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9783131173119 Peter Reuter Thieme Leximed Dictionary of Dentistry : English - German, German - English Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Leximed Dictionary of Dentistry - a comprehensive and up-to-date dental dictionaryA comprehensive and up-to-date vocabulary of more than 70,000 main entries and subentries with 200,000 translations makes Leximed Dictionary of Dentistry indispensable to dental and medical translators, students, dentists, and other dental and health professionals.The entries were selected in collaboration with dentists and orthodentists as well as on the basis of an analysis of the international dental literature. More than 2,000 illustrative phrases, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic expressions from all areas of clinical and office-based dentistry greatly enhance quantity and quality of the dictionary. Like all members of the Leximed family the Dictionary of Dentistry excels through linguistic details such as syllabification (45,000 entries), irregular plural forms, and pronounciation of English main entries (15,000 entries).The anatomical table in the appendix is based on the recently published International Anatomical Terminology (Terminologia Anatomica).
9780441783588 Heinlein Robert A. Starship Troopers Random House (USA)
A reissued science-fiction novel, published to coincide with the release of the motion picture. Years into the future, a starship trooper begins a career brimming with idealism, only to discover that reality is always a compromise and that his great enemy is an alien race of insects, whose existence threatens the very future of mankind.
9781416046868 Gearhart Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Colorectal Cancer: Expert Consult: Online and Print Elsevier Science
Each volume in the "Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer Series" is packed with practical, authoritative information designed to cover the full range of diagnostic procedures, including pathologic, radiologic, bronchoscopic, and surgical aspects. You'll be able to determine the safest, shortest, least invasive way to reach an accurate diagnosis; stage the disease; and, choose the best initial treatment for early stages. Based on current evidence in the literature, authors provide clinical, hands-on tools to help you make informed decisions on precisely what tests and imaging s udies are needed to diagnose and stage each type of cancer.

Practical, authoritative, and highly-illustrated, this volume in the brand new "Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer" series covers current protocols and the latest advances in diagnostic imaging and molecular and serologic markers for colon cancer. Apply expert advice on the best 'next-step' plan for different presentations and tips for less invasive protocols. Get clinical, hands-on tools to help you make informed decisions on precisely what tests and imaging studies are needed for accurate diagnosis and staging.

Clear figures, tables, and boxes illustrate step-by-step care of the full range of problems encountered. Better manage your patients with procedural video clips and more on the included CD-ROM. The small size and convenient format make this an ideal purchase for diagnostic reference.
9781416046851 Bristow Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Ovarian Cancer: Expert Consult: Online and Print Elsevier Science
Packed with practical information designed to cover the range of diagnostic procedures, including pathologic, radiologic, bronchoscopic, and surgical aspects, this title helps you to determine the safest, shortest, least invasive way to reach an accurate diagnosis; stage the disease; and, choose the best initial treatment for early stages.
9781416052029 Koch Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Head and Neck Cancers: Expert Consult: Online and Print Elsevier Science
Part of the "Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer" series, this title covers protocols and the advances in diagnostic imaging and molecular and serologic markers for head and neck cancers.
9780099466031 Eco Umberto The Name of the rose Random House
Franciscans in a wealthy Italian abbey are suspected of heresy, and Brother William of Baskerville arrives to investigate. But his delicate mission is overshadowed by seven bizarre deaths. He collects evidence, deciphers secret symbols and digs into the eerie labyrinth of the abbey where extraordinary things are happening under the cover of night.
9781416042204 Eisele, David W. Smith, Richard V. Complications in head and neck surgery Elsevier Science
Effectively avoiding, recognizing, and managing complications is integral to operative success. This work features a multidisciplinary team of experts in otolaryngology, plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and general surgery who guide you through the full range of complications associated with each type of head and neck procedure.
9781405183338 Jalife Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology for the Clinician, 2nd Edition Wiley
This book translates fundamental knowledge in basic cardiac electrophysiology from the bench to the bedside. Revised and updated for its second edition, the text offers new coverage of the molecular mechanisms of ion channel behavior and its regulation, complex arrhythmias, and the broadening roles of devices and ablation.
Federal Yellow Book 2009 Leadership Directories, Inc
9780750685382 CIMA Official Learning System Management Accounting Elsevier Science
The 2008 edition of CIMA's Official Learning Systems has been written in conjunction with the Examiner to fully reflect what could be tested in the exam. Fully revised and now in 2 colour, paperback format the "2008 Learning Systems" provide complete study material for the May and November 2008 exams. This edition includes: practice questions throughout; complete revision section; topic summaries; and, recommended reading articles from a range of journals.

Q & A's CIMA Learning Systmes are the only study materials endorsed and recomended by CIMA. The Official Learning Systems are the only study materials endorsed by CIMA. It is fully revised with new examples and case studies.

It is written by the examiner. It includes complete integrated package incorporating syl abus guidance, full text, recommended articles, revision guides and extensive question practice.
9780750684972 Paul M Collier CIMA Official Learning System Management Accounting Elsevier Science
The 2008 edition of "CIMA's Official Learning Systems" has been written in conjunction with the Examiner to fully reflect what could be tested in the exam. Fully revised and now n 2 colour, paperback format the "2008 Learning Systems" provide complete study material for the May and November 2008 exams. This edition includes: practice questions throughout; complete revision section; topic summaries; recommended reading articles from a range of journals; and Q & A's.

"CIMA Learning Systmes" are the only study materials endorsed and recomended by CIMA. "The Official Learning Systems" are the only study materials endorsed by CIMA. Fully revised with new examples and case studies and written by the Examiner, this book is a complete integrated package incorporating syllabus guidance, full text, recommended articles, revision guides and extensive question practice.
Congressional Yellow Book 2009 Leadership Directories, Inc
9780875847160 Hamel, Gary Prahalad, C.k. Competing for the future TBS/GBS
Develops a coherent model for how modern executives can identify and accomplish no less than heroic goals in tomorrow`s marketplace. This blueprint addresses how executives can ease the tension between competing and clearing a path toward leadership in the future.
9780781791410 Graham Glenns urologic surgery 7e Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Suitable for resident and practicing urologists, this title presents step-by-step descriptions of operative procedures for different regions of the genitourinary tract and provides the background information surgeons need to ensure successful outcomes. It features more than 1,300 illustrations that demonstrate surgical anatomy and techniques.
9783540784227 Bard Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Atlas of Prostate Cancer Springer
Analyses high-resolution MRI scanning and dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) MRI. This book focuses on normal anatomy, anatomic variations, benign disease and intraprostatic tumors. It also contains chapters on MRI of extracapsular disease that create a useful atlas of pathologic anatomy.
9780141043661 Nicci French What to Do When Someone Dies Penguin Books Ltd
9783836508896 Stanley kubrick archives Taschen
Explores Stanley Kubrick`s archives and the comprehensive study of the filmmaker. This book explores the creative process of Kubrick`s filmmaking by presenting a collection of material from his archives, including photographs, props, posters, artwork, set designs, sketches, correspondence, documents, screenplays, drafts, and shooting schedules.
9780194774321 Oxenden, Clive; Latham-Koenig, Christina; Seligson American English File: Level 2: Student Book with Online Skills Practice Oxford University Press
9781401310080 Colfer Eoin And Another Thing HarperCollins USA
9780330473132 Manfredi Valerio Massimo The Lost Army Pan Macmillan
9780752877952 Shindler, Colin Garbo and gilbert in love Orion Publishers
One of the great untold love stories of Hollywood`s golden age.
9780194791946 Lively, Penelope Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 4: The Whispering Knights Oxford University Press
'I don't know that you have done anything wrong,' Miss Hepplewhite said. 'But it is possible that you have done something rather dangerous.' William and Susie thought they were just playing a game when they cooked a witch's brew in the old barn and said a spell over it, but Martha was not so sure. And indeed, the three friends soon learn that they have called up something dark and evil out of the distant past . . .
9780194792653 MacLean, Alistair Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 6: Night Without End Oxford University Press
On the Polar ice-cap, 640 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, the deadly, icy winds can freeze a man to death in minutes. But the survivors of the crashed airliner are lucky - they are rescued by three scientists from a nearby weather station. But why did the airliner crash in the first place? Who smashed the radio to pieces? And why does the dead pilot have a bullet hole in his back? The rescue quickly turns into a nightmare: a race through the endless Arctic night, a race against time, cold, hunger - and a killer with a gun.
9783791342702 Gerkan, Meinhard Von Von gerkan, marg and partners architecture 2003-2007 Prestel Publishing Limited
This book presents the latest and most important buildings from this prominent German architectural firm.
9780714849676 Blakesley, Rosalind P. Arts and crafts movement Phaidon Press Ltd.
Dating from the 1850s to the First World War, the Arts and Crafts Movement encompassed everything from architecture to town planning, metalwork and embroidery, in places as diverse as California and Budapest. This work explores the common ideas that give cohesion to a movement of otherwise bewildering breadth and stylistic heterogeneity.
9780307394903 Reston, James, Jr. Conviction of richard nixon Random House (USA)
9780007269211 COBUILD Collins Easy Learning Grammar and Punctuation HarperCollins UK
Collins Easy Learning Grammar is an accessible guide to English grammar and punctuation. With clear, concise explanations on everything from adverbs to word order, and from apostrophes to semicolons, this book is indispensable for understanding correct usage.
9783433018651 Seidel Textile Hullen - Bauen mit biegeweichen Tragelementen: Materialien, Konstruktion, Montage Wiley
9780753825464 McMahon, Katharine A Way Through The Woods Orion Publishers
The compelling story of two generations of a family - and the secrets they keep - from the bestselling author of THE ROSE OF SEBASTOPOL.
9780199549313 Nahas, Meguid Chronic Kidney Disease Oxford Academ
This book provides primary care physicians and non-nephrology specialists with an introduction to and insights into chronic kidney disease (CKD) with a practical and focused approach to key topics in the field including epidemiology and diagnosis and management, as well as the impact of CKD on chronic, non-communicable disease.
9781424022243 R. Waring Tornado Chase(1900, B2) National Geographic ELT
Suitable for English language learners, this non-fiction reading series presents real-world stories in print, audio, and video. It offers a selection of engaging non-fiction, grouped into five themes: Incredible Animals, Fascinating Places, Remarkable People, Exciting Activities, and Amazing Science.
9780194233798 Hopkins, Andy; Potter, Joc Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 1: Animals in Danger Oxford University Press
People love and need animals. They keep them in their homes and on their farms. They enjoy going to zoos, and watching animals on films and on TV. Little children love to play with toy animals. But people are a great danger to animals too. They take their land, and cut down the trees where animals have their homes. They pollute the rivers and seas, and kill big animals for their skins or for medicine. Now there are about 7,000 species of animals in danger. What can we do to protect the animals of the world - from us?
9780747598251 Gilbert, Elizabeth Pilgrims Bloomsbury
Now Elizabeth Gilbert`s thousands of UK fans can enjoy her very first book - a collection of short stories of memorable individuals pursuing their own American pilgrimage
9789812589651 Croatia insight step by step guide Penguin Books Ltd
Take a fresh approach to Croatia with this "Step by Step" guide, part of a brand new, stylishly designed series from Insight Guides. Lavishly illustrated in full colour, this book features 15 irresistible self-guided walks and tours, written by a local expert and packed with great insider tips. The guide also comes with a free pull-out map.
9780141022031 Jane Green The Beach House Penguin Books Ltd
One summer a group of strangers - each with their own reason for wanting to step out of their busy life - meet at rented beachouse in sunny Nantucket. With many lost souls gathered under one roof, very soon there are tears and laughter, friendship and - for some - even love. Each one of them is hoping for a new beginning.
9780007319893 Meyer Stephenie Prom nights from hell HarperCollins UK
9780850366884 Miliband, Ralph State in capitalist society
9782888931034 What is Typography? New Pb Rockport/Rotovision
Explores the formal structures and acceptable variations of type as fundamental disseminators of information. This work looks at how different media, and consequent reproduction processes, underpin every aspect of typographic design. It is suitable for student designers as well as professionals in the field.
9781580114592 Ultimate Guide To Masonry and Concrete, 3rd Edition Creative Homeowner
9780521129800 Gunter Gerngross, Herbert Puchta Playway to English Second edition Level 1 Cards Pack Cambridge University Press
9780345517302 Neville, Katherine Fire, The Random House (USA)
9780553592023 Sorenson, Jill Set the Dark on Fire Random House (USA)
9780738713090 Pollack, Rachel Rachel pollack`s Tarot wisdom
A comprehensive guide offering fresh ideas and reverent to the history and tradition of tarot. It explores all seventy-eight cards from fresh angles: tarot history, art, psychology and a wide variety of spiritual/occult traditions. It also presents tarot reading in fresh directions.
9781421530796 Miyazaki Hayao Ponyo Film Comic Simon&Schuster UK
Third volume in the manga series based on the new Miyazaki film, Ponyo.
9780765358998 Orson Scott Card War of Gifts Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS
9780553593327 Koontz Dean Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son Random House (USA)
9781405076722 MRint Dracula +Ex +CD x1 Pack Macmillan ELT
9783791341002 Coloring book London Prestel Publishing Limited
Big art for little hands, these enchanting activity books allow young artists to explore the world`s masterpieces on their own terms and with plenty of space to color outside the lines.
9780826494795 Halliday, M.a.k. Yallop, Colin Lexicology Continuum
Presents a concise survey of lexicology. This book surveys the study of words, providing an overview of basic issues in defining and understanding the word as a unit of language. It also examines the history of lexicology, the evolution of dictionaries and developments in the field. It is of interest to undergraduate students of linguistics.
9781405878012 Raymond Pizante PLPR1:Ali & his Camera Bk/CD Pack Pearson Education
Original / British English (Available May 2008) Ali wants to take photos of people and places in Istanbul, but he has a big problem. He hasn`t got a camera. How can he get one?
9780194233859 Vicary, Tim Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 2: Ireland Oxford University Press
There are many different Irelands. There is the Ireland of peaceful rivers, green fields, and beautiful islands. There is the Ireland of song and dance, pubs and theatres - the country of James Joyce, Bob Geldof, and Riverdance. And there is the Ireland of guns, fighting, death, and the hope of peace. Come with us and visit all of these Irelands - and many more . . .
9780746099650 Cullis Megan Bats Usborne
9780873647441 SOE Secret Operations Manual
9780345461391 Shaara, Jeff The Steel Wave Random House (USA)
9780345515940 Holder, N. Saving Grace: Cry me a River Random House (USA)
9780340959305 Hill Graham Edexcel Chemistry for A2 Hodder
Brand new suite of Chemistry resources for the new 2008 A Level specifications by the bestselling authors Graham Hill and Andrew Hunt, including Dynamic Learning and Personal Tutor digital resources.
9780590761550 Northern Lights, The Scholastic
9780007225460 Eastman, P.d. Go, dog. go! HarperCollins UK
Using a 75-word vocabulary and clear illustrations, pre-readers are helpfully introduced to the concepts of number, colour, and opposites. These books have been designed to appeal to children through the use of humour, rhyme and bright pictures that can be `read` even by the non-reading child.
9781405820097 Acklam & Crace Total English Pre-Intermediate Workbook with key + CD-ROM Pearson Education
The Workbook contains further practice of language areas covered in the corresponding units of the Student`s Book. The accompanying catch-up` CD-ROM provides extra support for students who miss lessons.
9781854442093 Heller, Amy Early himalayan art ACC-distribution titles
This book focuses on the Ashmolean Museum`s important collection of Buddhist metal sculptures and other works of religious art from the Himalayan regions of Tibet and Nepal.
9781600611513 Durkee, George Allen Expressive oil painting David & Charles
A comprehensive oil book for beginners and intermediate oil painters with nine full landscape demos covering value, equipment, work habits, seeing, drawing, colour and composition. It advocates a different approach that gives artists flexibility to improvise according to the needs of the subject and conditions of the moment.
9780230037472 MRel Princess Diaries: Book 1, The Macmillan ELT
9781846572463 Grisham John Ford county CD Random House
A collection of short stories that takes us back to Ford County, Mississippi, the setting of the author`s first novel, "A Time to Kill".
9780061927997 Loft Publications New green homes HarperCollins USA
Presents the innovations in sustainable architecture and design. This title explores various aspects of environmentally-friendly design from its ecological and economical benefits to the factors that need to be considered when choosing materials. It is suitable for homeowners, designers, and architects.
9780321635297 Spencer, Mark. Apple Pro Training Series: Motion 4 + DVD Pearson Education
9780879059767 Timberframe Plan Book Daedalus
9780316083836 Pelecanos, George Way Home, THE (INT ED) Hachette Book Group
9780007318179 Times compact atlas of the world HarperCollins UK
A smaller Times World Atlas in a convenient, portable format for frequent use. Representing the earth with a perfect blend of authority, accuracy and style.
9780323041126 Tebbetts, John B. Augmentation mammaplasty Elsevier Science
Written by a pioneer in the field of breast augmentation, this title defines the surgeon/patient experience. By covering what you need to know about breast augmentation, it addresses topics that range from anesthesia and case studies of specific implants to practical matters like practice management. It also includes a DVD containing video clips.
9780571242269 Milward, Richard Ten storey love song Faber
Bobby, holed up in a Middlesbrough tower block, works on his paintings under the influence of pills-on-toast, acid-on-crackers and Francis Bacon. When Bent Lewis, a famous art dealer and mover-shaker from that London appears, Bobby and friends are sent on a sweaty adventure of hedonism and violence involving a 2.5cm-head curved claw hammer.
9780194792691 Thackeray, William Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 6: Vanity Fair Oxford University Press
When Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley leave school, their feet are set on very different paths. Kind, foolish Amelia returns to her comfortable home and wealthy family, to await a suitable marriage, while Becky must look out for herself, earning her own living in a hard world. But Becky is neither kind nor foolish, and with her quick brain and keen eye for a chance, her fortunes soon rise, while Amelia's fall. Greed, ambition, loyalty, folly, wisdom . . . Thackeray's famous novel gives us a witty and satirical picture of English society during the Napoleonic wars.
9780552775878 David E Sanger The Inheritance (Obama) Random House
9780553818123 Lee Child Gone Tomorrow Random House
9780007327751 Tony Parsons Men From The Boys HarperCollins UK
9781405087308 MRpre Romeo & Juliet Macmillan ELT
Includes some `real` extracts of text from "Romeo and Juliet". This text aims to help the students to both understand and enjoy Shakespeare in the original.
9780099523840 Scudamore, James Heliopolis Random House
As a child Ludo is plucked out of the shantytown where he was born and transported to a world of languid, cosseted luxury. Now twenty-seven, he works high above the sprawling metropolis of Sao Paulo for a vacuous `communications company`. But this is not his world, and this is not a simple rags-to-riches story.
9780340976647 Derek Haas Hunt For The Bear Hodder
9781848541634 Franny Moyle Constance:The Tragic and Scandalous Life of Mrs Oscar Wilde Hodder
9780446195607 Haig, Brian The Hunted Hachette Book Group
9780330513982 Lelic Simon Rupture Pan Macmillan
9780330518062 Grant Andrew Even Pan Macmillan
9781848541610 Brian Deleeuw In This Way I Was Saved Hodder
9780141046570 Ben Kay Instinct Penguin Books Ltd
9780194518499 Oxenden, Clive; Latham-Koenig, Christina New English File: Upper-Intermediate: Class Audio CDs (3) Oxford University Press
9780521697781 Maggie Baigent, Chris Cavey, Nick Robinson English Unlimited Pre-intermediate Self-study Pack (Workbook with DVD-ROM) Cambridge University Press
9780521128285 Bill Mascull Business Vocabulary in Use: Intermediate Second edition Book with answers Cambridge University Press
9780521155663 Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks, Gunter Gerngross, Ch More! Level 4 Student's Book with interactive CD-ROM with Cyber Homework Cambridge University Press
9780521743426 Ian Mackenzie English for Business Studies Third edition Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press
9780521697774 Alex Tilbury, Theresa Clementson, Leslie Anne Hend English Unlimited Pre-intermediate Coursebook with e-Portfolio Cambridge University Press
9789089440518 Beta-plus Publishing Home Series 20: Compact spaces ACC-distribution titles
Compact Spaces Is Magnificently Illustrated With Over 100 Colour Photographs That Show How To Maximise Your Space Through Use Of Colour As Well As The Most Efficient Use Of Existing Space.
9781416061601 Burke, Charles Dixon, Robert Mauro, Matthew A. Mur High-yield imaging: interventional Elsevier Science
Designed to let you quickly look up a diagnosis, treat the condition, and move on to the next case, this title presents information on vascular and non-vascular interventions, nearly 1,000 optimally sized multi-modality clinical images, and at-a-glance bulleted text, to help you efficiently treat a wide range of diseases.
9780340999127 Cowell, Cressida How to ride a dragon`s storm
Read the original Hiccup adventures before seeing the film - now with an exciting new look!
9781437708783 Mats Brittberg Cartilage Surgery Elsevier Science
9781416066545 Tom Minas A Primer in Cartilage Repair and Joint Preservation of the Knee a Primer in Cartilage Repair and Joint Preservation of the Knee Elsevier Science
Presents the range of treatment options for a changing, increasingly younger patient population. This title demonstrates each technique - from non-surgical to mini-incision total knee arthroplasty to the developments in tissue biologics-through a step-by-step approach.
9781437701678 Peter D. Le Roux Monitoring in Neurocritical Care Elsevier Science
9780702043123 Dominik Irnich Myofascial Trigger Points Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment Elsevier Science
9780340999103 Cowell, Cressida How to cheat a dragon`s curse
Read the original Hiccup adventures before seeing the film - now with an exciting new look!
9780060731489 Keyes Marian The Other Side of the Story HarperCollins USA
9780061242922 Elmore Leonard The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard HarperCollins USA
Available for the first time in trade paperback, this complete collection of Leonards western short stories spans the beloved masters writing career and includes a long-lost story that did not appear in the hardcover.
9780061702303 Hunter Erin Warriors: Battles of the Clans HarperCollins USA
The never-before-told stories and strategies behind the most significant battles in Clan history come to life in this companion book to the #1 New York Times bestselling Warriors series. This book features black-and-white spot art and five full color tip-ins.
9780061719059 O'Connor Jane Fancy Nancy Collector's Quintet HarperCollins USA
For the first time, five of your favorite Fancy Nancy I Can Reads are available together in this beautiful box set, complete with carry-along handle!
9780312428297 Thirlwell Adam The Delighted States: A Book of Novels, Romances, & Their Unknown Translators, Containing Ten Languages, Set on Four Continents, & Accompani

Having slept with a prostitute in Egypt, Gustave Flaubert begins his first novel, "Madame Bovary," which influences the minor French novelist Edouard Dujardin, whose novel is read by James Joyce, whose own novel "Ulysses "will move the Italian novelist Italo Sveno, and later Gertrude Stein, in radical ways. This carousel of influence shows how we devour novels in translation, while often believing that style does not translate. But the history of the novel is the history of style. "The Delighted States "attempts to solve this conundrum while mapping an imaginary country, a country of readers: "The Delighted States." As a companion, this book comes with a new translation into English of Vladimir Nabokov's "Mademoiselle O."

9780345503008 Bernhardt William Capitol Offense Random House (USA)
9780061567414 Wiesner David Free Fall HarperCollins USA
In celebration of its 20th anniversary and with more than 130,000 copies of all editions sold, FREE FALL, three-time Caldecott winner David Wiesners first wordless picture book and first Caldecott Honor, is now available again in trade hardcover.
9780425232118 Holtz Andrew The Real Grey's Anatomy: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Real Lives of Surgical Residents Random House (USA)
9780738213774 Phyo Ani Ani's Raw Food Essentials: Recipes and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Live Food
Chef Ani Phyo is back with "Ani's Raw Food Essentials," full of everything you need to know to master the art of live food. Phyo shows you how to whip up simple, fresh recipes using what you've already got in your kitchen while also offering tips on dehyrating and more sophisticated techniques. Looking for innovative meals that are healthy and delicious? Phyo offers everything from classic comfort foods like nachos and burgers to Reuben sandwiches and bacon, along with more gourmet dishes like risotto, angel hair pasta, and her "you-won't-believe-they're-raw" desserts.

"Ani's Raw Food Essentials" once again proves that you don't have to sacrifice taste to reap the benefits of raw foods, all while living a greener lifestyle. Recipes include: Broccoli and Cheeze Quiche, Kalamata Olive Crostini, Cashew "Tofu" in Miso Broth, Grilled Cheeze and Tomato Sandwiches, Cheeze Enchilada with Ranchero and Mole Sauce, Pad Thai, Pesto Pizza, and many more.

9780981484600 Koren Leonard Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers
9781400095827 Mankell Henning The Pyramid: The First Wallander Cases Random House (USA)
9780939460939 Grant Audrey, Starzec Betty Bidding in the 21st Century
9780702029912 Derek G. Waller Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Elsevier Science
Covers pharmacology, from basic science pharmacology and pathophysiology, through to clinical pharmacology to therapeutics. This book includes sections on toxicity and prescribing practice.
9781402770739 Sterling Publishing Company Traditional japanese egg decorating
9781421523279 Himekawa Akira The Legend of Zelda,Part 1: Ocarina of Time Simon&Schuster UK
9781569756775 Barker Dan Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists
9783540896555 Farage Textbook of Aging Skin Springer
Offers information on aging skin. This book covers a wide range of areas such as basic sciences, the different diseases and conditions which occur with aging (from malignant to non-malignant), the techniques and methods used such as bioengineering methods and biometrics as well as toxicological and safety considerations for the elderly population.
9781857094862 Wiesman A Closer Look - Deceptions and Discoveries Yale University Press
How do experts spot masterpieces? Paintings are not always signed or noted in historical records, so how can we tell an obscure gem from an altered image? Scientists, conservators and art historians use a range of methods to examine the physical nature of pictures and unravel their hidden histories. Through a series of intriguing examples and clearly explained processes, this guide will draw the reader into the complex issues - not all of them fully resolved - confronted by gallery professionals.
9780142417805 Nelson, Jandy The Sky Is Everywhere Random House (USA)
9780142418475 Green, John & David Levithan Will Grayson, Will Grayson Random House (USA)
9781409507147 Mackinnon, Mairi Circus under the sea 12 Usborne
9781580114820 Best-Selling 1-Story Home Plans Creative Homeowner
9780071624428 Laurence Brunton, Bruce Chabner Goodman And Gilman's Pharmacological Basis Of Therapeutics 12 ed McGraw-Hill
A medical text that represents accuracy in describing the actions and uses of therapeutic agents in relation to physiology and pathophysiology. It helps thousands of practitioners and students to an understanding of the drugs essential to preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease.
9780738714905 Leitch Aaron The Angelical Language, Volume I: The Complete History and Mythos of the Tongue of Angels
9780764144363 Green Sharon Weiner Barron's SAT Barron`s educational series, inc
Updated to reflect the most recent SATs, this manual offers college-bound students an explanation of all the important tactics and strategies for taking the SAT, as well as a detailed review of all test topics, a diagnostic test, and five full-length SAT practice tests with all questions answered and explained. Subject reviews cover critical reading, grammar and usage, and math, as well as detailed instruction in preparing and writing the required SAT essay. The book's additional features include an overview of the SAT, an explanation of its scoring method, and general study advice.
9780486478906 Menges Jeff A. Shakespeare Illustrated: Art by Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Charles Robinson and Others Dover
This volume showcases more than 120 illustrations published with the works of the English language's greatest dramatist. They include images by many artists, drawn from a dozen plays and showcasing a diversity of imaginative styles and treatments. Contributors include John Austen, Frank Pape, Charles Folkard, Louis Rhead, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and John William Waterhouse.
9780061935084 Jordan Sophie Firelight HarperCollins USA
9781858945231 Kloth Michael Shelter Cats Merrell
9780330510776 Thompson, Hunter S Great shark hunt Pan Macmillan
9781409507482 Taplin, Sam Tricky words to spell Usborne
9780521136846 Alison Greenwood English in Mind Second edition Level 2 Testmaker Audio CD/CD-ROM Cambridge University Press
9781416099765 Nooshin Brinster High Yield Dermatopathology Elsevier Science
Helps you save time diagnosing skin diseases. Part of the "High Yield Pathology Series", this title helps you review the key pathologic features of skin disease, recognize the classic look of each disease, and quickly confirm your diagnosis. It can enable you to accurately identify more than 400 skin conditions.
9781741795929 Madrid 6 Lonely Planet
Madrid plus day trips to Toledo, Avila, Segovia, Aranjuez, Chinchon, Alcala de Henares, Sierra de Guadarrama, Sierra Pobre, San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Valle de los Caidos. Features a perfect mix of the iconic sights and local bars, restaurants, galleries and shops. Our resident author helps travellers get to the heart of the place.
9781435456358 Wisslar Illuminated Pixels
9781405188432 Sebastiaan OvereemSebastiaan Overeem Sleep Disorders in Neurology Wiley
Sleep Disorders in Neurology Edited by Sebastiaan Overeem, MD, PhD, Centre for Sleep Medicine ??Kempenhaeghe??, Heeze, the Netherlands and Department of Neurology, Donders Institute for Neuroscience, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmeg
9780813815534 Undurti N. Das Metabolic Syndrome Pathophysiology: The Role of Essential Fatty Acids Wiley
Metabolic Syndrome Pathophysiology: The Role of Essential Fatty Acids Metabolic Syndrome Pathophysiology: The Role of Essential Fatty Acids provides current research exploring the links among insulin, insulin receptors, polyunsaturated fatty acids, br
9780813814025 Debasis Bagchi ( Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics in Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Wiley
The nutraceutical and functional food field is rapidly growing in diverse sectors, including academic, commercial and government. This has brought a corresponding shift in research focus and in public awareness. Understanding the relevance of the scientif
9781607960843 Hart, B. H. Liddell Strategy
9781741795936 Barcelona 7 Lonely Planet
9780425240809 Cornwell Patricia Port Mortuary Random House (USA)
9781573317474 Beyar RBeyar R Analysis of Cardiac Development: From Embryo to Old Age Wiley
9781405170345 Asit AroraAsit Arora Practical Manual of Thyroid and Parathyroid Disease Wiley
This practical guide for the multidisciplinary team (physician, surgeon, radiologist, oncologist, specialist nurse) involved in the care of patients with thyroid and parathyroid disorders emphasizes practical instruction rather than a detailed review of basic science.
9781845204273 Boradkar Prasad Designing Things Berg Publishers
9781580932677 Wolf Vicente Lifting the Curtain on Design Random House (USA)
Simplify, Connect, Expand. These principles, each fundamental to the practice of design, provide the framework for interior designer Vicente Wolf's engaging new book. Wolf is famous for his modern and elegant style, always guided by integrity and simplicity. "Lifting the Curtain on Design" delves into his selected themes from myriad viewpoints: through the prism of international travel, via the detailed focus on a single project, and finally by means of the sweeping perspective of a seasoned design mind.
Wolf, an inveterate voyager, leaves his New York studio once a year to immerse himself in the culture of a distant land. In this volume, illustrated entirely with his own photographs, he recounts a trip to Namibia: with its sand dunes and sunsets, this southern African country is "a landscape that has been reduced to its essence." A journey to Papua New Guinea makes clear the connections between cultures, as well as the connections that may be fostered through skilled design. And Bhutan is a lesson in expanding horizons and experiences.
It is in Wolf's design that the essence of his three principles, suggested in his travels, is fully illuminated. In a step-by-step account of two recent interiors--a traditional apartment and an open loft--Wolf describes his initial design process, the various phases of construction, the expert selection of color palettes and furniture, and the final installation of art and decorative objects. He also explains the development of the dramatic tablescapes for which he is so well known, which balance style, form, and color with humor and ease. Finally, a dazzling presentation of Wolf's current projects touches on grand design gestures and minute yet indispensable details. Lifting the Curtain on Design offers a glimpse into the mind of the designer at work, from inspiration through implementation to unforgettable finished room.
9781848270886 Ken Bruen London Boulevard (film tie-in) Random House
9780786956319 Wizards RPG Team Monster Vault: An Essential Dungeons & Dragons Kit Random House (USA)
9780847835256 Rizzoli, Amelar Sarah, Fox Stephen Thomas Phifer and Partners Rizzoli USA
9780194579506 Welch, Birgit; Lafond, Charles; Vine, Sheila Express Series English for Negotiating Oxford University Press
English for Negotiating is an ideal short course for professionals who regularly need to negotiate in English at work.
9781848090842 Blundy, Anna Oligarch's Wife, The Random House
9780099536284 Morgan, Brooke Trapped Random House
9781408802137 Janet Skeslien Charles Moonlight in Odessa Bloomsbury
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian meets Desperate Housewives in this wry and sparkling debut
9781604063738 Timo Krings Case-Based Interventional Neuroradiology Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Featuring comprehensive coverage of the latest developments and technology in the field, Case-Based Interventional Neuroradiology provides a thorough review of commonly encountered neurovascular diseases, as well as detailed background information on the rationale for each treatment choice. Cases center on real life scenarios with high-quality images, and offer readers a concise, practical, and up-to-date approach to the diseases neurointerventionalists face. Each case describes the clinical presentation, the non-invasive imaging studies, and the treatment, including equipment used and a step-by-step description of the intervention. The authors then thoroughly discuss the case and provide background information on the disease, differential diagnoses, and a description of the non-invasive workup, including the physical exam and required imaging studies. A separate section in each case contains alternate treatment options -- including medical, surgical, or radiosurgical treatment options -- in order to broaden the reader's understanding of the benefits or disadvantages of treatments provided by related disciplines. Clinicians can rapidly refresh their knowledge on the success and complications rates of the different treatment options using the up-to-date literature review and a literature review featuring the latest references.


  • 72 clinical cases enhanced by over 750 high-quality radiographs cover the full range of vascular and nonvascular neurointerventional diseases
  • Interpretations of clinical and imaging findings help readers to fully understand the reasons for the treatment choice and the specific goals to be achieved
  • Presents tips on how to avoid complications, as well as how to recognize and manage complications when they occur
  • Examples of both successful and unsuccessful cases offer a well-rounded perspective
  • Readers are brought quickly up to speed with practical information on imaging findings, the physical exam, epidemiology, differential diagnoses, treatment modalities, the risks of alternate treatments, and current studies

This cutting-edge compendium is an essential resource for both the beginning interventionalist and the seasoned practitioner in radiology, interventional radiology, neuroradiology, and vascular neurosurgery. Residents will find the succinct presentation of cases an invaluable learning tool.

9781604062809 James A. Duncavage The Maxillary Sinus: Medical and Surgical Management Thieme Verlagsgruppe
This user-friendly reference and accompanying DVDs, authored by a team of internationally recognized experts, present the latest treatment options for the maxillary sinus, including a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of different surgical techniques and how best to successfully apply them.After an overview of embryology, surgical anatomy, and imaging, concise chapters guide the reader through the full range of pathologic conditions. The accompanying DVDs feature over three hours of state-of-the-art endoscopic surgical footage covering every techniques cited in the text.Features:- 74 step-by-step narrated endoscopic videos - each one cross-referenced to a specific location in the book- High-resolution radiographs and numerous full-color photographs that aid understanding of key principles- Learning from a Difficult Case section in which experts share their personal experiences on complex topics, such as recurring maxillary sinus inverted papilloma and transmaxillary approaches to the pterygopalatine space- A Pearls table with handy tips in every chapterThe Maxillary Sinus: Medical and Surgical Management fills the current gap in maxillary sinus literature with clear, accessible coverage that makes this book the ideal choice for fellows, residents, and practicing physicians in rhinology and otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.
9781409506799 Little Dorrit Usborne
9780323065450 Richard J. Martin Fanaroff and Martin's Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine 2 vols set Elsevier Science
9780451234230 Coben Harlan Miracle cure Random House (USA)
9781437709872 Jonathan Himmelfarb Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplantation Elsevier Science
9780521154895 Orrell The Theatres of Inigo Jones and John Webb Cambridge Academ
The English stage of Shakespeare's day was a place superbly fitted for the rhetorical drama of the times; by the Restoration it had been replaced by a kind of playhouse better suited to the 'Scenes and Machines' which dealt in spectacles. The seventeenth century was therefore a crucial one in the history of the stage, yet concrete evidence of the playhouses constructed during this time has been scarce and elusive. The best of it lies in the drawing which Inigo Jones, Surveyor of the King's Works, and his pupil, John Webb, made for a succession of playhouses and Court theatres. Jones was responsible for the visual aspects of the masques performed at the various royal palaces, and both he and Webb designed a number of regular theatres at Court. In this 1985 book, the author establishes Jones and Webb as the most effective London theatre builders and scene designers of the seventeenth century.
9781441966575 Sigg Cardiac electrophysiology methods and models Springer
9780552562898 Pratchett Terry Wintersmith Random House
SAYING IT WITH FROZEN ROSES AND ICEBERGS . . . Tiffany Aching leaps into a dance - and suddenly the spirit of winter is in love with her. He's showering her with snowflakes and offering her a crown of ice - which is creepy, but also just a little bit . . . cool. Now she's dancing to his tune. She can't change the steps. But unless Tiffany can work out how to deal with the Wintersmith, there will never be another springtime . . . FROM MASTER STORYTELLER TERRY PRATCHETT
9781907532108 Bret David Diana Dors Littlehampton
Dubbed the British Marilyn Monroe' or the British Bridget Bardot', Diana Dors finally proclaimed I'd rather be known as the hurricane in mink'. The actress was best known for her lavish lifestyle; she was a blonde bombshell with a penchant for flashy cars, opulent mansions, glitzy garb and jet-setting living. Diana Dors' rise to fame started with being a GI favourite during the war. However, she was keen to ditch her goody-goody image and announced that she wanted to be like Errol Flynn. It worked she became a huge star, working with the likes of Joan Crawford and famously starred in Yield to the Night, the movie that contributed to the abolition of the death penalty. But despite the glamour, her affairs, sex parties and OTT lifestyle, including an illicit affair with Rod Steiger left her branded as a scarlet woman, unwanted by the Studios. Undeterred, the indomitable Dors simply worked tirelessly to establish for herself a successful career in cabaret. Her life was didn't always smell of roses: her first husband cheated on her, stole from her, beat her and finally died of syphilis. Another lover who she considered faithful two-timed her with Rock Hudson. She finally found love with husband number three, who killed himself 5 months after her death. This is the amazing story of an actress who loved life and lived it to the full, told with compassion and vigour.
9780141048321 Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner Superfreakonomics Penguin Books Ltd
9783709102077 Halwachs-Baumann Congenital cytomegalovirus infection Springer
Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is the most common intrauterine transmitted viral infection, with a tremendous impact on fetuses and newborns. In this book the history of this disease, its pathophysiological background, epidemiology and symptoms, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, will be discussed. Since economic aspects are gaining more and more importance in health politics, one chapter is dedicated to this issue in the context of congenital CMV infection. The content is based on the latest scientific findings and written in an understandable manner, allowing persons not working in the field of congenital CMV to also profit from it. Thus, this book is of interest for medical doctors, nurses, midwives, economists, but also for men and women who want to inform themselves about this topic.
9780811844253 Petit Cinema Flip Books: Bridge Abrams
9781864704242 Dowsey Aston Martin (2010 Edition) Hb Images
9780812981988 Gruen, Sara Ape house Random House (USA)
9781444704082 Allsopp, Kirstie Kirstie`s homemade home
9780007365548 Seuss Dr How the Grinch Stole Christmas HarperCollins UK
9780199571666 Sankar, N (ed) Et Al Oxford handbook of genitourinary medicine, hiv, and sexual health Oxford Academ
9781409523093 Greenwell Jessica First Sticker Book Pets Usborne
9781551113456 Fielding Henry Amelia
9781437716153 Audrius Bredikis Cryoablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias Elsevier Science
Deals with the effective and appropriate use of cryoablation in the management of cardiac arrhythmias. This title offers the information you need to master the most challenging cryoablation procedures for adult patients, pediatric/adolescent patients, and cardiac surgery patients.
9780755359769 Clare Dowling Too close for comfort Hodder
9780785149507 Bendis, Brian Michael Maleev, Alexander Daredevil ultimate collection Hachette Book Group
9780230406605 CGRS-t Nice Lady in Shanghai and Other stories, A (Turquoise) Reader Macmillan ELT
A Chinese language graded reader. Suitable for teenage to adult students of upper elementary level and above, it contains short stories about the Chinese culture as well as an audio CD for Chinese learners.
9781878348449 Humann Paul H., Deloach Ned Tropical Pacific
9781401912444 Baron-Reid Colette The Enchanted Map of You: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life
9781906417574 Helen Morris Stencil it Littlehampton
9780241951804 W. G. Sebald Austerlitz Penguin Books Ltd
In 1939, five-year-old Jacques Austerlitz is sent to England on a Kindertransport and placed with foster parents. This childless couple promptly erase from the boy all knowledge of his identity and he grows up ignorant of his past.
9780241951996 Sarah Harte The Better Half Penguin Books Ltd
9780241952139 McPartlin, Anna The truth will out Penguin Books Ltd
Twice Harri tries to marry the love of her life. Twice she fails. Since there are only so many times she can leave her man standing at the altar, Harri loses him. Not only that, in getting to grips with the panic attacks that have stopped her getting married, Harri discovers that what she understood about her life up to now is all wrong. She seems set to lose everything else too. As the truth of her past comes out, and the world she thought she knew crumbles around her, Harri struggles to pick up the pieces.
9781594745027 Hockensmith, Steve Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After Random House (USA)
Newly married protagonists, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, defends their village from an army of flesh-eating unmentionables. But the honeymoon has barely begun when poor Mr Darcy is nipped by a raging dreadful. Elizabeth knows the only acceptable course of action is to promptly behead her husband (and then burn the corpse, just to be safe).
9780751545333 Claire Irvin Cougars Little, Brown
COUGAR: a woman, aged 35 years or older, with a taste for younger men and the thrill of the chase . . .
9780007384402 Kellerman, Faye Hangman HarperCollins UK
Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus face a familiar sociopath in this electrifying new tale of suspense from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman.
9780007302291 Barbara Eriskine Time`s legacy HarperCollins UK
9781934129470 Sadahiro Mika Under Grand Hotel Volume 2 (Yaoi)
9780884023586 Vikan Gary Early Byzantine Pilgrimage Art
9781111400590 David A. Hill Holiday Explorer 1 Students Book with Audio CD: English for Short Courses National Geographic ELT
9781424017942 Leather S. Page Turners 11: Mercy Killer Heinle ELT
9781408129906 Teresa Gilewska Pattern-drafting for Fashion: The basics A & C Black
Each title in the Pattern-drafting for Fashion series is a practical guide to advanced pattern-making for fashion students and serious home dressmakers. Every garment must follow precise rules of carefully structured design, to which even the most experienced couturiers must adhere. Pattern-drafting for Fashion provides all the necessary instructions to enable you to make your own clothing, while at the same time understanding the detailed construction of every type of garment. Pattern-drafting for Fashion: The Basics shows how to construct the block for the bodice and skirt, and then modify it for different styles. Chapters featuring necklines, collars, sleeves and pockets demonstrate how to perfect the detailing of your patterns and personalise your garment. Clearly illustrated and packed with handy tips, this essential text is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in fashion design.
9780132464505 B. Sch. Azar Understanding and Using English Grammar Pearson Education
9780007428540 Martin George R. Game Of Thrones (film):Of A Song Of Ice And Fire HarperCollins UK
9780763733544 Daniels, Stefani , Ramey, Marianne The Leader's Guide to Hospital Case Management Jones & Bartlett
9780349122472 Penny Rudge Foolish Lessons in Life and Love Little, Brown
Introducing the ultimate in lovable anti-heroes in Taras Krohe, who also has a hilariously overbearing broken-English speaking mother who becomes one of THE great literary matriarchs
9780755374649 Paul McEuen Spiral (black) Hodder
9780007424603 Ultimate navigation manual HarperCollins UK
9781845434090 Marthe Le Van Beautiful Rings Littlehampton
9781420230208 Focusing On IELTS Reading & Writing Skills +key Macmillan ELT
9781845878306 Berlin InsideOut
9780230719828 Bowen, Mary Ellis, Printha Wren, Wendy Explorers 6 Ali Baba Reader Macmillan ELT
9781607148555 Kaplan Kaplan MCAT Premier 2011-2012 Kaplan
9780785155027 Immonen Kathyrn Captain America: Allies & Enemies Hachette Book Group
Collects five action-packed tales featuring the Sentinel of Liberty's most famous friends and foes. In Crossbones, a virus is unleashed on an isolated island and the skull-faced psychopath is dispatched to rescue the one person who may hold the cure. Then watch as Sharon Carter and the Black Widow join forces to take down an under-aged assassin. Then the Falcon must confront his if he wants to save a young man from fallinto into gang violence. Also, it's the moment Batroc has been waiting for as an opportunity to take down Cap presents itself but now that he has the chance to take down is nemesis...will he take it?
9781406328677 Clare Cassandra City of fallen angels
9781858945576 Man Ray, Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism Merrell
9781409522362 Pride and Prejudice Usborne
9782070576968 Dahl Roald Matilda
9781444737585 Kirstie Allsopp Kirstie'S Great British Book Of Craft Hodder
9783775726627 Olaf Heine: I Love You but I've Chosen Rock (GER/ENG) Hatje Cantz
9783775726290 Gustave Courbet: A Dream of Modern Art (ENG) Hatje Cantz
9781405879095 Peng Penguin Readers New Edition Level 3 How to be an Alien Book/CD Pack Pearson Education
Contemporary / British English (Available February 2008) This is the funniest book that you will read about English people! Why are the English different from Europeans? George Mikes` book describes the strange things the English do and say. And the English don`t get angry when they read the book. They love it! You will too!
9781444120110 Malcolm Macnicol, Franky Steenbrugge The Problem Knee, Third Edition Taylor&Francis
9780911910193 Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy Elsevier Science
9781461410553 McKeon B.P. Knee arthroscopy Springer
Arthroscopic procedures are a welcome alternative to total joint replacement and, with millions of procedures performed each year, the field of knee arthroscopy is rapidly advancing as instrumentation and applications are developed and refined. Knee Arthroscopy is a technique-oriented how-to guide, written by internationally renowned authorities who present the latest advances in the field in a clear, step-by-step format. Chapters discuss issues such as meniscal transplantation, articular cartilage repair, anterior cruciate ligament treatment and other surgical procedures, and the text is supplemented throughout by case studies, clinical pearls and a wealth of illustrations. Knee Arthroscopy is a comprehensive reference sure to be invaluable for anyone involved in care of the knee, from the general orthopedist to the most skilled knee surgeon.
9780199609413 Sime, Stuart A practical approach to civil procedure Oxford Academ
9780823040971 Gregg Kreutz Problem Solving for Oil Painters GMC
Nine common trouble-spots in oil painting are identified in this book, and readers are helped to locate their own problem areas and avoid them in future.
9783037666197 Bruggemann Jens Pornstars Project
9781408237335 Albery David Language Leader Upper Intermediate Teachers Book and Active Teach Pack Pearson Education
9781408268025 Market Leader Third Edition Advanced Teachers Resource Book/Teachers Materials CD Pack Pearson Education
9780080449807 Roger PG van Gompel Eye Movements, Elsevier Science
9780340990704 John W Scadding,Nick Losseff Clinical Neurology, 4th Edition Taylor&Francis
9780764337888 Eisenhauer, Paul D. Wharton Esherick and the Birth of the American Modern Schiffer
An exploration of Wharton Eshericks artistic evolution during the early decades of the twentieth century. Based on the exhibition in the Kamin and Kroiz Galleries of the University of Pennsylvania, this work expands upon the exhibitions themes with well over 300 vibrant images and current research, including an essay by Paul Eisenhauer, Curator of the Wharton Esherick Museum. Esherick experimented with woodcarving and printmaking, laying the foundations for his emergence as an artist of remarkable range. He produced paintings and woodblock prints, set designs, sculpture, furniture, and architecture. He and his community of friends created an artistic circle in which arts and crafts were joined, and in which radical new ideas flourished, helping to shape the course of American Modernism. This book will be a treasure for all who appreciate twentieth-century modernism.
9780099570080 Erica Heller Yossarian slept here Random House
9781848090781 Woodhead, Patrick Secret chamber, the Random House
Intelligence chief Jack Milton sends a message to his godson Luca Matthews in the Himalayas asking him to go to Africa and find Joshua. Reluctantly Luca obeys, but he is no longer the man he once was, traumatised by his part in the death of his best friend, his legendary climbing nerve shot to pieces.
9780099550259 Johnson Paul Brief lives Random House
9781857990768 Parris, Matthew Inca Kola Orion Publishers
A modern classic of travel and adventure.
9781846948435 Roberts Llyn Shapeshifting into higher consciousness
Ancient and modern methods that you can use everyday to transform yourself and make a positive difference in the world.
9780241952955 Doyle Arthur Conan The Return of Sherlock Holmes Penguin Books Ltd
9780553825145 James Becker The Nosferatu scroll Random House
9780230033030 Clandfield Lindsay Global Intermediate Student's Book + eWorkbook Pack Macmillan ELT
9780764337086 Havens, Charnell Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist Schiffer
Finally, here is the first complete biography of the important Navajo painter, Quincy Tahoma (1917-1956). Over 260 beautiful full color images of his paintings complement the dramatic story told of his life and career as one of the best artists of his generation. Tahomas life journey includes early adoption, recognition of his unique talent, and a meteoric rise to fame in the Santa Fe art world followed by alcoholism. Following research into spotty records, the authors completed this compelling true story through oral histories from over 50 people, most of whom knew Tahoma personally. This book includes his work from his formative years discovering art at the Santa Fe Indian School to his winning the coveted Philbrook Award. The paintings display the range of the artists considerable talents, from the tranquil scene of a napping baby antelope to action-packed buffalo hunts. Many of the pieces shown in the book have never before been seen in public.
9781451175561 Berek, Jonathan S. Berek and Novak's Gynecology ,15/e, International Edition Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Berek And Novak&Rsquo;S Gynecology Is The Gold Standard Text In General Gynecology Serving Both As A Comprehensive Reference And A Practical, Clinically-Oriented Text. This Reference Is Not Only A Must-Have Product For Residents In Training, But It Offers Information For The Practicing Physician. The Book Covers The Entire Spectrum Of Women'S Healthcare By Offering Guidance For The Management Of Specific Gynecologic Conditions In Eight Sections. The First Two Sections Cover Principles Of Practice And Initial Assessment And The Relevant Basic Science. The Third Section Is On Preventive And Primary Care For Women, And The Remaining Five Sections Are Directed At Methods Of Diagnosis And Management In General Gynecology, Operative General Gynecology, Urogynecology And Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, Reproductive Endocrinology, And Gynecologic Oncology.Features Include: Question/Answer Bank For Review Online Only Update On Robotics In Gynecology Website To Include Images And Fully Searchable Text Full-Color Design That Helps Users Quickly Facilitate Information Popular Open Design So Customers Can Take Important Notes In The Margins Text Covers The Basics Of Anatomy And Physiology Of The Female Reproductive Tract To The Management Of Complicated Gynecologic Conditions
9781604060539 Franco DeMonte Al-Mefty's Meningiomas Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Al-Mefty's Meningiomas, Second Edition is the definitive guide to meningioma diagnosis, treatment, and surgery, and reflects over a decade of major advances in the diagnosis and management of both intracranial and spinal meningiomas since the first edition was published.The text begins with important information on anatomy, pathology, and epidemiology, followed by clinical and preoperative considerations. The expert authors then provide detailed descriptions of state-of-the-art surgical approaches listed by anatomical site and special operative considerations for intracranial meningiomas. The book closes with incisive discussion of breakthroughs in radiosurgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.FeaturesNew to this edition: information on molecular biology, natural history and growth rates, the rise of radiosurgery as a viable treatment option, and much moreOver 500 high-quality radiographic images and full-color illustrations demonstrate anatomy and surgeryIn-depth coverage of intraoperative MRI and endoscopic resectionKey topics often missing from other meningiomas texts including caseload management, and postoperative quality of life issuesThis landmark reference will enhance the precision and surgical skills of every clinician or resident in neurosurgery or neurology.
9781408809945 Self, Will Walking to Hollywood Bloomsbury
9780062110541 Cox Brian Wonders of the Universe HarperCollins USA
9780552158886 Bauer Belinda Darkside Random House
It is freezing mid-winter on Exmoor, and in a close-knit community where no stranger goes unnoticed, a local woman has been found murdered in her bed. This is local policeman Jonas Holly`s first murder investigation. But he is distracted by anonymous letters, accusing him of failing to do his job.
9780141198354 Dickens Charles Bleak House Penguin Books Ltd
As the interminable case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce grinds its way through the Court of Chancery, it draws together a disparate group of people: Ada and Richard Clare, whose inheritance is gradually being devoured by legal costs; Esther Summerson, a ward of court, whose parentage is a source of deepening mystery; and, more.
4607167311565 In Touch Level 2 Class Audio Cdx3 , Pearson Education
9782011557155 Gallon Adosphere 2 Livre de l'eleve +D Hachette Book Group
9789620054112 Longman Longman Young Childrens Picture Dictionary Activity Resource Book Pearson Education
9781408285039 John Escott PLPR2:Ghost Genny Castle Book and MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9789606632143 Merklinghaus, Renate Allegro 2 Libro dello studente ed esercizi + CD Edizioni EdiLingua
9780230717107 In Company 2Ed Elementary Teacher's Book Macmillan ELT
9783468474743 Aspekte 1 Lehrbuch +DV Langenscheidt
9788861821019 Ci vuole orecchio - 1 (libro + D)
9782253158486 Grange, Jean-Christophe Foret des manes, La Livre de Poche/LGF
9783126752411 Matecki,Uta; Adler,Stefan Dreimal Deutsch Arbeitsbuch + Audi-CD Klett
9789606632150 Merklinghaus, Renate Allegro 3 Libro dello studente ed esercizi + CD Edizioni EdiLingua
9783257218466 Sueskind Patrick Taube, Die Diogenes
9788498480115 Club Prisma A1 (Inicial) Libro De Ejercicios Para El Alumno (Soluciones+Clave Acceso Web) Edinumen
4607167311428 Russian Opportunities Intermediate Class Cdsx3, Pearson Education
9781408274385 Fyodor Dostoyevsky PLPR6:Crime and Punishment &MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9788853005502 adapted Lost World (The) B +D/R CIDEB
9783126762069 Aussichten A1.2 Teilband Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch mit 2 CDs und DVD Klett
9783126759229 Passwort Deutsch 3bg. 2, Lehrerhandbuch Klett
9782253084570 Sagan, Francoise Petite Robe noire et autres textes Livre de Poche/LGF
9788484435655 Version Originale 2 Guide pedagogique +R Difusion
9782090343106 En Accion 1 Libro En Clave-Ele
9782070360802 Saint-Exupery, Antoine de Courrier Sud Gallimard-Folio
9780194573870 Boeckner, Keith; Brown, P. Charles Oxford English for Computing: Student's Book Oxford University Press
Coverage in all four skills for those working in the computer industry.
9781405831055 Russian Opportunities Beginner Students Book Pearson Education
9781405867016 Jervis/Carling Grammar Time Level 5 Student Book Pack New Edition Pearson Education
9788853010124 Gingerbread Man CIDEB
9782278064069 Latitudes 3 Livre +D Didier
9788498480559 Prisma Fusion, Nivel Inicial (A1 + A2) Libro Del Alumno +D Edinumen
9788484431381 Gente 1 Nueva Edicion Libro del alumno +CD Difusion
9789606930331 Marin, T. Nuovo Progetto italiano Junior 2 Libro dello Studente + CD audio Edizioni EdiLingua
9780132351164 Boardman/Frydemberg Writing to Communicate New Edition Book 2, Paragraph and Essays :Text Pearson Education
9782253111184 Nothomb, Amelie Hygiene de l'assassin Livre de Poche/LGF
9781408276570 Agatha Christie PLPR5:Stories of Detection & Mystery Book and MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9782278058198 Exercices De Grammaire A1 Version Internationale Livre Didier
9782253010913 Maupassant, Guy de Mademoiselle Fifi Livre de Poche/LGF
9788484432739 Fantasma del instituto +CD Difusion
9780521747530 Cambridge ICT Starters: On Track Microsoft, Stage 1 Cambridge University Press
9781408297780 Lifestyle Upper-Intermediate Coursebook/CD-Rom Pack Pearson Education
9781408267318 New Total English Advanced Level Workbook+key+Audio CD Pack Pearson Education
9780521589314 Straker Mental Maths 5 Cambridge University Press
Develops pupils` mental skills in a variety of inventive ways.
9783191119010 Menschen A1, Arbeitsbuch mit 2 Audio-CDs Hueber
9780521283069 Chris Redston face2face Second edition Elementary Workbook without Key Cambridge University Press
9780521219570 Melanie Williams Super Minds Level 2 Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press
9781133315728 Hughes, Dummett, Stephenson Life Upper Intermediate Student's Book+DVD Heinle ELT
9781133315735 Hughes, Dummett, Stephenson Life Advanced Student's Book+DVD Heinle ELT
9781133315766 Hughes, Dummett, Stephenson Life Advanced Workbook+Audio CD Heinle ELT
9780099842606 Vonnegut Kurt Breakfast of Champions Random House
The author of "Slaughterhouse 5" and "Hocus Pocus" satirizes the horrors of plastic, disposable America with a mixture of cartoons and comic outbursts against rules and reason.
9780099533016 Rushdie Salman East. West Random House
Containing nine stories, this book looks at what happens when East meets West, at the forces that pull the characters first in one direction, then the other. Fantasy and realism collide as a rickshaw driver writes letters describing his film career in Bombay; a mispronunciation leads to romance; an unusual courtship in sixties London; and more.
9780812555349 Cook G Water Sleeps #9 Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS
9780552146159 Pratchett Terry Carpe Jugulum Random House
Mightily Oats has not picked a good time to be priest. He thought he`d come to Lancre for a simple ceremony. Now he`s caught up in a war between vampires and witches. There`s Young Agnes, who is really in two minds about everything - Magrat, who is trying to combine witchcraft and nappies, Nanny Ogg, and Granny Weatherwax, who is big trouble.
9780521627054 Adrian Doff, Christopher Jones Language in Use Beginner Self-study Workbook with Answer Key Cambridge University Press
Language in Use is now available in four levels. The highly acclaimed and successful approach of Language in Use Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate is now extended downward in Language in Use Beginner. The Beginner level contains material for genuine beginners, and provides thorough language coverage through a systematic syllabus with constant recycling. The features which distinguish Language in Use include: - flexibility of content - dual syllabus of grammar and vocabulary units - clarity of tasks and language presentation - creativity and imaginative approaches - self-study through the Workbook and Self-study Cassette The course contains 24 uts, with special Study Page sections after every two units. There is also a Review section at the end of the course. The class work can be completed in around 80 hours.
9780099285380 Murdoch Iris Unofficial rose Random House
This is the story of nine people, each of whom is looking for love, and the resulting complex relationships between them. Impelled by affection, lust, lost scruple, illusion and disillusion, wanting to be free yet needing to be involved, these characters perform the linked figures of their destiny.
9780345412089 Turtledove Harry Worldwar 4: Striking The Balance Random House (USA)
9780345389985 Turtledove Harry Worldwar 2: Tilting The Balance Random House (USA)
An alternative World War II takes an unexpected turn when a race of lizard-like space aliens sweep down to conquer Earth, causing the Allied and Axis forces to combine atomic bomb technologies. Reprint.
9780486275437 Carroll Lewis Alice in Wonderland Dover
The classic children's story about Alice's adventures when she follows a rabbit in a hurry down a rabbit hole.
9780486408781 Carroll Lewis Through The Looking-Glass Dover
The 1872 sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland finds Carroll’s inquisitive heroine in a fantastic land where everything is reversed. Alice encounters talking flowers, madcap kings and queens, and strange mythological characters when she becomes a pawn in a bizarre chess game involvi
9780486282152 Dreiser Theodore Short Stories Dover
Five powerful and original stories: "Free," "The Second Choice," "Married," "Nigger Jeff," and "The Lost Phoebe.".
9783137681021 Tronstad Clinical Endodontics Thieme Verlagsgruppe
A new edition of a classic student text in Endodontics! As did the first edition, the second edition of Tronstad's Clinical Endodontics fills the need for a simple, yet comprehensive textbook in endodontics that serves as an introductory text for dental students, and which is also suitable as a refresher source for general practitioners, postdoctoral students, and entodontists. Having been written by only one author, the book is remarkable for its cohesiveness, clear argumentation, and didactic clarity, which are so important at the introductory level. Clinical Endodontics summarizes the biology of the endodontium and the apical periodontium, and deals with the etiology and pathogenesis of endodontic diseases. Examination methods, diagnosis, and treatment principles are discussed, and main endodontic techniques are described. A final chapter deals with the prognosis of endodontic treatment. The new and second edition has been completely updated and revised, and includes a new chapter on endodontic retreatment.
9780714838526 Piero Della Francesca A&I Phaidon Press Ltd.
Piero della Francesca (c.1413-92) is one of the most intriguing artists of the early Italian Renaissance, known not only for the balance of his compositions and the emotional coolness of his style, but also for his outstanding talent as a mathematician. Taking advantage of documentary evidence that has emerged, particularly since the quincentenary of the artist's death in 1992, Piero scholar Marilyn Aronberg Lavin covers all aspects of the career of an artist who can justifiably be called a "Renaissance Man". Born in Sansepolcro, a small town on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, Piero del Francesca worked there periodically throughout his life. But he also travelled elsewhere in Italy - to Florence and Rome for brief periods, and to Urbino (the location of his famous "Flagellation"), Arezzo ("Legend of the True Cross" fresco cycle), Rimini and Ferrara. He was well respected and worked for the provincial rulers in these cities. However, his fame was not just due to his skill as a painter. Concurrently, he pursued his interest in mathematics and wrote three treatises on the subject. This work was linked to his artistic output - the application of the rules of perspective in his compositions, with their structured spaces and idealized shapes, are one of the reasons why he has become so univesally admired and studied in the modern era.
9780521776882 Francis O'Hara Be My Guest Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press
Be My Guest is a language course for pre- and in-service students of Hotel English at the elementary to lower intermediate level. It consists of Students Book, Teachers Book and audio material on either cassette or audio CD. Written by an author who has considerable experience of teaching this kind of student in France, it focusses on building fluency and vocabulary, and improving grammatical and pronunciation accuracy. The 15 units of the course are each divided into two easy-to-use double page spread lessons and cover the range of communicative situations that hotel workers may find themselves in.
9780521555791 Jack C. Richards, Samuela Eckstut-Didier Strategic Reading Level 2 Student's Book Cambridge University Press
Strategic Reading 2 is a new intermediate reading skills text for adult and young-adult learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language. Strategic Reading 2 is designed to build the reading skills and vocabulary that students need to achieve academic success. The book contains 16 units on contemporary themes. Each unit contains three multiple-genre readings adapted from authentic sources such as newspapers, magazines, books, and websites. Units open by introducing new vocabulary and asking students thought-provoking questions related to the unit theme. On the page opposite treadings are exercises that develop student interest in the theme, provide practice in a variety of text-appropriate reading skills, and offer opportunities for discussion and/or writing. The final page features vocabulary expansion activies and suggestions for extension activities, which can be completed either inside or outside the classroom.
9780521484954 Arthur Hughes Testing for Language Teachers Paperback Cambridge University Press
Tens of thousands of language teachers have used the first edition of Testing for Language Teachers. This second edition of the best selling book on language testing remains the most practical guide for teachers who want to have a better understanding of the role of testing in language teaching. It has a new chapter on testing young learners and expanded chapters on common test techniques and testing overall ability. There is also an additional appendix on item banking and a revised appendix on statistical analysis of test data. The principles and practice of testing are still presented in a logical, accessible way and guidance is given for the reader to devise their own tests. The second edition of Testing for Language Teachers analyses what makes a good test; considers the different purposes of testing; discusses how testing can encourage good teaching and learning; describes common test techniques and administration. No other text covers language testing as comprehensively and as accessible as this one. If you have to test your students you will want to own this book.
9780345461742 Begley About Schmidt Random House (USA)
9780345396938 Rice Anne Cry to Heaven Random House (USA)
9781840224023 Stowe H B Uncle Tom's Cabin Wordsworth
Dramatises why the whole of America is implicated in and responsible for the sin of slavery. This novel concludes that only `repentance, justice and mercy` will prevent the onset of `the wrath of Almighty God`.
9781857592856 American Beauty - Paintings from Detroit Institute Daedalus
This book highlights works from one of the US' most repspected museum collection of American art. In his engaging essay, Graham W.J. Beale -places the 96 works in historical context, relating them to contemporary social and artistic trends both at home and abroad. Beginning with the first truly home-grown talent - John Singleton Copley -in te 18th century to the social realism of John Sloan in the earlt20th, the volume presents an encycolpaedic view of American painting.
9780953526734 Curtain Inspiration ACC-distribution titles
This is a lavishly illustrated photographic book providing inspiration for a wide range of curtains and window treatments. From drawing rooms and dining rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, from pelmets and valances to poles and shutters, this is a comprehensive look at a variety of styles and approaches that can be used in your home. The settings are hugely varied too, from the classic English country house, to chic town houses and flats. The photographs provide a context for the window treatments, showing how a particular style will work. There are also detailed pictures, revealing the intricacies that go into achieving the look. Invaluable descriptions and tip boxes, explaining how to tackle the technical problems involved are included.
9781840135480 Masterworks Grange Books
9780440241416 Kinsella Sophie Confessions of a shopaholic Random House (USA)
9780345443274 Frey Silent Partner Random House (USA)
9781920744076 Cox Architects & Planners 1960-2010 Pb Images
From its origins as a leading proponent of the 'Sydney School of Architecture' in the 1960s, COX Architects & Planners, known more commonly as COX, has grown to become one of Australia's largest and most successful practices with hundreds of projects and awards, spanning four continents. This new book, "COX Architects & Planners: 1960-2010", as well as being the firm's third book with IMAGES, is the most comprehensive overview to date of this journey. Philip Cox is responsible for the concept design of most of the firm's projects and reviews all the designs produced by the practice.

He has overseen the design of projects in the firm's impressive oeuvre in Australia, South-East Asia, China, the Middle East, South Africa and Europe.With in-depth project descriptions, drawings, plans, and spectacular colour photography, this book presents many of the firm's highly awarded projects for major international sporting facilities, such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the athletes' village for the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, as well as major arts centres and museum complexes, convention centres, education facilities, local government facilities, facilities for justice, including prisons and police stations, urban and master planning, bridges and transport projects.
9780141018034 Burgess, M Doing It Penguin Books Ltd
Dino really fancies fit, sexy Jackie, but she just won`t give him what he wants. Jonathan likes Deborah, but she`s a bit fat; what will his mates say? Ben`s been secretly shagging his teacher for ages. He used to love it, but what if he wants to stop? Three lads discovering sex for the first time; but do any of them really know what they`re doing?
9780521346757 Simon Greenall, Diana Pye Cambridge Skills for Fluency: Reading Level 2 Student's Book Cambridge University Press
Cambridge Skills for Fluency is a learner-centred range of materials designed specifically to develop students' fluency and confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The books are at four levels from pre-intermediate through to advanced and are suitable for use as supplementary texts or as core texts on skills development courses. Each book in the Cambridge Skills for Fluency series: - promotes fluency by presenting a wide variety of both old and new topics in creative and imaginative ways - genuinely engages students' interest and encourages them to share personal reactions and opinions fluently - focuses on a particular skill but the other skills are integrated in a way that reflects real life use of language - contains twenty units designed to take about an hour of class time, a detailed contents map and brief teaching notes
9780521596893 Peter James Teachers in Action Paperback Cambridge University Press
This book provides an accessible introduction to action research for teachers, by encouraging teachers to adopt a research attitude to their practice and development. It bridges the gap between theoretical and practical teacher training. This versatile resource book contains a range of tasks suitable for many different in-service teacher education and development programmes. The materials are specifically designed to help teachers develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes so they can become more effective teachers. The book will be of particular interest to teacher trainers in countries which are undergoing educational reform, or where teacher training is being given special priority by the Government and Ministry of Education.
9783540525233 Muller Manual of Internal Fixation Springer
Designed as a reference text for specialists dealing with osteosynthesis, this edition has been revised and expanded to reflect contemporary practices.
9783540656326 Hohenberger Staging Laparoscopy.2002 Springer
Laparoscopy in combination with laparoscopic ultrasonography is a new staging procedure for tumors of the abdomen. The treatment of several other tumor entities, such as pancreatic and gastric cancer, lymphoma, ovarian cancer, liver malignancies, is also improved by more accurate staging. Laparoscopic staging helps prevent unnecessary laparotomies, provides much less trauma to the patient, maximum information on tumor spread, and enables palliative procedures to be performed during the staging procedure. This book provides detailed guidelines on the aim and technique of laparoscopic staging and discusses the pathophysiological aspects and risks of laparoscopic staging (such as trocar metastases) on the basis of international experience.
9780387401645 Greene AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook. 6 ed. 2003 Springer
AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook Plus EZTNM, Sixth Edition, is the preeminent system used by physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide to facilitate the uniform description of neoplastic diseases. Fully revised and updated, it brings together all currently available information on staging of cancer at various anatomic sites and incorporates newly acquired knowledge on the etiology and pathology of cancer. New to this edition is the revolutionary EZTNM - compatible with both the Palm and Microsoft operating systems. It is the only physician-designed, professional grade cancer staging program for handhelds. At the user's fingertips are 50 different cancer types organized by anatomic region. EZTNM uses a dynamic and intuitive TNM selection process. The user can see the definition for each T, N, and M parameter as he works and calculates the stage of disease once all parameters are entered. The user can also create a detailed patient information record and maintain a patient list. The AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook Plus EZTNM continues to provide standardized data forms for each anatomic site, to be included as part of permanent patient records, enabling clinicians and rearchers to maintain consistency in evaluating the efficacy of diagnosis and treatment. The AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook Plus EZTNM is an essential and ground-breaking resource for oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, cancer registrars, and medical professionals worldwide to assure that all those taking care of cancer patients will be trained in the language of cancer staging.
9780387401621 Greene Easy TNM for the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual.6ed. 2003 D Springer
EZTNM for the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, 6/e and the AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook, 6/e, is the first physician-designed, professional grade cancer staging program for handhelds. EZTNM puts TNM staging for 50 different anatomic sites at the user's fingertips and uses a dynamic and intuitive TNM selection process. The user can see the definiton for each T, N, and M parameter and can calculate the stage of disease once all parameters are entered. The user can also create a detailed patient information record and maintain a patient list. EZTNM is an essential and ground-breaking resource for oncologists, surgeons, cancer registrars, and medical professionals worldwide to assure that all those taking care of cancer patients will be trained in the language of cancer staging.
9781587797118 Acc The Male Reproductive System Anatomical Chart Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Provides anterior and posterior view of the system. Shows the pelvic organ (oblique section) and cross-section of the penis. Illustrates the prostate, perineum, spermatogenesis, testis, and vasculature & innervation.
9780521611527 Cambridge ESOL Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English 4 Student's Book with answers Cambridge University Press
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English 4 contains four complete tests for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) examination from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL). These past examination papers provide the most authentic exam preparation available. They allow candidates to familiarise themselves with the content and format of the examination and to practise useful examination techniques. Attractive colour visual material for Paper 5 is included with each test, enabling students to prepare thoroughly for the paired interview. The Students Book is also available as a with answers edition which contains a comprehensive section of keys and transcripts, making it suitable for self study.
9780007206926 Ted Graham and John Berry A2 Maths HarperCollins UK
One of a brand new series for A Level students, this book covers all the core content needed for A2 Maths, presented in accessible note form and compiled by top examiners. Individual pages are hole-punched and can easily be removed for insertion into students' own files. "The Collins Revision Notes" sers has been specially designed to give students the best possible help as they approach their A2 exams. The content is presented in a highly visual form, using bullet points, flowcharts, tables, diagrams, highlighting and artwork so that all key points are instantly obvious and easy to revise.
9780060859657 Product Design Now HarperCollins USA
"Product Design Now" showcases the best products of the past three years, with a special focus on electronics categorized by size. Emphasizing the design process step-by-step, it shows all of the creative work, the hand made sketches, drawings, diagrams, and computer renderings, that go into the development of a product before it hits the assembly line.
9780521601597 Kate Cory-Wright, Sergio Pianco Interchange Third edition Intro Teacher's Resource Book Cambridge University Press
Interchange Third Edition is a 4-level series for adult and young adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level. The Teacher's Resource Book provides teachers with fun and engaging classroom activities that supplement the material in the Student's Book. The book contains photocopiable activities for extra practice in listening, grammar, and vocabulary, with answers and audio scripts provided. An audio CD is included for use with the listening section.
9781416001836 Wesley Moore Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Elsevier Science
This indispensable certification and recertification preparation source presents a comprehensive and up-to-date review of vascular surgery and a superb refresher on the state of today's practice. International experts cover every aspect of the field from the basics to the latest developments in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format. Every chapter offers a complete summary of a key topic in vascular surgery, authored by prominent specialists with particular expertise in that area. And, numerous review questions at the end of each chapter help you evaluate your mastery of the material.
9780486404752 Heraldry for Designers and Craftspeople Dover
With specimens dating from as early as 1200 AD to as late as 1600 AD, this lavishly illustrated work features an array of classic heraldic motifs. The focus is on the 14th and 15th centuries, when the art form reached its peak of refinement.'
9780486996752 Yan Chen Chinese Animal Designs CD-ROM and Book Dover
This superb archive of illustrations, grouped chronologically according to dynastic era, depicts dragons, tigers, fish, birds, horses, butterflies, waterfowl, and a host of other creatures - real and mythical. Dover Electronic Design series: permission-free illustrations and designs for art, craft, business and educational use. Hundreds of designs scanned at 600 d and saved in the most popular formats; can be used for Mac[registered] and Windows[registered]. Each set contains CD-ROM and book with every image on the CD printed large for easy reference or direct use. PICTORIAL ARCHIVE
9780471415756 Carl H. Snyder The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Things, 4th Edition Wiley
Continuing in the tradition of earlier editions, and orange serves as the theme for the front cover of this 4th edition. The orange, a product of nature, represents a common but complex assortment of chemicals, including many examined in this textbook: surcrose, which gives the orange its sweetness (Ch. 16), citric acid, which provides a bit of tartness (Sec. 10. 8), the cellulose of its pulp (Sec. 16. 11), the water of its fluids (Sec. 3. 13), and its ascorbic acid, more commonly known as vitamin C (Sec. 19. 6). Crystals of this same vitamin C, illuminated by polarized light, appear in a striking microphotograph on the back cover. This photograph reveals the remarkable nature of even the most common things of our daily lives. Taken together, the images of the front cover and the back cover represent the range of the ordinary and extraordinary things of our everyday lives that are described simply but in detail between these two covers.
9780486452579 Coggins Jack Soldiers and Warriors: An Illustrated History Dover
9781405867009 Jervis/Carling Grammar Time Level 4 Student Book Pack New Edition Pearson Education
9781452101675 Embacher Michael Cyclepedia: A Century of Iconic Bicycle Design
9780194579155 Frost, Andrew Express Series: English for Legal Professionals Oxford University Press
English for Legal Professionals is an ideal short course for anyone who needs to speak about the law in a business environment to clients, business partners, and colleagues.
9788854401532 Children (Cubebook) White Star
9780486997445 Appelbaum Stanley Treasury of Chinese Designs CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780071104746 Hall Just The Facts In Critical Care Medicine McGraw-Hill
9780521696739 Diana Goodey, Noel Goodey, Karen Thompson Messages Level 1 Workbook with Audio CD/CD-ROM Cambridge University Press
Messages is a 4-level course for lower-secondary students. Each level contains 6 modules of two units, each divided into 3 manageable steps. Clear aims and outcomes for each step mean students can put what they learn into practice immediately. Each level of the course provides 80-90 hours of classwork with lots of recycling in regular 4-page review sections. Level 1 assumes students have studied English at primary school, but gives full coverage of all basic language areas. The course takes students to an intermediate level by the end of Level 4. The FREE Workbook Audio CD has now been expanded to include a wealth of fun interactive CD-ROM exercises. Videos for use with all levels of the course are now available. There are two videos, one for use with Levels 1 and 2 and one for Levels 3 and 4. The videos contain entertaining documentary sequences reflecting life in Britain and the USA.
9780764320804 Dick Sing Dick Sing Turns Miniature Birdhouses Schiffer
World-renowned woodturner Dick Sing takes you through all the steps needed to create delightful and decorative miniature birdhouses. Starting with a basic birdhouse, Dick illustrates how to set up and turn the body, roof, perch, and finial. Clear, step-by-step instructions show wood preparation, proper use of equipment and tools, and sanding and finishing techniques. Additional chapters show how to add inlays and other intricate details; create birdhouses from rejected pipe blanks and branchwood; turn a natural edge roof; make a tiny, charming, birdfeeder; and fashion an elegant stand on which to display your finished treasures. Includes design ideas and techniques, plus a gallery of wonderfully diverse birdhouses to inspire your creativity.
9780887401152 Constance Eileen King Jumeau Schiffer
Of all the French dollmakers, for over half a century, Jumeau reigned supreme. Originally made as playthings, many of these dolls are, today, among the most sought after antiques, being fought-over at international auctions by some of the leading collectors. This history book, the most complete written on the subject to date, traces the chronology of Jumeau production from its beginnings in the 1840s through the end of the nineteenth century. Full color pictures, carefully chosen to show the beauty and different moods of the faces, are accompanied by text that provides collectors with important and interesting information. A current price guide, a special section on Jumeau marks, and a historical list of international prices and sizes are presented as important references.
9780131184916 Thomas Birch Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning + CD Pearson Education
9781844083862 Diski,Jenny Apology for the woman writing Little, Brown
* From the award-winning author of STRANGER ON A TRAIN and SKATING TO ANTARTICA, a extraordinary novel based on a real story
9780140046564 Lodge David Changing Places Penguin Books Ltd
When Phillip Swallow and Professor Morris Zapp participate in their universities` Anglo-American exchange scheme, the Fates play a hand, and each academic finds himself enmeshed in the life of his counterpart on the opposite side of the Atlantic. Nobody is immune to the exchange.
9780571209132 Ishiguro Kazuo An Artist of the Floating World (Faber Classics) Faber
9780451213198 Woods Stuart Two Dollar Bill Random House (USA)
9780887401244 Gerhart Egger Generations of jewelry Schiffer
This beautiful history of the art form begins with a liberal discussion of fine jewelrys ancient history as exotic amulets and symbolic ornaments, and proceeds to explain and profusely illustrate developing trends in European jewelry as symbols to the growing middle classes. The author shows jewelry examples from the Italian Renaissance, Dutch seventeenth century, Baroque, all manner of nineteenth century, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and the big-name houses of Tiffany, Cartier and Philipps in the twentieth century. Also, through many historical portraits of men and women, each style is displayed as it was shown by the artists of their day. In this one volume, more than 450 carefully selected jewelry creations display the entire history of evolving styles. This is an important reference and beautiful record of the jewelry our past generations have known.
9783540470700 Myers, Eugene N., Ferris, Robert L. (Eds.) Salivary Gland Disorders Springer
Management of salivary disorders encompasses a broad array of diseases, both benign and malignant. To better demonstrate the evolution of this field and its diagnostic and therapeutic management, the contents of this book have been organized to reflect the diverse nature of salivary gland anatomy, physiology, and dysfunction in various states of disease. This text first addresses practical office-based diagnostic approaches. It continues with congenital and acquired salivary dysfunction, including the goals for restoration of gland function. The third portion of this book provides detailed information on assessment and therapy for benign and malignant tumors of the major and minor salivary glands. Each chapter is authored by internationally known authorities in this field. Illustrative photographs and sketches are included in each chapter, to demonstrate the disorders and surgical techniques described. In summary, this comprehensive book serves as a useful reference and practical manual for clinicians dealing with salivary gland disorders. Whether as an introductory or advanced reference text, the reader will find that this book fulfills an important role in the management of salivary gland diseases.
9780071485722 Tawfik Atlas of Gynecological Pathology. 2007 McGraw-Hill
Provides an overview of the field of gynecologic pathology. This reference features over 270 color photomicrographs, gross pathology studies, and illustrations.
9780330372039 Pressler Mirjam The Story of Anne Frank Pan Macmillan
Anne Frank`s poignant story is familiar to everyone through her Diary. This biography brings that story to life in a fresh way, giving insight into her early life, her family relationships, the development of the Diary and her own emotional life.
9780486411583 Copeland Peter F. The Story of the Underground Railroad Dover
9780486410364 Copeland Peter F. Historic North American Forts Dover
9780486451473 Kipling Rudyard Puck of Pook's Hill Dover
9780486441702 Falla Manuel de El Amor Brujo and El Sombrero de Tres Picos for Solo Piano Dover
9780486445151 Bird Isabella L. Unbeaten Tracks in Japan Dover
9780486998756 Dowlatshahi Ali Persian Designs and Motifs CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486997896 Grafton Carol Victorian Goods and Merchandise CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486420509 Aleichem Sholom My First Love Affair and Other Stories Dover
9780486998732 Monet Claude Monet Paintings and Drawings CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780486997803 Seguy E. A. Seguy's Art Deco Designs CD-ROM and Book Dover
9780300105810 Bikker Willem Drost (1633-1659) Yale University Press
Willem Drost was one of Rembrandt's most gifted pupils, and he is also considered one of the most mysterious. This book, the first ever devoted to this exceptional artist, unravels many of the mysteries of Drost's life and career. Curator and art historian Jonathan Bikker offers not only new archival evidence of the artist's date and place of death but also a new assessment of Drost's place in the Rembrandt workshop and in the Venetian art world of the mid-seventeenth century.

Drost emerges as one of Rembrandt's most talented imitators and, despite his short career, an artist with a variety of faces. The book features a meticulously researched and fully illustrated catalogue raisonne with 38 paintings now attributed to Drost (several formerly attributed to Rembrandt) and 35 other paintings today known only from old sale catalogues or reproductions. The author also discusses 32 paintings he rejects as Drost's work.
9780500203958 Frampton, Kenneth Modern Architecture Thames & Hudson
A survey of modern architecture and its origins. This book also explores the effects of globalization on architecture, the rise annd rise of the celebrity architect, and the way in which practices worldwide have addressed such issues as sustainability and habitat.
9783865214485 Amanda Harlech Michael Roberts: Shot in Sicily Thames & Hudson
9780764327599 Best of Today's Kitchen Design Schiffer
You will simply be blown away by the beauty of the hundreds of kitchens represented in this book. Leading designers and manufacturers share their best work in this compendium of extraordinary designs. More than 300 full-color images afford you the chance to study details for your own kitchen design projects, from cabinetry features and appliances, to color schemes, accessories, and overall room arrangement. All styles and schools of design are represented, from contemporary to traditional, from Southwestern to Old World. This is the most comprehensive portfolio book published on kitchen design in years, and an absolute bargain for those seeking inspiration from high-end designers. There is simply no other book on the market that offers readers this opportunity to tour hundreds of kitchens, all in one sitting.
9781416537571 Andrew Perry The Hills: City of Angels Simon & Schuster
NEW CITY, NEW LIFE Lauren Conrad -- known as "LC" on the hit MTV series "Laguna Beach" -- is all grown up. She's left behind her family, friends, and the sheltered life of Laguna to pursue her dreams of conquering the fashion world and making it on her own in the high-pressure, beauty-obsessed land of the rich and famous -- Los Angeles. But Lauren finds herself torn in different directions as she starts this new chapter in her life.

She has to juggle a dream internship at "Teen Vogue," a full course load at a brand-new college, and a whirlwind social life with her three closest friends: Heidi, her party girl roommate who does PR for L.A.'s nightlife scene; Audrina, an aspiring model and actress; and Whitney, a fellow "Teen Vogue" fashionista. Lauren is determined to have it all as she runs with the young and fabulous in Hollywood's "it" crowd. "The Hills: City of Angels" gives you an all-access pass to what you "didn't" see on TV.

Take a closer look at Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney: the tight friendships they've formed, the laugh-out-loud moments that didn't make it on the show, and their ups and downs with the boys in their lives -- including Jason, Jordan, and Brian. Packed with exclusive photos and revealing stories, here is the ultimate insider look at what it's really like to be a girl from "The Hills,"
9781416906131 Sollinger Jakers Find Sheep Piggle Simon & Schuster
9781573402699 Creager Atlas of Vascular Disease Springer
This Atlas will explore the rapid advancements being made in vascular biology, pharmacology, and technology regarding vascular disease. Technical advances have been especially significant in this field, essentially redefining the role of imaging modalities. These include ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance angiography, all of which reduce the risks inherent to invasive procedures.
9780575081963 Pratchett Terry Last Hero mini Orion Publishers
A `Discworld novel with pictures` - the 27th instalment in the fantasy series that has made Terry Pratchett an international superstar
9780743235174 Feldon Living alone and Loving Simon & Schuster
9780765342805 Douglass, Sara Crusader Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS
9780781765633 Jackson Mtos: recon knee surgery 3e cb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Describes the techniques for reconstructive knee surgery. This title includes approaches to extensor mechanism and patellofemoral reconstruction, meniscal repair and fixation, meniscal transplantation, cruciate ligament tunnel placement and fixation, graft harvesting, and use of allografts, ACL, PCL, MCL and posterolateral corner reconstruction.
9780781773850 Lemmer Handbook of patient care in cardiac surgery 7e pb Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
The Thoroughly Updated Seventh Edition Of This Popular And Widely Used Handbook Presents The Most Current Protocols And Recommendations For Care Of Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery. This Edition Reflects Current Acls Guidelines And The Latest Developments In Cardiac Surgery. The Transplantation Chapter Has Been Entirely Rewritten By A New Author.Experts From Leading Hospitals Offer Detailed, Practical Guidelines On Preoperative Evaluation And Preparation, Intraoperative Management, And Postoperative Care For All Current Cardiac Surgical Procedures. Perspectives Valuable For Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiac Nurses, And Anesthesiologists Are Included Throughout. Coverage Includes A Chapter On Infants And Children. Appendices List Drug Dosages For Adults And For Infants And Children.
9780847829903 Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Rizzoli USA
A landmark oversized volume celebrating the life and work of Ralph Lauren, in honor of his 40th anniversary as a designer.
9780750688864 Teresa Pountney Physiotherapy for Children Elsevier Science
A clinical manual and reference on paediatric physiotherapy, which examines the theoretical and clinical aspects of physiotherapy provision for children and young adults including: neurology; cardio-respiratory; musculoskeletal; oncology and palliative care; mental health; and, acquired brain injury.
9780721603254 Mark Ferguson Thoracic Surgery Atlas Elsevier Science
A comprehensive review of general thoracic surgery, this title shares some of the author`s experience-based observations to help guide the practitioner through details of complex procedures, avoid common problems, and manage complications when they occur.
9783899550313 Romantik Gestalten
Romantik presents classical romantic elements in outstanding examples of contemporary illustration, photography and graphic design. While making a clear reference to nineteenth century Romanticism, the book defines a current version of the term through its selections and presentation. The book features examples, which expand the forms of visual expression available in our computer-dominated world and which develop style elements that exist beyond the canon of forms used in the 1990s. In place of uncluttered surfaces and clean lines, colorful collages and ornaments are used to generate a feeling of warmth, closeness or commitment. Because the computer is firmly established as a creative tool, today's "Romantik" is pragmatic rather than dogmatic. At the same time, the book challenges the role of the computer in the design process, appealing to the romantic in all of us.
9780810959620 Avedon/Hollander Richard Avedon: Woman in the mirror Abrams
Richard Avedon redefined portrait and fashion photography in the 20th century. In the 1940s Avedon burst onto the fashion scene, infusing his photographs with touches of realism and the fantastic.
9780007216857 Joan Didion Year of Magical Thinking, The HarperCollins UK
Several days before Christmas 2003, John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion saw their only daughter, Quintana, fall ill. Days later, the night before New Year`s Eve, John suffered a massive and fatal coronary. This is a portrait of marriage, and life, in good times and bad.
9780141003726 Mortimer, J Rumpole Rests His Case Penguin Books Ltd
Horace Rumpole, one of the finest barristers ever to defend a client, weaves his way elegantly among the intricacies of the courtroom and the human heart, only to find that advancing years catch up with even the most indomitable spirit.
9780141019666 Shakespeare Titus Andronicus Penguin Books Ltd
An embittered Roman General returns from war, having captured the Queen of the Goths and her three sons. Sacrificing the eldest, in memory of his own sons killed in battle, he provokes the queen`s unending hatred.
9780140187724 Jack London Martin Eden Penguin Books Ltd
Presents the story of Martin Eden, an impoverished seaman who pursues, obsessively and aggressively, dreams of education and literary fame. This title also discusses the conflict between London`s support of socialism and Martin`s powerful self-will.
9780141184678 Evelyn Waugh Officers and Gentlemen Penguin Books Ltd
Guy Crouchback is now attached to a commando unit undergoing training on the Hebridean isle of Mugg, where the whisky flows freely and HM forces have to show respect for the laird. But the comedy of Mugg is followed by the bitterness of Crete.
9780140434316 Dickens Charles Pictures from Italy Penguin Books Ltd
An account of Charles Dickens`s experiences in Italy in which he portrays a nation of great contrasts: between grandiose buildings and squalid poverty, and between past and present. Combining travelogue with social commentary, this book is depicts an exciting and disquieting journey.
9780140436495 Dickens Charles American Notes Penguin Books Ltd
This is the frank record of Dickens` experience of the New World, from his uncomfortable sea voyage to his perception of the American character and his frequently savage criticism of American practices and habits. It is also a personal record of Dickens` emotional and political evolution.
9780060575281 Canavan, Trudi Magicians' Guild, The HarperCollins USA
A young vagrant girl rises out of poverty and enters the elite and powerful world of the Magicians Guild in this first book of a new commercial fantasy trilogy, from the highly-successful Harper Australia author Trudi Canavan.
9780446618151 Sparks Nicholas True Believer Hachette Book Group
9780140432541 Henry James The Princess Casamassima Penguin Books Ltd
The illegitimate and impoverished son of a dressmaker and a nobleman, Hyacinth Robinson has grown up with a strong sense of beauty that heightens his acute sympathy for the inequalities that surround him. Drawn into a secret circle of radical politics he makes a rash vow to commit a violent act of terrorism.
9780425206133 Tale Of Holly How Tale Of Holly How Random House (USA)
9780764329531 Spa Bath Schiffer
Todays top homes include spa-scale, master bath suites that serve up far more than the traditional 10-minute morning routine. Luxury bath suites include whirlpool tubs, multi-faceted showers, soaking tubs, and, above all, space. Tremendous attention is being lavished on the design of baths where youll want to linger . When you do leave, you feel more relaxed, beautiful, and prepared for the world than when you entered. A tour through these pages, filled with over 300 color images, will inspire designers and homeowners setting out to create their own in-home spas.
9780521705752 Liz Driscoll Cambridge English Skills: Real Reading Level 4 Book with answers Cambridge University Press
Learners can develop the skills they need to read English confidently wherever they are - at home, at work, travelling, studying or just in social situations with English-speaking friends. This edition comes with answers.
9780521713092 Julie Penn, Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks More! Level 3 Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press
A bright new four-level lower-secondary course from the English in Mind author team. Each level of MORE! contains 80-90 hours of class material. With dedicated reading, culture, grammar, vocabulary, skills and cross-curricular learning sections, plus a wide range of flexible components, you really do get more with MORE! The Teacher's Book contains warm-up activities, detailed guidance on how to get the best out of the course, answer keys and 'Extra' idea sections for fast finishers.
9780500287538 Verner, Corinne Villas and Courtyard Houses of Morocco Thames & Hudson
Covers from the palaces of Fez to the roads of Marrakesh, from the trading posts of Essaouira to the Kasbahs of the south. This book features singular living spaces in Morocco, a country blessed with one of the richest architectural heritages in North Africa. It explores the archetypes of the Moroccan built environment.
9780500301234 Burrus, Christina Frida Kahlo Thames & Hudson
Born in Mexico in 1907, Frida Kahlo learned about suffering at an early age. The young and indomitable Frida met Diego Rivera, the great mural painter, when Mexico was at a great cultural and political crossroads. They formed a legendary partnership, with a strong attachment to Mexican folk art. This book traces her extraordinary life.
9781856695428 Maki Custom Kicks (pb) Thames & Hudson
Helps in creating customized shoes. This book includes contributions from 150 artists and illustrators. It also examines the trend and asks: how did it start? What materials do the artists use? It contains tips and tricks on how to create customized shoes.
9781902686653 J. C. Suar?s The Big Book of Babies Thames & Hudson
9781416051749 R. Phillip Dellinger Year Book of Critical Care Medicine,2008 Elsevier Science
9784897375984 SPA-DE vol. 8: Feature: Stylistic and Decorative Tendencies ACC-distribution titles
Looks at how three-dimensional stylistic and decorative designs are being revived in contemporary commercial spaces by showing some typical examples. This book examines the position of modern design which has been occupying the mainstream. It contains 45 commercial interior designs from around the world.
9780916838645 S. Michael Schnessel Etchings of Louis Icart Schiffer
There are really two books in this volume; one an historical study of Parisian artist Louis Icarts famous etchings of the early twentieth century, and the other a chronological catalog of all of Icarts known etchings. Both sections are vital information for collectors, art historians and dealers who want to date, identify and interpret the work of this prolific, stylish, and reflective artist. During his forty year artistic career, Louis Icart portrayed beautiful women through joyful, witty, and often poignant images. Icarts etchings are once again being collected and adored, just as they were between the two world wars.
9780312359317 John Hart Down River Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS
9780192854292 Bohlman World Music Oxford Academ
Attempts to draw readers into a range of historical encounters, in which music had the power to evoke the exotic and to give voice to the voiceless. This work helps the reader witness music`s involvement in the modern world, but also the individual moments and particular histories that are crucial to an understanding of music`s diversity.
9781400080540 Zeitz, Joshua Flapper Random House (USA)
9780399533198 Edgar, Tom Film school confidential Random House (USA)
9780345460790 Hemingway, Amanda The Greenstone Grail Random House (USA)
9780345460820 Hemingway, Amanda The Poisoned Crown Random House (USA)
9780764315619 David Smith Patios, Driveways, and Plazas Schiffer
Concrete pavers are one of the hottest pavements around homes, commercial buildings, and urban spaces. Designers know that the selection of pavement patterns and colors have a big influence on the character of these places. In this book, youll learn the design vocabulary of basic paving patterns and progress to more intricate variations. Each of the 300-plus color photos demonstrates how specific patterns, colors, and textures enhance every outdoor environment - including patios, walkways, drives, and grand urban plazas. Some of the best projects from across North America illustrate this book. Written for landscape architects, architects, contractors, and homeowners alike, this is the design handbook for concrete pavers. Besides presenting a wealth of ideas, the book will enrich and build your design vocabulary and pattern language using concrete pavers.
9780007169948 Dr. Seuss If I Ran the Zoo HarperCollins UK
The crazy world of Gerald McGrew, is introduced in this book. He dreams of transforming his local zoo into a madcap menagerie of wierd and wonderful beasts. The amazing array of animals includes the incredible Thwerll, whose legs are snarled up in a terrible snerl.
9780521523059 Dirk H. A. Kolff Naukar, Rajput, and Sepoy Cambridge Academ
This is a study of an aspect of the ethnohistory of North Indian peasant society: the importance of its military labour market for state and sect formation, for social change as well as for the energetic survival strategies of the villages of Hindustan. It traces the history of the British Indian sepoy to at least as far back as the fifteenth century, firmly rooting him in Indias medieval past. It also shows that, from the anthropological point of view, not the hierarchically arranged castes, but the multiple alliances and fluid identities of the peasantry were the central phenomena of North Indian politics and decision making.
9780307389718 Smith, Scott The Ruins (MTI) Random House (USA)
9780007216673 Debra Dean Confessions of a Falling Woman HarperCollins UK
A collection of short stories from the acclaimed author of The Madonnas of Leningrad
9780007169955 Dr. Seuss There's a Wocket in My Pocket HarperCollins UK
With a host of crazy crackpot creatures, from wockets in pockets to waskets in baskets, this hilarious books helps young children set off on the road to reading.
9780007262717 Weisberger Lauren Chasing Harry Winston HarperCollins UK
9780764304859 Baker's Encyclopedia of Hatpins and Hatpin Holders Schiffer
This new edition of the classic reference is enhanced with hundreds of new color photographs depicting a wide array of collectors treasures. Victorian hatpins, required to fasten large hats, and the holders used to store them when not in use, are presented in close views with extensive text to interpret their use and place them among popular historical fashion accessories. Precious and everyday materials alike are found in hatpins, and the holders are generally glass or porcelain. This new book will be a valuable aid to collectors and all who are interested in period costume, jewelry, and memorabilia
9781416543657 Paul Larosa Nightmare in Napa: The Wine Country Murders TBS/GBS
9780852885567 Frank Miller 2200.1 ISLE OF WIGHT Daedalus
9780521033923 Edited by John Dixon Hunt The Italian Garden Cambridge Academ
Italian gardens vary widely according to their historical date and geographic location. This collection of essays approaches Italian gardens of all periods, from the Middle Ages to modern times, and it ranges widely throughout the peninsula, from Genoa to Sicily, the Veneto to Liguria, and Ferrara to Florence. The authors are a distinguished group of Italian, American, English and German scholars, with different backgrounds in art history, literature, architecture, planning and cultural history. Their explorations of the subject from these different perspectives illuminate not only their own disciplines, but are concerned to make many interesting connections between garden art and the politics of nationalism, between the art of gardens and urban infrastructure, between cultural movements like freemasonry and site planning, between design and planting materials.
9780593060308 Imogen Edwards Jones Pop Babylon Transworld Publishers
9780753823712 Bascombe Red Mutiny Orion Publishers
A gripping true story of mutiny, revolution and revenge.
9780141028415 Gerald Durrell The Corfu Trilogy Penguin Books Ltd
Contains three books - "My Family and Other Animals", "Birds, Beasts and Relatives" and "The Garden of the Gods". Offering portraits of the author`s family and their many unusual hangers-on, this work also captures the beginnings of his lifelong love of animals.
9780141012377 Susan Sontag Regarding the Pain of Others Penguin Books Ltd
From Goya`s Disasters of War to news footage and photographs of the conflicts in Vietnam, Rwanda and Bosnia, pictures have been charged with inspiring dissent, fostering violence or instilling apathy in us, the viewer. This is a brilliant analysis of our numbed response to the images of horror.
9780141318714 Anon Crazy Christmas Joke Book, The Penguin Books Ltd
9780521287890 Graham, Loren R. Science in Russia and the Soviet Union Cambridge Academ
By the 1980s the Soviet scientific establishment had become the largest in the world, but very little of its history was known in the West. What has been needed for many years in order to fill that gap in our knowledge is a history of Russian and Soviet science written for the educated person who would like to read one book on the subject. This book has been written for that reader. The history of Russian and Soviet science is a story of remarkable achievements and frustrating failures. That history is presented here in a comprehensive form, and explained in terms of its social and political context. Major sections include the tsarist period, the impact of the Russian Revolution, the relationship between science and Soviet society, and the strengths and weaknesses of individual scientific disciplines. The book also discusses the changes brought to science in Russia and other republics by the collapse of communism in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
9780141015033 Helen Dunmore Counting the Stars Penguin Books Ltd
In the sticky summer heat unruly desires stir the blood ...For Catullus, the brilliantly witty and outrageous young poet, and Clodia, his older, married lover, a borrowed villa in Rome is a secret, illicit meeting-place. When they are apart, Catullus burns with desire for `his girl`, while Clodia goes her own way among his rivals.
9780141025070 Martin Langfield The Secret Fire Penguin Books Ltd
In New York, in the year 2007, Katherine Reckliss learns her grandmother`s SOE radio has started picking up disturbing messages, warning that a V1 containing the Secret Fire - a weapon beyond all imagining that can wipe the enemies off the face of the earth - is being launched by the Nazis and its target is London.
9780194572132 Ashley, Oxford Handbook of Commercial Correspondence, New Edition: Handbook Oxford University Press
A revised and updated edition of this comprehensive guide to business correspondence.
9780006755210 Jones, Diana Wynne Eight days of Luke HarperCollins UK
David`s new friend Luke appears immediately whenever David strikes a match. Luke seems to have some extraordinary friends and relations and some very dark secrets. When David enters into a bargain with the mysterious one-eyed Mr Wedding, life gets very hot indeed!
9780582430945 Peng Pyr 1: Dick Whittington Pearson Education
Dick Whittington is off to seek his fortune in London, where people say that the streets are paved with gold.
9781843910367 Aretino, Pietro School of whoredom
Ingeniously subverting the Greek literary form, Aretino here presents a dialogue - not of profound philosophical thought - but of the art of prostitution.
9780340881545 Muchamore, Robert Class A Hodder
Keith Moore is Europe`s biggest cocaine dealer. The police have been trying to get enough evidence to nail him for more than twenty years. Now, four CHERUB agents are joining the hunt. Can a group of kids successfully infiltrate Keith Moore`s organisation, when dozens of attempts by undercover police officers have failed?
9781843910947 Collins, Wilkie Frozen deep
Exchanging vows of love with sailor Frank Aldersley the night before his departure, Clara Burnham is haunted by the memory of Richard Wardour, and his mistaken belief that they will one day marry. On different ships, the two men have no cause to meet - until disaster strikes and they find themselves united by their battle for survival.
9780582825178 Cunningham, Sarah Moor, Peter Cutting Edge Intermediate Students Book New Edition Pearson Education
The New Cutting Edge Student Books combine the comprehensive syllabus and reliable teaching resources that have made the course so popular, with brand-new features, making it even fresher and easier to use.
9780470820674 Wertime, Kent Building brands and believers Wiley
Argues that while products are becoming more alike, brands can avoid commoditization by drawing on the rich language of archetypes to tap into more unconscious and emotional levels that influence consumer perception and preference. This book offers insights into the ways in which companies connect with consumers.
9780415093538 Symington, Joan Symington, Neville Clinical thinking of Wilfred Bion Taylor&Francis
Psychoanalysis seen through the eyes is a radical departure from all conceptualizations which preceded him. The Symingtons explain Bion`s concepts in relation to clinical practice; each chapter looking in depth at a particular theme.
9780300124064 Age of Rembrandt in New York: Dutch Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Yale University Press
The Metropolitan Museum`s extraordinary holdings of Dutch paintings include works by Frans Hals, Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch, Gerard ter Borch, and others. This account traces the formation of the Metropolitan`s collection from its beginnings in 1871 onwards.
9781904317364 Definitive guide to betting on sports
From athletics to Australian rugby league and from snooker to speedway, this book includes all the information that the sports gambler needs to consider to ensure that their money doesn`t go to the dogs.
9780099289401 Maugham, W.somerset Don fernando Random House
Discusses the writings of St. Teresa and the paintings of El Greco, and comments with sagacity and wit on such illustrious figures as Cervantes, Velazquez and the creator of Don Juan. This title is full of happy surprises, curious facts and stimulating opinions that reflects the author`s lifelong enchantment with the landscape and people of Spain.
9781841722924 Ryland Peters & Small (Manufactured by) My baby`s journal
9780099468196 Grisham John Bleachers Random House
High school All-American Neely Crenshaw was probably the best quarterback to play for the legendary Messina Spartans. Fifteen years later, Neely has come home to bury Coach Eddie Rake. As Coach Rake`s `boys` sit in the bleachers, they replay the old glories, and try to decide once and for all whether they love Eddie Rake or hate him.
9780582451766 Allsop, Jake Test Your : Verbs Pearson Education
One of nine books in the Test Your series - language practice with a difference! Ideal for self-study and classroom use.
9781931412889 Alexander, Skye 10-minute feng shui Rockport/Rotovision
With simple tips to bring more wealth, love, success and happiness into readers` lives, this book takes the mystery out of feng shui. It shows readers quick little things they can do - like hanging a mirror or closing a door - to create more positive energy in their surroundings.
9780521692779 Terry L. Deibel Foreign Affairs Strategy Cambridge Academ
This is a book on how to think - strategically - about foreign policy. Focusing on American foreign policy, this book discusses the national interest as a concept in strategic logic and describes how to select objectives that will take advantage of opportunities to promote interests, while protecting them against threats. It also discusses national power and influence, as well as the political, informational, economic, and military instruments of state power. Based on a graphic model that illustrates strategic logic, the book uses examples from recent American statecraft. It ends with an extended critique of current American foreign policy and a detailed outline of an alternative strategy that is better suited to the problems of the 21st century.
9780521453936 Edited by John A. J. Barbara Transfusion Microbiology Cambridge Academ
Extensive measures are taken to ensure that blood transfusion poses a minimal microbiological hazard to recipients. Transfusion Microbiology is the definitive text on all aspects of transfusion transmitted infections. This comprehensive text covers all medical, scientific, technical and developmental aspects of this critically important sector of transfusion medicine. A detailed discussion of all infective agents, donor issues, testing and pathogen inactivation is provided. Agents causing major concern recently, such as vCJD, are considered in the context of historical experience with agents such as HIV. All aspects of risk assessment, regulation, cost benefit analysis and quality management are reviewed. Relevant to blood transfusion centres, hospital transfusion laboratories, haematologists and microbiologists, medical, scientific and technical staff, universities and general training programmes worldwide, Transfusion Microbiology provides an up-to-date resource for all practitioners and researchers involved in transfusion medicine.
9781461400875 Richardson Atlas of Pediatric Cardiac CTA Springer
9781461408383 Owens Handbook of Endovascular Peripheral Interventions Springer
The Handbook of Endovascular Peripheral Interventions has been written to serve as a comprehensive guide for both the beginner and advanced interventionalist. Covering all aspects of percutaneous peripheral vascular interventions, each chapter of this highly illustrated book provides a brief background, etiology, clinical presentation, imaging, and percutaneous treatment of different vascular conditions. Importantly, Tips of the Trade and How I Do It sections within each chapter make the handbook practical for daily use. These invaluable pearls are provided by contributing chapter authors who are experts in the field. Edited by Dr. Christopher D. Owens (Division of Vascular Surgery) and Dr. Yerem Yeghiazarians (Division of Interventional Cardiology), from the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, the Handbook of Endovascular Peripheral Interventions is a collaborative effort between cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and radiologists. Since each subspecialty brings unique expertise and experience to the field, this handbook will be a valuable resource for all physicians currently working in peripheral vascular interventions.
9780199592173 Crouch, Colin; Maclean, Camilla The Responsible Corporation in a Global Economy Oxford Academ
9780141037943 Bryan Burrough Public Enemies [Film Tie-in] Penguin Books Ltd
In the summer of 1933 a group of chancers, misfits and psychopaths took to the American road. Fuelled by the Depression, fast cars and cheap guns, these freelance gangsters terrorized a swathe of banks and drugstores across the Midwest. This book features the story of these outlaws whose exploits became folklore.
9780297844969 Klinger, Ron Power of shape Orion Publishers
Described by the American Bridge Federation Newsletter as essential reading for those wishing to update their game and keep up with the times.
9780738711164 Mcrae, Cricket Lye in wait
Cocoa butter soap, check. Lemon lip balm, check. A dead body? That`s just what Sophie Mae Reynolds finds in her workroom. He died from drinking lye, something she has in good supply. But the police don`t suspect Sophie Mae. Instead they call it a suicide. But why would a man with lottery cash and a loving fiancee kill himself?
9783937946160 Cooper, Martha Street play
9781843833512 Egan, Geoff Pritchard, Frances Dress accessories, c.1150-c.1450 Boydell & Brewer
Brooches, rings, buckles, pendants, buttons, purses and other accessories were part of everyday dress in the middle ages. This book describes and discusses over two thousand such items dating from the period 1150-1450, found in archaeological excavations in London. It is suitable for general reader interested in costume and design.
9781850082880 Cardwell, Mike Psychology as
Combines good psychology with effective exam performance. This title provides exam-focused coverage of various concepts, studies and terms. It features full colour, highly illustrated, magazine-style double-page spreads which are student-friendly. It offers examiner advice throughout. It contains host of accompanying support materials.
9780786432974 Stanley kubrick Eurospan
Presents 17 essays which examine the career and films of director Stanley Kubrick. This collection provides a case study of "Eyes Wide Shut", with four very different essays focusing on the film`s use of sound, its representation of gender, its "carnivalesque" qualities, and its phenomenological nature. It also discusses his impact on filmmakers.
9780340875582 Sharratt, Nick Robinson, Hilary Mixed up fairy tales Hodder
What would happen if Goldilocks had two horrid stepsisters and fell asleep for a hundred years? Would she be woken by a hungry wolf or Little Red Riding Hood`s Granny? This book allows the reader to mix and match different combinations of fairy tales with hilarious results.
9780746067789 Jack and the beanstalk Usborne
Retells Johanna Spyri`s classic "Heidi", following the exploits of the orphaned youngster who is sent to live in the Alps with her grumpy grandfather; and humorously revisits the classic tale of "Jack and the Beanstalk". These two illustrated gift editions in the "Usborne Young Reading" series are published in hardback with a ribbon marker.
9780552554756 Priestly, Chris Death and the arrow Random House
When Tom and Dr Harker hear a curious murder in the city, with the victim pierced by an arrow and left holding an illustrated card of `Death and the Arrow`, they are both intrigued by the mystery. As subsequent `Death and the Arrow` victims are discovered, the mystery closes ever more tightly round the city and intrudes even into Tom`s own life.
9780582451711 Allsop, Jake Test Your : Phrasal Verbs Pearson Education
One of nine books in the Test Your series - language practice with a difference! Ideal for self-study and classroom use.
9780194311298 Oxford Guide to British and American Culture Oxford University Press
Everything you need to know about British and American culture in the 21st century.
9780553815856 Child, Lee Enemy Random House
Lee Child`s new stomach-churning, palm-sweating thriller turns back the clock to Jack Reacher`s army days. For the first time we meet a younger Reacher, a Reacher not yet disillusioned with military life. A Reacher with family. A Reacher in dogtags and starched uniform who imposes army discipline, if only in his own pragmatic way.
9783836503181 Escher, graphic work Taschen
9781405880664 Jan Thorburn PLPRES:New Zealand Adventure, The Bk/CD Pack Pearson Education
Original / British English (Available February 2008) Sarah and Jessica arrive in New Zealand for a holiday. They find a mobile phone in the taxi from the airport. It is Michael`s mobile, but they can`t find him? He has messages from home are they important? Go with the girls on a New Zealand adventure.
9780746080795 Bingham, Jane Story of trains Usborne
Aimed at children whose reading ability is beginning to grow. This title helps build confidence and ability.
9781405865241 G.H.Wells War of the Worlds, The Pearson Education
Classic / British English (Available April 2008) The War of the Worlds is one of the most frightening science fiction novels ever written. When a spaceship falls from the sky and lands in southern England, few people are worried. But when strange creatures climb out and start killing, nobody is safe.
9781405029087 Kerr, Philip Kay, Sue Jones, Vaughan Inside out pre-intermediate Macmillan ELT
9781405844116 Straker, Anita Fisher, Tony Hyde, Rosalyn Jennings Exploring maths class book Pearson Education
"Exploring maths" the new Framework course from Anita Straker Written for the new key stage 3 Programme of Study and Framework.
9781405848282 Bygrave Total English Starter Students Book + DVD Pack Pearson Education
9781905428021 Warren, Harriet Hedonist`s guide to Moscow Marco Polo
Designed to appeal to young professionals (25-45 year olds), this text includes 150 word reviews for each venue mentioned, ratings for every hotel and restaurant and photographs of every establishment reviewed. The clear colour coded maps pinpoints all individual listings and simple layouts and reviews make it simple to use.
9781405095860 Writing In Paragraphs Student's Book Macmillan ELT
9781405862479 Du Maurier Daphne Penguin Readers New Edition Level 5 Rebecca Pearson Education
Classic / British English (Available February 2008) After the death of his beautiful wife Rebecca, Maxim de Winter goes to Monte Carlo to forget the past. There he meets and marries a quiet young woman and takes her back to Manderley, his family home in Cornwall. But will the memory of Rebecca destroy the new marriage?
9781405862356 Edgar Allen Poe PLPR3: Fall of the House of Usher and Other Stories, The Pearson Education
9781841622149 Hayne, Tricia Cayman islands Bradt
Renowned for some of the world`s best diving and snorkelling, the Cayman islands also offer numerous other activities. This guide offers historical background information and natural history for those who want to dig deeper and unlock the true spirit of Cayman.
9780194790550 Escott, John Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 2: Dead Man's Island Oxford University Press
Mr Ross lives on an island where no visitors come. He stops people from taking photographs of him. He is young and rich, but he looks sad. And there is one room in his house which is always locked. Carol Sanders and her mother come to the island to work for Mr Ross. Carol soon decides that there is something very strange about Mr Ross. Where did he get his money from? How can a young man buy an island? So she watches, and she listens - and one night she learns what is behind the locked door.
9780713674620 Robison, Jim Large-scale ceramics A & C Black
Large-scale ceramics demand a number of considerations that do not concern most ceramicists: kiln size, assembling, weatherproofing and installation are some of the things that must be taken into account. This book discusses these issues as well as giving advice on obtaining and handling commissions.
9780486466842 Altmann Scott Fairy Fashion Dover
9781845298111 Pannett, Mike Now then lad...
Yorkshireman Mike Pannett has just taken up a new posting as a local bobby in rural North Yorkshire. It`s quite a change from the Met, where he dealt with riots on the capital`s streets and drug gangs in Battersea, and found out what it was like to stare down the wrong end of a sawn-off shotgun.
9780810971202 Yves Saint Laurent Abrams
Yves Saint Laurent`s signature design style is marked by its intertwining of references from the art world with those of popular culture and social revolution. This book presents a survey of the history of the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house.
9781844285648 Tavares, Matt `Twas the night before christmas Walker Books
A carefully recreated, original version of the well-loved Christmas poem. Before 1823, most children outside Holland and Germany didn`t even know who Santa was. Then, in 1823, a New York newspaper printed an anonymous poem entitled "An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas".
9780746063200 Amery, Heather Barn on fire Usborne
9780743299411 No one belongs here more/you Simon & Schuster
9781416950189 Spiderwick 2 Seeing Movie Spiderwick 2 Seeing Movie Simon & Schuster
9781847391858 Sandford, John Dark side of the moon Simon&Schuster UK
The heart-pounding new thriller from the bestselling author of the PREY novels
9781405882613 Grisham John Penguin Readers New Edition Level 6 Chamber, The Book Pearson Education
9781405882552 Grisham John Penguin Readers New Edition Level 5 Time to Kill, Book Pearson Education
Contemporary / American English (Available June 2008) Ten-year-old Tonya Hailey is attacked and raped by two local men. Carl Lee, Tonya`s father, shoots them. Now only his lawyer and friend, Jake Brigance, stands between him and the electric chair. Is there a legal defense for Carl Lee`s actions?
9780194791229 Segal, Erich Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 3: Love Story Oxford University Press
This is a love story you won't forget. Oliver Barrett meets Jenny Cavilleri. He plays sports, she plays music. He's rich, and she's poor. They argue, and they fight, and they fall in love. So they get married, and make a home together. They work hard, they enjoy life, they make plans for the future. Then they learn that they don't have much time left. Their story has made people laugh, and cry, all over the world.
9780500287712 Spivey, Nigel Panorama of the Classical World Thames & Hudson
The starting-point for everything we understand about philosophy, science, literature and art, the world of ancient Greece and Rome makes an extraordinary story in its own right. This book brings Greeks, Etruscans and Romans to life for the general reader, and expands the knowledge of the professional scholar.
9780300119299 Hart Sir John Vanbrugh Yale University Press
This engaging and beautifully illustrated book looks at the remarkable life and work of Sir John Vanbrugh (1664-1726) - by turns businessman, soldier, playwright, and (despite lacking either training or qualifications) the architect of some of the most important country houses of his era. Architectural historian Vaughan Hart examines Vanbrugh's surviving, destroyed, and unrealized buildings, among them Castle Howard and Blenheim Palace, outlining the contemporary political and social events that influenced their design and showing how these strikingly original buildings can be interpreted through reference to classical mythology, Renaissance fortifications, and medieval houses.
9780781782579 Fadem BRS Behavioral Science, 5 ed Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Covers material on Behavioral Science that is addressed on USMLE Step 1, written in outline format to provide a method of studying behavioral science for USMLE. This book includes 500 USMLE-style questions with accompanying annotated answers.
9780224087148 Palahniuk Chuck Pygmy Random House
9780099514770 Green, Sam Flight into Danger Random House
9780099520887 Hoffman, Eva Illuminations Random House
Isabel Merton is a renowned concert pianist whose playing is marked by rare intensity. Isabel meets Anzor Islikhanov, a political exile from war-torn Chechnya driven by a powerful desire to help and avenge his people. As their paths cross in several cities, they are drawn to each other - until a menacing incident throws Isabel into crisis.
9780141191072 Celia Fiennes Through England on a Side Saddle Penguin Books Ltd
Taking us on a journey through England, this title records various sights and experiences of the author`s adventure, from her delight at countryside cakes and the beauty of remote landscapes, to the challenges of disagreeable landladies, choppy sea crossings and a troublesome horse. It gives a glimpse into an England of bustling industry.
9781841622040 Buckley, Michael Shangri-la Bradt
Including parts of southwest China, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim and Ladakh, this is the first travel guide to the mythical land of Shangri-La. Covering the most remote areas of the region, it focuses on major mountain peaks and treks in each area.
9780521720335 Ellis, Harold Cambridge illustrated history of surgery Cambridge Academ
Written in a lively and engaging style, by a medical author and teacher of great renown, this book provides a fascinating and informative introduction to the development of surgery through the ages. It illustrates some of the key advances in surgery from primitive techniques such as trepanning, through some of the gruesome but occasionally successful methods employed by the ancient civilisations, the increasingly sophisticated techniques of the Greeks and Romans, the advances of the Dark Ages and the Renaissance and on to the early pioneers of anaesthesia and antisepsis such as Morton, Lister and Pasteur. Heavily illustrated in colour, The Cambridge Illustrated History of Surgery is the only serious choice for a reader wanting a lively and informative single-volume introduction to surgical history.
9780007286416 Travers, P. L. Mary Poppins HarperCollins UK
The Banks children, Jane and Michael, change nannies just about as often as most people change their clothes. It`s not that they`re naughty, exactly -- just awkward. Everyone in the household is at their wits` end with them -- until Mary Poppins arrives! The Classic tale from P.L Travers.
9780192807151 Rossetti, Christina Poems and prose Oxford Academ
This edition brings together the fullest range of Rossetti`s poetry and prose in one volume, including `Goblin Market`, stories (the complete text of Maude), devotional prose, and personal letters. The poetry is arranged in a single chronological sequence to show Rossetti`s poetic development.
9780307455314 Linda Fairstein Killer heat Random House (USA)
9781603274326 Russell D. Cohen (Ed.) Inflammatory bowel disease Springer
As in the first edition of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases this new edition continues to provide readers with a concise, yet in-depth review of many of the important areas in the history, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of the inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease), as well as associated issues: extraintestinal manifestations, ostomy care, women's issues, economics, etc. This Second Edition provides the reders with up-to-date, state-of-the art approaches to these disease states, with expansion into the newer topics that have emerged in the past few years which include the expansion of biological agents for treatment, new studies in the epidemiology of IBD, the changing economics of IBD, breakthroughs in new endoscopic evaluations, major advances in novel radiographic techniques, the detection of colorectal cancer in patients with IBD and new findings in the genetics of IBD. New Trend / Developments (* These all emerged since our last edition) The most critical trend that has arisen over the past few years has been the introduction and expansion of biological agents in the treatment of inflammatory diseases worldwide. While only one agent, infliximab (Remicade), existed at the time of publication of my first edition, there have been multiple other agents either approved or pending approval for the treatments of these diseases, or in the upper-stages of development. The impact is not only upon the patients, but also on the health-care providers, policy makers, researchers, biotech and pharmacompanies, and the business community. Major changes worldwide in the epidemiology of IBD has spurred new studies in the demographics of who is getting these diseases and why. Previously characterized as diseases primarily affected Caucasians in industrialized countries, there has been an explosion of growth amongst the African American and Hispanic populations in the United States, and well as in pockets of these and other ethnic groups worldwide. The economics of IBD has been changing greatly, given the issues raised above, as well as major changes in the United States Medicare program, and other insurance changes. The growing proportion of the GNP that healthcare costs are consuming in the US and worldwide has shifted attention to decreasing utilization of health care services, and other cost-savings measures. Again, up to this point this has been an exclusive part of our IBD book. New findings in the genetics of IBD have been recently published. Our first edition had the finding of the first Crohns disease gene inserted just before going to press; so much has been published about the phenotypes and other genotypes that have emerged. Breakthroughs in new endoscopic evaluations of the bowel (ie. Capsule endoscopy, double-balloon enteroscopy, endoscopic ultrasound) and their use in the inflammatory bowel diseases will be a key highlight of this new book. Major advances in novel radiographic techniques employed in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (ie. CT enterography, MR enterography, advanced ultrasounds, etc.) will also an important component of our work. There have been numerous areas related to the development and detection of colorectal cancer in patients with IBD that have emerged in the past few years. Techniques of better detection (ie. Narrow band imaging; special mucosal staining; endoscopic histological evaluations) as well as research in the putative role of mesalamine and other agents for colorectal cancer prevention are all hot topics that will attract much interest from a variety of interest groups I described above. Identification of additional disease states that probably belong in the IBD family, such as microscopic colitis (including lymphocytic colitis), and collagenous colitis add to the diseases that will be discussed in this new edition.
9781588297662 Jasvir S. Khurana (Ed.) Bone Pathology Springer
Reflects advances in our understanding of the molecular biology of bone. This book covers soft-tissue sarcomas, soft-tissue tumors, Soft-tissue pathology and Biomechanics. It is suitable for surgical pathology residents as well as practicing pathologists, skeletal radiologists, orthopedic surgeons and medical students.
9781603275354 Kevin T. McVary (Ed.) Contemporary Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: Springer
Erectile dysfunction can affect all age groups. Numerous physical and emotional risk factors may contribute to the problem. These risk factors can range from chronic diseases and medications to psychological factors. In the U.S. alone, it has been estimated that 18 to 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. This number has increased significantly as awareness of the disorder has heightened. Researchers and health care professionals now have a better understanding of what causes erectile dysfunction and the effective medications and non-medication treatments used to treat the condition. Comprehensive and state-of-the-art, Contemporary Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: A Clinical Guide synthesizes the literature and covers all aspects of treating erectile dysfunction and other related male sexual dysfunctions. This invaluable title offers all physicians, residents, and fellows -- and even medical students and other health professionals such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants an essential reference for enhancing diagnosis and treatment of this debilitating disorder.
9782888930648 Charlotte Rivers Mag Art: Innovation in Magazine Design Rockport/Rotovision
From mass-market to exclusive, limited-edition magazines, "Mag-Art" explores both the creative inspiration behind the work - the artwork and photography, typography, paper stock and materials, printing techniques, finishes, and formats - and the practical considerations of magazine production - inclusion of essential advertisements, navigation, credits captions, and budgets. "Mag-Art" analyzes format, pagination, layout, art direction, production values, and style, and reveals emerging trends in the industry, what makes a magazine successful, and how good design works. This definitive volume will arm designers with the tools to create innovative magazines that are covetable, collectible objects.
9780486990262 Weller Alan Art Nouveau: Second Series Dover
9780486990057 Weller Alan Geometric Vector Designs +CD Dover
9780486990255 Weller Alan Victorian Vector Designs + CD Dover
9781844845880 Uspensky Hiroshige ACC-distribution titles
9780847831944 Preston Bailey Preston Bailey Celebrations Rizzoli
A stunningly packaged book showcasing hundreds of creative ideas from the most vibrant, exuberant event planner and floral couturier working today.
9780789399557 Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr. Winslow Homer Watercolors Rizzoli USA
One hundred of Winslow Homers masterpieces reproduced on special watercolor paper.
9780142437292 Bellow, Saul Herzog Random House (USA)
9780143112518 Pollard, Justin; Reid, Howard Rise and Fall of Alexandria, The Random House (USA)
9780451226495 White, Karen Lost Hours, The Random House (USA)
9780794605735 Nolan Stephen Pocket Burmese Dictionary Tuttle
A companion for visitors to Burma/Mynamar as well as for those in the early stages of learning the language, this dictionary contains 3,000 words in each section (Burmese-English/English-Burmese) - the most commonly used words that are likely to be encountered in colloquial, everyday speech. It also includes a pronunciation and spelling guide.
9781592332007 Family Manager'S Guide To S Rockport/Rotovision
Summer holidays can be a wonderful bonding time for parents and their children...if it's done right! In "The Family Manager's Guide to Summer Survival", best-selling author Kathy Peel shows you how to make the most of the summer months with activities, learning experiences, trips and more. Plus, she'll show you the top ten ways to answer the cries of "I'm bored!" with creative activities that teach children skills and values. The ultimate guide for school vacation for both - working and stay-at-home mums, this book will help parents give their children summers to remember!
9780751542455 Steel Danielle Crossings Little, Brown
At journey's end would a new life begin? When Liane crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Europe, the future seemed bright and beautiful. Only the image of a face haunted her new life in France. Then the Second World War sent her on a fateful crossing, leaving her husband far behind.

Suspended between two worlds, Liane was swept into a passionate affair, a bright brief moment of total happiness. Would the voyage seal her love for ever, or leave her stranded on the shores of heartbreak and despair?
9780751542387 Steel Danielle Once in a lifetime Little, Brown
A queen of hearts ...alone To the doctors the woman in the ambulance was just another casualty ? just more beautiful than most, more badly hurt, like a delicate damaged butterfly ...surely someone was waiting for her to come home? Surely a husband or a lover would call? Daphne Fields is loved and known by millions. Her novels turn pain to joy, give her readers hope and the promise of new love when tears blind them. Her stories are drawn from her own struggle: to choose between two men ...to choose between being a mother, an artist, or a lover.

She has now found strength, friendship, passion ...but now, when she needs it, can she hope to find the reality of true love more than once in a lifetime?
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