requiring sedation are performed each year; many occur outside of the operating room in both inpatient and outpatient settings. This tremendous growth has resulted in sedation being administered by a wide range of healthcare providers, including non-anesthesiologist physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners. Moderate and Deep Sedation in Clinical Practice is a concise, practical handbook for all medical and surgical professionals who sedate patients. This up-to-date, evidence based, 'how to' manual will: Tell you how to evaluate patients Update you on relevant pharmacology Advise you on sedation for specific populations: elderly, pediatric, ICU, emergency room, endoscopy and reproductive technologies Guide you on legal and quality assurance issues Written and edited by experts in procedural sedation and sedation education, this book will help users develop safer techniques, policies and procedures. Essential reading for any healthcare provider administering moderate or deep sedation.
9781840226645 : Wordsworth
9780194644174 Quinn, Robert Oxford Read and Discover: Level 3: Your Five Senses Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
The Audio CD Pack contains a copy of the book along with an audio CD with a recording of the complete text in both British and American English.

Listen and read to discover all about your five wonderful senses... How do your eyes work? What's under your skin?
9780194643818 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 3: Super Structures Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about super structures around the world... What are dams made of? How tall can a skyscraper be?
9780194643764 Oxford Read and Discover: Level 3: Wonderful Water Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about wonderful water... Why is water important? What is the biggest ocean animal?
9780194579155 Frost, Andrew Express Series: English for Legal Professionals Oxford University Press
English for Legal Professionals is an ideal short course for anyone who needs to speak about the law in a business environment to clients, business partners, and colleagues.
9780194569583 McCarter, Sam Oxford English for Careers: Medicine 2: Class Audio CD Oxford University Press
9788496658158 Mayoralis, Antonio Trench warfare
9781438070780 Green Sharon Weiner, Wolf Ira K. PH.D. New GRE [with CD] 19 ed. Barron`s educational series, inc
9780376013569 New Cottage Style: A Sunset Design Guide Hachette Book Group
Rich with inspirational photography and design advice, The Sunset Design Guide series brings together a talented panel of today's top design and building professionals. New Cottage Style: A Sunset Design Guide offers an updated take on the well-loved design genre of cottage decorating. New Cottage Style offers not only inspirational photography, but also expert design advice on how readers can create these inspiring looks in their own homes. Helping readers identify new styles and looks to fit their lifestyle, this book guides them to contemporary cottage style whatever their budget may be.
New Cottage Style: A Sunset Design Guide includes:
Expert tips and advice on helping readers identify new styles and looks to fit both their lifestyle and their budgetGuidance on choosing the right mix of materials, fixtures, and furnishings to create a uniquely livable homeBeautiful photography and design instruction on a variety of cottages-from seaside cottages to desert bungalows and mountain chaletsRoom-by-room design inspiration and advice on choosing every element in the room, including flooring and window treatments
9780385738767 Dashner James The Scorch Trials
9780316133821 Herge Tintin blue lotus: young readers edition. Hachette Book Group
9781452101736 Stanton Lynne Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick Abrams
Presents a racy game of truth or dare that features 100 sexy prompts that will heat up any couple`s love life in the bedroom and beyond. This title contains a red-hot box that includes 50 sticks to be pulled one at a time, revealing a dirty truth on one side and a naughty dare on the other.
9781741796957 California 6 Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet California is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Watch sunsets and surfers along the Pacific Coast Highway, hike through wildflower-strewn meadows in Yosemite, or dine on organic California cuisine while overlooking Napa Valley vineyards; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of California and begin your journey now!
9781907360428 Austen Jane Jane Austen Collectors Library
9780786958511 Jones, Rosemary ed greenwood presents, bk ii Random House (USA)
9781444151039 Coogle Paul Perfect Your German Complete Course: Teach Yourself Hodder
9780857752499 100 Great Art Masterpieces Flame Tree
Highlights popular art from the beginnings of the twelfth century to the Pop Art movement of the twentieth century. With a fresh introduction to the history of art, discussing the work of some of the most famous artists in the world, this book showcases key works in their glory.
9782253109587 Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel Lorsque j'etais une oeuvre d'art Livre de Poche/LGF
9781408219638 Market Leader Third Edition Advanced Test File Pearson Education
9781107632219 Leo Jones, Richard Alexander New International Business English Student's Book Cambridge University Press
9780064440349 Lobel, Arnold Owl at Home (I Can Read Book 2) HarperCollins USA
9783596200191 Kafka Urteil
9783190018239 Ideen 1, KB Hueber
9783468490422 Grosswoerterbuch DaF brosch. Langenscheidt Langenscheidt
9788498481693 Santos Vacaciones en Espanol 2 Libro +D Edinumen
9782278064212 Ludo Et Ses Amis 2 Guide Pedagogique +D Didier
9783190016549 Pingpong Neu 1 Lehrbuch Hueber
9780440224259 Gabaldon, Diana Drums of Autumn Random House (USA)
9783190915989 Geschaftskommunikation - Verhandlungssprache +D, Paket Hueber
9782278060733 Alors? 3 Livre +Dd +D Didier
9783442004126 Grimm, Brueder Maerchen der Brueder Grimm
9788853006738 Ali Baba And Les Quarante Voleurs CIDEB
9782253172161 Grange, Jean-Christophe Concile de Pierre Livre de Poche/LGF
4607167312937 Essential Telephoning in Eng CD x1 Cambridge University Press
9783194116016 Delfin 3bdg. Teil 2 LB+AB +D Hueber
9783126763318 Mit Erfolg zu Fit in Deutsch 1, Lehrerhandbuch Klett
9788477115991 Hablar Por Los Codos Edelsa
9789606930072 Cernigliaro, Maria Angela L'Italia e' cultura / fascicolo letteratura Edizioni EdiLingua
9783190416905 Themen aktuell 1 Lehrerhandbuch Teil A Hueber
9783257235890 Sueskind Patrick Ueber Liebe und Tod Diogenes
9782090333664 Junior 4 Livre Cle International
4607167313767 Kid's Box 4 CD x3 Cambridge University Press
9783126761017 Douvitsas-Gamst, J. Xanthos-Kretzschmer, Neue Deutschmobil 1, Arbeitsbuch Klett
4607167310469 New Insights into Business Class Audio CDs (2), Pearson Education
9788495986696 Temas De Empresa Libro Del Alumno Edinumen
9783468349751 Fleer, Sarah Deutsch-Flip Grammatiktraining Langenscheidt Langenscheidt
9788484435655 Version Originale 2 Guide pedagogique +R Difusion
9782253067085 Dostoievski, Fedor L'Idiot Livre de Poche/LGF
9782090343106 En Accion 1 Libro En Clave-Ele
9781405072823 Reid-thomas H MRel Tales Of Ten Worlds Macmillan ELT
9780201351248 Herrera Balloons 3 Wb Pearson Education
This workbook is part of a pre-primary course which uses the pedagogy pioneered and proven in "Parade": "Warm Up", "Presentation", "Practice", "Application", "Assessment" and "Enrichment".
9783126760348 Magnet Deutschland (A2-B1) Landeskunde + CD Klett
9788853006592 adapted Canterville Ghost (The) NEd B +D/R CIDEB
9780582791879 English Adventure Level 3 Pupils Book Pearson Education
9782253082286 Perrault, Charles Contes (illustr. - Gustave Dore) Livre de Poche/LGF
9780201619812 Northstar Focus Rd&Wr Intro SB Pearson Education
9788853007650 Dorothee Livre CIDEB
9782070360420 Camus, Albert Peste (La) Gallimard-Folio
9780194368629 English file 4 up-int sb Oxford University Press
4607167314801 Le Kiosque 3 CD audio classe Hachette Book Group
9782253129523 Nothomb, Amelie Fait du prince Livre de Poche/LGF
9783257229530 Schlink Bernhard Vorleser, Der Diogenes
9781408239469 Real Life Intermediate Workbook + MultiRom Pack Pearson Education
9788466786782 Mechtaeva,Nadezhda; Gabaldon,Jesus Espanol para principiantes Espanol-Ruso Anaya ELE
9781405852739 Jervis/Carling Grammar Time Level 3 Teachers Book New Edition Pearson Education
9788800203319 Trifone; Filippone; Sgaglione Affresco Italiano A1 + 2CD
9781408233870 Fly High Level 1 Vocabulary Flashcards Pearson Education
9782266189972 Sagan, Francoise Certain sourire, Un Pocket
9780582793712 My First English Adventure Level 2 Teachers Book Pearson Education
9788484432579 Aula 4 Libro del alumno +CD Difusion
9788498480030 Prisma B2 Libro Del Alumno +D Edinumen
9781405866378 Discover English Level 2 Students book Pearson Education
9781405866446 Discover English Level 3 Students book Pearson Education
9782090352207 Phonetique En Dialogues Niveau Debutant +D Cle International
9788466793636 Martinez, Angeles Alvarez et al. Anayaele Intensivo A2. Libro del Alumno Anaya ELE
4607167314795 Le Kiosque 2 CD audio eleve Hachette Book Group
4607167315556 Market Leader Third Edition Intermediate Coursebook Audio CDs x2 Pearson Education
9783190016594 deutsch.com 2, KB Hueber
4607167311640 Language Leader Elementary Audio Class CDs Pearson Education
9782013223409 Meyer Stephenie Tentation (Twilight - Tome 2) Livre de Poche/LGF
9788861820456 Italiano per modo di dire
9780230010161 MCR4 Footbal Crazy/What a Goal! Macmillan ELT
9783190116553 Pingpong Neu 2 Arbeitsbuch Hueber
9788800203333 Trifone; Filippone; Sgaglione Affresco Italiano B1 + 2CD
9781405843430 Market Leader Pre-intermediate Teachers Resource Book Multi-ROM Pearson Education
9781408248133 Fly High Level 4 Active Teach Pearson Education
9780521122504 Cambridge Business English Dictionary Paperback Cambridge University Press
9783829767446 India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Marco Polo Map Marco Polo
Marco Polo maps feature completely up-to-date, digitally generated mapping. The high quality cartography with distance indicators and scale converters aid route planning. The extensive coverage of the maps enables travellers to cross country boundaries with the same map. A fold-out overview map is ideal for route planning and 7 self-adhesive Marco Polo mark-it stickers can be used to pin-point a destination or route for future reference. Scenic routes and places of interest are highlighted - ideal for touring holidays. Index of place names. The map scale is 1: 2 500 000.
9780061558269 del Toro Guillermo, Hogan Chuck The Night Eternal HarperCollins USA
9780316091305 Goldberg Vicki The White House: the President's Home in Photographs and History Hachette Book Group
9788477115519 Uso Junior Elemental - Alumno Edelsa
9781908126054 Smith David 100 Classic Toys for Generations ACC-distribution titles
This fascinating book covers one hundred classic toys that have enchanted, captivated and enthralled generations of children. From the simplest building blocks to the most sophisticated robots, each toy included is still being manufactured or is easily available through sites like eBay. Why do some toys become classic? There are many reasons why particular toys stood out from their competitors. Perhaps the limitless creative possibilities of the LEGO brick, the timeless appeal of the dolls' house or the comforting presence of a favourite bear - whatever the secret, these toys and games have earned a special place in the hearts of millions of children (and former children). The author presents the background on how each toy was created and explains why it has become a classic. He also provides information about the manufacturer and how to find the toy - even in cases where it might not still be in production.
9781111832643 MacKenzie Ian Financial English
9781848540408 Sanjida O'Connell Sugar Island Hodder
9780670920358 Toibin, Colm New Ways to Kill Your Mother: Writers and their Families Penguin Books Ltd
9782070643028 Rowling J.K. Harry Potter a L'ecole Des Sorciers
9783190316908 Themen aktuell 1 CD x2 Hueber
9781780050263 Kuala Lumpur Insight Smart Guide Penguin Books Ltd
9780194572187 Wallwork, Adrian Business Options: Class Audio CDs (2) Oxford University Press
9780194400879 Northcott, Richard Dolphin Readers Level 1: Meet Molly Oxford University Press
9780194339155 Hopkins, Felicity Get Ready!: 1: Numbers Book Oxford University Press
9780194386500 Viney, Peter; Viney, Karen In English Starter: Class Audio CDs (2) Oxford University Press
9780194377447 Viney, Peter; Viney, Karen In English Starter: Practice Pack Oxford University Press
9780194440134 Phillips, Sarah; Morgan, Michaela; Slattery, Mary Incredible English 1: Activity Book Oxford University Press
9780194440080 Phillips, Sarah; Morgan, Michaela; Slattery, Mary Incredible English 2: Class Book Oxford University Press
9780194440141 Phillips, Sarah; Morgan, Michaela; Slattery, Mary Incredible English 2: Activity Book Oxford University Press
9780194338745 Hutchinson, Tom Lifelines: Elementary: Student's Book Oxford University Press
Lifelines is a three-level English course at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate level aimed at adults and young adults. It has been developed in response to the demand for a manageable, easy-to-use coursebook with a strong syllabus and some flexibility, which classes can finish. It offers an alternative to Headway by a very popular author.
9780194338097 Hutchinson, Tom Lifelines: Intermediate: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
Lifelines is a three-level English course at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate level aimed at adults and young adults. It has been developed in response to the demand for a manageable, easy-to-use coursebook with a strong syllabus and some flexibility, which classes can finish. It offers an alternative to Headway by a very popular author.
9780194338011 Hutchinson, Tom Lifelines: Pre-Intermediate: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
Lifelines is a three-level English course at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate level aimed at adults and young adults. It has been developed in response to the demand for a manageable, easy-to-use coursebook with a strong syllabus and some flexibility, which classes can finish. It offers an alternative to Headway by a very popular author.
9780194235822 Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 1: New York Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
What can you do in New York? Everything! You can go to some of the world's most famous shops, watch a baseball game, go to the top of a skyscraper, see a concert in Central Park, eat a sandwich in a New York deli, see a show in a Broadway theatre. New York is big, noisy, and exciting, and it's waiting for you. Open the book and come with us to this wonderful city.
9780194374750 Lee, Linda; Gundersen, Erik Select Readings Intermediate: Student Book Oxford University Press
9780194590297 Park, Nick; Baker, Bob The Wrong Trousers™: Student's Book Oxford University Press
We proudly present an English language teaching video adaptation of Nick Park's Oscar(TM)-winning animated film. The adaptation by Peter and Karen Viney from the original script by Nick Park and Bob Baker contains sections of the original film with new dialogue and narration specifically created for beginner/false beginner learners. This video has a broad appeal that will be a motivating force in any classroom. N.B."Oscar" and "Wallace and Gromit" are both registered trademarks.
9780194593724 Bradshaw, Coralyn This is Britain, Level 2: Student's Book Oxford University Press
9780194593236 Lawday, Cathy; MacAndrew, Richard Fairy Tales: Three Billy-Goats Activity Book Oxford University Press
9780194592727 Lawday, Cathy; MacAndrew, Richard Fairy Tales: Three Billy-Goats DVD Oxford University Press
9780194383530 Reilly, Vanessa Zap! B: Class Book Oxford University Press
9780194227377 OBW Library 1: The Monkey's Paw Cassette Oxford University Press
9780194352901 Nakata, R. Let's Go: Starter Level: Student Book Oxford University Press
Let's Go Starter level is the lead-in level to the Let's Go series. It provides an ideal introduction to (American) English, and to the Let's Go series. The Starter level introduces the alphabet, basic phonics, and simple language structures through a carefully controlled syllabus.
9780194579216 Express Series: English for the Energy Industry Oxford University Press
English for the Energy Industry is an ideal short course for anyone who needs English to communicate with colleagues and business contacts in the energy industry sector.
9781842160909 Enterprise 1 TB Express Publishing
9782090354942 Amis et compagnie 2 exercices Cle International
9782090337198 Vocabulaire explique du francais / intermediaire-avance livre Cle International
9782090315110 L'arc en ciel, intro livre Cle International
9782090353655 Civilis.progr.du fr.avec 400 activ. / avance livre Cle International
9782090386028 Amical 1 eleve+CD+corriges et transcriptions Cle International
9782090385670 Echo 1 niveau A2 eleve+portf+DVD-ROM Cle International
9782090354744 Vitamine 2 guide Cle International
9780194338752 Hutchinson, Tom Lifelines: Elementary: Teacher's Book Oxford University Press
Lifelines is a three-level English course at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate level aimed at adults and young adults. It has been developed in response to the demand for a manageable, easy-to-use coursebook with a strong syllabus and some flexibility, which classes can finish. It offers an alternative to Headway by a very popular author.
9780194748568 English Plus: 1: Student Book Oxford University Press
English Plus is a flexible and supportive course that builds confidence through graded practice.
9780194748575 English Plus: 2: Student Book Oxford University Press
English Plus is a flexible and supportive course that builds confidence through graded practice.
9780194748582 English Plus: 3: Student Book Oxford University Press
English Plus is a flexible and supportive course that builds confidence through graded practice.
9780194748599 English Plus: 4: Student Book Oxford University Press
English Plus is a flexible and supportive course that builds confidence through graded practice.
9782070364251 Gogol N. Les Ames mortes Gallimard-Folio
9780124158498 Marion E. Reid The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook, Elsevier Science
9780124160453 Tahir A Mahmood Obesity , Elsevier Science
9781864704648 New 100 Houses X 100 Architects, The Images
9781864704907 Beth Browne Radical Renovations Images
Radical Renovations presents a range of beautifully transformed homes from around the world with full-color 'before and after' photography, and detailed 'before and after' plans The book showcases architectural transformations from around the world, including a variety of design styles, building types, briefs and budgets. Radical Renovations presents more than fifty outstanding examples of adaptive reuse in residential and commercial architecture, wherein existing buildings have been dramatically transformed with truly stunning results. For many of these remarkable remodels the architects have utilized the principles of environmentally sustainable development, highlighting the importance of making conscientious and creative use of available resources to minimize demolition and waste, while delivering cost savings, style, and sustainability. In locations as diverse as Japan, the UK, Spain, Australia, the USA and Italy, each radical renovation project breathes new life and function into an existing structure - often in astonishingly innovative ways. In almost five years at The Images Publishing Group, Beth Browne has edited more than 40 books on architecture, art, design, gardens and landscaping, craft, cooking and automobiles. She has also compiled of a number of IMAGES' best-selling titles including 100 Country Houses: New Rural Architecture, 21st Century Interiors and 21st Century Architecture: Apartment Living.
9780857297266 Priestman, Terrence Cancer Chemotherapy in Clinical Practice Springer
A simple introduction explaining the broad principles underlying chemotherapy, this book gives trainees a framework within which they can place the specific aspects of cancer chemotherapy they encounter in their everyday experience. The first part of this book is unique in explaining the recent developments in the field in terms of their point of action in the natural history of cancer. The second and third sections contain a more straightforward description of practical aspects of chemotherapy, and the current place of drug treatment in everyday cancer management, including the outcomes of that treatment.
9780387878867 Tsao, Jack W. (Ed.) Traumatic Brain InjuryA Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation Springer
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of disability worldwide. Each year 1.7 million new TBIs occur in the United States, and it is also considered a signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Despite the relatively high incidence-within both civilian and military populations-the diagnosis and treatment, particularly of mild TBI/concussion, remains an inexact science. Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation is a concise guide designed for neurologists, primary care, and sports physicians and other medical providers, psychologists and neuropsychologists, and athletic trainers who may evaluate and care for patients with TBI. The book features summaries of the most pertinent areas of diagnosis and therapy, which can be readily accessed by the busy clinician/professional. In addition, the book's treatment algorithms provide a highly practical reference to cutting edge therapies. A superb contribution to the literature, Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation offers a well-designed, well-written, useful resource for all providers who treat patients with TBI.
9781439869932 NG Human Eye Imaging and Modeling Taylor&Francis
Advanced image processing and mathematical modeling techniques are increasingly being used for the early diagnosis of eye diseases. This comprehensive reference details the latest advances and computer-based techniques in imaging and modeling of the human eye. Featuring contributions by well-known experts in the field, it covers imaging of fundus and infrared images, diagnosis of diabetes retinopathy and glaucoma, estimation of tear evaporation of dry eye, computer simulation of the human eye based on principles of heat transfer, various bioheat equations to predict interior temperatures based on the surface temperatures, and more.
9780582497481 Sally Burgess Advanced Gold Ex Max CD x 2 Pearson Education
9781408288597 Laidlaw, Caroline Penguin Kids Toy Story 1 Level 2 Reader Pearson Education
9789606930829 Colombo, Federica et al. Arrivederci! 2 Libro + CD audio - 256 pages Edizioni EdiLingua
9780323088435 Polin Neonatology: Questions and Controversies Series 6-volume Series Package, 2nd Edition Expert Consult - Online and Print Elsevier Science
9781441968357 Gershwin Bronchial Asthma Springer
Hailed by professional journals and esteemed by primary care physicians, Bronchial Asthma: A Guide for Practical Understanding and Treatment, Sixth Edition, has been fully updated to help physicians face the challenge of diagnosis and management in every variety of patient subpopulation.
9780385742399 Cooney Caroline B. Whatever Happened to Janie?
9781607055488 Hartman Elizabeth Modern Patchwork: 12 Quilts to Take You Beyond the Basics
9781609787073 Kaplan Kaplan SAT 2400
9780099578079 Murakami Haruki 1Q84: Books 1, 2 and 3 Random House
9780099555469 A. L. Kennedy The Blue Book Random House
9780099574460 Will Jordan Redemption Random House
9780099520375 Irene Nemirovsky The Wine of Solitude Random House
9781780891248 Hugh Howey Wool EXPORT Random House
9781107601598 Yentis Analgesia, Anaesthesia and Pregnancy Cambridge Academ
Analgesia, Anaesthesia and Pregnancy focuses on pre-empting problems and maximising quality of care. Every chapter of this well-established practical guide has been completely updated and revised. All aspects of obstetric medicine relevant to the anaesthetist are covered, from pre-pregnancy management to conception, throughout pregnancy, to postnatal care. The authors have identified over 150 potential complications, each covered in two parts: 'problems/special considerations' and 'management options', with key points prominently displayed for quick reference. A section on organisational aspects such as record keeping, training protocols and guidelines makes this an important resource for any labour ward or hospital dealing with pregnant women. Presented in a clear, structured format, this practical summary will be invaluable to any anaesthetist encountering obstetric patients, whether they are a practiced consultant or still in training. It will also be useful for obstetricians, neonatologists, midwives, nurses and operating department practitioners wishing to extend or update their knowledge.
9781107020832 Chmutov Introduction to Vassiliev Knot Invariants Cambridge Academ
9780349121468 Beryl Bainbridge The Girl In The Polka Dot Dress Little, Brown
9788853012135 Guilmault Anemone et les poissons-clowns CIDEB
9781780970875 Laget Serge Official Treasures of Le Tour De France Carlton Books
9781905654475 Zink Michelle Circle of Fire Little, Brown
9780262193863 Salanie, Bernard The Economics of Contracts Wiley
The Economics of Contracts introduces graduate students and nonspecialist professional economists to the theory of contracts. It grew out of a course the author gave to third-year Stanford graduate students and third-year students at the Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economique. The book focuses on the methods used to analyze the models and also discusses a few of the many applications the theory has generated in various fields of economies. The intention is to give readers the basic tools to create their own applications. Show More Show Less
9789185639052 Tag Town-Origins Of Writing Art Books Intl Ltd
9781589232129 Comp Photo Guide To Home Improvements Comp Photo Guide To Home Improvements Rockport/Rotovision
This revised and expanded edition is a comprehensive reference for planning and completing major remodeling projects. With nearly 300 projects, it is a helpful reference for do-it-yourself remodelers.
9789812707048 Computational systems bioinformatics - methods and biomedical applications World Scientific Publishing
Computational systems biology is a new and rapidly developing field of research, concerned with understanding the structure and processes of biological systems at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ levels through computational modeling as well as novel information theoretic data and image analysis methods. By focusing on either information processing of biological data or on modeling physical and chemical processes of biosystems, and in combination with the recent breakthrough in deciphering the human genome, computational systems biology is guaranteed to play a central role in disease prediction and preventive medicine, gene technology and pharmaceuticals, and other biotechnology fields.This book begins by introducing the basic mathematical, statistical, and data mining principles of computational systems biology, and then presents bioinformatics technology in microarray and sequence analysis step-by-step. Offering an insightful look into the effectiveness of the systems approach in computational biology, it focuses on recurrent themes in bioinformatics, biomedical applications, and future directions for research.
9783829602945 Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Gem Ed Schirmer/Mosel Verlag
9780781774321 Diaz-Gilbert English for Pharmacy Writing and Oral Communication Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Focuses on developing, improving, enhancing, and mastering the skills needed to communicate in various pharmacy practice setting. This title includes chapters that cover various major body systems and offer a variety of interactive exercises and instruction to help readers master useful communication skills.
9780140455151 Bulgakov Mikhail A Dog's Heart Penguin Books Ltd
A surreal tale of a Moscow doctor who befriends a stray dog and performs on it a human transplant - with disastrous consequences.
9780140455465 Bulgakov Mikhail The Master And Margarita Penguin Books Ltd
The devil comes to Moscow wearing a fancy suit. With his disorderly band of accomplices - including a demonic, gun-toting tomcat - he immediately begins to create havoc. Margarita discovers that her lover has vanished in the chaos. Making a bargain with the devil, she decides to try a little black magic of her own to save the man she loves.
9780415419550 Gomel Reproductive Surgery Taylor&Francis
Reproductive surgery is becoming reconnected with mainstream gynecologic surgery. This ground-breaking book from a highly distinguished editorial team educates surgeons on the techniques and procedures now needed in both reconstructive and reproductive surgery in gynecology. This ground-breaking book from a highly distinguished editorial team educates surgeons on the techniques and procedures now needed in both reconstructive and reproductive surgery in gynecology. It is illustrated by schematic artwork and color photographs of operative procedures.
9780300124064 Age of Rembrandt in New York: Dutch Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Yale University Press
The Metropolitan Museum`s extraordinary holdings of Dutch paintings include works by Frans Hals, Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch, Gerard ter Borch, and others. This account traces the formation of the Metropolitan`s collection from its beginnings in 1871 onwards.
9780838426579 Rideout P.M. Heinle Newbury House Dictionary [with CD-ROM(x1)], 4E Cengage Learning
9780230033641 Check Your Vocabulary For Academic English Student's Book Macmillan ELT
9780765355188 David, Peter Sagittarius is bleeding
President Laura Roslin bears a heavy burden. Since becoming the president of the twelve human colonies when the Cylons brutally attacked and destroyed all but a small remnant of humanity`s billions, she has been the voice of civil authority, counterbalancing the military leadership of Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galactica.
9780786427604 Tonguette, Peter Prescott Orson welles remembered Eurospan
With a career spanning almost five decades, Orson Welles became one of entertainment`s biggest names. Including interviews with actors, editors, cinematographers, camera assistants and magicians, this work presents a rounded view of Welles` career and, to some extent, his personal life.
9781405842846 Swift, Jonathan Penguin Readers New Edition Level 2 Gullivers Travels, Book Pearson Education
Classic / British English (Available February 2008) Gulliver travels across the sea from England and has an accident. He arrives in a country of very, very small people. What will they do with him? How will he talk to them? And why are the Big-enders fighting the Little-enders?
9781846073489 Baxendale, Trevor Doctor who Random House
The old village well is just a curiosity - something to attract tourists intrigued by stories of lost treasure, or visitors just making a wish. Unless something alien and terrifying could be lurking inside the well? Something utterly monstrous that causes nothing but death and destruction? But who knows the real truth about the well?
9780194792295 Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 5: Jeeves and Friends - Short Stories Oxford University Press
What on earth would Bertie Wooster do without Jeeves, his valet? Jeeves is calm, tactful, resourceful, and has the answer to every problem. Bertie, a pleasant young man but a bit short of brains, turns to Jeeves every time he gets into trouble. And Bertie is always in trouble. These six stories include the most famous of P. G. Wodehouse's memorable characters. There are three stories about Bertie and Jeeves, and three about Lord Emsworth, who, like Bertie, is often in trouble, battling with his fierce sister Lady Constance, and his even fiercer Scottish gardener, the red-bearded Angus McAllister . . .
9781405240482 Hargreaves, Roger Mr.Men Christmas carol
9781405882651 Angelou, Maya Penguin Readers New Edition Level 6 I Know why the Caget Bird Sings, Bk Pearson Education
9781840225297 Hodgson, William Hope Casebook of carnacki the ghost finder Wordsworth
Thomas Carnacki is a ghost finder, an Edwardian psychic detective, investigating a range of terrifying hauntings. This collection of his adventures features Carnacki encountering spine-chilling phenomena as `The Whistling Room`, the dangers of the phantom steed in `The Horse of the Invisible` and the demons from the outside world in `The Hog`.
9780786432974 Stanley kubrick Eurospan
Presents 17 essays which examine the career and films of director Stanley Kubrick. This collection provides a case study of "Eyes Wide Shut", with four very different essays focusing on the film`s use of sound, its representation of gender, its "carnivalesque" qualities, and its phenomenological nature. It also discusses his impact on filmmakers.
9780823099771 Engle, Nita How to make a watercolor paint itself Random House (USA)
9781405833127 Terry And Wilson IELTS Pract Test Plus 2 Bk+CD Pack Pearson Education
This title provides essential practice in all four modules of the IELTS examination: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
9780746073261 Amery, Heather Little red riding hood Usborne
9781405881180 Longman Longman Pronunciation Dictionary 3d Edition with CD-ROM Pearson Education
9780230028869 Norris, Roy New Ready For CAE Student's Book +keys Macmillan ELT
9781405820080 Foley & Hall Total English Elementary Workbook with key + CD-ROM Pearson Education
The Workbook contains further practice of language areas covered in the corresponding units of the Student`s Book. The accompanying catch-up` CD-ROM provides extra support for students who miss lessons.
9780007267491 Dobson, Ken Grace, David Lovett, David Physics HarperCollins UK
Building on the success of the second edition, this truly accessible textbook comprehensively covers the 2008 AS and A2 specifications for all the main UK exam boards, as well as the IB Diploma Programme and the Cambridge International A-Level. The book also has a companion website which is free to book users and provides extra resources.
9781842551608 Simon, Francesca Horrid henry joke book Orion Publishers
Q. What do you get if your cross a million-copy-selling favourite character with heaps of hilarious jokes? A. HORRID HENRY`S JOKE BOOK!
9780007132027 Jackman, John Wren, Wendy Focus on writing writing HarperCollins UK
"Focus on Writing" Pupil Book 3 is aimed at Y5/P6 pupils and contains the complete range of texts required for this year group. Annotated extracts and follow on activities are designed to support young writers every step on the road to becoming confident, independent authors.
9780813124100 Mcbride, Joseph What ever happened to orson welles? Eurospan
At twenty-five, Orson Welles (1915-1985) directed, co-wrote, and starred in "Citizen Kane", widely considered the best film ever made. But Welles was such a revolutionary filmmaker that he found himself at odds with the Hollywood studio system. This book reassesses Welles` final period in the context of his entire life and work.
9780495382737 Stewart, James Calculus - Early Transcendentals Cengage Learning
9780091897598 Dratfield, Jim Quotable equine Random House
Combining photographs with quotations, ranging from the inspirational to the funny, this work celebrates the spirit, strength and nobility of horses.
9781405099493 Kay, Sue Jones, Vaughan New Inside Out Elementary Student's Book +R Macmillan ELT
Contains approximately 90 hours of teaching material, review units with activities to consolidate target language, main grammar and language functions presented and practiced through anecdote activities.
9781843154969 Clegg, Jackie Ks2 science
9781413009293 Pavlik C. Hot Topics 2 Student's Book ISE Heinle ELT
9780746077665 Punter, Russell Percy and the pirates level 4 Usborne
Part of the "First Reading" series, this title is aimed at children who are beginning to read. It allows children to build their burgeoning reading skills and is accompanied by illustrations.
9781874780045 Earle, Joe Fairley, Malcolm Hutt, Julia Impey, Oli Meiji no takara lacquer
This volume is a guide to the last 400 years of Japan`s greatest and most distinctive artistic tradition. It explains the techniques used in Japanese lacquer and chronicles the development of the craft in response to Western demand. It also looks at the revival of Rimpa style.
9780230028852 McCarter, Sam IELTS Tesbuilder 2 Macmillan ELT
9780749554941 Orlando
Intended for business and leisure, this guide includes the practical information you need. It covers four main sections: Essential..., By Area, Where to Stay and Need to Know. It divides Orlando into colour-coded districts, with the colour-coding cross-referenced throughout each section. It lists top 25 sights.
9781843911265 Dostoevsky Fyodor Notes from the underground
9781902741833 Schofield J., Frendo E. Double Dealing Upper-Intermediate Self-Study Book [with Audio CD(x1)] Summertown
Using a combination of fiction and case studies based on real events, this book aims to provide students with an effective platform to develop their language and intercultural skills. It includes reading and listening activities that are designed to support students preparing for the Cambridge BEC Higher exam.
9780091796785 Rendell Ruth Collected stories "means of evil", the fallen curtain", "the fever tree" Random House
Features three stories: "Means of Evil", "The Fallen Curtain" and "The Fever Tree".
9781405086141 Maggs, Peter Quintana, Jenny Move Pre-Intermediate Student's Book +R Pack Macmillan ELT
Provides a flexible course for adults and young adults. This work presents communicative syllabus that helps students to express themselves through English. Accompanied by a CD-ROM, it also contains engaging topics, imaginative grammar and vocabulary activities, integrated skills tasks, review units, and extra practice pages.
9781405086165 Holman, Angela Milne, Bruce Webb, Barbara Move Intermediate Student's Book +R Pack Macmillan ELT
Features a course for adults and young adults. This course has a communicative syllabus that helps students express themselves through English. This coursebook with CD-ROM includes various topics, grammar and vocabulary activities, integrated skills tasks, review units and practice pages.
9780520251236 Rosenbaum, Jonathan Discovering orson welles Wiley
Offers a collection of the author`s writings on Orson Welles. This book features essays, interviews, and reviews arranged chronologically and accompanied by commentary. It includes essays and discussions of Welles` unfinished work, including two unrealized projects, "The Big Brass Ring" and "The Cradle Will Rock".
9780199537051 Hardy, Thomas Tess of the d`urbervilles Oxford Academ
9780486413013 Sovak Butterfly Notebook Dover
9780307390417 Careful Use Of Compliments Careful Use Of Compliments Random House (USA)
9781904720577 Teen life - uk
9780192727107 Carter, Peter Captain teachum`s buried treasure Oxford Academ
9789812684837 Hungarian berlitz phrase book Penguin Books Ltd
You will never be lost for word with Berlitz - from arriving at the airport, to ordering food and drinks, sightseeing or booking accommodation; this portable phrase book and dictionary is your perfect companion. Featuring over 8,000 everyday phrases, you will be able to converse with confidence in any situation that you may come across.
9789749863428 Rooney, Dawn F. Ancient Sukhothai ACC-distribution titles
9781416547198 Unquietexp Simon & Schuster
9780743299411 No one belongs here more/you Simon & Schuster
9781416950189 Spiderwick 2 Seeing Movie Spiderwick 2 Seeing Movie Simon & Schuster
9788861305878 Molinari, Luca Y08. The Skira Yearbook of World Architecture 2007-2008 Thames & Hudson
9781847391858 Sandford, John Dark side of the moon Simon&Schuster UK
The heart-pounding new thriller from the bestselling author of the PREY novels
9781405862325 Geoffrey Chaucer PLPR3: Canterbury Tales, The Pearson Education
9780194791656 Chandler Raymond Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 4: The Big Sleep Oxford University Press
General Sternwood has four million dollars, and two young daughters, both pretty and both wild. He's an old, sick man, close to death, but he doesn't like being blackmailed. So he asks private detective Philip Marlowe to get the blackmailer off his back. Marlowe knows the dark side of life in Los Angeles well, and nothing much surprises him. But the Sternwood girls are a lot wilder than their old father realizes. They like men, drink, drugs - and it's not just a question of blackmail.
9780440868538 Wilson Jacqueline Lottie project Random House
Hi! I`m Charlie. History is boring, right? Wrong! The Victorians weren`t all deadly dull and drippy. Lottie certainly isn`t. She`s eleven - like me - but she`s left school and has a job as a nursery maid. Her life is really hard, just work work work, but I bet she`d know what to do about my mum`s awful boyfriend and his wimpy little son.
9781412951340 Asset Building and Community Development 2 nd ed Sage Publications
Can residents work together to improve the quality of life in their community? Asset Building and Community Development examines the promise and limits of community development and explores how communities are building on their key assets such as physical, human, social, financial, environmental, political and cultural capital.
9780786950096 Baker, Keith The Queen of Stone Random House (USA)
9780345501370 Akira Hiramoto Me and the devil 2 Random House (USA)
9780099519973 Harkaway, Nick Gone-Away World, The Random House
The Jorgmund Pipe is the backbone of the world, and it`s on fire. Gonzo Lubitsch, professional hero and troubleshooter, is hired to put it out - but there`s more to the fire, and the Pipe itself, than meets the eye. The job will take Gonzo and his best friend, back to their own beginnings and into the dark heart of the Jorgmund Company itself.
9780192754967 Mccaughrean, Geraldine Forever x Oxford Academ
The Shepherd family have set off on their usual summer holiday under a cloud of gloom at the predictability of it all. When the car breaks down, they are forced to stay the night at the nearest B&B. To their dismay, they find themselves at a place where Christmas comes every day of the year, complete with turkey and Santa Claus.
9781887521574 Becker, Benjawan Poomsan Thongkaew, R. Thai law for foreigners
9780714111674 Collins, Paul Assyrian Palace Sculptures Thames & Hudson
Between the 9th and 7th centuries BC the small kingdom of Assyria in northern Iraq expanded through conquest to dominate the region from Egypt to Iran. This book presents visual introduction to some of the greatest works of art from the ancient world, showcasing a series of photographs of the British Museum`s collection of Assyrian sculptures.
9780307455314 Linda Fairstein Killer heat Random House (USA)
9781603274326 Russell D. Cohen (Ed.) Inflammatory bowel disease Springer
As in the first edition of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases this new edition continues to provide readers with a concise, yet in-depth review of many of the important areas in the history, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of the inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease), as well as associated issues: extraintestinal manifestations, ostomy care, women's issues, economics, etc. This Second Edition provides the reders with up-to-date, state-of-the art approaches to these disease states, with expansion into the newer topics that have emerged in the past few years which include the expansion of biological agents for treatment, new studies in the epidemiology of IBD, the changing economics of IBD, breakthroughs in new endoscopic evaluations, major advances in novel radiographic techniques, the detection of colorectal cancer in patients with IBD and new findings in the genetics of IBD. New Trend / Developments (* These all emerged since our last edition) The most critical trend that has arisen over the past few years has been the introduction and expansion of biological agents in the treatment of inflammatory diseases worldwide. While only one agent, infliximab (Remicade), existed at the time of publication of my first edition, there have been multiple other agents either approved or pending approval for the treatments of these diseases, or in the upper-stages of development. The impact is not only upon the patients, but also on the health-care providers, policy makers, researchers, biotech and pharmacompanies, and the business community. Major changes worldwide in the epidemiology of IBD has spurred new studies in the demographics of who is getting these diseases and why. Previously characterized as diseases primarily affected Caucasians in industrialized countries, there has been an explosion of growth amongst the African American and Hispanic populations in the United States, and well as in pockets of these and other ethnic groups worldwide. The economics of IBD has been changing greatly, given the issues raised above, as well as major changes in the United States Medicare program, and other insurance changes. The growing proportion of the GNP that healthcare costs are consuming in the US and worldwide has shifted attention to decreasing utilization of health care services, and other cost-savings measures. Again, up to this point this has been an exclusive part of our IBD book. New findings in the genetics of IBD have been recently published. Our first edition had the finding of the first Crohns disease gene inserted just before going to press; so much has been published about the phenotypes and other genotypes that have emerged. Breakthroughs in new endoscopic evaluations of the bowel (ie. Capsule endoscopy, double-balloon enteroscopy, endoscopic ultrasound) and their use in the inflammatory bowel diseases will be a key highlight of this new book. Major advances in novel radiographic techniques employed in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (ie. CT enterography, MR enterography, advanced ultrasounds, etc.) will also an important component of our work. There have been numerous areas related to the development and detection of colorectal cancer in patients with IBD that have emerged in the past few years. Techniques of better detection (ie. Narrow band imaging; special mucosal staining; endoscopic histological evaluations) as well as research in the putative role of mesalamine and other agents for colorectal cancer prevention are all hot topics that will attract much interest from a variety of interest groups I described above. Identification of additional disease states that probably belong in the IBD family, such as microscopic colitis (including lymphocytic colitis), and collagenous colitis add to the diseases that will be discussed in this new edition.
9781588297662 Jasvir S. Khurana (Ed.) Bone Pathology Springer
Reflects advances in our understanding of the molecular biology of bone. This book covers soft-tissue sarcomas, soft-tissue tumors, Soft-tissue pathology and Biomechanics. It is suitable for surgical pathology residents as well as practicing pathologists, skeletal radiologists, orthopedic surgeons and medical students.
9781603275354 Kevin T. McVary (Ed.) Contemporary Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: Springer
Erectile dysfunction can affect all age groups. Numerous physical and emotional risk factors may contribute to the problem. These risk factors can range from chronic diseases and medications to psychological factors. In the U.S. alone, it has been estimated that 18 to 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. This number has increased significantly as awareness of the disorder has heightened. Researchers and health care professionals now have a better understanding of what causes erectile dysfunction and the effective medications and non-medication treatments used to treat the condition. Comprehensive and state-of-the-art, Contemporary Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: A Clinical Guide synthesizes the literature and covers all aspects of treating erectile dysfunction and other related male sexual dysfunctions. This invaluable title offers all physicians, residents, and fellows -- and even medical students and other health professionals such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants an essential reference for enhancing diagnosis and treatment of this debilitating disorder.
9781588299826 Andrew Wang; Thomas Bashore (Eds.) Valvular Heart Disease Springer
Offers insights into the widely varying hemodynamic effects and clinical course of heart valve conditions, as well as the contemporary management of these conditions. This book offers a perspective on these diseases, and expands on the guidelines developed by the major heart societies in the United State and Europe.
9783527405947 Yersin Highly efficient oleds with phosphorescent materials Wiley
The technology of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are a new and rapidly growing field of solid state research with potential of revolutionize display as well as illumination technology. Professor Hartmut Yersin is Professor at the University in Regensburg, the city which also hosts the headquarter of OSRAM, one of the two leading illumination companies. His projects are awarded large fundings from e.g. the German Research Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation, and his close ties to various institutions have enabled him to recruit a set of pioneering researchers from both industry and universities to cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from theory to application. The result is a state-of-the-art monography on the latest technologies in the rapidly growing field of OLEDs.
9783899552331 Spacecraft 2: More Fleeting Architecture and Hideouts Gestalten
9780500514566 Walsh, Wendy The Wild and Garden Plants of Ireland Thames & Hudson
Presents a selection of about 100 plants that grow wild in Ireland or are cultivated in Irish gardens. This book features plants that range from native plants to exotic species introduced from the New World and Asia, unusual plants that grow in some of the most extreme environments in Ireland, and hybrids created by plant breeders.
9780500288030 Colchester, Chlo? Textiles Today Thames & Hudson
Covering textiles, this sourcebook provides information that range from colour-changing, light-sensitive camouflage to emergency shelters of cement-impregnated fabric bonded to an inflatable plastic, from Eley Kishimotos gorgeous patterns to the astonishing colours of Morphotex.
9788876851513 San Pietro & Vasile New Exhibits 3 Made In Italy ACC-distribution titles
The crucial importance of getting one's message across in today's media-driven society has prompted a surge of developments in the area of installation design. This book offers a critical update on the theme, and testifies to the acutely experimental approach adopted for installation projects, which involve interweaving input from a variety of different disciplines to produce a single focused design. The very temporary nature of installations gives a strong communication edge to all design features - be it a cultural message, for a product, or for entertainment - fostering a lively concentration of the various aspects of interior design.
9780441017089 Campbell, Jack Lost Fleet: Relentless, The Random House (USA)
9780425227985 Sandford, John Phantom Prey Random House (USA)
9780451208323 Fletcher, Jessica Murder, She Wrote: Majoring In Murder Random House (USA)
9780738714257 Penczak, Christopher Living temple of witchcraft
A guide for solitaries, eclectics, and non-traditional Witches. It features lessons that contain meditations based on the Underworld journey teachings, as well as an advanced discussion of some facet of magick or witchcraft.
9781416052746 Hutchison, Stuart J. Pericardial diseases Elsevier Science
Often times the symptoms of pericardial disease such as fever, chest pain, and shortness of breath are non-specific, making an accurate diagnosis a challenging task. This title helps you to detect and treat pericardial disease in time. It offers you guidance about when and how to perform the latest diagnostic imaging tests.
9780521881135 Neonatal and infant emergencies Cambridge Academ
Caring for newborns and infants in the first year of life can be anxiety-provoking and challenging, especially for the emergency physician. This book addresses the most common complaints that an emergency provider may have to evaluate and treat. It is divided into three sections for quick access to a variety of medical conditions. Section I covers the basics of neonate care in the emergency room and includes the general exam, airway management, and sedation. Section II focuses on specific common complaints, such as failure to thrive, fever, and seizures. Section III covers management of specific systems, including cardiology, dermatology, and toxicology. The Appendixes include handy pediatric formulas, immunization schedules, and easy-to-use algorithms and tables. A practical resource for a wide range of health providers, from medical students, residents, and Fellows to attending physicians.
9781841497099 Rardin,Jennifer One more bite Little, Brown
The next instalment in this sharp supernatural series, featuring the CIA`s top black ops assassin: a 291-year-old vampire.
9780764332494 Making Willow Furniture Schiffer
Among the leading rustic furniture makers are a number of talented, creative women. Taking nature's materials they create the quintessential "green" furniture and practical items for home or garden. Veronica Chenier of Ontario, Cassilda Brown of Alabama, and Jo Kilmer of North Carolina, share their work in this book, offering step-by-step instructions for three projects. Learn to build a lampshade, a gothic-back chair, and a ladder-back chair. Each project is documented from beginning to end with color photographs and detailed captions, so readers have a clear guide to creating the furniture in their own workshops.
9781405152730 Belfort Clark's Critical Care Obstetrics, 5th Edition Wiley
Provides clinical guidance throughout on how you can maximize the chances of your patient and her baby surviving trauma. This work helps you to: recognize conditions early-on which might prove life threatening; implement immediate life-saving treatments in emergency situations; and, maximize the survival prospects of both the mother and her fetus.
9781405153478 Altchek Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Gynecology Wiley
The young ob/gyn patient presents unique problems different from the mature woman but which training often neglects. This book provides a coverage of the various aspects of pre-womanhood gynecology. Ranging from the commonest problems to the less common but urgent, it emphasizes diagnosis, special care and management throughout.
9780007264483 Times crossword book 13 HarperCollins UK
The Times Crossword is the most famous crossword in the world. Tease your brain with this superb collection of puzzles which have been compiled by the Editor of The Times Crossword to test you word power skills.
Congressional Yellow Book 2009 Leadership Directories, Inc
Federal Yellow Book 2009 Leadership Directories, Inc
9780764305085 Leland and Carol Marple R.S. Prussia: The Art Nouveau Years Schiffer
Over 770 images and meticulous research are uniquely combined here to bring to light Art Nouveau decorated porcelain table, tea, and decorative wares produced by the Prussian Reinhold Schlegelmilch Porcelain Factory. The beautiful early twentieth century wares displayed (also including childrens sets, dresser sets, and vases) were originally exported to America during the first decade of the twentieth century. Tableware products are presented in chronological order by mold patterns. When they are available, original catalog copy accompanies items displayed. Decorative techniques used by the company are also explored including cobalt, gold, and other metallic colors treatments along with scenic and portrait transfers. The Hidden Image pattern is covered in detail in text and photographs alike. Rounding out the coverage is a detailed presentation of R.S. Prussia Art Nouveau porcelain products marketed under the Royal Vienna Germany trade name. Also included in this thorough chronicling are a bibliography, several appendices, an index, and values for the items photographed.
9781588612366 Stratigraphic Traps: The Tidal Flat Model (DVD) AAPG
9780781779500 Stedman Stedman's Pocket medical dictionary (us ed) Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This Pocket Edition Features More Than 38,000 Terms Drawn From Stedman'S Medical Dictionary For The Health Professions And Nursing, Sixth Edition And Stedman'S Medical Dictionary, Twenty-Eighth Edition, Providing Readers With A Complete And Comprehensive Reference In A Portable Size.Features&Mdash; A-To-Z Organization Quickly Leads You To A Definition. Written Pronunciations Assist You In Spoken Communications. Special Icons Identify Terms That Are Combining Forms. British Alternative Spellings Are Included.Free Three Month Access To Stedmansonline.Comwith Stedman'S Pocket Medical Dictionary, You Not Only Read A Definition, You Can Hear It, See It, And Watch It In Motion. Everything You Need To Understand And Use Medical Terms Correctly In All Your Communications Is Here, From The Most Trusted Name In Medical Words.
9780007276370 The Times Atlas of the World Desktop Edition HarperCollins UK
The Times Atlas of the World Desktop edition is a complete world reference atlas in a convenient and easy to use format, retaining the authority, style and detail of the larger Times atlases. An excellant world atlas for every day look-up at home or work - broad coverage at a great price.
9780330469692 Alameddine Rabih The Hakawati Pan Macmillan
9780330452588 Hewson David Dante's Numbers Pan Macmillan
Allan Prime looked ready to die of fright, even before the bright, shining spear with the blood-soaked tip reached his head. The death mask of the poet Dante is to be exhibited at the premiere of a controversial new film, "Inferno". But at the unveiling this priceless artefact is replaced by a macabre death mask of the film`s star, Allan Prime.
9780007304516 Sheldon Sidney Master of the game HarperCollins UK
One of Sidney Sheldon's most popular and bestselling titles, repackaged and reissued for a new generation of fans. Kate Blackwell is one of the richest and most powerful women in the world. She is an enigma, a woman surrounded by a thousand unanswered questions.

Her father was a diamond prospector who struck it rich beyond his wildest dreams. Her mother was the daughter of a crooked Afrikaaner merchant. Her conception was itself an act of hate-filled vengeance.

At the extravagent celebrations of her ninetieth birthday, there are toasts from a Supreme Court Judge and a telegram from the White House. And for Kate there are ghosts, ghosts of absent friends and of enemies. Ghosts from a life of blackmail and murder.

Ghosts from an empire spawned by naked ambition! Sidney Sheldon is one of the most popular storytellers in the world. This is one of his best-loved novels, a compulsively readable thriller, packed with suspense, intrigue and passion. It will recruit a new generation of fans to his writing.
9780006514657 Philippa Gregory Alice Hartley's Happiness HarperCollins UK
Social mores come under bestselling author Philippa Gregory's acute scrutiny in this reissue of a long-unavailable novel of betrayal, revenge and liberation! Alice Hartley can no longer arouse the interest of her pompous husband, the adulterous professor. Despite her efforts, she still leaves him cold. Just as she is compelled to face this chilling truth, she meets Michael, a young student with an excessive libido.

In Michael, Alice discovers an endless supply of all she has sought: revenge, sex and a large house suitable for conversion. Soon the house is thigh-deep with women joyfully casting off the shacles of their oppression. Sadly, some narrow-minded neigbours and numerous forces of the law seem completely impervious to all those healing vibrations!
9780007243112 Dale Brown Shadow command HarperCollins UK
9780718155155 Colfer Eoin And Another Thing: The Sixth in the Increasingly Inaccurate Hitchhiker's Trilogy Penguin Books Ltd
9780099513834 Wodehouse P.G. Blandings castle and elsewhere Random House
Within the ivied walls of Blandings Castle there are snakes in the rolling parkland ready to nip Clarence, the absent-minded Ninth Earl of Emsworth, when he least expects it. Empress of Blandings, in the running for her first prize in the Fat Pigs Class, is off her food - and can only be coaxed back to the trough by a call in her own language.
9780752884561 Reichs, Kerry Best day of someone else`s life Orion Publishers
A wonderfully funny and fresh novel about the mother of all wedding seasons - and one woman`s mission to survive it with her sanity, and her relationships, intact
9780755345014 Dryden, Alex Red to black Hodder
An upmarket, well informed and incredibly topical novel that marks the return of the spy thriller, in the vein of John le Carre and Robert Harris
9781408209509 William Kotzwinkle PLAR2:E.T. The Extra -Terrestrial Book and CD-ROM Pack Pearson Education
Contempory / American English A little visitor from the stars who finds Earth fascinating but misses his family, he wants to `go home`. Can his friend Elliot him him? The story of one of this world`s favoutite movies.
9781592535125 100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers Rockport/Rotovision
9780199550791 Corbridge, Rogan; Steventon, Nicholas Oxford Handbook of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery Oxford Academ
This is a unique, truly portable, and comprehensive handbook of ENT aimed at medical students and junior doctors. The detailed management plans and rationale for treatments, along with their advantages and disadvantages are useful for anyone managing patients with ENT and head and neck disorders.
9780199204830 Kerawala, Cyrus; Newlands, Carrie Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Oxford Academ
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a pocket book for doctors, dentists and other health professionals. It gives an overview of the speciality, which is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of congenital and acquired conditions that affect the mouth, jaws, face and contiguous structures such as the neck.
9780553588095 Gardner, Lisa Say Goodbuy Random House (USA)
9780297852926 Schlink, Bernhard Self's Murder Orion Publishers
9780486263649 Old Master Portrait Drawings: 47 Works Dover
9780553589764 Rice, L. Last Kiss Random House (USA)
9780345517302 Neville, Katherine Fire, The Random House (USA)
9780199549313 Nahas, Meguid Chronic Kidney Disease Oxford Academ
This book provides primary care physicians and non-nephrology specialists with an introduction to and insights into chronic kidney disease (CKD) with a practical and focused approach to key topics in the field including epidemiology and diagnosis and management, as well as the impact of CKD on chronic, non-communicable disease.
9781424011049 Waring R. Opal Town National Geographic ELT
Suitable for English language learners, this non-fiction reading series presents real-world stories in print, audio, and video. It offers a selection of engaging non-fiction, grouped into five themes: Incredible Animals, Fascinating Places, Remarkable People, Exciting Activities, and Amazing Science.
9781424012794 R. Waring Teacher Book 1300, Intermediate B1 National Geographic ELT
Part of the "Footprint Reading Library" series, this work includes: a step-by-step lesson planner for each title; photocopiable worksheets that provide complete teaching instructions; and, photocopiable quizzes. It features five themes: Incredible Animals, Fascinating Places, Remarkable People, Exciting Activities, and Amazing Science.
9780007226511 Parsons, Tony Starting over HarperCollins UK
This is the story of how we grow old -- how we give up the dreams of youth for something better -- and how many chances we have to get it right.
9780192763518 Long, Jonathan Dog who could dig Oxford Academ
9789604036288 Stafford F. Link Up Beginner Class Audio CD(x1) New Editions
9789604036400 Stafford F. Link Up Pre-Intermediate Student's Book [with Student's Audio CD(x1)] New Editions
9781424021772 R. Waring Art of Making Silk (1600, B1) National Geographic ELT
Presents real-world stories in print, audio, and video. This series helps develop the language and skills needed to understand non-fiction writing. It offers a selection of non-fiction, grouped into five themes: Incredible Animals, Fascinating Places, Remarkable People, Exciting Activities, and Amazing Science.
9781409301127 Murray, W. We have fun Penguin Books Ltd
The Key Words reading scheme is scientifically researched and world renowned. This title uses some of the most frequently met words in the English language as a starting point for learning to read successfully and confidently.
9781600611537 Hobbs, Bob Dark art David & Charles
Suitable for fantasy artists who want to explore the history of witchcraft and enhance their images of witches, wizards and related paraphernalia, this work helps artists to introduce more realism into their work and gives advice on digital fantasy art.
9780810905955 Carter, Arthur Arthur Carter:Sculptures,Painting,Drawings Abrams
Arthur Carter`s artwork was initially inspired by his work in newspaper design. His sculptures, though purely abstract, allude to human gestures and interactions. While Carter is known for his sculpture, his drawings and paintings are revealing in their own right. This book presents the artistic vision of the fascinating man.
9781594743344 Austen, Jane Grahame-smith, Seth Pride and prejudice and zombies Random House (USA)
Features the text of Jane Austen`s novel, "Pride and Prejudice" with scenes of bone crunching zombie action.
9782911596391 Fleury, Cynthia Ron Arad Architecture Thames & Hudson
9781603200783 LIFE Remembering Jackie Hachette Book Group
The life of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was filled with drama, beauty, grace, and style. This pictorial biography features the work of several of "Life`s" most famous shooters. It features not only the glorious years of Camelot in Washington, but also Jackie`s later life as a dedicated and proud mother to John Jr and Caroline.
9780345475534 Swain, James The night Stalker Random House (USA)
9780553571820 Johansen, Iris The Treasure Random House (USA)
9783791343457 Jones Leslie et al John Baldessari: Pure Beauty Prestel Publishing Limited
A major figure in contemporary art, John Baldessari is widely considered one of the most influential artists to emerge since the mid-1960s. From his text-and-image paintings of the 1960s to his more recent photo collages and installations, Baldessari has continued to make art that addresses the social and cultural impact of mass culture, often playfully through strategies of appropriation and deconstruction. Baldessari's lifelong interest in language, written and visual, and the interaction between the two, raises questions about the nature of communication and perception. More than 150 of Baldessari's works are presented in full colour in this monograph published in conjunction with a major exhibition at Tate Modern and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Eleven essays by critics, curators, art historians and former students round off this volume. Few contemporary artists have achieved the range and relevance of Baldessari's oeuvre, which is finally given its due in this beautiful and elegant limited edition, including a fold-out poster designed specially for this hardback volume by John Baldessari.
9780007326334 Ahern Cecelia The Gift HarperCollins UK
9780500976982 Hossein Amirsadeghi New Vision: arab Contemporary Art in 21 Cent. Thames & Hudson
A comprehensive survey of what is happening at the cutting-edge of art in the Arab world. It includes five essays that explore contemporary Arab production, followed by 90 illustrated profiles of key artists, organizations and galleries. It is suitable for scholars, students and lovers of art.
9788861306806 Ando, Tadao Tadao Ando: Museums Thames & Hudson
A survey of the extensive series of museums designed and built by Tadao Ando in Japan, Europe and the USA. Ever since Tadao Ando started to establish himself more than thirty years ago as one of the best designers on the international scene for the rigour and character of his works, his intense activity has moved tirelessly between private residences and public buildings. Each of these works has added a small piece to the construction of a cohesive path based on a strong and clear use of geometry, the employment of few materials in the right proportions, the harmony of the spaces and a strong sense of the relationship with the landscape. From this point of view, the series of museums designed by Tadao Ando tells of the Japanese master's design philosophy perfectly.
9780711228955 O`byrne, Robert Style city: How London Became a Fashion Capital Frances Lincoln
Style City tells, for the first time, the story of how London became a style capital describing how fashion developed in Britain from the early 1970s, when designer fashion scarcely existed, to the present day.
9780758225672 Washburn, Livia J. Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead Hachette Book Group
No one is surprised when feisty Delilah Dickinson opens her own literary travel agency in Atlanta after her divorce. But during her first group`s tour of an old plantation modelled after Tara from "Gone with the Wind" - with a full cast of actors - things go south really fast. The actor playing Clark Gable playing Rhett Butler is found dead.
9780194791793 Peters, Ellis Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 4: A Morbid Taste For Bones Oxford University Press
Murder in the twelfth century is no different from murder today. There is still a dead body, though this time with an arrow through the heart instead of a bullet. There is still a need to bury the dead, to comfort the living - and to catch the murderer. When Brother Cadfael comes to a village in the Welsh hills, he finds himself doing all three of those things. And there is nothing simple about this death. The murdered man's daughter needs Cadfael's help in more ways than one. There are questions about the arrow. And the burial is the strangest thing of all . . .
9780194375979 Eastwood, John Oxford Learner's Grammar:: Grammar Finder Oxford University Press
Grammar Finder is the grammar reference part of the Oxford Learner's Grammar series and includes the Grammar Checker CD-ROM.
9781409507000 Civardi Anna Going to the Dentist Usborne
Presents a colourful and fun way to introduce young children to unfamiliar situations. Suitable for young children and adults, this title helps them to discuss first experiences.
9780194393324 Bowler, Bill; Cunningham, Sarah; Moor, Peter; Parm New Headway Pronunciation Course Elementary: Student's Practice Book and Audio CD Pack Oxford University Press
9780007240432 Kelly, Cathy Once in a lifetime HarperCollins UK
Every woman needs her Cathy Kelly time...
9780520257665 Unschuld, Paul U. What is Medicine? Written in my own hearts blood Wiley
Presents the history of two millennia of Western and Chinese medicine from their beginnings in the centuries BCE through advances in sciences like molecular biology and in Western adaptations of Chinese medicine. This title relates the history of medicine in both Europe and China to changes in politics, economics, and other contextual factors.
9781592535798 Letterhead & Logo Design 10 NIPB Rockport/Rotovision
9781592533459 Deconstructing Product Design Rockport/Rotovision
9781592535347 Letterhead & Logo Design 11 Rockport/Rotovision
9781592535460 Masters of Design: Corporate Brochures Rockport/Rotovision
9781592535408 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse Rockport/Rotovision
9780141326085 Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl Beautiful Creatures Penguin Books Ltd
9780143117346 Reichl, Ruth For You, Mom. Finally. Random House (USA)
9780500514863 Goude, Jean-Paul The Goude Touch Thames & Hudson
Jean-Paul Goude is one of the worlds most brilliant and unorthodox imagemakers. This book assembles a collection of advertising artwork he created over a ten-year period for Galeries Lafayette, Paris` most celebrated department store.
9781405820097 Acklam & Crace Total English Pre-Intermediate Workbook with key + CD-ROM Pearson Education
The Workbook contains further practice of language areas covered in the corresponding units of the Student`s Book. The accompanying catch-up` CD-ROM provides extra support for students who miss lessons.
9781846095238 Mamma mia! sing along
Presents a selection of 12 of the most memorable songs from the hit musical "Mamma Mia!" This edition is arranged for piano, vocal and guitar. It comes complete with guitar chord boxes and full lyrics and includes `soundalike` backing track on CD.
9783937406275 Pavao, Luis Fado portugues
A set of a book and four CDs, capturing the Portuguese soul, containing songs of heartbreak, love, and parting. Photographs by Luis Pavao capture the mood of the sensual songs and melodies presented here. The CDs offer a selection from classic to modern Fado, Fado from Lisbon, and Coimbra.
9781401923426 Baron-reid, Colette Wisdom of the hidden realms oracle cards Random House (USA)
Mystics have passed down stories of magical realms hidden from mortal sight, bridging the world of Nature and Spirit. Even before the written word, the ancients established a Divine partnership between humans and these Hidden Realms. This title represents some of those realms and their Queens and Kings, Princes, and other magical helpers.
9780462098616 Pedretti M. Total BusinEssential 1 Pre-Intermediate Student's Book [with Audio CD(x1)] Summertown
9781551116396 Geoffrey Of Monmouth History of the kings of britain Eurospan
9780061927997 Loft Publications New green homes HarperCollins USA
Presents the innovations in sustainable architecture and design. This title explores various aspects of environmentally-friendly design from its ecological and economical benefits to the factors that need to be considered when choosing materials. It is suitable for homeowners, designers, and architects.
9783899552560 Klanten, Robert Kupetz, Andrej Once upon a chair Gestalten
9780230232945 McLeod Ian Key Concepts Key Concepts in Law Macmillan ELT
9780440245261 Lara Adrian Shades Of Midnight Random House (USA)
9781409117360 Becker, Marty Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Up? Orion Publishers
9780323041126 Tebbetts, John B. Augmentation mammaplasty Elsevier Science
Written by a pioneer in the field of breast augmentation, this title defines the surgeon/patient experience. By covering what you need to know about breast augmentation, it addresses topics that range from anesthesia and case studies of specific implants to practical matters like practice management. It also includes a DVD containing video clips.
9780230035416 Mann, Malcolm Taylore-knowles, Steve Destination C1 & C2 Student's Book no key Macmillan ELT
9780141042787 Maxwell, Martel Scandalous Penguin Books Ltd
9780141044347 Ramsay, Caro Dark Water Penguin Books Ltd
9789604035151 Stephens N. New Cambridge Proficiency Practice Tests 2 Student's Book [with Audio CD(x1) & Answer Key] New Editions
Presents features such as: six complete practice tests for the revised Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English examination; exam technique sections consisting of hints and tips for the student on how to approach each part of the revised exam; cassettes providing listening practice with a variety of accents; and more.
9781444100099 Coggle Paul Teach Yourself Complete German Hodder
9782888930914 The Digital Brushes Sourcebook + CD Rockport/Rotovision
9781592536122 LogoLounge Master Library, v. 2: 3000 Animal & Mythology Logos Rockport/Rotovision
9781592536290 Best of the Best Brochure Design, The - HC Rockport/Rotovision
9781444704693 John Connolly Dark Hollow Hodder
9780446195607 Haig, Brian The Hunted Hachette Book Group
9780751542721 Martina Reilly The Wish List Little, Brown
Sometimes, to be a good adult you need to rediscover the child inside...
9780751540994 Clare Campbell Tokyo Hostess Little, Brown
A harrowing account of the seductive but deadly world of Tokyo nightclub hostessing
9780751543544 Louise Candlish Other People's Secrets Little, Brown
9781902741918 Schofield J. Summertown Readers: Peril In Venice Student's Book [with Audio CD(x1)] Summertown
9780141046051 Lesley Pearse Father Unknown Penguin Books Ltd
9780521688345 Caroline Nixon, Michael Tomlinson, Karen Elliott Kid's Box Level 3 Interactive DVD PAL with Teacher's Booklet Cambridge University Press
Bursting with bright ideas to inspire both teachers and students, Kid's Box gives children a confident start to learning English. It also fully covers the syllabus for the Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) tests. This interactive DVD brings language to life in the classroom, reinforcing target language from Level 3 in a fun and memorable way. The accompanying 56-page booklet provides further support and lesson plans for the teacher. Level 3 begins the Movers cycle.
9781906438500 Cambridge ESOL Official Top Tips for PET, The Paperback with CD-ROM Cambridge University Press
9780702033902 R. M. Kirk Basic Surgical Techniques International Edition Elsevier Science
9780702042928 Michael South Practical Paediatrics Elsevier Science
9780764143106 Siegel Ph.D. CPA, Joel G. Dict Accounting Term,5Th Barron`s educational series, inc
9781605475776 Spear Surgery of the Breast: Principles & Art, 2 vols set, 3 ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This heavily illustrated two-volume atlas is the most comprehensive "how-to" reference on surgery of the breast. The world's leading surgeons describe and demonstrate the most advanced and successful techniques for all types of general surgery, aesthetic,
9780060014162 Hollander Xaviera The happy hooker: my own story HarperCollins USA
In the spirit of Grove's recent high-camp reissue of Valley of the Dolls: a 30th-anniversary reissue of the memoir that epitomized the sexual revolution
9780061567414 Wiesner David Free Fall HarperCollins USA
In celebration of its 20th anniversary and with more than 130,000 copies of all editions sold, FREE FALL, three-time Caldecott winner David Wiesners first wordless picture book and first Caldecott Honor, is now available again in trade hardcover.
9780061719059 O'Connor Jane Fancy Nancy Collector's Quintet HarperCollins USA
For the first time, five of your favorite Fancy Nancy I Can Reads are available together in this beautiful box set, complete with carry-along handle!
9780061869785 Brown Margaret Wise A Pussycat's Christmas HarperCollins USA
A paperoverboard edition of a Christmas classic.
9780312340827 DePaulo Bella Singled out: how singles are stereotyped, stigmatized, and ignored, and still live happily ever after
9780345423405 Hamilton Laurell K A Kiss of Shadows Random House (USA)
9780375832208 Osborne Mary Pope, Boyce Natalie Pope Ancient Rome and Pompeii: A Nonfiction Companion to Vacation Under the Volcano Random House (USA)
9780380810956 Gaiman Neil The Wolves in the Walls HarperCollins USA
A delightfully scary, strange, and hilarious romp from the acclaimed author and illustrator of New York Times best-seller Coraline.
9780425232118 Holtz Andrew The Real Grey's Anatomy: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Real Lives of Surgical Residents Random House (USA)
9780441019298 Bowden Oliver Assassin's Creed: Renaissance Random House (USA)
9780553589771 Rice Luanne The Geometry of Sisters Random House (USA)
"New York Times "bestselling author Luanne Rice explores the complex emotional equations of love and loyalty that hold together three pairs of remarkable sisters, in an unforgettable story of loss, redemption, and forgiveness
The storm off Mackinac Island that engulfed Maura Shaw's husband and elder daughter, Carrie, also swept away the illusion of her life as the perfect midwestern wife and mother. Now, after years away, Maura has returned to Rhode Island to teach English at the fabled Newport Academy and to seek a new beginning. Newport has never failed to infuse Maura with a sense of mystery and hope, but ever since the accident, her younger daughter, fourteen-year-old Beck, has retreated into the safe, predictable world of mathematics. Without Carrie, Beck has lost half of herself--the half that would have fit into the elite private school she and her brother, Travis, will attend. The half that made things right. Sixteen-year-old Travis is also struggling to adjust--juggling a long-distance first love and an attraction to a girl with a wicked sparkle in her eye. And for Maura, ghosts linger here--an unresolved breach with her own beloved sister and a long-ago secret that may now have the power to set her free. . . .
9780761563518 Humes James C. Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln: 21 Powerful Secrets of History's Greatest Speakers
9781402770739 Sterling Publishing Company Traditional japanese egg decorating
9781421523279 Himekawa Akira The Legend of Zelda,Part 1: Ocarina of Time Simon&Schuster UK
9781933492001 Varahramyan Farzad, Ulm Chris Art of Darkwatch
9781593371548 Ford Judy Single: the art of being satisfied, fulfilled and independent
9781569756775 Barker Dan Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists
9781569069868 Sellers Ronnie Forty Things to Do When You Turn Forty: 40 Experts on the Subject of Turning 40 David & Charles
9781906863081 Plastic Dreams Carlton Books
9781864703757 21St Century Beach Houses Images
Presents a variety of acclaimed, contemporary beach houses from regions including Australia and New Zealand, North and South America, Europe, and Asia. This title offers a glimpse inside remarkable waterside retreats located in some truly spectacular environments.
9781609133092 Nalini Chandar Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Cell and Molecular Biology (International Edition) Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Cell and Molecular Biology (International Edition) Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This new title to the best-selling Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews series will present essential coverage of cell and molecular biology focusing on topics related to human health and disease. LIR Cell and Molecular Biology will include the popular featur
9781580114820 Best-Selling 1-Story Home Plans Creative Homeowner
9780486263205 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Sears, Roebuck Home Builder's Catalog: The Complete Illustrated 1910 Edition Dover
9780071497237 Rudolph Rudolph'S Pediatrics McGraw-Hill
A pediatrics text that facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of both common and uncommon pediatric illnesses. It shows the technologies and advances in molecular medicine that continue to evolve with the thinking about normal childhood development and pediatric disease processes.
9780070285552 Franklyn-Miller Clinical sports anatomy McGraw-Hill
9781405182553 Meier B. Current Best Practice in Interventional Cardiology Wiley
Addresses the questions which challenge clinicians involved with interventional procedures. This text addresses coronary artery disease, non-coronary interventions, left ventricular failure and advances in imaging technologies. It provides guidance on the recommendations for best practice.
9780521789790 Newell Congenital and Perinatal Infections Cambridge Academ
Congenital and perinatal infections remain a stubborn and major cause of morbidity and mortality in infants throughout the world. This concise, accessible account provides an essential guide to the diagnosis, management and prevention of these infections. The first three chapters underline how and why infections during this critical period can be so devastating. The main section of the book focuses on individual infections, and emphasises effective intervention based on the very latest knowledge and techniques. Another unique feature of this account is its recognition that the severity and types of these infections vary considerably from country to country, and from the developing world to the developed world: the international team of experts involved in this compilation have striven to make this an account that will transcend these boundaries and be suitable for all doctors and allied health professionals around the world charged with the care of the mother and newborn.
9781408232071 Shipton, Paul Good day bad day easystarts bk/cd rom Pearson Education
9781408232088 Smith, Rod Speed queens level 1 book & audio cd pck Pearson Education
9781407120621 Harris, M G Zero moment 3 Scholastic UK
9780701206673 Woolf Virginia Essays of Virginia Woolf v. 2 1912-1918 Bertram
9780142417805 Nelson, Jandy The Sky Is Everywhere Random House (USA)
9780394843766 Farley Walter The Island Stallion
9781566080705 Rogers Barb Instant Period Costumes: How to Make Classic Costumes from Cast-Off Clothings
9780195147391 Bracken Jeanne Munn, Pruden Pruden, Munn Bracken J Children with Cancer: A Comprehensive Reference Guide for Parents Oxford Academ
Children can and do survive cancer; the last decade has seen many major advancements in treatment. Written honestly, yet in a reassuring tone, by a reference librarian whose child has survived cancer, Children with Cancer draws together a wealth of up-to-date information essential for anyone who wishes to help a child or family through this ordeal--including relatives, friends, teachers, and clergymen, as well as doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. The information ranges from sophisticated, hard-to-find medical facts to practical tips on how to handle side effects, and much more. Describing in detail the whole range of childhood cancers, Bracken explores how they affect the child, the treatments available, how to cope with the changes this diagnosis will bring to the entire family, and where to go for both medical and emotional help. It also includes an appendix of common medical tests, a glossary of terms, and comprehensive lists of organizations, clinics, and cancer centers, complete with names and addresses.
Reviews of the previous edition:
"A remarkable job....The technical information is clearly stated, up to date and accurate.....But most of all, this is a human book."--Los Angeles Times
"Comprehensive, well written, accurate, and compassionate.... Bracken's book can serve as a primary reference for parents and can be used as well by health care professionals and teachers." --Science Books and Films
9780345495976 Hamilton Laurell K Divine Misdemeanors Random House (USA)
9781846079894 Smith Oli Doctor Who: Nuclear Time Random House
The Doctor and Amy arrive in Appletown, an idyllic Colorado town where townsfolk go peacefully about their routines. But when two more strangers arrive, things begin to change. As death falls from the sky, the Doctor is trapped. The TARDIS is damaged, and the Doctor finds he is living backwards through time. With Amy being hunted through the streets of the Doctor's own future and getting farther away with every passing second, he must unravel the secrets of Appletown before time runs out.
9780764144363 Green Sharon Weiner Barron's SAT Barron`s educational series, inc
Updated to reflect the most recent SATs, this manual offers college-bound students an explanation of all the important tactics and strategies for taking the SAT, as well as a detailed review of all test topics, a diagnostic test, and five full-length SAT practice tests with all questions answered and explained. Subject reviews cover critical reading, grammar and usage, and math, as well as detailed instruction in preparing and writing the required SAT essay. The book's additional features include an overview of the SAT, an explanation of its scoring method, and general study advice.
9781846572180 Patterson James 9th Judgement CD Random House
Introduces the Womens Murder Club - four friends who are always on each other`s case: Detective Lindsay Boxer, detective in the San Fransisco Police Department; Claire Washburn, a medical examiner; Yuki Castellano, a top district attorney; and, Cindy Thomas, an up and coming journalist.
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