9780194386487 Gude, Kathy; Wildman, Jane; Duckworth, Michael New Matrix Foundation: Class Audio CDs (2) Oxford University Press
9780415682497 E. Mishan Economic Myths and the Mythology of Economics Taylor&Francis
First published in 1986, Economic Myths and the Mythology of Economics is a polemical study in which the author focuses on the popular myths and misconceptions that colour our understanding of economic issues.
9781401237653 Johns Geoff Justice League Vol. 2: The Villain's Journey (the New 52) Random House (USA)
9781781640968 Vocabulary Files C2 SB
9783822859865 Gauguin: Basic Art Album Taschen
9781408828113 Lahiri Jhumpa Lowland HB Bloomsbury
9781451192582 Berguer Function and Surgery of the Carotid and Vertebral Arteries Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
9781451185003 Irwin R. Irwin&Rippe's Manual of intensive Care Medicine. 6 ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
9780486779461 Dover Masterworks: Color Your Own Renoir Paintings Dover
More experienced colorists and admirers of Pierre-Auguste Renoir will love these magnificent recreations of the master's works. Thirty sensuous scenes of beautiful women, flowers, and atmospheric landscapes include On the Terrace, Woman with a Fan, Luncheon of the Boating Party, and Girls at the Piano. Illustrations are printed on only one side of perforated pages.
9780486779508 Dover Masterworks: Color Your Own Van Gogh Paintings Dover
Express your creativity with 30 meticulously rendered black-and-white drawings of van Gogh masterpieces. Bring alive skillful adaptations of Sunflowers, Starry Night, Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe, The Church at Auvers, and many more. The illustrations are printed on only one side of perforated pages, making it easy for artists to remove and display their finished pieces.
9781849760560 Gravett Paul Comics Art
9781406352429 Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson The bane chronicles Walker Books
9780785185475 Deadpool by Daniel Way: The Complete Collection Volume 2 Hachette Book Group
Deadpool wants to be an X-Man. And he's not going to let anyone stand in his way - not even the X-Men. When Cyclops announces to the world that the X-Men are constructing an island haven for mutants, Wade Wilson decides it's time for him to join the revolution. But he soon find outs that big guns and a healing factor don't an X-Man make. Then, Deadpool must team-up with Spider-Man to go after the most dangerous threat he's ever faced. Collecting: Deadpool 13-31
9781480057661 Jenkyns, Brenda (Author), Garren, Kathy (Illustrat Forever Loved
9780764343940 Panzer Feldjacke: German Armored Crew Uniforms of the Second World War, v. 3 Schiffer
Few items of Third Reich militaria collecting hold as much fascination as the uniforms of the German armoured forces. Germany revolutionised armoured warfare and in the process developed some of the most striking uniforms ever worn. This four volume set by Scott Pritchett leverages research from vast amounts of information and sources as well as the superb books written in the last several decades by the most notable collector/historians to cover the topic. The uniforms and insignia of all branches of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS who wore them are detailed in over 5,600 illustrations made available through unprecedented access to the best Panzer collections worldwide. The four volumes cover: Volume 1: Heer - Part 1; Volume 2: Heer - Part 2; Volume 3: SS-VT & Waffen-SS; Volume 4: Luftwaffe.
9780500291269 Langmead, Jeremy The Mr Porter Paperback Thames & Hudson
9781419706745 Meller Susan Silk and Cotton Abrams
The traditional textiles of Central Asia are an unknown treasure, now revealed in this beautiful and authoritative book. Straddling the legendary Silk Road, this vast region stretches from the Caspian Sea in the west to the Gobi Desert in the east and is home to hundreds of tribes. Whether nomadic or sedentary, its peoples created textiles that related to every aspect of their way of life, from ceremonial objects marking rites of passage to everyday garments to practical items for the home. There were suzanis for the marriage bed; niche covers; prayer mats; patchwork bedding quilts; camel trappings for Turkmen bridal processions; bags for tea, scissors and mirrors; lovingly embroidered children's hats and bibs and robes of every colour and pattern. Author Susan Meller has spent years assembling the extraordinary collection of 590 textiles illustrated in this book. She documents their history, use and meaning through equally rare archival photographs and deep research in the fascinating body of travellers' reports left by explorers, adventurers, geologists, ethnographers, missionaries, clergymen, journalists, merchants, diplomats, counter-revolutionaries and spies of many nations over the centuries. Her book will be a revelation to designers, collectors and Asian travelers and is destined to become a classic
9781118406465 Haycock Cotton and Williams' Practical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Wiley
Translated into seven languages, Cotton and Williams' Practical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy has for the last 25 years been the basic primer for endoscopy around the world, providing clear, clinical and practical guidance on the fundamentals of end
9781108028851 Satow A Guide to Diplomatic Practice Cambridge Academ
9780521102513 Patman, Robert G. Soviet union in the horn of africa Cambridge Academ
This is an attempt to address the paradoxes of Soviet behaviour in the Horn of Africa. Dr Patman, editor of the journal Third World in Soviet Perspective, traces the impact of history, superpower relationships and competition on Soviet perceptions and motives. Dr Patman provides a careful historical background to the recent conflicts and shows how the Soviet Union and its East European partners dramatically switched from being close allies of Somalia to allies of Ethiopia and then intervened in the Ethiopian-Somali war of 19778 to ensure the military defeat of their former ally. However, he does not confine himself simply to retrospective analysis. He also assesses the Soviet experience in the region in the period since 1978, and considers in particular the impact of Gorbachev's thinking and the new diplomacy. The Soviet Union in the Horn of Africa provides the most detailed examination yet of Soviet policy.
9783060239726 Jin Friederike Grammatik aktiv (A1-B1)
9781409127956 Richell, Hannah The Shadow Year Orion Publishers
9780486261232 Gathings, Evelyn Old-Fashioned Children Paper Dolls Dover
9781842657737 Harish Kumar Chopra; Anupama Parmar; P S Panesar. Bio-organic Chemistry Alpha Science
9781409329251 Istanbul 2014 Dorling Kindersley
The DK Eyewitness Istanbul Travel Guide will lead you straight to the best attractions Istanbul has to offer. The guide includes unique cutaways, floorplans and reconstructions of the city's stunning architecture, plus 3D aerial views of the key districts to explore on foot. You'll find detailed listings of the best hotels, restaurants, bars and shops for all budgets in this fully updated and expanded guide, plus insider tips on everything from where to find the best markets and nightspots to great attractions for children. The uniquely visual DK Eyewitness Travel Guide also includes in-depth coverage of all the unforgettable sights and comes complete with a free pull-out city map, clearly marked with sights from the guidebook and an easy-to-use street index. The map has detailed street views of all the key areas, plus there are transport maps and information on how to get around the city, and there's even a chart showing the distances between major sights for walkers.
9780007442874 Sidney Sheldon and Tilly Bagshawe Sidney Sheldon's the Tides of Memory HarperCollins UK
9780141192239 Vladimir Nabokov Letters to V?ra Penguin Books Ltd
9781405917391 Alex Grecian The Devil's Workshop Penguin Books Ltd
9781489993984 Brauer, Fred, Castillo-Chavez, Carlos Mathematical Models in Population Biology and Epidemiology Springer
9781409127963 Lezanne Clannachan Jellybird Orion Publishers
9781473204294 Dmitry Glukhovsky Metro 2034 Orion Publishers
The basis of two bestselling computer games Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light the Metro books have put Dmitry Glukhovsky in the vanguard of Russian speculative fiction alongside the creator of Nightwatch, Sergei Lukanenkyo. A year after the events of Metro 2033 the last few survivors of the apocalypse, surrounded by mutants and monsters face a terrifying new danger as they hang on for survival in the tunnels of the Moscow Metro. Featuring blistering action, vivid and tough characters, claustrophobic tension and dark satire the Metro books have become bestsellers across Europe.
9788857219691 Bowlt, John E. Of Peace and War Thames & Hudson
Assembled during the last twenty years, the Jose Maria Castane collection of paintings, drawings, and prints constitutes a panorama of late nineteenth and early twentieth century Russian art, one of the most exciting moments of modern cultural history. Unlike other representations in the West, however, the Castane collection does not focus exclusively on the avant-garde, Socialist Realism or the dissident movement, but, instead, offers a broader and sometimes alternative enquiry into the history of the Russian visual arts, acquainting us with often unfamiliar works by luminaries such as Leon Bakst, Aleksandr Deineka, and Liubov Popova as well as with less celebrated names such as Aleksandr Chirkov, Nikolai Lapshin, and Aleksandr Venedernikov. With full curatorial descriptions, biographies, critical essays, and artists statements (for the most part, published for the first time in English), Of Peace and War pays homage to the initiative and foresight of a private collector and to the purposefulness and enthusiasm which molded the selection.
9783836532167 Golden Reuel New York. Portrait of a City Taschen
9781847960719 Rieber Marie Therese Liberty of London Treasures Carlton Books
This heritage brand with its foot firmly in the future is known for its eclectic, avant-garde design and unmistakeable Art Fabrics. The book showcases not only its historic beginnings, from Arthur Liberty's 'Eastern Bazaar' to its Art Nouveau furniture, jewellery and clothing designs, whimsical window displays and the iconic Art Fabrics, but also to the innovations in design and printmaking today.
9780230443853 Skillful Foundation Teacher's Book Listening&Speaking & Digibook & CD Macmillan ELT
9780071807395 Wightwick Jane Way-Cool French Phrase Book McGraw-Hill
9780071807418 Wightwick Jane Way-Cool Spanish Phrasebook
9780310738305 Lewis Gregg, Lewis Deborah Shaw Gifted Hands, Revised Kids Edition: The Ben Carson Story
9781781681749 Pfaller Robert On the Pleasure Principle in Culture: Illusions Without Owners
9780847842988 Deitch Jeffrey, Gruen Julia, Geiss Suzanne Keith Haring Rizzoli
9781781682708 Gros Frederic A Philosophy of Walking
9780062192141 Silver Eve Rush: The Game: Book 1 HarperCollins USA
9781447232766 Hans Olav Lahlum The Human Flies Pan Macmillan
9789089643780 Kott Sandrine, Romijn Peter, Hoffmann Stefan-Ludwi Seeking Peace in the Wake of War: The Reconfiguration of Europe, 1943-1947 NBN International
9781447266822 Jay Bonansinga And Robert Kirkman Walking Dead: Fall of the Governor Part Two Pan Macmillan
9780195399639 Bergan John J., Bunke Nisha, Bunke-Paquette Nisha The Vein Book Oxford Academ
9781444762433 Sabine Durrant Under Your Skin Hodder
9781447268246 Axel Scheffler Pip the Dog and Freddy the Frog Pan Macmillan
9780230458444 Open Mind British English Pre-Intermediate Workbook without key & CD Macmillan ELT
9783901644252 Jean Epstein (German-language Edition Only) - Bonjour Cinema Wiley
9781419711657 Arndt Ingo Animal Architecture Abrams
9780751547184 Kelley Armstrong Omens Little, Brown
9780812999006 Rachel Joyce Perfect Random House (USA)
9781780764597 Putin and the Oligarchs HB I B Tauris
9788874396627 Hauptman William Samuel Hieronymus Grimm (1733-1794) Abrams
Samuel Hieronymus Grimm (1733-1794) recorded, in watercolour and pen and ink, great historical events as well as everyday English life in the 18th century. Born near Bern, Switzerland, Grimm moved to London in 1768 and began an unrivalled career documenting the landscape and antiquities of Britain and gaining a reputation for accuracy and speed. His extensive travels resulted in more than 2,600 drawings and watercolours, ranging from pure landscape to highly valuable scenes of country life of the day. Grimm also published witty political and social caricatures. This new book, published to accompany an exhibition at the Kunstmuseum, Bern, opens a window onto 18th-century England.
9783126051187 Kolja und die Liebe + CD A2 Klett
9780914098720 Michael Spivak A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry, Vol. 3 Alibris(Ingram)
9781781856970 Roberts Andrew Holy Fox
9781851497546 Worlds Most Expensive Watches Antique Collectors Club Ltd
9781118736968 Goddard Blythe Neuromotor Immaturity in Children and Adults: The INPP Screening Test for Clinicians and Health Practitioners Wiley
Undiagnosed neuromotor immaturity is increasingly being held responsible for a broad range of symptoms, including anxiety, behavioral disorders, and learning difficulties. Available to healthcare professionals for the first time, this book contains proven
9780323241472 Wilson, Nizet, Maldonado, Remington & Klein Remington and Klein's Infectious Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn Elsevier Science
9780241003312 Darragh McKeon All That is Solid Melts into Air Penguin Books Ltd
9781781683231 Grant Melissa Gira Playing the Whore
9781438003672 Green Sharon Weiner Barron's SAT, 27th Edition Barron`s educational series, inc
9781452118987 Chronicle Books Draw to Learn: Espanol! Abrams
A practical and fun language-learning tool for visual thinkers! These slim, pocket-sized sketchbooks are filled with drawing prompts with the English translation in fine print at the bottom of the page for reference. As users draw each term, they'll exercise memory skills and build their vocabulary along the way. Featuring 150 need-to-know words on useful topics including greetings, family, days of the week, transportation, food & drink, shopping and more, this is the perfect way for anyone who likes to draw, sketch, or doodle to learn or brush up on their basic Spanish vocab.
9781609451349 Ferrante Elena Story of a New Name Random House (USA)
9780749469641 Armstrong Michael Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice Kogan Page
9780749469139 Bamber Matt Accounting and Finance for Managers Kogan Page
Accounting and Finance for Managers is specifically designed to improve analytical skills and help both students and managers use accounting and finance tools for managerial advantage. With emphasis on learning by doing and worked examples throughout each chapter, it provides concise coverage of all the core topics including: basic bookkeeping, financial analysis, business planning, cash flow and investment decisions. Balancing the needs of evaluation and theory with practical real-world applications, this book is ideal for self-study as well as classroom learning. Students and managers will learn how to: --prepare a set of basic financial statements --understand financial accounting information --grasp the relevant underlying theory --interpret profit and cash budgets and identify potential problems --identify appropriate pricing strategies to fit different market needs --incorporate financial evaluation into operational decision making and problem solving With full supporting resources and a breakdown of how each chapter relates to course structures, Accounting and Finance for Managers explains how to use accounting knowledge for making operational and management decisions
9780749470838 Campbell Helena Managing Organizational Change Kogan Page
9783642082924 Michael Heinrich Seegenschmiedt; L.W. Brady; Hans- Radiotherapy for Non-Malignant Disorders Springer
9781408853580 Whitehouse Lucie Before We Met Bloomsbury
9781107656345 Thomas Barbara Complete First for Schools Workbook with Answers with CD Aud Cambridge University Press
9780316285254 Gladwell, M. David and Goliath Hachette Book Group
9781455577712 Roose, K. Young Money Hachette Book Group
9780316405454 Dangerous Creatures Hachette Book Group
9780316371490 William Poundstone Rock Breaks Scissors: A Practical Guide to Outguessing and Outwitting Almost Everybody Hachette Book Group
9781455583980 Michael Mazzeo, Paul Oyer, Scott Schaefer Roadside MBA: Back Road Lessons for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Small Business Owners Hachette Book Group
9781107683365 Brook-Hart Guy Complete First for Schools Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press
9780749469955 Rowles Daniel Digital Branding Kogan Page
9789971966539 Klauder, John R. Coherent states : World Scientific Publishing
9781107647275 ODell Felicity Objective Advanced Class Audio CDs (2) Cambridge University Press
9780300208085 Aruz Joan Assyria to Iberia: At the Dawn of the Classical Age Yale University Press
This comprehensive book explores the spectacular art of the first millennium B.C. from the Near East to Western Europe. This was the world of Odysseus, in which trade proliferated with Phoenician merchants; of King Midas, whose tomb was adorned with treasures; and of the Bible, whose stories are illuminated by recent artistic and archeological discoveries. It was also a time of rich cultural exchange across the Mediterranean and Near East as diverse populations interacted through trade, travel, and migration. Assyria to Iberia showcases masterpieces that reflect the cultural encounters of this era. Stunning details convey the beauty and significance of more than 300 objects drawn from collections around the globe. These objects include carved reliefs from the majestic palaces of ancient Assyria, Phoenician fine bronze metalwork and carved ivories, and luxurious jewelry. Texts by over 80 international scholars provide a compelling picture of this fascinating period, one that is essential to understanding the origins of Western culture and art.
9781858946375 Barnes Martin Horst: Patterns from Nature Merrell
9780199351008 Erwin B Montgomery, Jr Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring for Deep Brain Stimulation Principles, Practice and Cases Oxford Academ
9780425261729 Shinn Sharon Royal Airs Random House (USA)
9780500239209 Hung, Wu Contemporary Chinese Art: A History Thames & Hudson
The first and only comprehensive survey of contemporary Chinese art, one of the most vital and expanding sectors of the global art world today.
9783037681725 van Uffelen, Chris Townhouse Design Thames & Hudson
Moving into the central areas of cities is becoming increas - ingly trendy for people of all ages. Contemporary adapta - tions of the traditional narrow and multi-storied resi - dential buildings, of London and New York for example, townhouses are the embodiment of this renaissance of urban living. This home type allows its inhabitants to fully enjoy urban life with all its possibilities but also to with - draw from it just like in a single-family house. To create enough living space on the typically rather small pieces of land, the rooms have to be layered and connect - ed. These prerequisites are main characteristic features of townhouses, constituting a special creative challenge for architects and designers. This volume presents projects in very different contexts, showing the great diversity of their functional and design possibilities.
9780399165245 Barbara Oakley A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) Random House (USA)
9780373211111 Sun Amanda Rain Simon & Schuster
9780071834322 Educational Testing Service Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions McGraw-Hill
9780263238754 Carlisle Susan Snowbound with Dr Delectable
9781618930705 The Editors of Life Life Gone with the Wind: 75 Years of the Great American Movie Hachette Book Group
At age 75, Gone with the Wind endures magnificently and is often considered one of the best films of all time. Just as LIFE Books did so successfully with 50 years of the James Bond, the editors will look at all of the hidden corners of the Gone with the Wind saga. The travails of getting the movie made in the 1930s were chronicled in the pages of LIFE (1,400 actresses interviewed before Vivien Leigh chosen; Selznick waited two years for Clark Gable to sign on to the project), as was the frenzy of its premiere. All of this coverage will be revisited in this lavish coffee-table edition, which also includes behind-the-scenes photography from the set, stunning pictures of the famed burning of Atlanta scene, as well as all of the fascinating, intimate photography from the making of the movie.Furthermore, LIFE will partner with renowned southern authors to bring readers insight into the influence of the book and film on American culture. Another special chapter will photographically present a side-by-side chronicle of what Gone with the Wind claims, and what really happened during the Civil War. This book will be as informative and intriguing as it will be beautifully illustrated.
9781250001429 Kristoff Jay Endsinger: The Lotus War Book Three
9783319060583 Hughes, Graham, Sangle, Shirish, Bowman, Simon Sjgrens Syndrome in Clinical Practice Springer
9780785191728 X-Men: Magneto Testament Hachette Book Group
Named Best Miniseries of 2008 by IGN, X-Men: Magneto Testament follows Max Eisenhardt from 1935 to 1945 as he fights to protect his family and a Romani girl named Magda from the indignities of a Nuremberg schoolyard, the horrors of war-stricken Poland and the unfathomable atrocities of Auschwitz-Birkenau. This heartbreaking and historically accurate look at the childhood of one of the most popular X-Men also features in-depth endnotes and extras providing further historical context, including a comprehensive teachers' guide. Collecting: X-Men: Magneto Testament 1-5
9780007501533 Kelk Lindsey What a Girl Wants HarperCollins UK
9788420609386 Cortazar, Julio Relatos. 4. Ahiy ahora NEd Anaya ELE
9781107690325 Frino, Lucy; Nixon, Caroline Kid's Box 2Ed Starter TB # .31.08.14# Cambridge University Press
9780718159535 Jamie Oliver Jamie's Comfort Food Penguin Books Ltd
9781931884556 Dina R. Mody Diagnostic Pathology Cytopathology Elsevier Science
Diagnostic Pathology: Cytopathology is written in the easy-to-access format popularized by the Amirsys surgical pathology, histology, and radiology textbooks. It is written with the busy cytopathology professional in mind. The “key facts” prov
9781937242206 Rhonda K. Yantiss Diagnostic Pathology GI Endoscopic Correlations Elsevier Science
9781405917025 Pippa Croft The First Time We Met Penguin Books Ltd
9781408278420 Merttens Ruth Abacus Year 1 Workbook 2
9780231167086 Slide Anthony It's the pictures that got small: charles brackett on billy wilder and hollywood's golden age Wiley
9780811714044 Marks Jason D. Death of the Leaping Horseman: The 24th Panzer Division in Stalingrad
9780711975507 Wariner, Steve, Grammy, Cma, 8 Bmi Songwriter Awar The beatles lyrics Omnibus Press
This collection contains the lyrics to the most popular songs by The Beatles. It includes a full discography detailing singles, EPs and albums, with recording dates and lead singer credits.
9783527335169 Jürgen Popp,Michael Bauer Modern Techniques for Pathogen Detection Wiley
This book gives a comprehensive overview of common and modern techniques for pathogen diagnostics. The first chapter provides an outline of unmet medical needs in lifethreatening infections followed by an overview of routine identification methods currently used, including their background, strengths and weaknesses, as well as a comparison to newer methods. The following chapters then cover novel methods already widelyused and their potential for routine pathogen detection. An outstanding resource for all medical laboratories and clinical as well as bioanalytical institutions dealing with infectious diseases.
9783126760843 Magnet A1 NEU digital DVD-ROM Klett
9783423135252 Stehdhal Rot und schwarz DtV
9780007523153 Scarry Richard Best Christmas Book Ever! HarperCollins UK
9788466817493 Bradfield, Bess Target FCE SB New ed Richmond
9781409586654 Usborne Amazing Activity Book Usborne
9781259252907 Bertram G. Katzung Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. 13 ed McGraw-Hill
9781409146209 Essie Fox The Goddess and the Thief Orion Publishers
9781419714238 Frida Kahlo: The Gisele Freund Photographs Abrams
In 1950, photographer Gisele Freund embarked on a two-week trip to Mexico, but she wouldn't leave until two years later. There she met the legendary couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Welcomed into their home, she immersed herself in their private lives and the cultural and artistic diversity of the country, taking hundreds of photographs. These powerful photographs, among the last taken before Kahlo's death, bear poignant witness to Frida's beauty and talent. Showcasing more than 100 of these rare images, many of which have never been published before, the book also includes previously unpublished commentary by Gisele Freund about Frida Kahlo, texts by Kahlo's biographer Gerard de Cortanze and art historian Lorraine Audric, as well as a link to a previously unreleased colour film, shot by Freund, showing Diego Rivera at work.
9781780226583 Yousafzai Malala I am Malala Orion Publishers
In 2009 Malala Yousafzai began writing a blog on BBC Urdu about life in the Swat Valley as the Taliban gained control, at times banning girls from attending school. When her identity was discovered, Malala began to appear in both Pakistani and international media, advocating the freedom to pursue education for all. In October 2012, gunmen boarded Malala's school bus and shot her in the face, a bullet passing through her head and into her shoulder. Remarkably, Malala survived the shooting. At a very young age, Malala Yousafzai has become a worldwide symbol of courage and hope. Her shooting has sparked a wave of solidarity across Pakistan, not to mention globally, for the right to education, freedom from terror and female emancipation.
9783423142779 Jack London Der Ruf der Widnis DtV
9783126760959 Motta G. Magnet A1.1 NEU Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch mit Audio-CD Klett
9783423260145 Matt Haig Ich und die Menschen DtV
9781849909129 Good Food Eat Well: Low-Fat Feasts Random House
9781447265481 Rachael Lucas Coming Up Roses Pan Macmillan
9781447292036 J.B Morrison Frank Derrick's Holiday of a Lifetime Pan Macmillan
9781447232773 Hans Olav Lahlum Satellite People Pan Macmillan
9781447243335 Mark Watson Hotel Alpha Pan Macmillan
9780521180498 Holcombe Garan Cambridge English Prepare! Level 2 Workbook with Audio Cambridge University Press
9780789211927 Blum Shirley Neilsen The New Art of the Fifteenth Century Abbeville Press
A fresh look at the early Renaissance, considering Florentine and Netherlandish art as a single phenomenon at once deeply spiritual and entirely new Adam and Eve are driven from the Garden of Eden into a rocky landscape, their naked bodies lit by a cold sun, their gestures and expressions a study in shame and anguish. A Adam and Eve are driven from the Garden of Eden into a rocky landscape, their naked bodies lit by a cold sun, their gestures and expressions a study in shame and anguish. A serious man, well attired, kneels in prayer before the Virgin and Child, close enough to touch them almost, his furrowed brow setting off the saintly perfection of their features. In fifteenth-century Florence and Flanders, painters were using an arsenal of new techniquesincluding perspective, anatomy, and the accurate treatment of light and shadeto present traditional religious subjects with an unprecedented immediacy and emotional power. Their art was the product of a shared Christian culture, and their patrons included not only nobles and churchmen but also the middle classes of these thriving commercial centers. Shirley Neilsen Blum offers a new synthesis of this remarkable period in Western artbetween the refinements of the Gothic and the classicism of the High Renaissancewhen the mystical was made to seem real. In the first part of her text, Blum traces the emergence of a new naturalism in the sculpture of Claus Sluter and Donatello, and then in the painting of Van Eyck and Masaccio. In the second part, she compares scenes from the Infancy and Passion of Christ as rendered by artists from North and South. Exploring both the images themselves and the theological concepts that lie behind them, she re-creates, as far as possible, the experience of the contemporary fifteenth-century viewer. Abundantly illustrated with color plates of masterworks by Fra Angelico, Botticelli, Rogier van der Weyden, and others, this thought-provoking volume will appeal equally to general readers and students of art history
9781419714221 Goh Ernest Chickens Abrams
People love photos of chickens: is it because they strut and pose like runway models? Or do their all too human expressions give us insight into our own humanity? Who knows. But everyone that sees Ernest Goh's stunning close-up photography of these birds can't get enough. Chickens resonate. And our previous chicken books, Extraordinary Chickens and Extra Extraordinary Chickens showed the world just how much. From the proud Serama of Malaysia, to the delightfully humorous Silkie, first described by Marco Polo, these portraits convey not only the beauty and diversity of these familiar creatures, but also offer us an insight into the personality of each bird -a quality that Singaporean photographer Ernest Goh has come to value: "The experience made me realize how our perception of animals could be changed by simply getting to know them as individuals." The sheer variety in size, plumage, and colouration of these chickens will surprise and change the way one thinks of this common bird
9781849908955 Lyons, Steve Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams Random House
9780575132481 Aaronovitch Ben Broken Homes Orion Publishers
9780192794703 Pearson Maggie Short Christmas Stories Oxford Academ
9780007431755 Waugh Daisy Melting the Snow on Hester Street HarperCollins UK
9781409147169 Harris Charlaine Shakespeare's Christmas Orion Publishers
9783791371061 Kutschbach Doris Great Art Treasure Hunt Prestel Publishing Limited
9780521180443 Chapman Caroline Cambridge English Prepare! Level 1 Workbook with Audio Cambridge University Press
9781107466449 Foster Tim Cambridge English Empower Elementary Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press
9781780976044 Poster Pack: Marilyn Monroe Carlton Books
American actress, singer and model Marilyn Monroe is the most recognized face of the twentieth century. She starred in classic and loved Hollywood films and over fifty years since her death she is still voted the sexiest woman of all time. This collection of full-colour posters includes memorable moments from films such as Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Each poster is ready to frame and hang on the wall.
9780091954789 Karmel Annabel Mumpreneur hb Random House
9781941393574 Weiss Michael, Hassan Hassan Isis: Inside the Army of Terror Simon & Schuster
9783135335070 Werner Kahle Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol. 3: Nervous System and Sensory Organs Thieme Verlagsgruppe
The seventh edition of this classic work makes mastering large amounts of information on the nervous system and sensory organs much easier. It provides readers with an excellent review of the human body and its structure, and it is an ideal study companion as well as a thorough basic reference text. The many user-friendly features of this atlas include: New and enhanced clinical tips Hundreds of outstanding full-color illustrations with updated labels Side-by-side images with explanatory text Helpful color-coding and consistent formatting throughout Emphasizing clinical anatomy, this atlas integrates current information from a wide range of medical disciplines into discussions of the nervous system and sensory organs, including: In-depth coverage of key topics such as molecular signaling, the interplay between ion channels and transmitters, imaging techniques (e.g., PET, CT, and NMR), and much more A section on topical neurologic evaluation Volume 3: Nervous System and Sensory Organs and its companions Volume 1: Locomotor System and Volume 2: Internal Organs comprise a must-have resource for students of medicine, dentistry, and all allied health fields.
9780062396143 Alegre Irene 150 Best New Bathroom Ideas HarperCollins USA
For homeowners and architects alike, an irresistible collection of hundreds of inspirational full-color profiles of 150 of the most exciting contemporary bathroom designs. Showcasing an extensive collection of designs and style, captured in stunning full-color photos, 150 Best New Bathroom Ideas provides an in-depth review of outstanding bathroom designs from internationally renowned architects and designers. Here are the most attractive, functional, and cost-effective bathroom concepts from around the world. Practical yet beautiful and stylish, 150 Best New Bathroom Ideas includes innovative ideas for lighting, floor, wall, and window treatments, and for showers, toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. An essential design and decorating reference, 150 Best New Bathroom Ideas covers the diversity of current trends and is an inspirational source for homeowners, designers, interior decorators, and architects.
9781107466883 Cambridge English Empower Intermediate Student's Book with Online Assessment and Practice and Online Workbook Cambridge University Press
9781107468573 Cambridge English Empower Intermediate TB Cambridge University Press
9781107466654 Camb Eng Empower Pre-int Cl DVD Cambridge University Press
9783190318803 Motive A1, AB, Lektion 18 mit MP3-Audio-CD Hueber
9788861823389 Ziglia, L. et al. NUOVO Espresso 3 (Libro Studente + eserciziario + DVD multimediale)
9780500239421 Temkin, Ann MoMA Masterpieces Thames & Hudson
9780553524253 Dr Seuss The Big Orange Book of Beginner Books Random House (USA)
9781401257958 Azzarello Brian 100 Bullets Book Three Random House (USA)
9781851498079 If These Jewels Could Talk Hb Antique Collectors Club Ltd
Throughout the 20th century, jewellery revealed the behind-the-scenes stories and the plot twists and turns in the real lives of celebrities that will always be larger than life. Some of the world's most fabulous jewels not only illustrated power and status in society but these magical gems held tremendous sentimental value as they were linked to the most significant moments and memories of Hollywood royalty, international aristocracy and international icons of style. If These Jewels Could Talk offers a glimpse into the jewellery boxes of these celebrities - the personal tastes, heartfelt anecdotes and the true tales of the women who wore and collected the pieces. During the early- to mid-20th century, a majority of screen actresses requested to wear their own favourite pieces in films. This offered a peek into some the great jewellers of the time who were designing for women who could choose anything. Actresses such as Merle Oberon, Paulette Goddard, Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor as well as icons such as Jackie Kennedy and The Duchess of Windsor created signature styles for which they became known and which influenced generations of women, becoming part of our collective consciousness. The 20s through the 50s were a time when the renowned jewellery houses were also celebrities in their own right. They mixed with the socialites and royalty they bejewelled. In films, jewellery clearly developed and defined a character's personality - as it did in real life - whether it be a rags-to-riches story or those that figured into the plot: for example, a Cartier bracelet in Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat, or a Harry Winston necklace in Notorious. Whether on or off screen, worn by the famed and the legendary, and designed by the most revered houses of the day, all of these jewels take us on a narrative journey that provide fascinating insight into the intriguing worlds of early Hollywood and nobility from the 1920s through today.
9781841629094 Roberts Nigel Belarus Bradt
With one foot still in its Soviet past, Belarus might not be the most obvious choice for travellers, but its isolation is at the heart of its appeal. Those who venture here will find a history rich in heroism and tragedy, set amid a landscape of primeval birch forests, snow-edged lakes and cornflower fields, replete with golden-orbed Russian Orthodox churches and villages where age-old traditions still hold sway. While it's easy for visitors to feel as though they've slipped into another time and dimension, they'll encounter singular hospitality and a genuine welcome. Nigel Roberts' Belarus, the only standalone guide in English to the country, combines detailed background information with expert practical advice for those seeking to take the road less travelled.
9780545873253 Windham Ryder Island of the Lost Masks (Lego Bionicle: Chapter Book #1) Scholastic
9781408821091 Hammer Lotte Girl in the Ice Bloomsbury
9781783296293 Holder Nancy Crimson Peak: The Official Movie Novelization Titan books ltd.
9783836550093 Mucha (Basic Art) Taschen
With his instantly recognizable decorative style, Czech artist and Art Nouveau master Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) defined the look of the fin-de-siecle. In evocative shades of peach, gold, ochre and olive, his seductive compositions of patterns, flowers and beautiful women became a mainstay of illustration, posters, postcards, and advertising designs of the day. In particular, his posters of star actress Sarah Bernhardt have become paradigms of the Belle Epoque years. Alongside this delicate decoration, Mucha also harbored committed nationalist beliefs. With monumental works such as The Slav Epic, he expressed his staunch support for Pan-Slavism, promoting the political independence of the Czech and Slavic nations from the Austro-Hungari an Empire. In a period of much European turbulence, he was also a Masonic philosopher and pacifist, with many humanist ideals.
9783836504133 Rivera (Basic Art) Taschen
Diego Rivera (1886 1957) is a loud presence on the art historical stage. With devout political principles and a turbulent romantic history, he was at once husband and paladin of Frida Kahlo, advocate and adversary of Stalin s Soviet Union, and liberator and traitor of Leon Trotsky. Vibrant, graphic, and often monumental, Rivera s paintings carry the same live political and passionate charge as his personal biography. Fusing European influences such as Cubism with a socialist ideology and an exaltation of Mexico s indigenous and popular heritage, he created a new iconography for art history and for his country. He became one of the most important figures in the Mexican mural movement and won international acclaim for his public wall paintings, in which he presented a utopian yet accessible vision of a post-revolutionary Mexico. In 1931, Rivera was the subject of MoMA s second ever monographic exhibition. This book explores the unique blend of influence and ideology which secure Rivera s place as both a unique and a universal painter, bound to the particular turbulent experience of early 20th century Mexico, and yet preoccupied with subjects such as revolution and class inequity which continue to speak to us today.
9783836506731 Surrealism (Basic Art) Taschen
Unleash the unconscious: Provoking the establishment with primal instincts WithSalvador Dalias its figurehead, the great ship of Surrealism traversed the turbulent seas of the early twentieth century with sails billowing withdreams and desires. Inspired by the psychoanalytical practice of Sigmund Freud, the Surrealists championed the unconscious as the domain oftruth, uninhibited by the standards or expectations of society.With techniques ranging fromhypnotismtonocturnal walkstoautomatic writing, the likes ofAndre Breton, Max Ernst, Brassai, andMeret Oppenheimproduced paintings, drawings, texts, and films in which they sought to excavate their most intimate and primal instincts. The results abound withsexual fantasies, withmysterious, menacing creatures, and with the juxtaposition of seemingly contradictory objects or ideas.This book introduces the origins and the sensational legacy of the Surrealist movement, one of the mostprofound and enduring influences on film, theatre, literature, art, and thought.Featured artists: Hans Arp, Andre Breton, Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Paul Klee, Rene Magritte, Andre Masson, Matta, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Meret Oppenheim, Yves Tanguy About the Series: Each book in TASCHEN's Basic Genre series features: a detailed illustrated introduction plus a timeline of the most important political, cultural and social events that took place during that period a selection of the most important works of the epoch, each of which is presented on a 2-page spread with a full-page image and with an interpretation of the respective work, plus a portrait and brief biography of the artist approximately 100 colour illustrations with explanatory captions "
9783836558013 Male Nude (Bibliotheca Universalis) Taschen
9780231162203 Keller Sarah Maya Deren: Incomplete Control Wiley
9780356503110 Hunter, Kim Wizard's Funeral Little, Brown
9781784702281 Nesbo Jo Headhunters Random House
9780847846047 Hartig Johnson Libertine: The Creative Beauty, Humor, and Inspiration Behind the Cult Label Rizzoli
9780714870021 The Silver Spoon Kitchen Italian Cooking School: Pasta Phaidon Press Ltd.
9781465437907 DK Bond by Design: The Art of the James Bond Films
9781608315840 Jarrell NMS Surgery Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Now in full color, NMS Surgery, 6th Edition, has been significantly updated to reflect the current practice of surgery. Even more readable and user-friendly than before, the practical outline format makes study more efficient and offers a thorough review for students, residents, and practitioners. In addition, this title is packaged with access to the interactive eBook version at no additional cost!   Concise coverage, an online interactive student quiz bank, new text features, and USMLE-format questions enable students to successfully complete their clerkship, prepare for the shelf/end-of-rotation exam, and study for the boards.  A fresh new format features “Chapter Cuts and Caveats” that call attention to important principles, and “Quick Cuts” that highlight key information in every chapter. With updates, revisions, and full-color illustrations throughout, NMS Surgery, 6th Edition, is an ideal guide for effective study and review, while retaining the elements that have made it a dependable, go-to resource for a generation of medical students.New, full-color design, with updated illustrations throughout.New text feature: “Chapter Cuts and Caveats” calls out each chapter’s most important principles.New text feature: “Quick Cuts” highlights key information in a highly visual format.Study questions facilitate self-assessment and improve retention.Interactive eBook provided with the text includes student quiz bank for self-assessment.The perfect study tool for surgical shelf or end-of-rotation exams, and board certification and recertification.  
9781785080371 Milet Publishing My First Bilingual Book-A Day (English-Chinese)
9780847844937 Villesenor Diego Diego Villesenor Rizzoli
A lavish volume on the modern Mexican architect Diego Villasenor, who is known for working with natural light and the forms of nature. This beautiful monograph is the first book in English on Diego Villasenor, a prolific architect with built work throughout Mexico who is known for his sensual and emotional designs. Influenced by Luis Barragan in his use of proportion, light, and shadow, as well as in his relationship to the landscape, Villasenor is considered an important member of the Mexican and Latin American architectural vanguard. Here, beautiful photographs of Villasenor's work, sited in spectacular natural settings, are paired with his writings. Covering all of Villasenor's work to date, including his hotels and resorts (such as the Four Seasons hotels throughout Mexico and the Dominican Republic) as well as his residential projects, this volume is sure to appeal to those interested in the greats of Mexican Modernism such as Legorreta and Barragan, as well as the Latin American school of Modernism.
9781409596455 Very First Bk Things To Spot Home Usborne
9788430532070 Busquets, C. Mis primeras palabras
9783899555813 Klanten R., Sinofzik Anna, Ehmann Sven The Still Life: Products Telling Visual Stories in Magazines and Advertising Gestalten
9781401258115 Morrison Grant Kid Eternity Deluxe Edition Random House (USA)
9781138949898 Prauli? Dace Colloquial Latvian
9781409371625 Dk Eyewitness Travel Guide: Cuba Dorling Kindersley
9781473205024 Sands Lynsay About a Vampire Orion Publishers
9780756411329 Rothfuss Patrick The Slow Regard of Silent Things Random House (USA)
9783192519031 Evans; Pude; Specht Menschen B1/1. Digitales Unterrichtspaket Hueber
9781484368589 Ong L. L. A Guide to IMF Stress Testing: Methods and Models Eurospan
9780900785757 Davis Lucy Joshua Reynolds Marston Book Services
9781444775518 Ellen Mark Rock Stars Stole My Life! Hodder
9781451191523 Wyllie Elaine Wyllie's Treatment of Epilepsy Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Meet the challenges of epilepsy treatment with today’s best knowledge!  Wyllie's Treatment of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice, 6th edition, provides a broad, detailed, and cohesive overview of seizure disorders and contemporary treatment options. Written by the most influential experts in the field and thoroughly updated to provide the most current content, Wyllie’s Treatment of Epilepsy assists neurologists and epilepsy specialists, neurology residents and fellows, and neuropsychologists in assessing and treating their patients with the latest treatment options. Dr. Wyllie is once again joined by associate editors Dr. Barry Gidal and Dr. Howard Goodkin, as well as newcomers Dr. Joseph Sirven of the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Tobias Loddenkemper of Harvard Medical School. Features:In-depth review of the subspecialties of epileptology, i.e., neuroimaging, epilepsy surgery, antiepileptic medicationsComprehensive single-volume text on epileptologyClinically oriented, evidence-based referenceOnline bank of over 500 board review-style questions highlighting key concepts for board examinations and clinical practiceNow with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, offering tablet, smartphone, or online access to:Complete content with enhanced navigationA powerful search that pulls results from content in the book, your notes, and even the webAn online bank of over 500 board-style review questionsCross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigationHighlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the textAbility to take and share notes with friends and colleaguesQuick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future useSee the inside front cover to find out how to access your eBook!
9781107466364 Camb Eng Empower Elem Cl DVD Cambridge University Press
9781107466999 Cambridge English Empower Intermediate Cl DVD Cambridge University Press
9781408181157 Sally Kindberg Draw It: Christmas Bloomsbury
Where does Santa go for his summer holiday? What do reindeer dream of? And how do pirates celebrate Christmas? Draw these and 97 other weird and wonderful festive doodles in Sally Kindberg's brilliant new doodle book.
9789963721221 Bell, Jessica Hot Shots 3 Tests
9781493304912 T. Negishi History of economic theory Amazon Internet
9780233004747 Jessup Joel Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Case Notes Carlton Books
9780801849763 Niehans, Jurg History of economic theory Amazon Internet
Providing a history of economic theory, this book shows how the analytical tools used by economists have evolved from the 18th century to the present, and offers a comprehensive account of modern mainstream economics.
9781781006436 M. Jackson, Y. Zenou Economic Analyses of Social Networks 1-2 vol Edward Elgar Publishers
9781858988702 Edited by Paul Klemperer The Economic Theory of Auctions Edward Elgar Publishers
9780132677820 A. Erdman, G.N. Sandor, S. Kota Mechanism Design: Volume 1: Analysis and Synthesis: Vol. 1 Amazon Internet
9781444780284 Lisa Jackson Unspoken Hodder
From the author praised by bestselling authors including Harlan Coben and Lisa Gardner. Shelby Cole thinks she put Texas behind her. She left ten years ago, her world shattered and her illegitimate baby dead. Now she's getting anonymous letters saying that her daughter is alive. Shelby's not the only one coming home. Falsely accused of murder and sent to prison for ten years, an enemy from her past intends to settle old scores. Shelby's search for the truth is met with stonewalling and hostility, especially from her powerful father. She can't shake the suspicion that someone has lured her back for their own reasons. Her only ally is a figure from her past - someone she has every reason not to trust. And in the midst of dark family revelations she uncovers a terrifying scheme of revenge.
9781444780505 C L Parker A Million Dirty Secrets Hodder
You can't put a price on love - so they say... When a medical condition threatens to tear apart Lanie Talbot's family, she makes the ultimate sacrifice. With no time and no other option, Lanie puts herself up for sale at an underground, high-end establishment where women are auctioned off to influential, wealthy men with more money than sense. Enter Noah Crawford: millionaire business mogul and Chicago's most eligible bachelor. But Noah's distrust in relationships has led him to make a very desperate decision of his own - purchasing a woman to satisfy his every desire. No strings attached, no heartbreak, and no way anyone will ever know. Just two million dollars to have his wicked way with Lanie Talbot for two years . . . Laini and Noah's relationship is explosive. When they fight, they take no prisoners. When they love, they show no mercy. When they combine the two, they never want to leave each other's arms. But did they both get more than they bargained for? A MILLION DIRTY SECRETS is the first part of a scorching hot romantic duet that promises to be this generation's Pretty Woman.
9781843913962 Haggard H Rider She
9781843913986 Haggard H Rider She and Allan
9780712666404 Spalding, Frances Duncan Grant Random House
Duncan Grant was one of the best-known names on the British art scene and the most charismatic member of the Bloomsbury set. His life spanned great changes in society and art, from Edwardian times to the 1970s.
9780130114372 A. Erdman, G.N. Sandor Advanced Mechanism Design: v. 2: Analysis and Synthesis Alibris(Ingram)
9780252026546 M. Van Bottenburg Global games Marston Book Services
9780062317629 Ruby Laura Bone Gap HarperCollins USA

National Book Award Finalist

Ruby s novel deserves to be read and reread. It is powerful, beautiful, extraordinary. School Library Journal

Everyone knows Bone Gap is full of gaps.

So when young, beautiful Roza went missing, the people of Bone Gap weren t surprised. But Finn knows what really happened to Roza. He knows she was kidnapped by a dangerous man whose face he cannot remember.

As we follow the stories of Finn, Roza, and the people of Bone Gap, acclaimed author Laura Ruby weaves a tale of the ways in which the face the world sees is never the sum of who we are."

9780241004081 Walsh, M.O. My Sunshine Away Penguin Books Ltd
9781444789553 Ekbck Cecilia Wolf Winter Hodder
There are six homesteads on Blackasen Mountain. A day's journey away lies the empty town. It comes to life just once, in winter, when the Church summons her people through the snows. Then, even the oldest enemies will gather. But now it is summer, and new settlers are come. It is their two young daughters who find the dead man, not half an hour's walk from their cottage. The father is away. And whether stubborn, or stupid, or scared for her girls, the mother will not let it rest. To the wife who is not concerned when her husband does not come home for three days; to the man who laughs when he hears his brother is dead; to the priest who doesn't care; she asks and asks her questions, digging at the secrets of the mountain. They say a wolf made those wounds. But what wild animal cuts a body so clean?
9783791382418 Norbert Wolf Art Deco Prestel Publishing Limited
Now available in a new format, this lavishlyillustrated volume explores Art Deco artand design from its origin to its present dayinfluences. The Art Deco style is so recognizable and widespread that itsoriginal impact on the culture in which it emerged has beenall but lost in the clutter of imitation. This book draws ourattention back to the birth of Art Deco--a period between twodevastating world wars when industrialization was flourishing, interest in archaeology was peaking, and movements such asCubism, Constructivism, Futurism, and Modernism were turningthe art world on its head. Brilliantly designed to reflect the styleit celebrates, Art Deco is filled with hundreds of examples ofpainting, architecture, interiors, jewelry, crafts, furniture, andfashion. Author Norbert Wolf traces the chronology of the ArtDeco style by looking at the politics and culture of Europe in the1920s and early 30s and the artistic movements that paralleledits popularity. He follows Art Deco's influence in Europe and itsspread to the Americas and Asia. Most importantly, this widerangingvolume looks beyond the era of Art Deco's originationto the present day. Pointing to the numerous revivals andcontemporary echoes in painting and even literature, thisbeautiful volume demonstrates the style's lasting importance.
4623720780142 Cambridge English Empower Elementary Class Audio CDs (3) () Cambridge University Press
4623720780449 Cambridge English Empower Intermediate Class Audio CDs (3) () Cambridge University Press
9783836507066 Symbolism (Basic Art) Taschen
First applied to the poems of Stephane Mallarme and Paul Verlaine in 1886, the term symbolist was soon applied to the visual arts where a realistic depiction of the natural world gave way to imaginary dream scenes of psychological, sexual, and mystical content. Symbolism was a broad international phenomenon but particularly present in France, where painters such as Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redon turned their backs on realism, naturalism, and impressionism to populate their canvases with esoteric, often erotic, visions. In place of Monets light-suffused landscapes or the frank working-class subjects of Courbet, the Symbolists turned to figures from literature, the Bible, and Greek mythology to express experiences of love, fear, anguish, death, sexual awakening, and unrequited desire. With featured work from Edward Burne-Jones, Puvis de Chavannes, Gustav Klimt, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Gustave Moreau, Odilon Redon and many more, this book introduces Symbolisms great reach, intensity, and influence.
9783836527361 Van Gogh (Basic Art) Taschen
Anguished art: The tortured talents of a post-Impressionist masterToday, the works of Vincent van Gogh (1853 1890) are among the most well-known and celebrated in the world. In Sunflowers, The Starry Night, Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, and many, many paintings and drawings beyond, we recognize an artist uniquely dexterous in the portrayal of mood and place through paint, pencil, charcoal, or chalk.Yet as he was deploying the lurid colors, emphatic brushwork, and contoured forms that would subsequently make his name and inspire generations of expressionist artists, van Gogh battled not only the disinterest of his contemporary audience but also devastating bouts of mental illness. His episodes of depression and anxiety would eventually claim his life, when, in 1890, he committed suicide shortly after his 37th birthday.This richly illustrated introduction follows Vincent van Gogh s story from his earliest pictures of peasants and rural workers, through his bright Parisian period, to his final, feverish burst of creative energy in the South of France during the last two and a half years of his life.About the series: Each book in TASCHEN s Basic Art series features: a detailed chronological summary of the life and oeuvre of the artist, covering his or her cultural and historical importance a concise biography approximately 100 illustrations with explanatory captions"
9783836522793 20th-Century Fashion: 100 Years of Apparel Ads (Bibliotheca Universalis) Taschen
The way we wore: The story of modern fashion from couture to mass market The 20th century saw fashion evolve from an exclusive Parisian salon business catering to a wealthy elite into a global industry employing millions, with new trends whisked into stores before the last model has left the catwalk. Along the way, the signature silhouettes of each era evolved beyond recognition. For women, House of Worthcrinolines gave way to Vionnet s bias-cut gowns, Dior s New Look toQuant s Chelsea Look, Halston s white suit toFrankie B. s low-rise jeans. In menswear, ready-made suits signaled the demise of bespoke tailoring, long before Hawaiian shirts or skinny jeans entered the fore.20th-Century Fashionoffers a retrospective of the last hundred years of style via400 fashion advertisementsfrom the Jim Heimann Collection. Theimages trace not only the changing trends but also the evolution in their marketing and audience, as fashion was adopted into popular culture and the mass market, decade by decade. An in-depth introduction and illustrated time line detail the style-makers and trendsetters and how the historic events, design houses, retailers, films, magazines, and celebrities shaped the way we dressed then and now. About the series: Bibliotheca Universalis Compact cultural companions celebrating the eclectic TASCHEN universe at an unbeatable, democratic price!Since we started our work as cultural archaeologists in 1980, the name TASCHEN has become synonymous with accessible, open-minded publishing.Bibliotheca Universalisbrings together nearly 100 of our all-time favorite titles in a neat new format so you can curate your own affordable library of art, anthropology, and aphrodisia.Bookworm s delight never bore, always excite! Text in English, French, and German "
9783836559409 Piranesi (Bibliotheca Universalis) Taschen
9783836553599 Michael Muller: Sharks, Face-To-Face with the Ocean's Endangered Predator (Photography) Taschen
Michael Muller has carved a career out of impressive encounters. Famed for his portraits of the worlds most elite actors, musicians, and sports stars, he has in the last decade built up one of the most spectacular portfolios of underwater shark photography. Mullers quest is to document sharks with an unprecedented proximity and precision, bringing the Hollywood portrait session to the ocean predator. In ocean depths around the world, he approaches the sharks with a patented seven-bulb, 1200-watt plexi-encased strobe lighting rig, developed with NASA engineering, and no cage. This collection of Mullers images, including the including the first-known photograph of great white breaching at night, is a catalog of adrenaline and awe. Arranged geographically, it follows Mullers ocean adventures from black tip and sand tiger sharks in South Africa to great hammerheads in the Bahamas, with thrilling narratives from each trip documenting the challenges and near-misses along the way. To compliment Mullers work for advocacy organizations such as WildAid and EarthEcho, the images are contextualized with essays from Philippe Cousteau, Jr. and marine biologist Alison Kock, who discuss exploration and conservation of our oceanic kingdom. Culture writer Arty Nelson adds an overview of Mullers work, while a technical section explains the precise equipment behind these spectacular shots. Together, these insightful texts and awesome images offer a record of breathtaking photographic feats, a tribute to the beauty and might of the shark, and a rallying cry for its fragile future.
9783836538039 Blaeu. Atlas Maior Taschen
Superlatives tend to fail in face of Joan Blaeu s Atlas Maior, one of the most extravagant feats in the history of mapmaking. The original Latin edition, completed in 1665, was the largest and most expensive book to be published during the 17th century. Its 594 maps across 11 volumes spanned Arctica, Asia, Europe, and America. Its scale and ambition occupies such an important place in Dutch history that it is included in the Canon of Dutch History, an official survey of 50 individuals, creations, or events that chart the historical development of the Netherlands. TASCHEN s meticulous reprint brings this luxurious Baroque wonder into the hands of modern readers. In an age of digitized cartography and global connectivity, it celebrates the steadfast beauty of quality print and restores the wonder of an exploratory age, in which Blaeu s native Amsterdam was a center of international trade and discovery. True to TASCHEN s optimum reproduction standards, the edition derives from the Austrian National Library s complete colored and gold-heightened copy of Atlas Maior, assuring the finest detail and quality. University of Amsterdam s Peter van der Krogt introduces the historical and cultural significance of the atlas while providing detailed descriptions for individual maps, revealing the full scale and ambition of Blaeu s masterwork. As much an artwork as a cartographical adventure, the book comes with a slipcase that converts neatly into a display bookstand.
4623720780166 Cambridge English Empower Pre-Intermediate Class Audio CDs (3) () Cambridge University Press
9780241245903 Captain America The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger Dorling Kindersley
Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger is a comprehensive guide celebrating the exciting world of Captain America, examining iconic characters - including Red Skull, Bucky Barnes and Falcon - while showcasing key comic book issues and storylines from Captain America's 75 year history.
9780692418635 Stones to Abbigale
9780241245736 World of Warcraft Ultimate Visual Guide (New Edition May) Dorling Kindersley
World of Warcraft: Ultimate Visual Guide reveals the realm of Azeroth, exploring the fantasy universe of the world's most popular online role-playing game. See the World of Warcraft in all-new detail. Discover the world's epic history in the Chronicles of Azeroth section, explore the stories of its heroes and villains, such as Varian Wrynn and Thrall, and uncover fascinating facts about locations including Orgimmar. This edition is brought fully up-to-date with the latest expansion sets "Warlords of Draenor" and "Legion". An unmissable up-to-date companion for both die-hard fans and newcomers to the World of Warcraft.
9780500343197 Campbell, James W. P. Brick Thames & Hudson
This totally original architecture book the first ever comprehensive study of brick follows the story of brick from 5,000 bc to its use in building today, via the vast baths and basilicas of ancient Rome, through the wonders of Gothic brick in Germany, the majestic temples of Pagan and Mughal mosques in Iran, to its modern revival. Marvellously illustrated with spectacular, specially-taken photographs, Brick is at once an historical account of how bricks have been employed by architects of every period, a technical survey of brickmaking and bricklaying, and an essay in architectural and cultural history. The authors have applied their expert visual and technical knowledge to more than one hundred themes, from bricks in ancient Egypt to their distinctive use by such modern masters as Louis Kahn, Alvar Aalto and Renzo Piano. Great works of engineering viaducts, tunnels and bridges are given prominence alongside great cathedrals and country houses, temples and mosques, testifying to the incredible versatility and importance of bricks and brickwork.
9781447276494 Didierlaurent Jean Paul Reader on the 6.27 Pan Macmillan
9780128037362 Sechilariu, Manuela Urban DC Microgrid: Intelligent Control and Power Flow Optimization Elsevier Science
9780241204542 Austria 2016 Dorling Kindersley
9781107528277 Reed/Bentley/Koustaff Guess What! L1 TB + Dvd Video Cambridge University Press
9781473619852 Hurley Andrew Michael Loney Hodder
9781447295235 Hemon Aleksandar Making of Zombie Wars Pan Macmillan
9780008164843 Christie Agatha Poirot's Early Cases HarperCollins UK
Captain Hastings recounts 18 of Poirots early cases from the days before he was famous Hercule Poirot delighted in telling people that he was probably the best detective in the world. So turning back the clock to trace eighteen of the cases which helped establish his professional reputation was always going to be a fascinating experience. With his career still in its formative years, the panache with which Hercule Poirot could solve even the most puzzling mystery is obvious. Chronicled by his friend Captain Hastings, these eighteen early cases - from theft and robbery to kidnapping and murder - were all guaranteed to test Poirots soon-to-be-famous little grey cells to their absolute limit.
9783836528955 Bischoff Ulrich Munch (Basic Art) Taschen
9781447288589 Riley Lucinda Storm Sister Pan Macmillan
9783791355061 Eclercy Bastian Maniera Prestel Publishing Limited
9780847847402 Shapiro Richard, Rus Mayer Past Perfect: Richard Shapiro Houses and Gardens Rizzoli
In this exquisite monograph, designer and antiques dealer Richard Shapiro demonstrates the alchemy required to create a home that seems cultivated over many generations.Shapiro has mastered the art of crafting refined, cultivated spaces that transport their inhabitants to distant lands and past epochs. Designers and homeowners who wish to endow their homes with authentic European charm and character will be inspired by Shapiro s gift for conjuring Old World savoir faire.
The book focuses on Shapiro s two magnificent, much-imitated homes, which provide a broad array of examples related to living graciously with antiques, replicating the aura of antiquity, and the complex challenge of marrying centuries-old building materials with new construction. Shapiro shares ideas from his work as a designer as well as lessons learned from years of collecting and selling antiques and fine art. As a manufacturer of furnishings with a distinctly European sensibility, he also brings to bear a thorough knowledge of production processes and finishing techniques based on Old World archetypes. With breathtaking new photography, the book functions as a master class, filled with illustrations and takeaways for readers, offering practical ideas and creative inspirations for channeling the glories of the past to enrich the present."
9781455560783 Jenkins Steve, Walter Derek, Crane Caprice Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the World One Heart at a Time Hachette Book Group
9780500292402 Estrada, Nicolas New Rings Thames & Hudson
9781438007915 Ku Richard Barron's SAT Subject Test: Math Level 2, 12th Edition Barron`s educational series, inc
This manual opens with a diagnostic test that includes explained answers to help students pinpoint their math strengths and weaknesses. In chapters that follow, detailed topic reviews cover polynomial, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, and rational functions; coordinate and three-dimensional geometry; numbers and operations; data analysis, statistics, and probability. Six full-length model tests with answers, explanations, and self-evaluation charts conclude this manual. The manual can be purchased alone or with an optional CD-ROM that presents two additional full-length practice tests with answers, explanations, and automatic scoring.
9781783294459 McBain Ed Cut Me in Titan books ltd.
9781609453084 Pasolini Pier Paolo The Street Kids Random House (USA)
9781506203225 Kaplan GRE Premier 2017 with 6 Practice Tests Kaplan
"GRE Premier 2017" is a comprehensive prep system that includes both book and mobile-enabled online components. Get access to in-depth strategies, test information, and practice questions to help you score higher on the GMAT.
"GRE Premier 2017" features:
* 2,200+ practice questions with detailed explanations
* 6 full-length practice tests (5 realistic Multi-Stage Tests available online and 1 in the book)
* 500-question online Quiz Bank for customized quiz creation and review of GRE practice questions
* Mobile-enabled online resources: study anywhere on any device with an Internet connection
* Online study plans: learn how to make the most of your time, no matter how much or little time you have until Test Day
* Videos on stress management, study planning, and the graduate school application process
* Academic support from Kaplan faculty via our Facebook page: facebook.com/KaplanGradPrep
Kaplan guarantees that if you study with this book and online resources, you will score higher on the GRE or you'll receive a full refund.
Looking for more prep? Our "GRE Complete 2017" includes "GRE Premier 2017," GRE workbooks, and more."
9783836555043 Rodin (Basic Art) Taschen
Rodin's ode to flesh in bronze, marble, and clay One of the most celebrated sculptors of all time, Auguste Rodin transformed sculptural substance not only into human forms, but into the evocation of human experience. In bronze, marble, and clay, his captivating works summon up all the passions, joys, and vices of life. About the Series: Each book in TASCHEN s Basic Art series features: a detailed chronological summary of the life and oeuvre of the artist, covering his or her cultural and historical importance a concise biography approximately 100 illustrations with explanatory captions
9781107469082 Doff Adrian Cambridge English Empower Advanced Student's Book Cambridge University Press
9780500252185 Morbid Anatomy Museum The Anatomical Venus Thames & Hudson
Beneath the original Venetian glass and rosewood case at La Specola in Florence lies Clemente Susinis Anatomical Venus (c. 1790), a perfect object whose luxuriously bizarre existence challenges belief. It or, better, she was conceived of as a means to teach human anatomy without need for constant dissection, which was messy, ethically fraught and subject to quick decay. This life-sized wax woman is adorned with glass eyes and human hair and can be dismembered into dozens of parts revealing, at the final remove, a beatific foetus curled in her womb. Sister models soon appeared throughout Europe, where they not only instructed the specialist students, but also delighted the general public. Deftly crafted dissectable female wax models and slashed beauties of the worlds anatomy museums and fairgrounds of the 18th and 19th centuries take centre stage in this disquieting volume. Since their creation in late 18th-century Florence, these wax women have seduced, intrigued and amazed. Today, they also confound, troubling the edges of our neat categorical divides: life and death, science and art, body and soul, effigy and pedagogy, spectacle and education, kitsch and art. Incisive commentary and captivating imagery reveal the evolution of these enigmatic sculptures from wax effigy to fetish figure and the embodiment of the uncanny.
9781438006963 Geffner Andrea B. Business English 6th ed. Barron`s educational series, inc
This updated edition provides clear, concise instruction on every form of business writing, from traditional business letters, reports, and memos to email and other electronic communications. The author emphasizes that effective business English begins with mastering grammar and sentence structure, and presents a brush-up review of grammar and correct English usage. She also advises on achieving an appropriate business style that conveys the writer's message succinctly without resorting to stilted, overly formal language or meaningless jargon. This book is perfect for the modern businessman since it's been updated for today's web-based world. Includes excellent examples of model business letters, resumes, employment letters, interoffice memos, news releases, and business reports. Additional features include exercises with answers and a glossary of business terms."
9781419722820 Lavoine Sarah Chez Moi: Decorating Your Home and Living Like a Parisienne Abrams
Living like a true Parisienne starts at home. Interior designer Sarah Lavoine sees the quintessential Paris apartment as a stylish sanctuary from the stresses of life. Covering each room in the home, Lavoine explains her approach to using color, highlights the indispensible elements of each space, and suggests how to add unforgettable details in order to create a restful and chic environment. With vibrant interior photographs and charming hand-drawn illustrations, "Chez""Moi" is a design handbook that introduces contemporary French style, accented by French-girl-next-door advice on everything from fashion to beauty to cooking to shopping. Moreover, Lavoine s in-the-know list of Paris addresses allows visitors to traipse through the arrondissements like locals or even purchase items from abroad. With her original and useful advice, Lavoine reveals how to create a truly French, meaningful, fulfilling lifestyle, no matter where you live."
9780500518366 Mauri?s, Patrick Chanel Catwalk Thames & Hudson
Ever since his first show for the house in 1983, Karl Lagerfelds Chanel collections have consistently made headlines and dictated trends the world over. For the first time, every Chanel collection ever created by Lagerfeld is here gathered in a single volume a unique opportunity to chart the development of one of the worlds most influential fashion brands and discover rarely seen collections. This definitive publication opens with a concise history of the house of Chanel, from the days of Coco Chanel to today, followed by a brief biographical profile of Karl Lagerfeld, before exploring the collections themselves, which are organized chronologically and introduced by a short text unveiling each collections influences and highlights. Each collection is illustrated with carefully curated catwalk images, showcasing hundreds of spectacular clothes (from evening dresses and day suits to casual and sports pieces), details, accessories (from hats and jewelry to handbags and shoes), beauty looks and set designs and of course the top fashion models who wore them on the runway, from Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista to Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. A rich reference section, including an extensive index, concludes the book. A treasure trove of inspiration, this richly illustrated publication will be the must-have reference for all fashion professionals and Chanel obsessives.
9780300169126 Jones, Michael (Author), McFadden, Susanna (Author Art of Empire: The Roman Frescoes and Imperial Cult Chamber in Luxor Temple Yale University Press
The Luxor Temple of Amun-Re, built to commemorate the divine power of the pharaohs, is one of the iconic monuments of New Kingdom Egypt. In the 4th century C.E., the Roman Imperial government, capitalizing on the site's earlier significance, converted the temple into a military camp and constructed a lavishly painted cult chamber dedicated to the four emperors of the Tetrarchy. These frescoes provide fascinating insight into the political landscape of the late Roman Empire and, as the only surviving wall paintings from the tetrarchic period, into the history of Roman art. The culmination of a groundbreaking conservation project, this volume brings together scholars across disciplines for a comprehensive look at the frescoes and their architectural, archaeological, and historical contexts. More than 150 stunning illustrations present the paintings for the first time in their newly conserved state, along with a selection of 19th-century documentary watercolors. This remarkable publication illustrates how physical context, iconography, and style were used to convey ideology throughout Rome's provinces.
9780143109679 Chouinard Yvon Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman, Completely Revised and Updated Random House (USA)
9781409582168 Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about Time Usborne
9781509830756 Rudyard Kipling Puck of Pook's Hill Pan Macmillan
9781101947470 Peacock & Vine: On William Morris and Mariano Fortuny Random House (USA)
This ravishing book opens a window into the lives, designs, and passions of Mariano Fortuny and William Morris, two remarkable artists who themselves are passions of the writer A. S. Byatt.
Born a generation apart in the mid-1800s, Fortuny and Morris were seeming opposites: Fortuny a Spanish aristocrat thrilled by the sun-baked cultures of Crete and Knossos; Morris a member of the British bourgeoisie, enthralled by Nordic myths. Through their revolutionary inventions and textiles, both men inspired a new variety of art that is as striking today as when it was first conceived. In this elegant meditation, Byatt traces their genius right to the source.
Fortuny s Palazzo Pesaro Orfei in Venice is a warren of dark spaces imbued with the rich hues of Asia. In his attic workshop, Fortuny created intricate designs from glowing silks and velvets; in the palazzo he found happiness in a glittering cavern alongside the French model who became his wife and collaborator, including on the famous Delphos dress a flowing, pleated gown that evoked the era of classical Greece.
Morris s Red House outside London, with its Gothic turrets and secret gardens, helped inspire his stunning floral and geometric patterns; it likewise represented a coming together of life and art. But it was a sweet simple old place called Kelmscott Manor in the countryside that he loved best even when it became the setting for his wife s love affair with the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
Generously illustrated with the artists beautiful designs pomegranates and acanthus, peacock and vine among other aspects of their worlds, this marvel-filled book brings the visions and ideas of Fortuny and Morris to vivid life."
9780099594598 Patterson, James 15th Affair Random House
9781632170514 Peterson Brenda Wolf Haven: Sanctuary and the Future of Wolves in North America Random House (USA)
This stirring book of photographs introduces the many wolves that have been given sanctuary at Wolf Haven International near Mount Rainer in southeast Washington State. Annie Marie Musselman was given the rare opportunity to photograph the wolves at the Wolf Haven sanctuary near Mount Rainier. Some wolves here were injured and captured from the wild, while others were (illegally) raised in confinement. Some of the pups will be raised with the intention of releasing them into the wild. Human contact is very limited, so the images captured by Musselman express a wild spirit that is very different from anything seen in domesticated animals. Brenda Peterson s text puts the stories of these wolves, and of wolves in North America, into context as she describes their behavior patterns and social structure. "Wolf Haven" uncovers new truths about wolves and the ways humans are finding to coexist with these wild animals."
9782253194644 Katherine Pancol Muchachas 1
9780552173070 Barton, Fiona The Widow Random House
9781101966921 Steel Danielle Precious Gifts Random House (USA)
9781910350034 Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse Thames & Hudson
The Impressionists were among the first to portray gardens directly from life, focusing on their colour and form rather than using them as a background for historical, religious and literary themes. This book explores the symbiotic relationship that developed during the latter part of the nineteenth century and the first part of the twentieth between artists and gardens, focusing on Monet and the creation of his garden at Giverny. Beautifully illustrated with masterpieces by Monet, his fellow Impressionists and such painters as Bonnard, Sargent, Klee, Kandinsky, Klimt, Matisse and Nolde, Painting the Modern Garden traces the effects of artistic movements and social and political influences on the garden in modern art.
9782253017332 Katherine Pancol Muchachas 3
9781783130153 Dirix Emmanuelle, Fiell Charlotte 1930s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook Carlton Books
The 1930s was a turbulent decade for the world at large - a decade framed by two world-changing events, the economic crash of 1929 and the outbreak of the Second World War ten years later. This book reveals a world of revolutionary changes in fashion, and demonstrates the remarkable ingeniuty and inventiveness of designers and home- seamstresses who managed to thrive despite economic contraints and turmoil in Europe. This is decade of the skirt suit, of sportswear-as- daywear and jersey fabrics. But it was the Thirtes that also saw the rise of the glamorous Hollywood fashions, with silver-screen goddesses wearing slinky satin gowns that marked a new and overtly sensual direction within women's fashion design. Many of the images in this fabulous collection have been selected from popular fashion publications of the day, mail-order catalogues, and Hollywood studio press shots, including material from Chic Parisien, Harper's Bazaar, Sears, La Femme Chic and top film studios Metro-Golwyn-Mayer, RKO and Paramount.
9780723299479 Read It Yourself: Level 2 Box Set (6 books) Penguin Books Ltd
9780241251683 Peppa Pig: Peppa's First 100 Words Penguin Books Ltd
9789121197080 Martin Levander, Ulf Jansson Martin Handbok i svenska spraket 2008
9783836550390 Sarnitz August Hoffmann (Basic Arch) Taschen
9781474917216 Watt Fiona Sticker Dolly Dressing Travel Usborne
9781921383380 Pavoni Alessandro Lombardian Cookbook
9781501151873 Editors of Domino Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home Simon & Schuster
From the editors of "domino" magazine comes your essential guide to discovering your personal style and creating a space you love.
Since launching in 2005, "domino" has attracted a fiercely loyal following, which looks to the brand as the definitive source for decorating and style. The brand s first book, "domino: The Book of Decorating," was an immediate bestseller upon its release and has established itself as the quintessential guide to demystifying interior design. "domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home" builds on the first book with a more detailed and modern perspective on how to personalize, style, and create a home you love. In a time when the flood of decorating advice and inspiration online can feel overwhelming, "domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home" provides a trusted filter, using the friendly and authoritative voice of "domino" to teach readers about attainable, stylish design and how to make it uniquely your own.
"domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home" will help readers to:
-Identify your personal decorating style
-Find inspiration from hundreds of beautiful, inspiring photos of real homes
-Style the major and minor components of your home from textiles to table settings to art
-Shop for quality pieces that will stand the test of time
-Learn from "domino" editors and tastemakers about how to style magazine-quality looks in their own spaces
"domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home" takes a detailed approach to the specifics of making a space your own the key pieces, accessories, colors, patterns, objects, decorative treatments, lighting, and art that personalize a space and truly make it a unique and stylish home. It aims to help readers achieve "domino" s number one goal: creating a space you love."
9781909414372 3DTotal Publishing Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 8

Now in its eighth year, "Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 8" continues the tradition of showcasing the latest digital painting trends and techniques from industry experts. This volume presents detailed tutorials on how to create custom brushes and illustrate scenes from differing points of view; how to design characters, costumes, and machines; as well as techniques used for matte painting.

9780520262164 Ganguly, Keya (Author) Cinema, Emergence, and the Films of Satyajit Ray Wiley
9780521322461 Karpinski, Maciej The Theater of Andrzej Wajda Cambridge Academ
This book sets out to provide a critical evaluation of Andrzej Wajda`s work for the theatre. The book examines his career, focusing especially on such milestone productions as his adaptations of Dostoyevsky. The author seeks to reveal the link between his art and Polish culture.
9780521381192 Carney, Ray The Films of John Cassavetes : Pragmatism, Modernism, and the Movies Cambridge Academ
The first book to tell in detail the story of the maverick filmmaker who worked outside the studio system.
9780521385930 Renoir, Jean Renoir on Renoir : Interviews, Essays, and Remarks Cambridge Academ
9780521391337 Sterritt, David The Films of Alfred Hitchcock Cambridge Academ
An overview of Hitchcock`s long career, with special attention to the varied influences on his work.
9780521479196 Lawrence, Amy The Films of Peter Greenaway Cambridge Academ
A critical overview of one of cinema`s most controversial filmmakers with analysis of The Draughtsman`s Contract, Prospero`s Books and The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover in the context of his life and artistic goals. Includes stills and drawings from his films. In the CAMBRIDGE FILM CLASSICS series.
9780521564236 Belton, John Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window Cambridge Academ
This volume provides a fresh examination of Rear Window from a variety of perspectives.
9783899556476 Wonderwall Case Studies : Works by a Global Interior Design Firm Gestalten
Masamichi Katayama's Wonderwall studio combines a truly Asian approach to retail with a global outlook that has resulted in worldwide success and influence. Wonderwall's East meets West approach to retail design has produced influential successes like UNIQLO, the Diesel flagship store, and the futuristic innards of Intersect by Lexus. The design house is based in Tokyo, with a scope and inspiration unbound by geographic borders. The bold unconstrained approach brings conventional visual branding into question and infuses new life into existing concepts. A colorful Asian take on retail design and Katayama s admitted obsession with cuboid forms blend to successfully form design spaces that visually display branding. Wonderwall Case Studies gathers these projects for an inside look at what makes their designs succeed.
9780231173407 Gear, Matthew Asprey (Author) At the End of the Street in the Shadow: Orson Welles and the City Wiley
9781474907262 Punter Russell Llamas in Pajamas and Other Tales Usborne
9783836543316 Bosch Postcard Set Taschen
Postcard Set Set of 25 postcards beautifully packaged in a bespoke cardboard case 350g/m paper 17 x 12.7 cm (6.7 x 5 in.)"
9780993240751 Foy David Victoria Beckham: Style Power ACC-distribution titles
9780241294192 Carre, John le The Night Manager (TV Tie-in) Penguin Books Ltd
9780241979167 Searle, Nicholas The Good Liar Penguin Books Ltd
9781786530295 James Patterson French Kiss Random House
9781786530271 James Patterson $10,000,000 Marriage Proposal Random House
9780241978955 Carre, John le The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Penguin Books Ltd
9780241978931 Chandler, Raymond The Lady in the Lake Penguin Books Ltd
9780500519042 Fairer, Robert Alexander McQueen: Unseen Thames & Hudson
Alexander McQueen has grasped the publics imagination like few other fashion designers before him, with exhibitions dedicated to his work continuing to attract record visitor numbers. Almost 500,000 people visited the V&As 2015 Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition, making it the most popular in the museums history. Opening with a brief essay on the designers work, Alexander McQueen: Unseen unfolds chronologically. Each collection is introduced by a concise text by Claire Wilcox, one of the foremost experts on the McQueens work, revisiting the designers most iconic creations across his entire career and revealing previously unseen behind- the-scenes moments that capture models, hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists and Alexander McQueen himself at their most candid and creative. Robert Fairers stunning and high-energy photographs, all previously unpublished, capture the glamour, grit and spirit that made McQueens flamboyant shows unique. A treasure-trove of inspiration, they make this publication a must-have reference for fashion and photography lovers alike.
9780393254594 Lewis Michael The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds Wiley
9783662498866 Langtangen Hans Petter A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python Springer
The book serves as a first introduction to computer programming of scientific applications, using the high-level Python language. The exposition is example and problem-oriented, where the applications are taken from mathematics, numerical calculus, statistics, physics, biology and finance. The book teaches 'Matlab-style' and procedural programming as well as object-oriented programming. High school mathematics is a required background and it is advantageous to study classical and numerical one-variable calculus in parallel with reading this book. Besides learning how to program computers, the reader will also learn how to solve mathematical problems, arising in various branches of science and engineering, with the aid of numerical methods and programming. By blending programming, mathematics and scientific applications, the book lays a solid foundation for practicing computational science.From the reviews: Langtangen does an excellent job of introducing programming as a set of skills in problem solving. He guides the reader into thinking properly about producing program logic and data structures for modeling real-world problems using objects and functions and embracing the object-oriented paradigm. Summing Up: Highly recommended. F. H. Wild III, Choice, Vol. 47 (8), April 2010Those of us who have learned scientific programming in Python on the streets could be a little jealous of students who have the opportunity to take a course out of Langtangens Primer. John D. Cook, The Mathematical Association of America, September 2011This book goes through Python in particular, and programming in general, via tasks that scientists will likely perform. It contains valuable information for students new to scientific computing and would be the perfect bridge between an introduction to programming and an advanced course on numerical methods or computational science.Alex Small, IEEE, CiSE Vol. 14 (2), March?/April 2012 This fourth edition is awonderful, inclusive textbook that covers pretty much everything one needs toknow to go from zero to fairly sophisticated scientific programming in PythonJoan Horvath, Computing Reviews, March2015
9781473646636 Williams Tad Heart of What Was Lost
9780500420591 Victoria & Albert Museum William Morris Thames & Hudson
9780500519424 Mauri?s, Patrick Flora Thames & Hudson
Flowers have long been a source of inspiration for jewelers, many of whom have sought to capture their transient beauty in glittering gemstones and precious metals. In the 17th and 18th centuries, flowers were imitated in enamel or used as motifs for elaborate gemstone bodice ornaments. Brooches, pendants and rings took the form of bouquets or flower baskets. The stylized blooms of the Empire style were followed by the highly naturalistic blossoms of the later 19th century. Flowers continued to flourish in the sinuous shapes of Art Nouveau, the geometric designs of Art Deco and the sculptural simplicity of modernism, with great artists including Rene Lalique and Georges Fouquet constantly reworking natures forms for their style-conscious clientele. Now, contemporary designers such as Claude Lalanne, Lorenz Baumer and JAR continue to create floral jewelry for todays trendsetters. The floral pieces in this book have all been selected from the magnificent jewelry collection of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, and range from the 17th century to the present day. Beautifully photographed by renowned photographer Jean-Marie del Moral, these intricate works of art will delight all lovers of jewelry and nature.
9781783299270 Gardner Erle Stanley Knife Slipped
9780956921536 THOMPSON, GEOFF Hunting the Shadow : How to Turn Fear into Massive Success
9783836530811 Wolf Norbert Durer(Basic Art) Taschen
A polymath of the German Renaissance, Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) was a prolific artist, theorist, and writer whose works explored everything from religion to art theory to philosophy. His vast body of work includes altarpieces, portraits, self-portraits, watercolors, and books, but is most celebrated for its astonishing collection of woodcut prints, which transformed printmaking from an artisan practice into a whole new art form. Durer s woodcuts astonish in scale as much as detail. Through works such as Apocalypse and the Triumphal Arch for Emperor Maximilian I, he created dense, meticulous compositions that were much larger, much more finely cut, and far more complex than any earlier woodcut efforts. With an ambitious tonal and dynamic range, he introduced a new level of conceptual, emotional, and spiritual intensity. His two major woodcut series on Christ s Passion, named The Large Passion and The Small Passion after their size, are particularly remarkable for their vivid human treatment of the Christian narrative. In his copper engraving, Melancholia I, meanwhile, Durer created a startling vision of emotional ennui, often cited as a defining early image of a depressive or melancholic state.
9780520217812 Leff, Leonard J. Hitchcock and Selznick : The Rich and Strange Collaboration of Alfred Hitchcock and David O.Selznick in Hollywood Wiley
9780520220379 Richie, Donald The Films of Akira Kurosawa Wiley
This study examines the work of Akira Kurosawa, one of the century`s greatest film directors. It discusses his choice of themes, story-telling technique, camera work and directorial style. New to this edition are a revised introduction and filmography, and some additional chapters.
9780133818895 Basic English Grammar 4ed SB with key Pearson Education
9781628872880 Pashby Christie Frommer's Banff and the Canadian Rockies Day by Day
9781454918226 Grove Kirsten Simply Styling: Fresh & Easy Ways to Personalize Your Home
Get the stylish and comfortable home you ve longed for without breaking the bank or your back Renowned interior stylist Kirsten Grove guides you every step of the way, going room by room and item by item, giving you the tools and tricks you need to create a space that captures your personality and taste. She explores options for entryways, shelves, mantels, dressers, sofas, and even difficult-to-design nooks; covers those all-important statement-making details, such as mirrors and vases; shows you how to make use of the things you already own, and provides easy-to-implement tips that readers will find invaluable."
9788494418389 Sacchi Arrigo Futbol Total
9780399546631 Ren?e, Ahdieh The Rose and the Dagger Random House (USA)
9780194501835 English File Begin 3E Sb+Itutor Pack
9780300219142 McClendon Emma Denim: Fashion's Frontier Yale University Press
Denim is one of the world's favorite fabrics, and today it accounts for the largest segment of the clothing industry. The market for jeans alone is worth over 55 billion dollars. Experiments with denim by designers have helped to develop a vast vocabulary of denim styles beyond jeans that are now ingrained in fashion's lexicon. This handsome book explores the multifaceted history of denim and examines the continually evolving relationship between it and high fashion. Prized for its durability and strength, denim began as an ideal fabric for workwear, most famously in the clothing produced by Levi Strauss & Co. for fortune hunters during the 19th-century California gold rush. Over the past 160 years, however, film, television, and advertising have helped transform denim into a symbol of youth, rebellion, sex, and the ever-ephemeral quality of "cool." The fashion industry has also played a large role in the expansion of denim into casual and couture clothing. The Denim Council, which formed in the U.S. in the 1950s, promoted denim to an ever-widening circle of customers through the framework of the fashion industry, most notably with presentations during New York fashion weeks. Featuring previously unpublished archival material from the Denim Council, an insightful text, and copious illustrations, this book offers a new perspective on denim's rapid rise from the 19th century to today
9780847847495 Garrison James B. At Home in the American Barn Rizzoli
9780847848201 Miller Lewis Styling Nature: A Masterful Approach to Floral Arrangements Rizzoli
Lewis Miller's first book features lush, naturally lit still lifes of his beautiful arrangements and compositions. The designer, who has a background in horticulture and landscape design, describes his work as sumptuous nature. Organized by key factors that are considered for each piece-color, composition, movement, shape, and texture-the book is elegantly illustrated with Don Freeman's painterly photographs and explains, arrangement by arrangement, the thoughts and motivations that guided the process. Vivid images of brightly hued poppies, roses, hydrangeas, and tulips explode on each page. Miller also discusses his sources of inspiration, notably seventeenth-century Dutch still lifes. The images and words will give the reader a profound insight into the artistry of flower arranging-providing the impetus to create floral works of one's own. Additional information will cover ways to handle and arrange flowers, prolong the life of an arrangement, and incorporate flowers into special occasions or simply into our everyday lives. The luxurious display of flowers will inspire and delight decorators, gardeners, brides-to-be, and connoisseurs of beauty.
9780847848225 Zeiger Mimi Tiny Houses in the City Rizzoli
How we live in cities-smaller, denser, smarter-is at the heart of Tiny Houses in the City. Urban areas across the globe are experiencing a renaissance, with once forgotten downtowns and neighborhoods becoming increasingly popular for redevelopment. This book looks at the tiny house movement through the lens of metropolitan life. Tiny Houses in the City features an international collection of more than thirty homes that exemplify compact living at its best. The houses, apartments, and multifamily buildings and developments included make great architecture out of challenging locations and narrow sites. Focusing on dwelling spaces all under 1,000 square feet, Tiny Houses in the City illustrates strategies for building tiny in urban areas that include urban infill, adaptive reuse, transforming and flexible living spaces, and micro-unit buildings. The projects range from a 344-square-foot studio apartment in Hong Kong with movable walls, transformable furniture, and hidden storage that can be configured into twenty-four unique scenarios in a single space, to a townhouse-like London residence built in an old alley between two stately homes. Many of the residences chronicled in Tiny Houses in the City are indeed unique in design, but their economical size and ingenious interior spaces are the epitome of practicality and illustrate an acute understanding of compact living and its potential for the urban realm.
9780062469670 Vance, Ashlee Elon Musk Intl HarperCollins UK
9783642278778 Cowling Vascular Interventional Radiology Springer
9781840916034 Reed Paula Fifty Fashion Looks That Changed the 1950s
9781846685446 Hill Susan Man in the Picture TBS/GBS
9788847624207 Bonechi
9780262017923 Homayounpour Gohar Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran Wiley
9782011549808 Frequence Jeunes : Cahier D'Exercices 3
9781858945682 Bugler Caroline The Bird in Art Merrell
There has until now been no proper study of the bird in art, despite our fascination with birds, and despite the wealth of complex meanings associated with them in different cultures. A number of pagan gods are linked with birds, and dynasties and empires have adopted powerful birds as their symbols. Birds feature in numerous creation myths, and represent the human soul in many religions. We can trace bird imagery from the cave paintings of the Paleolithic era to the present day, and across all world cultures: there are painted, drawn, mosaic, sculpted, embroidered and ceramic birds, and birds as marginal illuminations or the subject of meticulous ornithological studies. This exquisite new book investigates the significance of the bird in 250 beautifully reproduced works of art, both ancient and modern. Nine chapters - on such themes as the mythical bird, the Eastern bird and the domestic bird - explore in detail a rich and rewarding collection of paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures, creating a book that will enchant art lovers and anyone interested in ornithology.
9781401234935 Dini Paul Batman: Arkham City Random House (USA)
Now in trade paperback - the epic story bridging the smash-hit video games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City! - Collecting the 5-issue miniseries, including five digital-first chapters.
9781408299401 Pearson YLE Practice Test Flyers Teachers Book with Multi-ROM Pack Pearson Education
9781408267196 New Total English Pre-Intermediate Students' Book with Active Book and MyLab Pack Pearson Education
9781408246702 Cosmic Level B2 Test Book Pearson Education
9783126753173 Klipp und Klar Uebungsgrammatik B2-C1 Klett
9780194380560 Team up 1 wb na! Oxford University Press
9780131408845 Phillips Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test The Paper Test Audio CDs Pearson Education
9788498483307 Dele Escolar - Manual Para La Preparacion Del Nivel B1 Edinumen
9781408266052 Choices Russia Level Elementary Students Book Pearson Education
9780135126127 Molinsky Side by Side Level 3 Teachers Guide Pearson Education
9780230404540 Captain Jack 1 Pupil's Book Pack Macmillan ELT
9780230406421 Discover China 3 Work Book +CD Macmillan ELT
9780521589314 Straker Mental Maths 5 Cambridge University Press
Develops pupils` mental skills in a variety of inventive ways.
9780230424623 Laser 3ed A1+ Workbook without key + CD Macmillan ELT
9788853011060 Cochrane, Stuart Pass Trinity - Grades 7-8 and ISE II (New Ed) SB +D CIDEB
9781408266076 Choices Russia Level Pre-Intermediate Students Book Pearson Education
9782090316650 Alex Et Zoe 1 Cdl:Alex Et Zoe A Paris Cle International
9781841504643 Bingham, Adam Directory of world cinema: east europe Wiley
9781423498001 Sound of music vocal selections book cd
9780253356178 Petrone, Karen Great war in russian memory
9780977984893 Benfield, D. Gary Nonprescription drugs in pregnancy
Many women of child-bearing age buy medications over-the-counter for a variety of disorders. Whether planning their pregnancy or already pregnant, they want to know if these non-prescription drugs are safe for unborn babies. This book helps answer that question for consumers, and for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and students as well.
9780470657645 Robinson, Michael Contractor`s guide to the fidic conditions of contract Wiley
9781780052793 Paris Penguin Books Ltd
9781409534822 Brooks Felicity First dot-to-dot Things That Go Usborne
This is a series of beautifully designed, entertaining and colourful dot to dot books for young children. All pictures can be completed using the numbers 1 to 10 so these books are suitable for children who are just beginning to count and recognise numbers. It offers a fun and rewarding way for children to practise important first skills such as number sequencing, number and colour recognition and pen control.
9781409312185 Hello Kitty: Colours Board Book Penguin Books Ltd
9780521148887 Helen Everett-Camplin Cambridge Experience Readers American English Level 4 Intermediate Two Worlds: Paperback Cambridge University Press
9781424017478 Folse K. Top 10: Great Grammar For Great Writing ISE Heinle ELT
9783852722436 Sampedro R. Can I play? + CD-ROM by Rick Sampedro, level A Helbling Languages
9783852722887 Grundy P., Bociek H., Parker K. English through Art + CD-ROM by Peter Grundy, Hania Bociek, Kevin Parker Helbling Languages
9781424013593 Finnie R. Grammar Booster 3 Tests New Editions
9781133315575 Wood I. PASS Cambridge BEC Vantage Student's Book Summertown
9781133316558 Wood I. PASS Cambridge BEC Vantage Workbook with Key Summertown
9781580115339 Pools & Spas (3rd Edition) Creative Homeowner
Creative Homeowner helps turn a dream into a reality with the third-edition Pools & Spas: Planning, Designing, Maintaining, and Landscaping. This book offers ideas and advice, from pool/spa selection to creating an attractive environment through the complete maintenance process. Over 400 inviting color photos and illustrations show the many options, from infinity-edge pools to indoor swim spas and from built-ins to attractive aboveground pools. Valuable advice is included on site selection, materials, financing, and more. As the crowning touch, Pools & Spas suggests ideas to create the ideal setting for the new pool or spa using decks, patios, and landscapes.
9780141047447 Karen Maitland The Gallows Curse Penguin Books Ltd
9780071792844 Greenberg Clinical Neurology McGraw-Hill
9781451176285 Malawer Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgical Oncology Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgical Oncology provides full-color, step-by-step explanations of all operative procedures in orthopaedic oncology.  This text contains the chapters from the oncology section in Sam W. Wiesel's Operative Techniqu
9781451149470 Rimmerman Electrocardiography Review Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
In Electrocardiography Review, Dr. Rimmerman provides 150 carefully selected electrocardiogram case studies derived from his files at the Cleveland Clinic. The electrocardiograms have been chosen to help maximize learning and ABIM Cert
9780300176001 Anderson Aalto and America Yale University Press
The internationally renowned Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) created several landmarks of modern design in the United States. The first, the Finland Pavilion at the New York World's Fair in 1939, introduced his pioneering style to the country and established his reputation among his American peers. Subsequent designs produced in the United States marked major turning points in his evolving position as an architect. His commissioned project for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Baker House dormitory (completed 1949) features an undulating facade of red brick, a material that references the building's Boston surroundings. Aalto's fan-shaped plan for the Mount Angel Abbey Library (completed 1970) in St. Benedict, Oregon, his consummate exploration of the library type, capitalizes on the local terrain and the use of natural light. Aalto's designs had a lasting impact on American modernism, but his experiences in America also profoundly influenced his own stylistic development. Aalto and America is a detailed survey of this beneficial relationship, with contributions by fifteen international experts who explore these key designs in relation to larger themes in international politics, architectural culture, housing research, and modern criticism and design.
9780300181081 Bailey Renoir - Impressionism and Full-Length Painting Yale University Press
Throughout his long working life, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) produced large-format portraits and subject pictures. From the mid-1870s to the mid-1880s-the decade of Impressionism-his vertical, grand-scale canvases were among the artist's most daring and ambitious presentations of contemporary life and fashion. Today they rank among the masterpieces of Impressionism. This stunning book offers fresh insights into Renoir's complex ambitions as a young artist, when he submitted works to both the avant-garde impressionist exhibitions and the official Salon. While painting in the new impressionist style, Renoir remained committed to the full-length format, which was eschewed by most of his fellow impressionists as too traditional. This format afforded Renoir the opportunity to devote himself to the heroic painting of everyday life, and also to linger on the finest details of his figures' fashionable costumes and accessories. Ten iconic canvases display the rich variety of this artist's painterly technique. They reveal the sheer virtuosity of his brushwork in creating silk, lace, mink, and taffeta for shimmering ball gowns, sumptuous furs, chic Parisian day dresses, and glamorous theatrical costumes. These paintings capture the faces and fashions of Renoir's Paris. Extensively illustrated, the book draws upon contemporary criticism, literature, and archival documents to explore the motivation behind Renoir's full-length figure paintings, and technical studies of the canvases shed new light on the artist's working methods.
9780300181074 Baumgarten What Clothes Reveal - The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America Yale University Press
9780500516102 Colville-Andersen, Mikael Cycle Chic Thames & Hudson
9780194239462 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 4: The Goose Girl Oxford University Press
Enjoy the tale of the princess who had to work as a goose girl.
9780194553414 Solutions: Intermediate: Test Bank CD-ROM Oxford University Press
The Solutions Second Edition Test Bank CD-ROM is a bank of course-specific tests containing typical exam-type tasks to help students prepare for school-leaving exams.
9780194770767 Headway Digital 4e Elementary Pre Intermediate & Intermediate DVD Pack Oxford University Press
9780194239349 Classic Tales Second Edition: Level 3: The Little Mermaid Oxford University Press
Enjoy the sad tale of the mermaid who loved a prince.
9780194598583 English File third edition: Elementary: Class Audio CDs Oxford University Press
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better! A new edition of the best-selling English File the best way to get your students talking.
9780194579605 Express Series: English for the Fashion Industry Oxford University Press
English for the Fashion Industry is an ideal short course for anyone who needs to use English for a career in fashion.
9780194553704 Solutions: Elementary: Teacher's Book and CD-ROM Pack Oxford University Press
The Solutions Second Edition Teacher's Book with Teacher's Resource CD-ROM provides a comprehensive package to support Solutions teachers, and is perfect for mixed-ability classrooms.
9780385536073 Grisham John Calico Joe HB Random House (USA)
At long last, America's favorite storyteller takes on America's favorite pastime.
In this surprising and moving novel, the careers of a golden-boy rookie hitter for the Cubs and a hard-hitting Mets pitcher take very different paths. The baseball is thrilling, but it's what happens off the field that makes Calico Joe a classic.
9780062101860 Tate James The Eternal Ones of the Dream: Selected Poems 1990 - 2010 HarperCollins USA
9785899732119 Vitamine 2 Cl CD(2) Cle International
9780470658338 Hayes Cardiac Pacing, Defibrillation and Resynchronization, 3rd Edition Wiley
As our population ages and multiple factors contribute to an increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease, more patients than ever before will be candidates for implantable devices as part of their treatment for heart rhythm abnormalities. Clinicians ha
9783126753456 Fandrych / Tallowitz Sage und Schreibe Klett
9781556429194 Hurwitz Shepard R Musculoskeletal examination of the foot and ankle Turpin
9780470657607 Mario Maggi (Ed) Hormonal therapy for male sexual dysfunction Wiley
Hormonal therapy offers a potentially powerful approach to the treatment of sexual disorders in men. However the interplay of different hormones within different bodily systems is carefully balanced; judicious judgement is required in the therapeutic use of hormones to minimize unwelcome side effects. A better understanding of how hormones work will help the physician to better tailor therapies for improved sexual responses in men. Hormonal Therapy for Male Sexual Dysfunctionwill provide the rationale for hormonal therapy in male sexual disorders, explaining the language of sexual endocrinology and its application in clinical practice. The aim of this book is to provide a clinical in the office or at the bedside guide to effective patient care for sexual medicine physicians, urologists, gynecologists and other health-care providers in practice and in training. The tone will be practical, not academic. The working assumption is that readers want to know what (and what not) might or should be done, without over emphasis on the why. That said, it is important to review the crucial basic science necessary for effective diagnosis and management, and to provide reminders in the context of the practical chapters. Itwill not be heavily referenced, in line with a more practical approach. This allows for smoother reading (and also relieves the burden of comprehensive citing from authors). Key evidence (clinical trials, Cochrane or other meta analyses) should be summarized in Evidence at a Glance boxes and key references such as reviews, major papers can be provided in the selected bibliography at the end of each chapter. Practical guidance will be provided through: - the use of algorithms and guidelines where they are appropriate - Tips and Tricks boxes - hints on improving outcomes perhaps via practical technique, patient questioning etc - Caution warning boxes - hints on avoiding problems, perhaps via contraindications - Science Revisited - quick reminder of the basic science principles necessary for understanding
9780714827308 Klee (Phaidon Colour Library) Phaidon Press Ltd.
Part of a series which introduces key artists and movements in art history, this book deals with Paul Klee. Each title in the series contains 48 full-page colour plates, accompanied by extensive notes, and numerous comparative black and white illustrations.
9783060204526 Weigmann, Juergen Pruefungstraining DSD Stufe 1 Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz Cornelsen
9780123852120 Leon Rosenberg Human Genes and Genomes, Elsevier Science
9780575100749 Mcauley, Paul J In The Mouth Of The Whale Orion Publishers
9788854405998 De Fabianis Valeria Manferto Wonders of the World White Star
9781451110913 Camacho Evidence-Based Endocrinology 3E Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
This pocket-sized quick-reference handbook presents evidence-based recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders. The authors summarize the latest and best clinical studies supporting the practice recommendations and grade each study
9782266207041 Chattam M. Leviatemps Pocket
9781444335538 Gundeti Pediatric Robotic and Reconstructive Urology: A Comprehensive Guide Wiley
Robotic urological surgery is one of the most significant urological developments in recent years. It allows for greater precision than laparoscopic methods while retaining quicker recovery time and reduced morbidity over classical open surgical technique
9781405170567 Richardson Fungal Infection: Diagnosis and Management, 4th Edition Wiley
Fungal Infection: Diagnosis and Management , 4th Edition is a concise and up-to-date guide to the clinical manifestations, laboratory diagnosis and management of superficial, subcutaneous and systemic fungal infections. This highly acclaimed book has
9785899731327 Tout va Bien! 3 CD(2) coll Cle International
9780330461696 Horwood William Awakening Pan Macmillan
9781405184403 Wertheim, Heiman Horby, Peter Woodall, John P. Atlas of human infectious diseases Wiley
The Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases provides a much needed practical and visual overview of the current distribution and determinants of major infectious diseases of humans. The comprehensive full-color maps show at a glance the areas with reported
9781780386485 Eric Whitacre Eric Whitacre: Oculi Omnium
9780470659762 Ma Hemophilia and Hemostasis: A Case-Based Approach to Management, 2nd Edition Wiley
9781780042664 Berlitz: Greek Phrase Book & Dictionary Penguin Books Ltd
9781405889704 Freebairn/Bygrave Upbeat Pre-intermediate Test Book Pearson Education
9789089895455 Piet Boon Styling ACC-distribution titles
The First Book That Reveals The Secrets Of Piet Boon Styling
9782070373673 Gary R. Clair de femme Gallimard-Folio
9781451672534 Winslow Don Savages
9781451659139 McEnery Jim Hell in the Pacific: A Marine Rifleman's Journey from Guadalcanal to Peleliu Simon & Schuster
In what may be the last memoir to be published by a living veteran of the pivotal invasion of Guadalcanal, which occurred almost seventy years ago, Marine Jim McEnery has teamed up with author Bill Sloan to create an unforgettable chronicle of heroism and horror.

McENERY'S RIFLE COMPANY--the legendary K/3/5 of the First Marine Division, made famous by the HBO miniseries "The Pacific"--fought in some of the most ferocious battles of the war. In searing detail, the author takes us back to Guadalcanal, where American forces first turned the tide against the Japanese; Cape Gloucester, where 1,300 Marines were killed or wounded; and bloody Peleliu, where McEnery assumed command of the company and helped hasten the final defeat of the Japanese garrison after weeks of torturous cave-to-cave fighting.

McEnery's story is a no-holds-barred, grunt's-eye view of the sacrifices, suffering, and raw courage of the men in the foxholes, locked in mortal combat with an implacable enemy sworn to fight to the death. From bayonet charges and hand-to-hand combat to midnight banzai attacks and the loss of close buddies, the rifle squad leader spares no details, chronicling his odyssey from boot camp through twenty-eight months of hellish combat until his eventual return home. He has given us an unforgettable portrait of men at war.

9781409138501 Harris, Charlaine Dead Until Dark Orion Publishers
9780199753727 Blaivas, Jerry G.; Purohit, Rajveer S. Diagnosis and Treatment of Overactive Bladder (Paperback) Oxford Academ
9781444910599 Blyton, E. Secret Seven Collection. 1-3 Hodder
9781843329398 Priddy, Roger Let's Get Ready for School: Simple Maths (age 4+)
9780393318425 May, Rollo Freedom and destiny
This work examines the tension in our lives between the possibilities that freedom offers and the various limitations imposed upon us by our particular fate or destiny.
9780007902255 Gaskell, Elizabeth North and South HarperCollins UK
9780385619004 Scott, Michael The enchantress Random House
9780099510123 Rosenheim Andrew Fear Itself Random House
9781442429994 Young Moira Blood Red Road
9781864704570 Altoon Ronald A., Auld James C. Urban transformations: transit oriented development & the sustainable city Images
Migration from the countryside to cities is a global phenomenon, placing increased population and transport pressures on cities around the world. And yet there are precious few great transit developments, little variety in the ones we do have, only rare examples of development profitability, and consequently, minimal motivation for our industry and our communities. Urban Transformation is really about providing the critical inspiration to change this situation. It is about restocking our weak architectural portfolio of transit facilities with dynamic new models. It is about recognizing the potential value and longevity of these projects, and making them exceptional rather than forgettable. The powerful cases in this book remove the excuses for mediocrity and mundane functionality, and show us how to excel. The text introduces an understandable typology of development around transit, and uses that to illustrate different strategies and design techniques. There is a broad range and scale of projects representedlarge and small, domestic and global, big markets and modest communitiesand each an excellent example of what can be realized.
9780099561385 Scott R F Last Expedition Random House
9781444765762 Reese Laura Topping from Below Hodder
9780199751600 Kellum, John A.; Cerda, Jorge Renal and Metabolic Disorders Oxford Academ
9780143121077 Brooks, Geraldine Caleb's Crossing Random House (USA)
9780143121237 Pariser, Eli The Filter Bubble Random House (USA)
9781937007607 Harris, Charlaine Dead as a Doornail (TV Tie-In) Random House (USA)
9781409384052 Little Hide and Seek Animals Dorling Kindersley
9781781570296 Adrian Bullock The Green Design and Print Production Handbook Thames & Hudson
9780714126852 Ramkalawon, Jennifer Kitaj Prints Thames & Hudson
American-born artist R.B. Kitaj (1932-2007) was one of the most controversial artists of the second-half of the twentieth century. His distinctive, highly personal and often challenging works drew on many influences ranging from literature to politics and film. The British Museum holds a near complete set of the artists proofs, the best representation of the artists graphic works in the UK. Kitaj worked in England for almost forty years until 1994 when his ill-fated retrospective exhibition at the Tate was savaged by the critics. Hurt by the hostile reception of his works in his adopted homeland and grieving for the sudden death of his young wife, the painter Sandra Fisher, Kitaj left England for good, returning to America, declaring, London is dead to me now. It was in London that he developed his early style and influenced many of his close circle of friends, including David Hockney, who he met at the RCA, and Lucian Freud and Frank Auerbach. This led him to coin the term School of London, later associated with this group of purely figurative artists. This exciting and beautifully produced book amounts to the definitive collection of the artists graphic works, and is the first to examine in detail Kitajs prints for almost twenty years. Show More Show Less
9780141038179 Katherine Howe The House of Velvet and Glass Penguin Books Ltd
9780982761014 Modernist Cuisine at Home Phaidon Press Ltd.
9780241961957 Ali Smith There but for the Penguin Books Ltd
9781780971278 Pipe Jim Doll's House Carlton Books
9781780670058 Bua, Matt Architectural Inventions Thames & Hudson
Born out of the drawingbuilding.org online archive, Architectural Inventions presents a stunning visual study of impossible or speculative structures that exist only on paper. Soliciting the work of architects, designers, and artists of renownas well as emerging talents from all over the worldMaximilian Goldfarb and Matt Bua have gathered an array of works that convey architectural alternatives, through products, expansions, or critiques of our inhabited environments. From abstract and conceptual visual interpretations of structures to more traditional architectural renderings, the featured work is divided into thematic chapters, ranging from Adapt/Reuse to Clandestine, Mobile, Radical Lifestyle, Techno- Sustainable, and Worship. Along with arresting and awe-inspiring illustrated content, every chapter also features an essay exploring its respective themes. Highlighting visions that exist outside of established channels of production and conventions of design, Speculative Structures showcases a multiplicity in concept and vision, fantasy and innovation.
9788487099014 Ladron de guante negro Nivel 4 Difusion
9780789325518 Act III The Princess Bride 2013 Wall Calendar Simon & Schuster
Directed by Rob Reiner from an award-winning script by novelist William Goldman, "The Princess Bride" recently celebrated its landmark twenty-fifth anniversary as the funniest, most romantic adventure-fantasy of the '80s. "The Princess Bride 2013 Wall Calendar" features favorite scenes, beloved stars, and unforgettable lines from the comedy classic, including Westley and Buttercup's perfect kiss; the outlaws battling the Man in Black; and the lovers' triumphal reunion.

(c) Princess Bride, Ltd. All rights reserved.

9781584799849 Puppyhood: Life-size Portraits of Puppies at 6 Weeks Old Abrams
Puppyhood, captures 25 pure and mixed breed puppies in 100 colour photographs at actual life size. The photographs highlight the differences between breeds, while showcasing the puppy features we all fall in love with; wet noses, tender paws, pink bellies and soft fur. These adorable images are presented in an impressive large format hardcover. The minimal text will include the puppy's name, breed, and weight. A short section in the back will give each puppy's breeder or rescue information.
9781419702990 Norman Bel Geddes Designs America: I Have Seen the Future Abrams
Norman Bel Geddes Designs America accompanies a landmark exhibition exploring the career of Norman Bel Geddes (18931958), one of the 20th centurys foremost theatrical and industrial designers. This companion volume explores Bel Geddess life and career in comprehensive detail through nearly 100 projects, ranging from streamlined airplanes, ships, and cars, to stage sets, appliances, and much more. Both the exhibition and the book bring together never-before-seen drawings, models, photographs, and films drawn from the Ransom Centers Bel Geddes collection. He is perhaps best known for his Futurama display for the General Motors Highways and Horizons exhibit at the New York Worlds Fair of 193940, which to this day remains a useful model for city planning and design. The exhibition is curated by Donald Albrecht, who contributed the books introduction and serves as its editor. In addition to Albrecht, who has written the introduction, twenty scholars have contributed essays. The exhibition I Have Seen the Future: Norman Bel Geddes Designs America opens in September 2012 at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, and will travel to the Museum of the City of New York.
9781780972336 Hammond Mike UEFA European Football Yearbook Carlton Books
9780192756824 Kirtley Clare Oxford Very First Dictionary Oxford University Press
9781908164223 Beaton Clare My First 100 English Words
9781905654895 P. C. & Kristin Cast Hidden (HON 10) Little, Brown
9781907411502 Melissa de la Cruz The Gates of Paradise (Blue Blood 6) Little, Brown
9780141340104 Condie Ally Crossed Penguin Books Ltd
9780131382015 Broukal, Milada What a World Reading 3 SB Pearson Education
9780071793131 Levitzky Pulmonary Physiology McGraw-Hill
9780071742795 McAninch J. W. Smith And Tanagho'S General Urology. 18 ed McGraw-Hill
9780349000015 Tom Darling Summer Little, Brown
9780349000152 Zoe Ferraris Kingdom Of Strangers Little, Brown
9780857050656 Kari Hotakainen Human Part HB
9780007415007 Joan Didion A Book of Common Prayer HarperCollins UK
9781133316190 L.Harrison, C.Cushen, S. Hutchison Achieve IELTS Workbook Heinle ELT
9780130267474 Side by Side Level 1 Activity Workbook Audio CDs Pearson Education
9780130268907 Side by Side Level 4 Test Package Pearson Education
9780141393049 George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four Penguin Books Ltd
9780141348537 Vaz Mark Beautiful Creatures the Official Illustrated Movie Companion Penguin Books Ltd
Beautiful Creatures Official Illus Movie
9780132409261 Future Introductory Level Workbook w/ Audio CD Pearson Education
9780500241431 Anna Saccani LetterScapes Thames & Hudson
A comprehensive survey of one of the most creative areas of public art, large-scale typographic installations, this book features thirty-seven works from all over the world, from the USA to Europe to Asia, in all manner of materials. Organized by designer, it includes projects by artists and designers with large international followings, such as Joan Brossa, Maya Lin, Lawrence Weiner, Pentagram, Why Not Associattes and Paula Scher. Photographs, maps and diagrams are used to explore each project in detail, and an introduction highlights the cultural importance and common themes of the works featured. Interviews with key designers provide a personal insight into why they chose words over images to transmit their message, how the locations for their work are chosen, how they selected the material and the typeface, and how they think their work connects with its particular landscape or setting. Endmatter includes detailed information on the typefaces used and their designers.
9780415421096 Ludlow, N Piers ed European Integration and the Cold War Taylor&Francis
9781409544838 Milbourne Anna Sunny Day Usborne
9780007476039 Berry John A Level Maths HarperCollins UK
9781107024489 Carrell Paternal Influences on Human Reproductive Success Cambridge Academ
Historically, sperm have been seen as simply a mechanism of transferring a haploid set of chromosomes to the oocyte. However, data from assisted reproduction therapies (ART) have demonstrated that in many couples the sperm appears to be responsible for abnormal embryogenesis. Recent advances in genetic and epigenetic techniques have identified key mechanisms by which the sperm, and the DNA carried by the sperm, can affect early embryonic development. Paternal Influences on Human Reproductive Success examines the genetic and epigenetic influences on embryogenesis, as well as practical clinical factors related to the male contribution to reproductive success. It also provides 'cutting edge' data and analysis of recent evaluations of the role of advanced paternal age, environmental influences and lifestyle factors on male reproductive fitness, making this an invaluable text for physicians treating patients for infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, and developmental anomalies, as well as basic scientists studying embryogenesis and spermatogenesis.
9781107681606 Edwards Neonatal Neural Rescue Cambridge Academ
Worldwide more than one million babies die annually from perinatal asphyxia and its associated complications such as neonatal encephalopathy one of the major causes of cerebral palsy and cognitive deficiencies in children aside from prematurity. Cooling the head or the entire body minimizes neuronal death, enabling the neonatal brain to be 'rescued' thus greatly improving developmental outcomes. Hypothermic neural rescue therapy has revolutionized the treatment of this condition and is a major recent achievement in neonatal medicine. This landmark book provides a brief scientific underpinning of hypothermic neural rescue therapy and lays out the evidence base for good practice. Internationally recognized authorities give practical advice, drawn from personal experience, on how to deliver hypothermia in the neonatal intensive care unit. A valuable addition to any neonatal unit, this is essential reading for neonatologists, neonatal nurses and paediatric neurologists.
9789603798743 To the Top Level 3 Workbook with Audio CD MM Publications
9780451532206 Twain Mark The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories Random House (USA)
9780141044675 John Guy Thomas Becket Penguin Books Ltd
9789604436088 Traveller Level B1+ Workbook MM Publications
9789604435906 Traveller Intermediate B1 Workbook +Audio CD MM Publications
9789604435661 Traveller Beginner (A1.1) Workbook with Audio CD MM Publications
9781439827086 Rudolph Alzheimer's Disease Taylor&Francis
In recent years, a tremendous amount of effort has been focused on better understanding the fundamentals of Alzheimer?s disease (AD) to facilitate early and accurate diagnosis and appropriately targeted therapeutic treatments. This volume provides a detailed synopsis of the current state of the art of diagnostics and therapeutics and identifies emerging technologies and molecules that show promise in the management and treatment of AD. Examining current hypotheses and suggesting possible new approaches to therapeutic clinical applications, this volume paves the way for a robust pipeline of therapeutics to combat not only AD, but a whole host of other neurodegenerative diseases.
9782253166863 Beigbeder, F. Amour dure trois ans NEd Livre de Poche/LGF
9780349139135 Banks Iain Complicity Little, Brown
9781849940214 Clawley Alan Batsford's Birmingham Then and Now Anova
9781906861957 Shipton Paul Sherlock: the Hounds of Baskerville
9781447231134 Follett Ken Winter of the World* Pan Macmillan
Five linked families live out their destinies as the world is shaken by tyranny and war in the mid-twentieth century. Berlin in 1933 is in upheaval. Eleven-year-old Carla von Ulrich struggles to understand the tensions disrupting her family as Hitler strengthens his grip on Germany. Into this turmoil steps her mother's formidable friend and former British MP, Ethel Leckwith, and her student son, Lloyd, who soon learns for himself the brutal reality of Nazism. He also encounters a group of Germans resolved to oppose Hitler - but are they willing to go so far as to betray their country? Such people are closely watched by Volodya, a Russian with a bright future in Red Army Intelligence. The international clash of military power and personal beliefs that ensues will sweep over them all as it rages from Cable Street in London's East End to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, from Spain to Stalingrad, from Dresden to Hiroshima. At Cambridge Lloyd is irresistibly drawn to dazzling American socialite Daisy Peshkov, who represents everything his left-wing family despise. But Daisy is more interested in aristocratic Boy Fitzherbert - amateur pilot, party lover and leading light of the British Union of Fascists. Back in Berlin, Carla worships golden boy Werner from afar. But nothing will work out the way they expect as their lives and the hopes of the world are smashed by the greatest and cruellest war in the history of the human race. Winter of the World is the second novel in Ken Follett's uniquely ambitious and deeply satisfying trilogy 'The Century'. On its own or read in sequence with Fall of Giants, this is a magnificent, spellbinding epic of global conflict and personal drama.
9781444117158 Lewis Spitz Operative Pediatric Surgery, Seventh Edition Taylor&Francis
9788855704618 Zamora; Alessandro; Ioppoli Hai Voluto la Bicicletta - Libro
9788498482546 Nuevo Prisma C1 - Libro Del Profesor Edinumen
9781447928911 Official Guide to PTE Academic +Audio +CDR B1-C1 Pearson Education
9780007489978 Lord of the Rings (Box) HarperCollins UK
9780751541182 Mitch Albom The Time Keeper Little, Brown
9780376014443 Bathrooms Hachette Book Group
9781409551706 Animals Usborne
9780330544849 Jones Susanna When Nights Were Cold Pan Macmillan
9780521720564 Wrathall The Cambridge Companion to Heidegger's Being and Time Cambridge Academ
The Cambridge Companion to Heidegger's 'Being and Time' contains seventeen chapters by leading scholars of Heidegger. It is a useful reference work for beginning students, but also explores the central themes of Being and Time with a depth that will be of interest to scholars. The Companion begins with a section-by-section overview of Being and Time and a chapter reviewing the genesis of this seminal work. The final chapter situates Being and Time in the context of Heidegger's later work. The remaining chapters examine the core issues of Being and Time, including the question of being, the phenomenology of space, the nature of human being (our relation to others, the importance of moods, the nature of human understanding, language), Heidegger's views on idealism and realism and his position on skepticism and truth, Heidegger's account of authenticity (with a focus on his views on freedom, being toward death, and resoluteness) and the nature of temporality and human historicality.
9782218951985 Bescherelle, La Conjugaison Pour Tous, Collectif Didier
9788853612717 Pet Buster Tg ELI
9781853754401 Love at First Light: Smoker Romance in the Classic Age of Advertising Carlton Books
In days gone by, no movie star or pin-up would be caught dead without a cigarette. Smoking was sophisticated, exotic, sensual, decadent and, above all, romantic. Advertising liked to say that smoking was connected us with the opposite sex. "Love at First Light" celebrates the sexual play of the cigarette advertisment from the 20s to the 60s. From the corny to the slightly disturbing, sexual innuendo is never far away.
9789603794257 Mitchell, H.Q. LIVE ENGLISH GRAMMAR. 2. Elementary MM Publications
9789606930812 Faraci, C., De Luca, P. Arrivederci! 1 - Guida Edizioni EdiLingua
9781403946294 Reena Dube Satyajit Ray's The Chess Players and Postcolonial Film Theory Springer
Indispensable for students of film studies, in this book Reena Dube explores Satyajit Ray's films, and The Chess Players in particular, in the context of discourses of labour in colonial and postcolonial conditions. Starting from Daniel Defoe and moving through history, short story and film to the present, Dube widens her analysis with comparisons in which Indian films are situated alongside Hollywood and other films, and interweaves historical and cultural debates within film theory. Her book treats film as part of the larger cultural production of India and provides a historical sense of the cross genre borrowings, traditions and debates that have deeply influenced Indian cinema and its viewers.
9781843253754 Elizabeth Gray,Virginia Evans Letterfun. CD-ROMs. (set of 2). Beginner. CD-ROM Express Publishing
9781423477853 Walters, Richard (Editor) Musical Theatre for Classical Singers
9780793562367 Musical Theatre Classics ( Musical Theatre Classics #2 )
9780749399450 Kafka, Franz Letters To Milena Random House
Kafka first made the acquaintance of Milena Jesenska in 1920 when she was translating his work into Czech. Due to their deep attachment, he revealed his diaries, and thus his feelings to her. Although her "genius for living" gave Kafka new life, the relationship came to an end after only two years.
9781451190984 Matloff Cancer Principles and Practice of Oncology: Handbook of Clinical Cancer Genetics Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Genetic testing and counseling for cancer have made great strides in recent years. The popular demand for advanced screening, advances in testing, and the response of insurance companies and corporations have all served to shape this important area of cancer risk management. This practical, user-friendly guidebook allows you to search by disease site for the hereditary cancer syndromes relevant to your patient's cancer. This handy resource will help you formulate questions when expanding that patient's personal and family history, identify the genes that are most relevant, determine whether to refer that patient for genetic counseling and testing, and guide the patient’s long-term management based on the patient’s mutation-positive or –negative status. The guidebook will be of equal value to the practicing oncologist, surgeon, urologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, primary care physician, physician's assistant, advanced practice nurse, and any other clinician counseling a patient who has had cancer. Look inside and discover…• Informative overview summarizes the history and current state of genetic cancer testing.• Site-specific chapters help you locate essential facts quickly.• Expert contributors share their years of experience in genetic testing and counseling.• Timely insights address key medical, ethical, legal, and financial implications of genetic cancer testing. Be sure your patients have the advance information they need…Pick up your copy today!
9788881482405 Plaisir De Lire Verte Les Trois Petits Cochons - Book + Audio Cd ELI
9788881482429 Plaisir De Lire Verte - Le Rat De Ville Et Le Rat Des Champs - Book + Audio Cd ELI
9788881482436 Plaisir De Lire Verte Pinocchio - Book + Audio Cd ELI
9780715644010 Slavnikova Olga 2017 Alma
9780978588175 Kelly, Rob Roy American wood type
The first and most authoritative history of wood type in the United States is now reissued in paperback. This book tells the complete story of wood type, beginning with the history of wood as a printing material, the development of decorated letters and large letters, and the invention of machinery for mass-producing wood letters. The 19th-century heyday of wood type is explored in great detail, including all aspects of design, manufacture, and marketing, and the evolution of styles. Many related trades interacted with wood type production; the book examines the influence of lithography, letterpress, metal-plate and wood engraving, sign painting and calligraphy, poster printing, and type-founding. Long out of print, the book is still regarded by scholars and designers as an invaluable resource for a rich legacy of typographic art. More than 600 specimens of wood type are classified and annotated, as are more than 100 specimens of complete fonts. This reissue includes a new foreword by David Shields, Design Curator of the Rob Roy Kelly Wood Type Collection at the University of Texas at Austin, discussing the renewed interest in the subject since the mid-1990s as well as ongoing research into the history of wood type.
9780132169851 Maurer, Jay Focus on Grammar: 4Ed 5 WB Pearson Education
9780194596176 Oxford Phonics World: 1: Student Book with MultiROM Oxford University Press
Oxford Phonics World is the first step on your students' journey into English, leading you through all 44 sounds.
9781465402288 Essential World Atlas (Eighth Edition) Random House (USA)
9782011559654 Launay, M.; Marty, R. DELF PRIM A1.1+CD Hachette Book Group
9781455725328 Steven E. Weinberger Principles of Pulmonary Medicine, Elsevier Science
9781568363950 Nakashima George The Soul of a Tree: A Master Woodworkers Reflections
9780132862004 Walsh, Laura Focus on Writing 5 SB +ProofWriter Pearson Education
9781401235420 Snyder Scott Batman: The Court of Owls Vol.1 Random House (USA)
9780230429819 Skillful 1 Teacher's Book Reading&Writting + Digibook Macmillan ELT
9780300184488 Flores Tatiana Mexico's Revolutionary Avant-Gardes Yale University Press
In December 1921, the poet Manuel Maples Arce (1898 - 1981) papered the walls of Mexico City with his manifesto Actual No. 1, sparking the movement Estridentismo (Stridentism). It is inspired by Mexico's rapid modernization following the Mexican Revolution, the Estridentistas attempted to overturn the status quo in Mexican culture, taking inspiration from contemporary European movements and methods of expression. "Mexico's Revolutionary Avant-Gardes" provides a nuanced account of the early-twentieth-century moment that came to be known as the Mexican Renaissance, featuring an impressive range of artists and writers. Relying on extensive documentary research and previously unpublished archival materials, author Tatiana Flores expands the conventional history of Estridentismo by including its offshoot movement 30-30! and underscoring Mexico's role in the broader development of modernism worldwide. Focusing on the interrelationship between art and literature, she illuminates the complexities of post-revolutionary Mexican art at a time when it was torn between formal innovation and social relevance.
9788495241832 Growing Thoughts: Garden In Andalusia Hb ACC-distribution titles
Carlos March Reviews The Thirty-Five Year History Of His Garden At Altarejos, A Model Of Complementary Planting, Equilibrium And Respect For The Environment.
9781401240271 Barows Eddy Nightwing Volume 2: Night of the Owls TP (The New 52) Random House (USA)
9781843913856 Merrick Leonard Position of Peggy Harper
9781444000160 Simon, Francesca Horrid Henry's Nightmare Orion Publishers
9781842657546 Ignacimuthu Biotechnology Alpha Science
9781842657669 Nidhi Goel Pharmaceutical Microbiology Alpha Science
9781842653463 Screening Methods in Pharmacology Alpha Science
9788184871593 Nanotechnology Alpha Science
9780007529698 Julie Schwietert Collazo and Lisa Rogak Pope Francis in his Own Words HB HarperCollins UK
9781408838068 Barr Damian Maggie and Me Bloomsbury
9781444913491 Blyton, E. Secret Seven. 7. Secret Seven Win Through Hodder
9781447938095 Eliot George Middlemarch Reader and MP3 Pack Pearson Education
9780007499700 Collins Practice Tests for the TOEFL Test HarperCollins UK
Improve your score by working through realistic practice tests written by TOEFL experts Feel completely confident about how the TOEFL Test works The Collins Practice Tests for the TOEFL Test Pack contains all the advice and practice you need to succeed in the TOEFL Test. It includes: access to four online practice tests that replicate the real test experience. Find out your score and practise to target your weak spots through tutorials and practice exercises a book containing two complete TOEFL tests (as featured online) with a key, audio scripts and model answers. Includes a mini-dictionary with COBUILD definitions of difficult words from the tests a booklet with a detailed guide to every section of the test, with useful tips and strategies on how to get the best result an MP3 CD with audio for the tests in the book Also available for TOEFL Test preparation from Collins
9780199858583 Kenny Kevin Diaspora: A Very Short Introduction Oxford Academ
9780316221177 Lafferty Mur The Shambling Guide to New York City Hachette Book Group
9781416024552 Paul N. Lanken Intensive Care Unit Manual, Elsevier Science
9780575133051 Dick Philip K Three Early Novels Orion Publishers
At the beginning of his career, Philip K. Dick, whose later work won him widespread acclaim as the world's greatest science fiction writer, wrote a number of short novels which were published as paperback originals back-to-back in dual volumes with works by writers who were then more famous. Considerably more straightforward than his later novels, these stories are nevertheless unmistakably the work of the author of DO ANDOIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? and UBIK in their quirky exuberance and originality. THE MAN WHO JAPED: Following a devastating nuclear war, the Moral Reclamation government took over the world and forced its citizens to live by strictly puritanical rules - no premarital sex, drunkenness, or displaying of neon signs - all of which are reinforced through a constant barrage of messaging to the public. The chief purveyor of these messages is Alan Purcell, next in line to become head of the propaganda bureau. But there is just one problem: a statue of the government's founder has been vandalized and the head is hidden in Purcell's closet. VULCAN'S HAMMER: After the 20th century's devastating series of wars, the world's governments banded together into one globe-spanning entity, committed to peace at all costs. Ensuring that peace is the Vulcan supercomputer, responsible for all major decisions. But some people don't like being taken out of the equation. And others resent the idea that the Vulcan is taking the place of God. As the world grows ever closer to all-out war, one functionary frantically tries to prevent it. But the Vulcan computer has its own plans, plans that might not include humanity at all. DR. FUTURITY: When Dr Jim Parsons wakes up from a car accident, he finds himself in a future populated almost entirely by the young. But to keep the world run by the young, death is fetishized, and those who survive to old age are put down. In such a world, Parsons - with his innate desire to save lives -is a criminal and outcast. But for one revolutionary group, he may be just the savior they need to heal and revive their cryogenically frozen leader. And when he and the group journey to 1500s California, what they find causes them to question what they know about history and the underpinnings of their society.
9780062003263 Anderson Jodi Lynn Tiger Lily HarperCollins USA
9781447221593 Follett Ken Triple
9781480341036 Daniels Neil Reinventing Metal: The True Story of Pantera and the Tragically Short Life of Dimebag Darrell
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